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Heartwarming: Voltron Force
  • Larmina telling Daniel why he belongs with the Voltron Force before holding his hand at the end of "Lion Riders Return."
  • Allura comforting Vince throughout "Dark Blue." Made especially effective since Allura herself had similar doubts about being a worthy member of the Force in the original series.
  • Lance apologizing to Daniel at the end of "Flash Forms A Go!"
  • Finally seeing Sven again, even if it's not under the happiest of circumstances.
  • Vince risking his life to save the other Voltron Force members in "Five Forged", dispite everyone telling him he wasn't ready for the test.
  • In "Ghost in the Lion", Lance giving up his Voltcom energy so that Daniel has a chance to survive. Especially the excuses they give for why this is or isn't a good idea.
    Lance: Besides, this way you'll always remember me as cool.
    Daniel: Wait, no, no, no! That's lame! Lance, I'll remember you as lame! Don't!
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