Fridge / Voltron Force

Fridge Logic
  • In a recent episode, King Lotor was beating around the Lions and even Voltron itself a la Master Asia. His voice actor originally played Heero Yui. In Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Heero was teamed up with Master Asia, who tried to teach him a few lessons. Makes you wonder if the producers of the series played the game.
  • Who does General Wade answer to? Generals don't just exist independently of political leadership. In his campaign against Voltron, he repeatedly commits treason, acts of war against sovereign planets, acts of terrorism, and war crimes, and not once does he make any effort to hide it. The GC is shown clearly not to be under any sort of martial law at the time, so why is the Voltron Force the only ones making any effort to stop him?
    • He apparently has enough support on the ruling council to keep his job despite that. That is, until he goes on an open rampage within Voltron against a nearby city on Earth.
  • How could Dudley have all of that merchandise including a Voltron replica when Wade was specifically cracking down on all public support and even mentions of Voltron? For that matter, how could whoever made the Voltron replica do so and sell them to collectors without Wade getting wind of it and stopping it?
    • Is there any indication that the "No Voltron" rule applied to civilian life as well?

Fridge Brilliance
  • The Voltron Lions all look about the same size so it make sense that Black Lion isn't the only one that can form the head.
  • It actually makes sense for Daniel who is a fan of the Voltron Force to not know about the times they were attacked while transforming. As only the villains would and the Force would know about it when it happens and the Force wouldn't want to broadcast their weaknesses to the public as a lot of the time they are at odds with some other force in the galaxy.
  • Sven's Haggarium infection. Haggarium has been shown to boost the physical capabilities of those exposed to it, with Lotor being the obvious example. In the Defender of the Universe series, he had survived a fall from the roof of Castle Doom and at most a year later, was in good enough shape to fly Blue Lion again. Perhaps this infection is what allowed him not just to survive, but to recover.
  • The main page mentions a Race Lift when it comes to Keith, which may seem like some kind of attempt to diversify the team a bit. But remember, the guys was on the run from the galactic military for years. Not being the same color kinda helps with that (at least at first).