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What would it be like if two (or more) of your original works had a crossover?

I know what mine would be bad.

My main two works are a queer science fantasy romance and a shounen deconstruction, I don't see how the two could work together. (Well I can see it but I want to forget it.)

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I've been doing this with my work and my friend's work since I started writing, to the point that some aspects of the two are permanently intertwined. Like, it's been established that two of my characters married and had children with two of my friend's characters.

Though as for how the worlds work, well... let's just say that I'm not exactly sure what her world is.
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My older and newer works are all in the same crappy world, just two centuries apart. All the would be needed to cross them over is some time travel.

It would be funny, though, because a lot of newer characters are loose expies of the older ones, and in some cases, descendants. Characters meeting their expies would be fun.

For instance, [REDACTED] and the Atlantean inventor would have some epic wizard battle prank war just because they could.

Kenichi and the redheaded protagonist of the old stuff would be all "Holy shit/[quaint Victorian expletive], we're related! Want to go do something?" *extreme drunkenness and freak explosions and heavy machinery failures throughout the city ensue*

The young mad (ish) scientist would meet Lux III and Demetrius, two more reasons to question his sexuality.

Aubrey would just squee himself to death when he found out that his Victorian counterpart was a detective who fought a pathogenic eldritch abomination—exactly what Aubrey wanted to be as a little boy. Said detective, who has a snarky bone in his body that did not get passed on to Aubrey, would gladly offer him the job.

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Due to me starting to draw Zaran il Legio before Forgotten Lore, when I actually start doing Forgotten Lore it seems to start right off with a crossover between the two stories (actually the Zaran comic is a spinoff/prequel, but I started doing it first, and it has a setting that's only barely touched upon in Forgotten Lore). Other than that, a crossover between Forgotten Lore and my fantasy setting would also work, as they have quite similar themes, and could indeed take place in the same universe. None of my settings would cross over to my science fiction setting very well, tho, as they'd just be too different to mesh up.
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That would certainly be ... interesting.

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All my stories are set in a shared universe, altough with a timespan of ca 17000 years from the end of the last Ice age to the present. Crossovers would therfore most likely include time travel.
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Mine would have to involve both time and space travel. My two oldest settings are on Earth (shaping up to be a very alternate history at the moment.) and way off on another planet at some undecided point in the future. Both currently involve use of "psynergy" in otherwise normal humans/humanoid aliens. (Think chakra in Naruto, with some convergence into inheritable psychic powers). In the Earth setting it's fairly rare, due to being a learned skill/imported cultural concept from another dimension. It has yet to catch on. In the second, it's much more common and in some individuals converges with magic.

Interestingly, I have three characters that have electricity themed abilities, but with wildly different personalities. It would be fun to throw them together. In any case, it would have to involve something of cosmic proportions to bring them together; the second group doesn't know that the Earthborn group ever existed because their historical records don't have them (They would have inhabited their own world for several hundred years by now, so records would have broken down/been lost) or, if they are remembered, are so obscure as to only be known to the most dedicated history student. It would also be interesting to see how their jobs cause them to interact with each other; one is essentially a police/peacekeeping/diplomatic force trying to keep forces in that other dimension from waging war, and the other is a bunch of adventurer archeologists traveling place to place Stargate style. Although, one of the police was originally an archeologist, but that's a whole other story.

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Modern Rome Alternate History meets World War I in SPACE!? Hmmmmm....
It all depends on where in the multiverse the crossover happens, if it happens on earth, all my supernatural beings would be disguised granted they'd still look a bit Bunny Eared Lawyer -ish.

I could see many crack pairings.

My Anti-villain Protagonist character from the shounen-like would most likely find my Uke MC from the other world annoying as hell, and My uke most likely find my Villain Protagonist cold and heartless. Though in the same vein both are the protagonist in a Coming of Age story, the difference being the genre and their angst levels my sweet and kind uke has only cried once despite being whisked away to a fantasy land without warning and being told he may never return to earth, while my "villain" has cried in almost every chapter.

My mentor character and my Seme character might get along, both are older than they look, both are snappy dressers, both have a bad habit of coming off creepy, and both are hurting from a lost relationship with another male that just keeps haunting them. (The seme's is sexual, the mentors was a friendship.) Both losses where Face Turn Heel .

Though the Seme being part angel part demon and my Mentor being highly spiritual might impact their chances of being friends. Plus my mentor despite being straight seems to come on strongly to other guys My MC in the shounen has lampshaded this and accused him of being a pedo. Twice. so my Seme (who is bi) might see that as an invitation.

My two females characters from the shounen world would love my uke character, mainly because they are all Otaku, plus he was raised in a soba noodle shop and they both love soba.

My vampire from the romance story may or may not get along with my MC from the shounen both are sarcastic jerks with vampiric abilities but the romance one is the Friendly Neighborhood Vampire while the other is a low morals energy vampire and a human which he hates. Yes, him and the uke have BTS .

It would actually be a rather fun if not wacky crossover if it were to happen. I wonder what happens when deconstructed shounen meets fluffy romance?

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I'm planing to attribute some of my earlyer work to a main character in my curent work. Sort of a crossover in that the charicters from one universe exist in the other, if only in the mind of the protagonist.
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I already have this big idea for a cross-over involving the majority of my story ideas. It will take place in a resort founded by The Author, and it would be Slice of Life /Genre Buster series of stories that explore how the protagonists and other main characters interact each other.

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Oh, dear...

  1. Jacob's Mind x Hello!: Both worlds are founded in very sick and twisted variations on the Rule of Funny, though what is probably hallucinatory in the former overlaps strongly with what is established to be "real" in the latter. The result would, therefor, be more than slightly confusing. Of course, the arc in the former where Jacob is in a coma after leaping off of his apartment building provides loads of possibilities...
  2. Jacob's Mind x Focal Point: The implied Cthulhu Mythos connections in both would most likely be the focus, (in particular the Lloigor, who seem to have built the mechanism and of which Bernie may be a specimen) though the psychological instability of both principals would likely take precedence.
  3. Jacob's Mind x "the epic": Highly unlikely, though as stated before: Jacob's subconscious is a very interesting place. Potentially hilarious, but also intriguing for the simple reason that both parties have very high weirdness thresholds. Makes more sense if one accepts a shared reality with Focal Point, however; see below.
  4. Hello! x Focal Point: Aside from the massive tonal clash... Not completely ludicrous, depending upon whether or not the time-stream modifications in the latter were contained.
  5. Hello! x "the epic": Considering how fundamentally demented both worlds are, it is actually not entirely unlikely that some variation on the premise of each could be happening in some part of the world of the other. Where in each is important, however: The former could only happen in the world of the latter at the fringes of civilisation, and vice-versa. Plus, there's the whole matter of species, but that could be considered a kind of cosmic Translation Convention... Simply put: Crazy Awesome.
  6. Focal Point x "the epic": If one were to accept the "time-machine" from the former as a specialised variant upon the portals from the latter, this is actually surprisingly plausible. And, knowing what someone like Tiberius or Baraqel could and would do with modern technology, pretty frightening.
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The Slenderbrothers— Rael Fancyhat and Knochen Bones— would arrive at a gig. They'd see that the band that was originally gonna play.. isn't playing. The crowd's getting restless. So they just casually walk onto stage and rock. Then the actual scheduled band, Rubber Goose, would show up, late and tired and bah. The bands would bicker a little before collaborating and giving one hell of a concert.

Simultaneously, we could have some Dark chao going to a local pond.. only to be eaten by EAT  *. There would be 'survivors.' They'd go insane. It'd get interesting.

..I might actually do that second one. And that first one's bound to happen eventually.
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