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  • 256 EXP
    +108 Gp.
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    Plastic Knife 1
    Bag of Polyhedral Dice 1
    Skull-Shaped Dice Box 1

KEXRUCT, better known by his meatspace name of TUCKER.... screw this. I'm not gonna do third person here. It's annoying to write, and unpleasant to read.

Hi. I'm Tucker. I came into this world on the twenty-fourth day of March, one thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-seven years of the epoch anno domini.

I am a short white male of Irish descent, and live in the state of Tennessee, a territory of the United States of America. I have a love-hate relationship with my state, and have absolutely no contempt whatsoever for my country, nor its culture.

I apologize a lot and frequently make less-than-tact comments. I meddle and attempt to help others as much as possible, but what I view as help may very well be annoying to some.

Beliefs: Mild socialist tendencies. Catholic. I also subscribe to the belief that tolerance should apply to things that you don't like. For this reason, I tend to get irritated when, a purely hypothetical fandom that prides itself on tolerance participate in fandom wars with a certain webcomic that will not be named. I often play the devil's advocate due to this. Claiming to be tolerant while shamelessly bashing ostensibly Acceptable Targets, such as conservatives/Republicans is a major pet peeve of mine, no matter how much I agree with you.

If it isn't already clear, I find it easier to describe myself in negative terms. Do not misinterpret this. I'm a pessimist, but defying logic, I'm also fiercely idealistic.

And last, and most certainly least, my Arc Numbers are 108, 256, 255, and to a lesser extent 324.

Oh, by the way, my handle is just an anagram of Tucker with an "X" in it a la Kingdom Hearts.

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