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I'm DJay32, a twenty-year-old British troper with a heavy American accent. I stick mostly to OTC and occasionally Writer's Block, and I hope to one day get known for my writing. I joined TV Tropes for the support and the incredibly caring community people have around here, and I stayed for the sheer addictiveness of categorizing tropes in day-to-day situations and as well as for a couple writing projects I'm a part of. Here's a chronological list of arguably the more important writing accomplishments of mine:

  • For eight years I wrote a pretty bad eighty-eight episode Sonic fan-script series called Dark Chao Adventures.
  • I helped form The Fear Mythos in 2011, and as a result I tend to connect anything I write to its freeform concepts.
  • I wrote a 400,000-word 1100-page internet novel over the course of two years. Eight artists provided around a hundred pictures to complement it, ranging from sketches to digital busts to gorgeous paintings. That novel was OH GOD THE RAPTURE IS BURNING, though it's really not for everyone.
  • That now has a sequel titled The Cockroach Metamorphosis. It won't be as long.
  • Thanks to the Fear Mythos, some of my creepypasta has been included in its published anthology. I have a copy.
  • My main Fearblogging focus goes to Topography Genera, a collaborative lengthy multimedia plentiblog cosmic horror story. On top of the over-a-dozen blogs and video channels we have as part of it, there's top secret plans for something a bit more marketable related to it, too.
  • Speaking of top secret plans, there's something related to the Rapture logs up there that a lot of work is going into and, if it gets made, will be quite the achievement.
  • I'm now working for R'N'D Media to co-write, co-direct, and co-produce something for the internet that I think will be fantastic. Here is a behind-the-scenes preview that reveals absolutely nothing about it, but at the same time it just might very well. It's hard to tell with R'N'D.

Aside from all that, I have a YouTube channel with well over 150 videos, a lot of which featuring writing and/or acting and improvisation by myself, though most of it is terrible and stars me when I was too young to know better. I also have a very peculiar thread in OTC which you can find tropes for further down.

And it looks like I have vandalism now! >W< Fine by me. ^_^ I LOVE ALL OF YOU



Because you totally deserve it. ~PasswordForgettingTroper

Vandalism cont'd

  • Cerulean Skies, here! Dude, you need a hug. I hope it gets better for you. *hugs!*
  • Hello Jordan Dooling. This is a nice contributor page. Your posts amuse me. ~The Camper
  • Why so little vandalism? Doesn't make sense. You should have the most vandalised page in this internet. -Dealan
  • Just saying Hi! -Dontcallmewave
  • Also saying Hi, and hoping against hope that things go well for you. - Metalitia
  • Hi, and once again, thanks for introducing me to some amazing music! I really hope things improve for you soon. -Xandriel
  • Hello. Just want to let you know that you are tougher than you realize. Hold on to your dreams. -SM Soldier
  • One. Hundred. Thousand. Million. Hugs. I just read your post on that thread. Dear God. I wanted to kill myself just from reading it! It made me want to cuddle you and make it all go away. Hopefully you don't need that anymore, but if you ever do let me know and I will cyber-cuddle you! - NoriMori
  • *glomp* You are a wonderful person. -Kamera
  • HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG!!!!! You KICK ASS at life! ~boyob13
  • WHY HASN'T EVERYONE ON TV TROPES GIVEN YOU A BIG HUG?! ;_; <333 Ahsdfhfskgj I almost cried reading that whole thing, I can't even begin to fathom how that level of dysfunction is possible... All I can really say is please grow up soon so you don't have to live there anymore!;; - TeamKarasu <33
  • Read the thread, gotta hug ya! You are a jewel of this world, and TV Tropes became a better place when you came along. I know you're not religious, but may God bless your path my friend.
  • Ethereal here, a million hugs from me. You are the best and bravest person on here. And you got me into a kick-ass band as well! :D
  • Well, is was about time I vandalized your page. I sincerely wish you luck. -Viral Sun
  • You're getting a hug from me. I feel so sorry for you, and I have to admit, you're a braver person that I am. I wouldn't be able to deal with what you're going through. I hope it gets better. ~ Savvy Angel
  • Holy mother of Celestia...Dude, you deserve a hug. Props to you for even being strong enough to ask for help. I know alot of people wouldn't've (probably take the easy way out instead), but you did, and for that, I say good on ya. Best of luck to you, friend. Hope everything works out. -Blake Diamond
  • Let me just say this. Dude, you are awesome, and I want to give you a big hug for being so awesome. You have my sincerest respect for going through all of that and just...awesome ~ MysticSongbird
  • Lots, LOTS, a huge fuckload of hugs for you from Hungary, man! Also brofist for loving prog. - Kugi
  • HUGS. All of my hugs. -Ozimul

Applied Tropes

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: for the whole thread. For all of us. And from all of us: you rock.
    • Seconded. And Thirded, and fourth-ded. -Kexruct
    • And fifth-ded, and sixth-ded, and seventh-ded, and.... ~PasswordForgettingTroper
    • Eighth-ded? -Ultrayellow
    • Ninth-ded, and tenth-ded, and ... and nth-ded, where n -> ∞. Else this trope alone will break the servers. -Dealan
    • Nth-ded. And I didn't even read the whole thread, just the first page of the thread and then this part, and it still almost made me cry to see how far you've come in between. Can't wait to read the other 66 pages leading up to this part. I'm so happy for you that things are better, that this hasn't ended in tragedy, that there are happy endings (except without the "ending", because you've still got a lot of life ahead of you!), et cetera. I know it was an awesome moment for me, hopefully it was just as awesome for you! - NoriMori
  • Woobie: You could be the TV Tropes Official Woobie.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The blogs.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Spiders His house seems infested with the things.

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Tropes applying to Massive Story Inside (by the Tropers)


"First of all, I'm very new around here. Hi. Um.. I.. I apologize in advance if this belongs somewhere else. But I.. you guys, the Tropers, seem like nice, kind people. From looking at the actual site. You seem sympathetic and caring. So I.. I just want to see if someone could help me somehow."

So began the moving and true chronicle of DJay32, a then-fifteen-year-old member of the TV Tropes forum.

Could someone.. help? A bit? Please? *Massive Story Inside* is a TV Tropes thread started in November 2010. Initiated as a desperate call for help from an abused teen in a toxic home, the thread grew into an ongoing account of his life and travails as DJay fought to survive and to find a better life away from his tyrannical and physically abusive father.

And when we say the thread grew, we do mean grew. As of this writing, the thread is 115 pages long and counting, with a post count of 2,872 posts covering a period of ten months. In that time, a great number of tropers have come and gone, though a core group has stayed through most of it, and has lead to some Thread Hopping from newcomers.



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The thread provides examples of:

The thread in its entirety can be read here.