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Comedic web series hosted by Tim Heidecker (from Tim & Eric) and "guest" Gregg turkington (who plays Neil Hamburger) as fictional versions of themselves who review movies. Originally a podcast series from 2011 to 2013, which parodied the "self-indulgence" of the podcast community, it was later picked up as a video web show by Thing X which ran its first 2 seasons with [adult swim] releasing each subsequent season starting with season 3.

The series see Tim and Gregg reviewing films in theatres which they almost always give highly positive reviews of the movies they watch, though never providing any actual critical insight on the movies, despite whether or not Critics and Audiences consider the films to have as much quality as the Tim and Gregg claim they dp. As the series went on, while "reviewing" the movies was still the core concept, Tim usually uses the show to discuss whatever is on his mind, be it personal issues, politics or simply making fun go Gregg. Gregg considers himself a film expert generally due to his collection of vhs (usually presented on the show as "popcorn classics"). The series tends to incorporate multi-episode arcs and has a spinoff in the form of the Decker Webseries.

Since 2013, they have had an annual Live Oscar special which often gets chaotic due to Tim's Behaviour.

I Give These Tropes 5 Bags of Popcorn:

  • 10-Minute Retirement: Tim "left" the show after season 5 to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming thus leaving Gregg to host the first episode of season 6 by himself. Tim returned in the following episode however when realizing Jackson Hole wasn't as great has he had thought.
  • As Himself: Most people who appear on the show including Tim, Gregg and Joe Estevez.
  • Award Show: During the 3rd annual Oscar live, they hosted their own movie award show himself called the Poppies. Almost all of the awards went to Tim for Decker, which technically isn't a movie. It is implied that Tim was the only voter for these awards.
  • Broke the Rating Scale: Tim has at times given films six bags of popcorn despite claiming the highest rating is 5 bags of popcorn. It is also common to award additional things to the 5 bags of popcorn like a number of sodas or something related to the film that was reviewed.
  • Butt Monkey: Gregg. He is constantly being made fun of by Tim. It is also common in later seasons for Gregg to be annoyed because Tim keeps using the show to discuss non-movie related matters such as alternative medicine and his music career leaving little for Gregg to do.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Both Tim and Gregg. Tim is self-centered, fame-obsessed, ill-tempered, and will bully everyone around him in order in attempt to make the show perfect or promote his pet projects. Meanwhile, Gregg cares very little about anything other than his video tape collection, Hollywood trivia, or proving himself right over other people, to the point where he was more annoyed that his tapes were destroyed in a fire than upset that Tim has a substance problem and almost died in the same fire.
    • Particularly notable with Gregg during the "Our Cinema" Oscar special when Tim goes missing and despite other people thinking Tim might have become suicidal, Gregg doesn't really care and just wants to continue discussing the Oscars
  • Death of a Child: Tim's son, Tom Cruise Jr., is announced to have died near the end of season 7 and the final episode of the season is a special in his honour. Its implied that Tom's death was due to getting treatment by Dr. San rather than going to a professional doctor
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The first season lacks the story arcs present in later seasons and generally focuses on reviewing movies in a similar fashion to the podcast series its based on. The recap episode released in between season 8 and 9 doesn't even say anything in particular about season 1 beyond what the general format the show is.
  • Hologram: Used in the third Oscar Special for Tom Cruise Heidecker to see what he would look like if he didn't die young
  • The Movie Buff: Gregg thinks of himself as this as he collects a large number of films on VHS and considers himself an expert on film though he is prone to mess up on certain movie facts such as which Star trek film took place in San Francisco (it was the fourth but Gregg insists it was the second)
  • Overly Long Gag: When introducing Joe Estevez in Season 2 Episode 3, Tim spends over 1/4 of the episode just reading off films that Estevez has starred in before showing Gregg's interview with him.
  • Recap Episode: A recap was posted after the end of season 8 that provides a general overview of all 8 seasons and the major plot developments throughout them.
  • Show Within a Show: Tim and Gregg work on the web series, and later a tv show, called Decker throughout the series.The production of decker can sometimes create tension between the Tim and Gregg when during the on cinema show depending on what happen during production.
  • Snake Oil Salesman: Dr San whom Tim often pays for alternative medicine treatments which often led to Tim developing more health issues. Greg however does not trust him and has on at least one occasion referred to his treatments as "quackery".
  • Special Guest: The show has had a few such as Joe Estevez, John Aprea and Payton Reed throughout the series. Gregg is often billed as a guest despite appearing in just about as many episodes as Tim and generally serves more like a co-host.
  • Staging an Intervention: Tim's friends attempt this in season 8 episode 8 after Tim gets severe burns all over his body while sleeping after smoking a device given to him by Dr San to which he became addicted. Tim refuses to listen to them and orders them to leave.