Western Animation: Teamo Supremo

These kids have some funky fresh moves. Left to right: Skate Lad, Captain Crandall and Rope Girl.

Teamo Supremo (2002-2004) was a Disney cartoon originally aired as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning right before its transition into ABC Kids, and was just as quickly shown in reruns on Toon Disney (and for a short while, the regular Disney Channel) when the channel was still showing Disney cartoons on a regular basis. It is a rather simple show about three ordinary schoolchildren named Crandall, Hector and Brenda (right), who take on the secret identities of the eponymous crime-fighting trio to battle some stupid evildoers. As superheroes, they call themselves Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl, respectively.

Perhaps because of the simplicity of that, the show was never one of Disney's popular franchises mostly due to coming at a time during The Powerpuff Girls popularity (some detractors even claiming it copied from it though the show had plenty of differences outside the three kid superheroes format) and only had 39 episodes (albeit each one following a Two Shorts format). What the viewers missed out on, though, was a short Story Arc in the third season regarding Crandall's superpowers (he thinks he is an alien) that was left unresolved as a result of the series' cancellation.

This show contains examples of: