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Tropers: The Border Prince
I my self is a lazy male Swede, 23 years old and living on the western coast of the country. I currently study a quite wierd mix of English, Linguistics, History and Religion at the local university. Suitable since my interests are history, folklore (Mainly Scandinavian and British), linguistics and creating shorter and longer stories. The stories are an textbook example of quantity instead of quality. They are also very eco-friendly, as not a single one of them are written down on neither paper nor computer...

I also have an special ability to irritate people with the personas of either the slightly insane scientist/pscyologistProfessor Otto von Idiotenburg or Lord Reginald Charleston Barsetshire...

I'm a quite warlike fellow, marching to war whenever I can in EuropaUniversalisIII... Beware the big, bright blue blob... (Sweden or Scandinavia.)

OK, What do the name TheBorderPrince mean? Well I like Warhammer and Warhammer40000 and once planned to start an Empire army from the monster-infested wasteland known as the Border Princes when I got enough time and money, (Crack is Cheaper,) but i now think I might go for historical wargaming instead... I'm currently making up the background for my Imagi-nation and its neighbours, situated somewhere in northwestern Germany. Honestly, there are 300-something states in TheCavalierYears HolyRomanEmpire, so who will notice a few more? (Especially if it is in my Historical Fantasy/ Urban Fantasy Alternate Reality universe...)

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