Trivia / 6teen

  • Actor Allusion: The mention of "Christian Lotenza" in "The List". Any dedicated fan can see Jude is referencing his voice actor, Christian Potenza.
  • American Parents Dislike This Show: Parents in America hate this show because of its gross humor. Some Americans in general hate it too for the same reasons.
    • It also failed to gain an audience twice in the States...first on Nickelodeon, then on Cartoon Network. The latter aired the finale, but pulled show immediately. Arguably, it would have been out of the network's hands to keep the show going since the show was already over in its native country...but CN is known for rebooting cancelled shows, even international ones.
  • Banned in China: Twenty-four episodes from the show never made it to the states, for various reasons.
  • Channel Hop: In the U.S, the series first showed up on Nickelodeon, but then they dropped it a couple of years after. Later wound up on Cartoon Network, presumably due to the success of Total Drama Island.