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YMMV: AdventureQuest Worlds
  • Ass Pull:
    • During the Arcangrove Saga, you run around collecting the four pieces of the Supreme Arcane Staff to use to defeat Ledgermayne with (the last piece, the Chaos Focus Gem, gets broken into shards by Ledgy but the shards are accepted into the staff), but during the battle you don't need to use it until you feel the need to during the final cutscene, where Drakath appears to focus his Chaos powers through the staff, replacing the shattered gem and allowing it to blast Ledgermayne. And as a bonus, the Supreme Arcane Staff is even one of the item drops from Ledgermayne itself, which has a 1% chance of dropping the staff.
    • In the Sandsea saga, Sek-Duat tells you that you can only defeat Tibicenas with another Djinn, and the Djinn you get is Saahir, who tells you of how Tibi got kicked out of the Djinn world. Then later, Saahir goes to throw down with Tibi and gets owned by him. BADLY. And he doesn't even last five seconds against him. However, as requested by yourself, the Efreet strips Tibi of all his Djinn powers turning him into something you can actually defeat, proving that now you don't need another Djinn to beat him.
    • You can skip the Tower of Necromancy without having to become a Necromancer by completing quests to create a fake Necro U ID. You can still buy the Necromancer class if you want, but you won't need it to enter the Necropolis whatsoever.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Chaos Dragonlord Vath not only enslaved the dwarves, but also his own dragon. He doesn't care how much pain and suffering he's causing the dwarves in the slightest and doesn't even care if they starve to death, as long as they can forge enough Chaos Gemeralds to keep him happy. Worse yet, Vath even threatens to enslave the rest of Lore and will throw the bodies of anyone who tries to foil his plans down to the dwarves as a demonstration of what happens to those who oppose his might.
    • Chaos Lord Krellenos chaorrupted his brother Antiphuus and allowed his kin to blame the Horcs for his death. He proceeded to steal an Arashtite ore of the Accord of the Dark Sun from the Ravine Temple to chaorrupt friends and family alike, doing so to his family and to the Horcs as well.He began using the chaorrupted generals of both sides of the Alliance to try to shatter said Alliance and get the Hero blamed for it all. Krellenos proved willing to sacrifice anything even family for Chaos power all while starting a huge war.
    • When Overseer SN.O.W. suddenly became sentient, he decided to toy around with the humans both as payback for not giving the factory any thanks, rewards, or payment AND for his own twisted amusement just because he was bored. Sending an army of Cyworgs and drones to attack the human employers, he treats his treatment towards them like a whole game. SN.O.W. plans to have the humans killed by having them processed into HAMM, and even tries to murder the hero in cold blood. Had it not been for the hero and Katnip, SN.O.W. would've processed the human race, especially Kale and Meeta, into HAMM and gotten away with it all anyway. SN.O.W. quickly proved to be as brutal and sadistic as they come, willing to massacre many human workers for kicks without any redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: Because this game is the most recent title set in another Alternate Universe of other AE games, those numerous little references (coupled with the aforementioned difficulty) of playing the whole story from the beginning can make it difficult to figure out what's going on each week- as well as who some of the people or Non Player Characters you keep encountering were supposed to be (for new players).
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Multiple villains are this trope.
    • Drakath
    • As well as Zorbak
    • Gravelyn also counts since she has lots of fans.
    • Sepulchure naturally has fans as well.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Chuckles the skeleton, who appears to be headed for Ascended Extra status.
    • Artix even mentions it in the Design Notes: it was actually a joke that went way out of control. It even brought about its own cheesy commercial, T-shirt and a quest in game to save said skeleton.
    • As of the end of the Shadowfall War, Chuckles is back, and with a new body (Noxus' former one) courtesy of Gravelyn! Who says wishes can't come true?
    • There is also a fish based on Chuckles called The Chuckles Fish
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Who here thinks Gravelyn and Safiria are hot?
    • All the female characters are hot.
    • Drakath is also good looking.
  • Love to Hate:
    • Escherion.
    • Even though he's a Smug Snake, Vath also counts. You can't help but admire how handsome he looks.
    • Ledgermayne is also eligible for this, despite crossing the Moral Event Horizon by shattering the Chaos Focus Gem.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Possibly Drakath, in a complete departure from his whiny, stubborn, and incompetent Dragon Fable self.
    • Well, he is a Magnificent Bastard in the original AdventureQuest.
    • During the Arcangrove saga, to his surprise, he found himself outsmarted once by Ledgermayne! Reason? Ledgermayne was self-aware living magic that could control even his magic.
      Drakath: What did you just say to me, Ledgermayne?
      Ledgermayne: The plan will fail. This form will take matters into its own hands. This form no longer has any use for the master.
      Drakath: I never should have allowed you to have free will. (starts charging up an attack only for Ledgermayne to cancel it out and then looks at his hand) WHAT?!
      Ledgermayne: You will not be allowed to harm this form. This form was a mass of mana in the para-elemental plane of magic when your chaotic influence accidentally caused this form to be self-aware. This form is grateful for that gift, but this form is not one of the master's Chaos Lord puppets whom you have gifted with Chaos magic. This form is LIVING MAGIC. Even your powerful Chaos magic... is still just magic, which this form can control. This form has no desire to destroy you. Stay out of our way. (teleports out of the Realm of Chaos)
    • The shadowed Ultimate Evil of the Skyguard storyline Exos, whom you will refer to as "Master" unless you want to relive your nightmares courtesy of the Dreamweaver, started to show signs of this at the beginning of the Skyguard storyline. He blew it in the end, thanks to the Dreamweaver turning against him.
      • And later in the saga, it's revealed that the real Magnificent Bitch was - believe it or not - Exos' own former employee, the Dreamweaver herself.
    • How about Kitsune, the fourth lord of Chaos? He used his Chaos powers to place Emperor Daisho under a spell and stole the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade after waiting for the hero to defeat Ryoku. He had Neko Matta have the hero run around killing Skello Kitties and Nopperabo as a trick to buy Kitsune just enough time to use the sword to summon the O-dokuro from its prison. And what makes Kitsune even more magnificent is his affinity for illusion, trickery and lies, and the fact that, unlike the Shredder, whom he's an Expy of, he is rarely cruel. He didn't count on the hero retrieving the sword from the O-dokuro's head and using it to close the rift pouring a waterfall of Yokai out of it, which led him to see him/her as more of a problem than he first thought.
    • After he was killed by the hero, Artix, and Vayle, in Dragon Fable, Noxus learned from his mistakes and evolved into a Magnificent Bastard, guiding Sally to the Necropolis with his ghostly voice to train her as the supreme Necromantress of the Tower of Necromancy. After she completed her training, she repaid him by resurrecting him as a lich. Eventually afterwards, Noxus found an ancient evil that, with Sally's help, he used to create the Nigh Unvulnerable Paladin-Slaying Vordred. Vordred turning almost all of the paladins except Artix undead was just as Noxus planned.
      • Even better. While the hero was fighting his/her way through the Temple of Doomwood, Noxus left his office at the Necropolis for Shadowfall, after which he/she, Cysero, and Beleen stormed it only to find out that he wasn't there. Noxus and Vordred attacked Shadowfall to Gravelyn's rage, and upon finding out that she was Sepulchure's kid, he not only turned all her undead minions to his side, he also decided to use her as bait to lure the hero and Artix into a trap. Thus, setting off the scene for the Shadowfall War. And what's even better? He even makes Gravelyn wear her slave bikini as Fanservice. Had he known that Gravelyn had an undead minion of her very own who could not be affected by his magic, Noxus would've been the one who won.
    • Again, believe it or not, the Twins seem to show signs of this. They manipulated the Horcs and Trolls into a war, and manipulated King Alteon and Gravelyn into sending Cynari, Tibias, and the Pactagonal Knight and undead armies to Bloodtusk to take over and keep the ravine under their control so they can prepare the ninth Lord of Chaos.
    • Krellenos. Seeing how he manipulated the Horcs and Trolls into a war so he could chaorrupt everything in Bloodtusk Ravine from within without anybody noticing, you can tell he's always one step ahead of them, plus you have to admit respect for the little guy.
    • Desoloth can certainly count as well. He orchestrated for his faithful servant X'Dir to have the hero defeat the four Prime dragons and use their Dracoscintilla to open the Dragon Gate for him... and everything went according to his plan. After the plan worked, he fought against the hero in an attempt to reward him/her with a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness by making him/her his first meal in 800 years. After his defeat it was revealed that what the hero fought was just a shade of Desoloth himself that he left in the DragonPlane so that the hero could fight it again whenever it liked. Then again, to be fair, Desoloth himself was curious how powerful the residents of Lore had become over the years he was imprisoned.
  • Mis-blamed: Cysero (the real-life person, not the NPC), as the head developer, gets an enormous amount of flak from the community for every thing they disagree with, even though he's not in charge of every single detail of the game.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • After Lionfang is defeated following his Kick the Dog moment of burning the gifts, he pulls a SUPREME dick move by knocking the orb holding the Spirit of Frostval out of the hero's hands and shattering it (which he had threatened to do at the start of the adventure, because it would kill her) and lays bare his intent to make the world suffer for "giving in to Evil" by destroying Frostval. Fortunately, the Spirit of Frostval cannot be killed so easily, and she returns to Lionfang's shock and disbelief in order to set everything right again.
    • Vordred is becoming one: making every High Paladin, except Artix, into undead paladins? Yep. Turned US into an undead minion? Definitely. And what's worse? It's the person who helped CREATE him.
    • Ledgermayne also crosses the line. Just when the hero is about to accept the Chaos Focus Gem into the Supreme Arcane Staff, Ledgermayne interrupts and voices the part where it had already informed him/her that he/she would not be allowed to complete the staff, and crushes the gem into shards in order to lay bare its intent to make sure of that. Because of this, the shards have been rendered too weak to use against it until Drakath comes to help him/her by focusing his Chaos energy through the staff, replacing the shards and allowing it to convert Ledgermayne back into the harmless mass of magic from which it was made.
    • The Master crossed the line when he brought about Terra's Disney Villain Death by pushing her off a cliff and into the ocean. This action is what led to Captain Stratos' worst day. And she's not the first of their siblings that Exos has murdered either — Lithos was knifed to death for stopping him from murdering Stratos himself.
    • Yeah, Dead Morice definitely crosses the line. Turning people into Ice Symbiotes? Check. Terrorizing the Frostvale Moglins? Check. And to top it all off? He HATES Frostval. So much that he decided everybody should be as cold-hearted as he is. And if it weren't for the hero refusing to succumb to his ice venom thanks to his/her determination and destroying him with the Flame of Frostval, he would've gotten away with it all.
    • Sir Roderick starts off being a Smug Super, but later crosses the Moral Event Horizon as well when he orchestrates for his henchmen to attack Lord Brentan before he ambushes him with an attack that mortally injures him from his back, and then has his henchmen drag Brentan to a garbage dump just to get him out of his way during the Tournament of Heroes. This action was more than enough for Brittany to label him as a monstrous brute as well as a treacherous snake, and Brentan called him a monster for that as well.
    • It's hard to feel any kind of sympathy for Drakath anymore after the tragic events of the Swordhaven saga. While the siege of Swordhaven by Drakath's forces is pretty standard villain fare by this point, and chaorrupting Swordhaven's sewers is a new level of low, everything takes a turn for the worse when King Alteon finally succumbs to the Chaorruption he's been having to deal with all game thanks to Drakath's first appearance, becoming the Twelfth Lord of Chaos and striking down his eldest daughter and heir to the throne Princess Brittany in a fit of Chaos-induced madness — and right when she had just gotten married to Lord Brentan! And to make things even worse, that tragic act happens to be the trigger for releasing the worst Chaos Beast yet, a three-headed Chaos Dragon who unleashes horrific devastation upon Swordhaven before the Hero is able to take it down, and King Alteon himself ultimately has to be slain when the Chaos proves too much for him. Because of all of this, Swordhaven will never be the same again, and will most likely never know peace for a long time due to the inevitable conflict for the throne. And from Drakath's smile as the twelfth seal is broken, you can just tell he's enjoying the whole show. Bastard.
      • And it gets even worse in the Mount Doomskull saga. After delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Hero in a Hopeless Boss Fight, he proceeds to ACTUALLY Chaorrupt him/her into the 13th and final Lord of Chaos, who then has their own army of Chaos monsters go on a rampage all over Lore, destroying different areas and even manipulating the Lycans into murdering Safiria. As they confront him again not long after summoning the Eternal Dragon of Time, he, after revealing them to be the dragon itself, overpowers said dragon, rips out its soul, and crushes it, thus actually murdering the Hero and sending them down to the Underworld, and tries his hand at attempting to get around their respawning capabilities by controlling Death into forbidding them to respawn again like usual. Since the defeat of all 13 Chaos Lords is required for the full opening of the Chaos Portal, this, worst of all, means that Drakath's horizon-crossings are what eventually trigger an Apocalypse Wow event, especially when the Queen of Monsters is finally set free into Lore once more.
  • Shocking Swerve: Admit it, was anyone expecting Artix to be the Champion of Darkness?
    • Or the fact that Drakath is making the hero his 13th Lord of Chaos?
  • That One Attack:
    • Ledgermayne's charged-up attack hits any players that aren't in the safe zones for massive damage that can One-Hit Kill players with anywhere below 1,600 Hit Points.
    • Tibicenas has his Claw Swipe AOE, which can take you down to 1 HP in one blow and which he starts using once he's down to half his health. If you're a player who likes to solo, you will HATE this move.
    • Khasaanda's ability to shut down your most-used skills has caused headaches to many a party trying to face her.
      • And Binky and Undead Raxgore (and his ultra form) have inherited this ability from her.
    • The mega-attacks possessed by all four of the prime dragons of the Dragonplane as well as Desoloth himself.
    • The Desterrat Moya from Knave1's storyline has the ability to put a stun on you, which does not allow you to use any of your skills until it wears off.
    • Ultra Epic Vordred's Shadow Grasp, which stuns you and leaves you unable to move or even attack for a while, along with his Noxious Decay attack that inverts your healing powers, causing your normal healing attacks to actually damage and poison you for a short moment, and his ability to enlarge his power by drawing from your life force, which causes you MASSIVE damage.
    • Aeacus's Strenght in Death buff, which doubles his damage output for some time. His normal attacks during this deal are insanely powerful, having a 600-1100 damage range, and when he crits, which he does A LOT, he usually deals 2000+ damage. And if you thought this was bad, his Ultra version is even worse.
    • The Ultra Chaos Dragon's Chaos Apocalypse attack is insanely powerful, plus it hits everyone for massive damage. That's quite a reason why a lot of people can't complete the "Defeat Ultra Chaos Dragon" quest provided by Celestia for many tries, wouldn't you agree?
  • That One Boss:
    • Since the PTR update, all the main bosses have received a major damage upgrade and can easily wipe out a party that does not know what they are doing. But the Red Dragon of Vasalkar's Lair and Wolfwing, the fifth Chaos Lord, are in a class all their own in terms of difficulty.
    • Also, if you thought Wolfwing and the Red Dragon were tough enough, just wait until you fight Vath, the third Chaos Lord, and Ledgermayne, the seventh Chaos Lord. Vath qualifies as That One Boss because he has Stalagbite, who will stomp you to death for 3000 damage or more if you attack Vath first, and so does Ledgermayne because every once in a while it will stop to charge up a powerful attack and the game will urge you to enter the glowing safe zones, and if you're not quick enough to get there in time, the resulting blast of the charged attack will deal massive damage and may even ONE HIT KILL YOU.
    • Tibicenas, the eighth Chaos Lord, can be pretty tough as well. Not only does he use an attack that heals himself and hits as many players as he wants for massive damage every once in a while, but, just like Wolfwing, he also goes berserk once his HP drops low enough, meaning he'll attack TWICE AS FAST! Think that's tough enough? Try your luck against Ultra-Tibicenas. He's himself, the Frost King, and the French Horned Toadragon combined. Not only does he have almost as high HP as the Frost King, he can petrify you for a few seconds every once in a while, steals life more often, and goes berserk when, instead of just below 5500 HP, it drops below 20000! YIKES!
    • Out of all the Chaos Lords released so far, Khasaanda has proven to be the most difficult. Her ability to lock players' most-used attacks, as well as her ability to use Prophetic Vision, which not only lets her become immune to all attacks for a while but also lets her foresee and counter them with the same amount of damage players would've inflicted on her, all adds up to an extremely frustrating Chaos Lord battle.
      • Raxgore and Ultra Raxgore are just like her, but with MUCH more hp (In the 1.5 million mark), making them nearly the epitome of Damage-Sponge Boss. In particular, Prophetic Vision in Raxgore's hands is the bane of the Undead Slayer, who is normally a powerhouse against undead and quite capable of soloing tough undead bosses, because of the Undead Slayer's utter dependence upon attacking to maintain the Spirit Power they need for both their main attack powers and their healing.
    • Ultra Epic Vordred qualifies big time. His ability to cause massive damage to multiple players at the same time is so goddamn annoying, plus he has the equally annoying abilities to stun you with his Shadow Grasp attack as well as to invert your healing powers with Noxious Decay, all of which makes him a total Troll and at the same time make this fight seem like a Hopeless Boss Fight. It gets even worse when there's horrible lag to keep you from attacking.
    • Meet Ultra Kathool. He's like normal Kathool, big deal, except that his Mind Twist allows him to regenerate much more health MUCH faster than his regular counterpart did, plus he has Kathool's Gaze, which can increase your mana costs. Sometimes Ultra Kathool tends to use an attack that causes MASSIVE damage. Just one critical attack with this much damage may guarantee a One-Hit Kill on you for sure.
    • Ultra Lionfang can be pretty annoying to fight because his Curse of Chaos attack adds up additional damage for its DoT when used on you, much more so than his regular counterpart. This DoT especially gets worse when he petrifies you and either shifts his power or drains yours.
    • The Ultra Blood Titan is truly a demonic, torturous Damage-Sponge Boss that requires real planning and skill. Not only does it have ridiculously high HP (even if it's not as much as the Doom Overlord or Ultra Kathool), it also uses intensely painful attacks that all hit for huge damage, and that's not all, it can increase the damage range of its attacks with Bloodrage, which can kill you in seconds flat if you're unprepared.
    • Binky the Magical Man Eating Unicorn is quickly shaping up to be one of the nastiest bosses of the game. Not only does this guy have a ton of HP to use and hit like a freight train, but he can use most if not all of the above That One Attacks from every boss this game has had in order to ruin your day.
    • Aeacus qualifies too. While he doesn't have the tons of hp that Binky and Raxgore have, nor can he regenerate or lock players' skills, his normal attacks are insanely powerful, but the 4 temporary buffs that he keeps using during the battle are what make him a complete nightmare to defeat . He can raise his dodge chance to annoying levels, reduce all damage done to him by 3/4, double his critical hit's damage, or, for the complete nightmare, DOUBLE HIS ATTACK POWER (Which also doubles his criticals). Oh, he can use any one of them at will, and can even use more than one per time. And if you thought he was difficult... try to beat his Ultra version. For both of them, killing entire parties in seconds is not unheard of.
    • Ultra Chaos Dragon really had players running for the hills due to its ability to hit all players with a massive Chaos Apocalypse attack that is five times more powerful than its already highly damaging normal attacks. Not to mention, it even has about as much HP as Binky does, which probably means that players won't be able to defeat it quick enough before it unleashes said attack for many tries. Trust us, you do not want to face this boss. It's nearly impossible to take down, even if you have to defeat it to complete the quest involving it.
  • That One Sidequest: The quest chains to unlock the Blinding Light of Destiny and the separate, Legends-only "Sepulchure's Doomknight Armour" are absolutely brutal. Both require copious grinding to obtain over three million spirit orbs each (though this number assumes that the player doesn't find any Auras needed to make the equipment, which would require several thousand orbs each to make) which drop in increments of 5, 10, 15, and 20 from quests that require 25 or 40 of other drops from undead, metal which is a random drop from a daily quest, and high amounts of Auras that can only be obtained through a random drop which requires a separate weapon that requires the above materials to make. It takes so much grinding that Artix himself estimated that either item would take players roughly SIX MONTHS of farming to obtain, and neither chain overlaps, so you're looking at a YEAR to obtain both pieces. And to top it off, the armour is strictly cosmetic and the B Lo D's only practical advantage over any other is a 25% damage buff against Undead, who you've killed tens of thousands of on the way to making it and were probably enough to get you to the level cap.
    • The Blade of Awe is comparatively much less brutal, but still frustrating; while the first four quests are fairly easy, the final one requires the Runes, an item which has a .1% drop rate (.3% from Tibiacenas)... and can only be obtained by fighting Chaos Lords, most of which have plenty of health, are at the ends of fairly lengthy quest chains, and are usually among the toughest enemies in the game. Expect to fight hundreds of them and spend several days while trying to complete this one. Thankfully, unlike the above two quests, the rewards are much more worthwhile, especially the Enchantments.
    • The quest to unlock Drakath's armor quickly shapes up to be even more brutal than both of the BLOD & Blade of Awe quests, but still not as brutal as the quest for Sepulchure's armor. To unlock Drakath's armor, you would need to gather the Blade of Awe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, three Unidentified 13's, 100 Treasure Chests, a Le Chocolat, 13 of Dage's Scroll Fragments, and the Face of Chaos helmet. Since both the BLOD and the Blade of Awe are rewards from both of the above sidequests, the Face of Chaos is a 20% drop from the Champion of Chaos and a 2% drop from the regular Drakath monster, Treasure Chests are a 1% drop from all monsters, Unidentified 13's are rewards from Nulgath's quests, Dage's Scroll Fragments can only be obtained one at a time each day, and the Le Chocolat is found in a Hyperium shop and costs over 3 million gold... Yeah, good luck with that.
  • Ugly Cute:
    • The Dark Makai in Nulgath's secret area.
      • You can even get one as a battle pet from Nulgath by completing his Juggernaut Items quest and choosing it before turning in the quest!
  • Villain Sue: Sepulchure is immune to almost any attack except Blinding Light weapons, his own Necrotic Blade of Doom, and Drakath's ripping out his heart at the beginning of the game. He's a skilled manipulator, and he even knows how to Shadow Step and predict other people's moves.
  • Wangst: Some people see Wolfwing's motivation for becoming a Chaos Lord (turning people into Werepyres so he wouldn't be alone all the time) to be so much wangst. For others, however, see below.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The names of Dilligaf and Dilligas are probably inspired by shortenings of sentences that aren't exactly kid friendly (Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck and Do I Look Like I Give A Shit).

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