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Vince's power is clairvoyance.
  • He subconsciously knows all five of Voltron's forms and picks the best for the task: Guns against a Zerg Rush, maces against an Reverse Asteroids Monster. Assuming a ranged-combat Robeast shows up, we'll probably see Blue Voltron as an Archer.
  • Jossed on Blue Voltron as it wields a double-edged trident.

Vehicle Voltron will show up.
  • Lion Voltron will be able to combine with its components, opening 4 new forms: Land, Sea, and Air forms, where Lion Voltron uses the teams like Optimus Prime uses his "Prime Force", and an Infinity +1 Sword fully combined version that uses all of them.
    • Sea Voltron is unnecessary, seeing as it works fine underwater unaided, and Blue Center only enhances it.
      • Wade has a Combining Mecha composed of flying tanks, but it was pretty wimpy.
  • Chip the pilot of the Advance Recon Helicopter (#4) which becomes the left upper arm of Vehicle Voltron does appear in the episode "Brains".
  • Or maybe Vehicle Voltron will be redesigned with it's own three-center form system.

Wade will create a complete team of Evil Knockoff lions to form a Dark Voltron.
  • It's practically contractually mandated.
    • Alternatively, Vehicle Voltron will be the Evil Knockoff of Lion Voltron.
    • In the opening a shadow Voltron like figure is seen with the villains.
      • It could be Lotor's own combining mecha that appeared in the Fleet of Doom movie.
      • Looks like Lotor's going to get the above comment in episode 11.
      • Though it's composed of five "Predator Robeasts" instead of lions.

Larmina is the daughter of Prince Avok, Allura's "cousin."
  • If one of Allura's parents slept around, or her mother taken by force, it would be nothing new in the history of human royalty. Therefore, it's possible that Avok wasn't just Allura's cousin, but her half-brother as well. Furthermore, Avok could have been well into his twenties or even early thirties when he got turned into a Ro Beast in the original series, and could have easily been father of a young child. That young child, as King Coba's eldest grandchild, most likely would have been shielded from the realities of her father's suicide mission. She very much takes after Avok and Bandor in terms of her cocky, charge-into-battle personality.
    • Better yet, lets make it Haggar the one that did the taken of Allura's father.;}
    • This is THE only way that Larmina being Allura's niece could work. Niece may not strictly mean your sibling's daughter. Many places (more than not) are more relaxed regarding names for family relations.

Larmina has a step-parent.
King Alfor or his unnamed wife were married to someone else before meeting each other. There were children from that first marriage.

Larmina was adopted into the royal family.
Not technically of Royal Blood, she was the child of Arusian nobility who was legally adopted by Allura to avoid a Succession Crisis. Since Allura has no heirs yet, it may have been on Coran's advice that she name a successor in case of her death; she is seen grooming Larmina to be an effective diplomat and ruler in their spotlight episodes. Even if Larmina is technically her adopted daughter they probably use the Aunt/Niece dynamic because of their close ages. That, and Allura would feel very old if a teenager calls her "mom."

Daniel's not the first to have brought up the length of time it takes to form Voltron. Actually, Sven did once.
  • Long, long ago, when the Voltron Force consisted of five teenage immigrants to Arus, and one inexperienced princess, someone did mention the length of time it took to form Voltron. That person was Sven, and since the guys of or just shy of legal drinking age had chugged down some beers at the royal feast, he wasn't taken entirely seriously. Lance just laughed and told Sven to get more kegs of beer. The next day, Sven was almost killed by Haggar, everyone had to take him to a hospital on another planet, and during such heart-rending events, what he mentioned had been forgotten entirely.

A yet to be seen member of the Voltron Force will have a drill for a weapon.
Thus enabling his/her Voltron to use massive drills.
  • We've still yet to see Green Center; could be drills.
    • It's not. It's a short sword and a boomerang shuriken shield.

Lotor's Robeast version of Voltron will have all the powers of the 1980's Voltron
  • As we should be able to guess, there's going to be an evil knock-off of Voltron from Lotor coming up (and likely Wade as well). The only power that it showed in the preview was the Eye Beams that the original Voltron had. Makes me think that this is basically an old vs new fight.

Larmina's powers can update Voltron's weapons.
So far all the Cadets have upgraded Voltron in some way. Vince granted it more forms, Daniel gave it faster formation speed so based on Larmina's power she might upgrade the weapons.
  • Not exactly. As seen in the episode "Brains", her power enhances Voltron's close quarters combat abilities. It also gives Black Center a katana as it's off-hand weapon.

The Cadet's will get Gladiator Voltron.
  • Three Cadets, three Gladiators? Makes sense to me.
  • It would have to be an original design, as WEP no longer has the rights to Albegas or any of its designs.
    • They have one now, as of "Rogue Trip:" Awesometron.

Larmina's powers can turn Voltron into a Motion Capture Mecha.
Of the three Cadets, Larmina is by far the best fighter but the worst pilot. Thus, whenever she has to control something mechanical she uses an interface that plays to her physical prowess, i.e. the pully system on her personal vehicle and using punches and kicks to control the castle's Attack Drone. It would only make sense that if she were to ever to have a part in piloting Voltron it would be through a similar method.
  • The person who is forming the head at the time could be the one responsible for Voltron's movements. Thus, we could end up with things like Blue Voltron using Waif-Fu or Yellow Voltron busting out some wrestling moves.
  • Not exactly, but it does enhance it's close quarters combat.

The cracked gem in Black Lion's torso will turn Black Center into a Glass Cannon.
Just watch, there's a hole in it, now they can get all sorts of data out of Voltron they couldn't before, possibly leading to new super powers and modes. With this, though, there's going to be a downside of Black Center unable to take a hit for the rest of the season (or series if there's only 1 season).
  • During "Inside The Music" some of the Monster of the Week's attacks do leak Haggarium into the Nexus. Not to mention the Gary that used it as a ferris wheel.

Voltron's Weapon isnt determined by the center
Voltrons weapon is determined by the the pilot of the center.
  • Seemingly Jossed

The lions were always meant to be piloted by two people.
The cadets' powers are a previously undiscovered aspect of Voltron's design in that a second person acts as a living Amplifier Artifact while the five main pilots handle the navigation and combat. It would explain why the cockpits are so freaking big.
  • And have two seats each.

Maahox having to reanimate Lotor will become a running gag
He's already had to do it three times.
  • I thought it already was

Two more cadets will join
3 cadets<5Lions the math doesn't add up

If Vince connects to Black lion
  • Voltron Lion formation (5 lions connected in a quadrupedal form)
  • The four limbs will shift around

If all 3 cadets connect to voltron at the same time
  • The limbs will be able to use the powers they have when there center

At some point before the defeat of Zarkon/Lotor (not sure about the timeline) the lions evolved
That's why the original Voltron was known of (and a replica owned by that superfan)
  • This could be the origin of the voltcom

The fifth planet involved in the creation of Voltron was Drule.
It's probably where the magic component of Voltron was provided. The reason Pidge didn't recognize it as one of the planets is because it Drule became messed up when Zarkon (or one of his predecessors) took over.

Daniel will take over the ____ Lion
  • Black Lion- Keith will step aside to allow Daniel to grow as a leader OR Keith will die fighting Lotor and Daniel will take over Black
    • Keith handed over control of the Black lion to him, but took it back during "Black".
  • Red Lion- Keith will die fighting Lotor and Lance will take over as Black allowing Daniel to take over Red OR Lance will die fighting Lotor and Daniel will take over Red
  • Yellow Lion- Hunk will either die fighting Lotor or step down allowing Daniel to take over as Yellow.
  • Take a fourth option and Daniel will get a sixth lion.
  • Take a fifth option and Daniel will be the one that dies or doesn't get a Lion due to his Haggarium infection.

There is a way to end Haggarium-with a steep price
  • If all known Haggarium were drained back into the quasar, it might just resurrect Haggar. The team may accept this, feeling it better to have one very powerful enemy than a portable toxin/weapon that corrupts the good and empowers the evil.

Keith, Alura and Pidge will all return to active service.
  • Because when tested by the ghost lion thingys there were 8 wrist slots and they failed the test until all 8 members were present, so they'll ether find 3 more lions or components of vehicle voltron revealing that Voltron is supposed to be an 8 man team instead of 5 as previously thought.
Pidge will become the new Black Lion pilot
  • Keith did step down, but took it back when Daniel proved he wasn't ready for the role. If Keith decides to step down again, who else is left? Allura is now Queen, Daniel can't do it, and Vince and Larmina aren't cadets anymore. Assuming there aren't any new cadets, the only logical person left is Pidge.