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Hello Tropers, Tropettes, and anonymous readers. My name is Blake Gerald Diamond II. Some of you may know (or have read trope edits by) fellow Tropers Blake The Great and Mr Diamond. Well, I'm those two. That's right, I forgot my password YET AGAIN. *Sigh* Allow me to break down my history with TV Tropes:

I found this place after one of my AIM Buddies constantly referanced it during conversations. I figured "ah, what the hell. Cant be that bad, right?" Right, actually. I browsed around and found alot of stuff I liked, along with multiple spelling errors, incomplete trope pages, and the occassional article I wanted to add to. So, wanting to contribute, I created my first account, Blake The Great. I was immature then and didn't know that much about TV Tropes, so I consider it my era of infancy as a troper.

Then the inevitable happened: I forgot my password. Ridiculous mistake, I know, but thankfully, I didn't panic, and made a new account right away. That account, known by few as Mr Diamond, went drastically farther than my infantile account. I matured, made better edits and Troper Tales, and even slipped in the ocassional You Know That Thing Where. It looked like my previous error had at long last been forgotten. I. Was. Wrong. Shit.

This time, however, I didn't really forget my password. My computer just hates me and wouldn't accept my password no matter how many times I put it in. So I just said "Fuck it" and made another new account. This one. Hopefully, this one will be here to stay.

Well, now that we've got that out of the way, I'll explain a few things about a Troper, of course.

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     Tropes that = me 

First up is Dis Continuity. I mean, for the love of God, people. Writers, artists, voice actors, regular actors, producers, editors, and directors did not spend millions of dollars in production, not to mention thousands of hours of hard work and practice, just for some self-righteous, uptight, moronic fan to say it doesnt exist simply because he or she doesnt like it! Sorry to burst your vanity bubble, but newsflash: the world DOES NOT revolve around you or your opinion! Things dont suddenly not exist simply because you say so! The only person who can do that is God (or the author/director, who techically is the "God" of that work), and guess what? You're not God (or the author/director)! GET USED TO IT!!!

"Calms down" Moving on.

Second is Non-Canon Shipping. This includes Ship-to-Ship Combat, SelfInsertShipping (the horrifying combination of Shipping and Self-Insert Fic), and, my most hated of them all, Die for Our Ship. Much like I said in my Dis Continuity rant, the people in charge (authors, directors, producers, etc.) didn't spend all that time, money, and effort, just for you to go and fuck around with their finished work for your Fangirl / Fan Boy desires. That ship you wanted? Unless Word of God says otherwise, it wont happen. Suck it up. That character you hate? (S)He exists, weather you like it or not. Get over yourself. You think a series is Ruined FOREVER because they killed your favorite character/paired your desired shipmates with other characters? Newsflash: It wasnt. Now get on the waaaaaaaaambulance and out of my face. A character you love got paired, instead of staying single for you, of all the unnecessary and unimportant people in this God-forsaken world? Three words for ya, pal: Too. Fucking. Bad.

Thank you for reading my rant. On with the list-o-Tropes!

     Stuff that I'm a fan of 

     Stuff that I hate 
Before you ask, I HAVE tried most of this stuff before, so I'm not bitching about things I've never seen, which means your argument is invalid, Trolls.

     Troper Tales I've told 

     Fan Fiction Ideas I have 
I have several. I'll be adding them as they come to me.

  • Title: Evangelion Fanfic: A Second Chance, A Portal, and A World of Desire
    • Status: Not even started yet.
    • Tags: Crossover (with Kamen Rider OOO, with the G Gundam cockpit design/style thrown in), Peggy Sue, Self-Insert Fic
    • Pairings: Shinji/Asuka, little bit of Shinji/Rei and Kaworu/Shinji, Touji/Hikari, Gotou/Satonaka
    • Synopsis: After failing to stop Third Impact yet again, Arch-Angel Kyosuke Takamaru stands on trial before God (taking the form of the SEELE blocks), who is ready to execute him for his continuous failure. Before judgment can be passed, however, one of his fellow Arch-Angels (Kaworu. It Makes Sense in Context.) saves him by requesting one last chance. God agrees and, one by one, the four Arch-Angels (Kyosuke, Kaworu, Noriko, and Mari. Again, It Makes Sense in Context.) are sent back to the beginning of NGE, with the warning that if they fail this time, there will be no more chances. Can the Arch-Angels achieve the impossible and stop Third Impact? Will they survive one last trip to the past? Who will be changed? Who will be killed? And most importantly, who’s that blonde guy with the Red Right Hand?
    • Author's Note: This is gonna take a while. I dont have the full story in my head, but what I can tell you is that this is going to be very long, very in-depth, and hopefully, very satisfying. Various events include the Greed (in human form) hanging out with the Eva pilots, Touji becoming Kamen Rider Birth (under the tutilage of Date), Gotou and Satonaka dating (and later getting hitched), and Gendo and Dr. Maki meeting. Dark? Maybe. Confusing? Probably. Earn Your Happy Ending? You fucking bet. Oh, and Shinji gets laid. Twice.

  • Title: Digimon Fanfic: Lucemon's Revenge (or The Last Digi-Battle)
    • Status: Not even started yet.
    • Tags: Crossover (not with any other franchise, but different seasons of Digimon. Specifically, Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier, with a few characters from Digimon Savers thrown in)
    • Pairings: Yolei/Ken (duh), Tai/Sora, Mimi/Joe (yeah...), Takato/Jeri, Rika/ the real Ryo
    • Synopsis: A few weeks before leaving for college, six of the original Digidestined recieve a text message on their cell phones, claiming "Lucemon is not dead." Our heros quickly attempt to find a way to get back to the Digital World in order to investigate. Along the way, they run into the protagonists of Adventure 02, Tamers, and Frontier, along with Kazu, Kenta, Jeri, and Davis' sister, Jun, all of whom recieved the same message on their phones. Once they are all together, they are transported to the Digital World by Good!Cherubimon and informed of the situation: Lucemon has begun resurrecting himself by corrupting the remaining Royal Knights (sans Gallantmon), and having them attack the Digital World for him. The unified Digidestined must find a way to stop the Royal Knights, defeat Lucemon for good, and Save Both Worlds one the last time.
    • Author Notes: I've been wanting to write this for a loooooooooong time, and I'm so happy I finally have the time to start. Aside from the little plot drop above, I can mention a few Squee-worthy things: four of the original eight Digimon (Gomamon, Palmon, Biyomon, and Tentomon) are going to get the power to Warp Digivolve, Silphymon and Shakkoumon getting the power to Mega Digivolve, MegaGargomon and Sakuyamon Digivolving even further, human hosts for the (formerly evil) four extra Spirits (Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal), and the power of Fusion Evolution being given to all ten Legendary Warriors. Oh, and there's going to be an eleventh Legendary Warrior, so WMG's ahoy on that. Hopefully this will be as epic as I want it to be. If not, I apologise.

     Let's Plays I have planned 

  • Game: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
    • Players: Myself (as Chris/Josh) and Kawaii (as Sheva/Jill)
    • Specifics: We'll be playing the entire game, Lost in Nightmares, and Desperate Escape on Professional Difficulty. However, because we're not idiots, we'll have Infinite Ammo turned on for the main story.
    • Synopsis: This is my first Let's Play, and will probably be very awkward. Alongside my Player Two, Kawaii, we, the self-proclaimed "Not-So Dynamic Duo" will fight our way through hordes of zombies, an El Gigante with a beard, crocodiles, Goddamn Roaches, assholes with megaphones, and of course, everyones favorite Villain, Wesker. Expect alot of dying, swearing, connection problems, Angrish, and taking the piss out of anyone and everything possible. Also, there will be No Fourth Wall, so any complaints about us breaking it will be met with swift, painfull Trolling.

  • Game: Borderlands Game of the Year Edition
    • Players: Myself (as Brick, "Himself"), Kawaii (as Mordecai, "The Hunter"), and introducing Saggy (as Roland, "The (Team-Killing) Soldier")
    • Specifics: We'll be playing the entire game and all four DLC's one time, as well as trying our luck against Crawermax. If it goes well, we'll do a second playthrough.
    • Synopsis: We may not have four players, but that wont stop us from turning Pandora inside-out with our own blend of off-the-wall humor, widespread destruction and gore, and complete disregard for decency, political correctness, and sanity. Expect more dying, more Angrish, more connection problems, more piss-taking, and plenty of botched team-killing. Once again, there will be No Fourth Wall.

  • Game: God of War: Ascension
    • Players: Myself and Skiddlezizkewl
    • Specifics: We will be playing the multiplayer maps of GOW:A to the best of our abilities.
    • Synopsis: With the single-player campaign done, Skiddlezizkewl needs someone to tackle the multiplayer with, and in a stroke of luck, he turned to me to be that someone. We'll go through each map, beat the tar out of everything, and call it a day. Expect plenty of blood, guts, swearing, and political discussion as an American Homestuck and an Australian Brony team up to tear Greek mythology a new one.

     Games Reviewed by Blake Diamond 
I've begun reviewing video games on my Tumblr blog. Below is an in-progress list of games I've covered:

  • Ratchet & Clank: I liked it, calling it "a fun experience that's worth at least one go-around". Final Verdict: 7/10
  • Devil May Cry 1: Hated it, called it "the worst pile of crap I've ever seen". Final Verdict: 0/10
  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy: Liked it enough, said it was "fun and innovative". Final Verdict: 7/10
  • God of War: Loved it, said it was "a great way to kick off one of Sony's bigger franchises". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • In FAMOUS: Thought it was okay, nothing more. Final Verdict: 6/10
  • Golden Sun: Loved it, said it's "one of the best experiences you will ever have on a handheld". Final Verdict: 9/10
  • Dishonored: While the game had many things going for it, in the end, the bad outweighed the good. Final Verdict: 5/10
  • Border Lands: "It's good, but it's not as groundbreaking as everyone thought it was". Final Verdict: 5/10
  • Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando: Said it was a "huge step up from an already great original". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Devil May Cry 2: Unapologetically loved it, going so far as to call it one of the best games ever. Final Verdict: 10/10
  • God of War 2: Enjoyed it, said it was an "excellent follow-up to its predecessor". Final Verdict: 9/10
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age: Loved it, called it "one of the best sequels in history, and arguably one of the best handheld games of all time". Final Verdict: 10/10
  • In Famous 2: Liked it, said it was "An excellent improvement over the original". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Border Lands 2: Enjoyed it, said it was "A massive step up from the original". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Jak II: Renegade: Didn't like it, said it was "the low point of the trilogy". Final Verdict: 4/10
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening: Liked it, said it was "just shy of the second game's perfection". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal: Liked it very much, said it was "one of the finer installments in the franchise". Final Verdict: 9/10
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: Liked it, said it was "a well-done successor to the original saga". Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Jak 3: Wastelander: Loved it, said it was "the best in the series, from my perspective". Final Verdict: 9/10
  • Resident Evil 4: Liked it, said it was "one of the last of the franchise to actually live up to the Survival Horror genre." Final Verdict: 9/10
  • Ratchet: Deadlocked: Loved it, said it was "one of the heights of the Ratchet and Clank series, and one of the best games to come out of the 6th console generation." Final Verdict: 10/10
  • Devil May Cry 4: Was very "meh" about it, and said it was "a mixed bag". Final Verdict: 6/10
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Thought it was alright, said it "gets the job done as an immersive RPG experience, but it still leaves a lot to be desired." Final Verdict: 6/10
  • Resident Evil 5: Liked it, said that "the story is a bit rubbish compared to other games in the series, but it more than makes up for that with near-perfect gameplay and decent co-op action." Final Verdict: 7/10
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters: Absolutely despised it, said it was "a disgrace to the Ratchet & Clank series and should be forgotten by history." Final Verdict: 1/10
  • Bully: Loved it, said it was "flawed, most definitely, but enjoyable enough to stand the tests of time as a true classic." Final Verdict: 8/10
  • Dm C Devil May Cry: Liked it, said it was "far better than some of the installments that it receives its pedigree from." Final Verdict: 8/10
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Loved it, said it was "able to provide hundreds of hours of fun and entertainment." Final Verdict: 9/10

     Discussion / Vandalism 
Talk about me, dammit! (Please note: Constructive criticism is welcome. Trolling/FlameWars are not. Plus, if you edit something I posted, tell me here so I can thank you. I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect, unlike some people, and any attempt to correct my wiki flaws will be much appreciated. Also, if I vandalised your Troper page, please return the courtesy by vandalising my page back. It helps me keep track of who/where I've visited long after the Recent Edits page kicks it out for not being "recent" enough.)
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Congratulations! Use and abuse it as much as you want!

     In closing... 
I thank you kindly for accepiting me as a member of the ever-growing Troper family. I sincerly hope you find me acceptable and possibly even likeable, as I'm sure I will find thousands of my fellow Tropers and Tropetts to be in the same light. Thank you very much, and a good Troper's day to all. :-)