YMMV / 6teen

  • Designated Hero:
    • Nikki is one in "Over Exposed" after Chrissy quits. Although we're supposed to believe that she's a good guy, her insulting of customers for no reason without her co-workers to stop her (and their eventual joining in) combined with the fact that she brings them to Chrissy to brag about how she's become their controller (ironic, since she thinks of herself as a free-thinking rebel) pretty much cement her as an example, at least for one episode. The comparison gets more ironic when Chrissy actually gives up her nice job to prove The Power of Friendship.
    • Jen is also one in the same episode. When Jonesy saw her naked by complete accident she and Nikki humiliate and cost him a job he was doing fine at by displaying a picture of him naked on the Soft Rock Cafe. And the episode treat's this as karma.
  • Ear Worm: ''I'm 6teen, starting to find my way...got a new job, gonna start at the mall today
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The fans really love Kirsten.
  • Girl Show Ghetto: Airs exclusively on PopGirl in the UK despite being a unisex show.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Count all the teenagers that turn into zombies in Dude of the Living Dead, and then watch the first episode of Gravity Falls where they compare teenagers to zombies.
  • Idiot Plot: "The New Jonesy" has Jen dating a Jonesy clone and being completely oblivious to their similarities. It takes her accidentally kissing Jonesy in a wig to convince her.
  • Like You Would Really Do It The fans' initial reaction to the announcement of the series finale episode "Bye Bye Nikki", whose plot was announced to involve Nikki leaving the group forever. No way a light-hearted comedy show about a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the mall could have a Bittersweet Ending, right?
  • Moe:
    • Caitlin, on her good days.
    • Baby Emma, of course.
  • Popularity Polynomial: The show is currently going through a resurgence of popularity as many of its original fans have started to revisit it, and is garnering many views in reruns.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Wyatt's ex-girlfriend, Serena, is definitely this: text message thing aside, breaking up with a Nice Guy like Wyatt (pretty much out of the blue and for a largely superficial reason) just to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, a guy who's arguably—and ironically—way less mature than Wyatt is (and who also felt it was pretty low that Serena dumped Wyatt via text message), didn't exactly go well with fans. And neither did Serena's Clingy Jealous Girl-antics when Wyatt finally got over his feelings for her and moved on to other girls, even though she was the one who dumped him in the first place.
    • Jude's ex-girlfriend, Starr, is this (although perhaps to a lesser extent)—she became Goth all of sudden and broke up with Jude for largely superficial reasons (although she at least admitted that she still cared a lot about Jude). It got worse after she adopted a nerd-persona and became an Insufferable Genius—she decided not to pursue a relationship with Jude after deeming not to be "intelligent enough" for her (she claimed that a person has to have an IQ of at least 130 to join her new nerd clique), but it later turns out that Jude actually has an IQ of 175.
  • Values Dissonance: For instance, Canada legalized gay marriage in July of 2005, so "Role Reversal" was justified there; the US didn't legalize gay marriage in all 50 states until just less than 10 years later, which was why the episode was banned from airing in the States.
  • Vindicated by History: When the show was airing on CN, many fans dismissed it as a less interesting, economy cast take on Total Drama, which was one of the channel's flagship franchises. Nowadays, long after the series finale was aired, its seen renewed interest for having much the same humor and teenage melodrama, but drastically decreased to fit a smaller cast prone to Slice of Life misadventures. The more grounded tone and cast allowed for consistent characterization, as apposed to Total Drama which tended to stretch the focus thin to try and have time for everyone. In short, the reasons for its initial dismissal were the same that earned it a solid fanbase and a better lasting reputation.