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Kaido will be a total villain
Given what he did to Moriah, I'd say it's a safe bet.
  • Judging by his intro, you're probably one more scene off from getting this moved to confirmed.
  • Seeing as what his crew did to Zou was presumably with his permission, along with the foul characters of the people he employs, this is Confirmed.
    • Also hearing what he did to Oden Kozuki they boiled him alive and to the Wano Kingdom.

Kaido will be a Shapeshifter or a Changeling
He is Kaido of the "Hundred Beasts" after all.
  • He's probably called that because he buys smile in bulk, not any shapeshifting ability.

The first half of the Grand Line is the All Blue.
The All Blue is a legendary sea where all the main seas converge and sea life from all of them exist. Now think about this: if you look at a map of Reverse Mountain, there is an outlet to the Grand line from all four main seas. If ships can go through Reverse Mountain, so can sea life. We already know Laboon did. Wouldn't that mean that the first half of the Grand Line, particularly around Reverse Mountain, would actually be the All Blue?
  • I think it would said so in the Chapter/Episode Title.
  • Funny you should mention that. I had an idea that the all blue was an underground sea INSIDE reverse mountain
  • Guys, it's on the fishman island, as Sanji had stated himself. 'I've found All Blue!'
    • Joking aside, there is a theory that All Blue WILL be found on fishman Island.

Big Mom is Lola's mother.
Lola herself says that she was born in the New World which is where Big Mom is at. Lola's crew also points out that Lola's mom is an extremely powerful pirate.
  • It should be noted that Lola's hair color also matches the hair on Big Mom's Jolly Roger.

Joy Boy
Guesses and theories related to Joy Boy.
  • Joy Boy was (is?!) a D.
    • Not sure if he's a D. but as of 649 it's established that he lived during the Void Century, and wrote at least one of the poneglyphs.
  • Joy Boy wrote the poneglyphs as descriptions of his crew members.
  • Joy Boy was one the of proto-WG's enemies during the Void Century. He was the previous guide for Poseidon and intended to bring the Fishmen up from the seafloor using Noah and Poseidon. However, for whatever reason he failed and wrote the poneglyph as an apology to the mermaid princess. He or someone else near him then made the prediction/promise that Fishman Island would be raised from the seafloor later by a new Poseidon and a new guide, again using Noah. This is what the Sea Kings refer to as the "promised time" and there are hints that the new guide is Luffy, with Shirahoshi acting as Poseidon. This is how Luffy will destroy Fishman Island; by taking all of it's people up to the surface.
    • Luffy also could also be there while it's burning down but to stop the one who is attacking them.

When the Strawhat's see Laboon again Laboon will die right away.

Brook will die at the end of the series.
Plenty of people speculate that Luffy will go out young in a blaze of glory, but Brook has the Unfinished Business trope already in effect. During his introduction in Thriller Bark he referred to his "second life" essentially being on a timer that will run out, but really it will last until he's at peace and can rest. (Oda does love to torture his characters, but making the loneliest character outlive all his loved ones again would surely be too cruel! So surely he's not immortal. Surely.)
  • Except it says Brook's existence in this world runs on the power of his soul. So his soul would have to be snuffed out to kill him.
    • Not necessarily. His soul could simply let go of his mortal remains and journey properly to the afterlife when his time is up. And since he feels pain when his bones are injured, and pain is a warning from your body that you're doing something stupid that could kill you, it's not unlikely that simply hurting him badly enough could kill him too. He was able to reattach his head, but his actual bones weren't damaged in that scene at all. They were simply pulled away from the rest of him, which didn't harm him since his "connective tissue" is soul instead of flesh.

Van Auger will kill Yasopp
Giving way to a You Killed My Father relationship between him and Usopp.

The final villian will be Higuma
For whatever reason, he suvived the Lord of the Coast and as a mountain bandit, is waiting on the other side of Reverse Mountain to take revenge on Luffy, or something. If this is true, we will have to rename Chekhov's Gunman to Higuma the Bear or the like. Approx 26 years between appearances, anyone?
  • If that ever happens, I will be amazed about Oda doing unexpected things multiplied by infinity.
  • If this happens, I'm more partial to calling it "Oda's Gunman"
  • King of the Bandits VS King of the pirates. Sounds epic.

We have already seen the ancient weapon Pluton
After the bombshell of 649 that Shirahoshi is Poseidon, it doesn't seam unreasonable to think Pluton may also be a Person of Mass Destruction rather than an actual weapon or battleship. So we may have already been introduced to him or her, just by a different name. Personally, I suspect two candidates.
  • The first is Pell. His survival of that huge bomb could be a Chekhov's Gun indicating his Plutonic powers.
  • Second is Brooke. Or perhaps I should say Brooke's Devil Fruit. In ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Pluto/Hades was lord of the underworld. But the underworld wasn't a place of brimstone and fire like most modern interpretations of "Hell." Instead it was viewed as a cold, dark, damp place devoid of mirth. And we've recently learned that Brooke's Devil Fruit lets him channel the "chill of the afterlife" in his attacks. Thus it's possible Brooke became the Pluton when he ate the YomiYomi.
  • While the revelation about Poseidon does put Pluton in a new perspective, this troper would remind the original that Pluton had blueprints and was explicitly said to have been built by Water 7. If we want to look at alternatives to Pluton being a powerful warship (no comment on whether it had a Klabautermann that was more than just a spirit...), why not consider a cyborg? That way, it would both be requiring of blueprints and be a "living" being. So to put that into an easy to digest sound byte, Third, Pluton was a cyborg a la Franky or the Pacifistas. After all... Franky did have those blueprints on hand for all those years... (which would tie this in nicely with the WMG about him using the blueprints.
    • With what we know about Poseidon now, I think it is possible that the Ancient Weapons are not separate weapons, but are different pieces to a single weapon, and that there are more than just the two that have been spoken about.
    • *facepalms* I forgot all about Franky and the blueprints. Thanks for reminding me. Though given how Oda rarely picks the most obvious answer, I wouldn't rule out the other two just yet.
    • Actually, Iceberg had the blueprints but gave them to Franky after his return.
    • If they are different pieces to a single weapon, what would it be? We have a battleship, and the ability to command Sea Kings to pull things... That fits already.
  • I would like to offer the theory that Pluton (or perhaps Uranus) is in fact the creature seen at the end of the Thriller Bark arc; the one responsible for all the ships dissappearing before Moriah showed up.
  • If there is another living weapon it will be Uranus, as Pluton was revealed to be a ship.
  • But the sea kings are meant to pull Noah so in a way Poseidon is a battle ship too. Probably all three are actually something that gives an associated ship some kind of unique or special power.
  • We already know that artificial Devil fruits can be made in the form of Smiles. How sure are we Franky's blueprints weren't just instructions for making Brook's fruit? And the fruit Brook ate was the one originally made all those years ago by the people who put together the instructions in the first place.

The Thousand Sunny is getting an upgrade.
As I mentioned in the last WMG, Franky met up with Den, Tom's younger brother at Fishman Island, who is also a shipwright. With the timeskip, all of the Strawhats have gained an upgrade and new appearance... except the Sunny (since, as with Merry, it's made clear the ship is considered part of the crew). Even if Shirahoshi doesn't join as discussed above, I find it hard to believe the Sunny is going to leave Fishman Island without a redesign with the skills Franky picked up from Vega's lab, or whatever technology is found at Fishman Island.
  • Franky did make modifications. The Brachio Tank V and the Kurosai FR-U IV were upgrades. Plus, there may be others that just haven't been touched on yet.
    • No no, those are just additional vehicles like the Mini Merry and Shark Submerge. I'm talking about upgrading the Sunny itself.
  • Jossed

Luffy will be given an offer to become a warlord.
Which Luffy will deny.
  • As if he would be given the offer in the first place, given the fact he has been a huge thorn in the WG's side. Unless of course, Garp has something to do with it.

The Sea Kings Themselves are Significant
The Sea Kings that saved the Noah, talked with Shirahoshi, and were understood by Luffy were the same ones from when the Straw Hats accidentally ventured into the Calm Belt. While they do not seem to recognize the Straw Hats from that time, that they have traveled around the world at the exact same time (though it did take two and a half years...) cannot be coincidence. Not while Oda is the writer. What the significance is can be wildly guessed below.
  • Sea Kings, like salmon, whales, and many other creatures, have spawning grounds. The East Blue is the primary spawning ground and those that either haven't matured or matured small (poor Lord of the Coast) stay in these waters until they can leave (except for L.o.t.C....). Having grown up together or in the same area, these Sea Kings are all part of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits out on a quest of destiny to save the world. Apparently, Sea Kings are either supremely patient, laid back, and/or they must wait for When the Planets Align since this same group also witnessed Roger and his crew sailing beneath the waves.
  • Oda really wanted to mess with people.
  • Each Sea King is unknowingly a guardian spirit of a Straw Hat crew member (unknown to both parties).
  • The sea kings are likely not (actual) whales/mammals, as Mohmoo is not one. That may be significant.

The Ancient Weapon Zeus is a Devil Fruit
But it is 'not' the Gura Gura No Mi, but the Weather Weather Devil Fruit. It would fit with the theme that we have seen with Ancient Weapons so far. While Pluton is a battleship made by Human hands, and Poseidon is a mermaid princess able to control the Sea Kings, then it would make sense that Zeus, the God of the Sky in Greek Mythology, would be a power that controls the weather. What better way to symbolize such power than have it be a Devil Fruit. Who is the current wielder of the Ancient Weapon: Zeus? Monkey D. Dragon.
  • Well, the name has been jossed. The third weapon is called Uranus instead of Zeus.
    • While the name is off, Uranus being god of the sky in mythology would tie with the idea of the weapon being a Weather Weather fruit.

When the journey finishes, the offspring of the Straw Hats will be the protagonists of the next generation
While Oda might be finish with the franchise by then, if he's not then the successor would probably be called One Piece: The New Straw Hats. While these couples are not definite, I believe that the members will be:
  • Luffy and Nami's Child
  • Zoro and Robin's Child
  • Usopp and Kaya's Child
  • Sanji and Whoever's Child
  • Vivi and Koza's Child
  • Brook (He could be the only one who lives for so long)
    • What about Chopper and Franky? Are they just unlucky or could they maybe continue on with Brooke? ... And now I just imagined that Chopper's kid would have a fishwoman as a mom. I hate my mind sometimes.
    • Romantic Straw Hat relationships in One Piece canon? That's unpossible.
    • So unpossible that I think we can consider this pre-Jossed. But fear not young shipper, you still technically have a chance until Oda finally drops the pen after chapter 5001.

Aokiji will become an ally to the Straw Hats.
As of Chapter 650, it's been revealed that he left the Marines after Akainu took over Sengoku's former position. Considering that he already dislikes the corruption that's been going on under his watch, perhaps he'll team up with the Straw Hats at some point to take down the World Government, even if he doesn't actually join them.
  • Would it be too bold to say that as soon as I read the chapter, I saw Aokiji as a crewmember? He's certainly got a personality that wouldn't seem too out of placenote , and the Straw Hats do lack a Logia crewmember...
    • While certainly not impossible (for the moment), that would necessitate Aokiji being given all sorts of things in common with the Straw Hats: a Dark and Troubled Past, a dream to motivate him to go with them, and an actual team-up scene (which we haven't gotten yet, anyway).
      • He could fulfill the role of an uncle in the Straw Hat "family," however.
    • Why is it that people have forgotten that Aokiji killed Saul right in front of Robin, nearly killed Robin herself and participated in the death of Ace?, while its likely that he will join the Strawhat's massive army of friends in what i predict as being the massive final battle to take down the government, there is no way that Luffy would ask him to join the crew.
Apart from that, while he may be more relaxed and has been disbarred from the marines, he is still firmly in the 'fights for justice thus against piracy' camp, its more likely that he will join Dragon and the glorious revolution, who the Strawhats will work alongside in the final battle.

The Blackbeard Pirates gaining multiple Devil Fruit powers
will not increase their strength as much as it could
  • You have to train with a devil fruit and learn all that you can do with it to bring out the real potential. The Blackbeard Pirates just keep grabbing new abilities, and never learning to use each ability fully. As a resualt when the Strawhats fight them, the Blackbeard Pirates will keep pulling out powerful abilities, but not doing as well with them as they should.

Jinbe's duty is to his ex-crew.
There is a reason why Camie told Luffy that if she told the details about the crew leaving Fishman Island after Jinbe's Warlord of the Sea status was revoked, it would be a long story (seen here). Also, there was some speculation to why the crew didn't join the fight against Hody and where they are now. It's possible that the crew is no longer in good terms with Jinbe (especially after Jinbe continued to be a Warlord and remained friendly with Whitebeard after Fisher Tiger's death and Queen Otohime's (supposed) assassination by a human.) Perhaps Jinbe wants to reconcile with his crew before he joins the Straw Hats and explain to them what had really happened.

An idea regarding the three Ancient Weapons
As of chapter 650, it's confirmed there are three weapons: Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus. All seem to be named for Greek or Roman deities. In mythology, Poseidon and Hades (aka Pluto) were brothers and their father was Uranus. And because he feared a prophecy that a son would overthrow him, Uranus ended up eating his children until Zeus stopped him. Thus it seems possible that Pluton and Poseidon are of somewhat-equal power, while Uranus turns out to be the most powerful. Or perhaps have some ability that enables control over the other two.
  • Uranus wasn't Hades and Poseidon's father, he was their grandfather. Kronos ate them. Other than that, Uranus was the embodiment of the sky, like Gaia was the embodiment of the earth and Tartarus the embodiment of darkness. They were different than gods or titans. Perhaps that might be the significance. A logia of the sky rather than the weather or the air would have amazing power. THE ATMOSPHERE IS NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED!

Shiryu's nodachi is Shodai Kitetsu.
His weapon certainly seems ominous enough, and it would make the inevitable clash with Zoro all the more interesting.

There will be a Marijose arc.
The Strawhats will not be directly involved, instead, we'll be looking at all of the members of royalty we've been introduced to so far, and their entourages. With delegates from Alabasta, Sakura, Black Drum, and Ryuuguu most of whom are impressive combatants, it would be a shame to have them stand around and talk. During the Reverie, the Conference of Kings, Dragon's army will attack, and try to take hostages, possibly with another goal in mind regarding a resource the Marines have acquired (allies, weapons, hostages, technologies, etc.). Since we have a bunch of them, the Vice-Admirals will be involved, and this will act as an introduction to the Revolutionary army proper, with one or two more powerful subordinates of Dragon with equal importance as Ivankov showing up.

Blackbeard killed Thatch after the latter ate the Dark-Dark Fruit
It's been confirmed that Blackbeard's ability to steal Devil Fruit powers off of corpses is not apparently related to the Dark-Dark Fruit itself. Marco said that they already knew something was odd about his body. It's perfectly within the realm of possibility that Blackbeard killed Thatch only after he'd eaten the Devil Fruit. It may in fact be how the Whitebeards even knew something was strange about him.

There appears to be an elemental theme with the Straw Hats
Zoro is associated with air/wind attacks such as his Tatsumaki and Pound Hou techniques, and post-timeskip, he can create tornados with one attack. Sanji's Diable Jambe involves lighting his leg on fire and post-timeskip, he can ignite his entire body on fire and transfer that fire onto his opponent. Nami's frequently used weather attacks have to do with lightning and wind. Franky has to with metal/steel, with how his body is comprised of metal and also his use of technology and artillery. Usopp post-timeskip can now shoot plants. Brooke appears to be a mix of sound/music and post-timeskip he can manipulate his own soul to leave his body and possess others.

The next level of Haki
The most interesting thing that I find about Haki is that its different uses are described as colors. Not only that, but there are three primary colors to Haki. If you take that metaphor an run with it, then the next level of Haki, and by proxy the next step in Luffy's development, will be learning how to "mix" different colors of Haki to produce new and different effects.

One Piece is the sea sea fruit
It is a gamebreaker beyong compare it fits the weapon that will bring chaos to the world status and is the bigest possible treasure that can be composed of one piece.

Big Mom (or one of her crew) will make Luffy destroy Fishman Island.
I cannot tell yet if it will be a Devil Fruit power or a well thought out plan... My most likely guess is that Luffys battle with Big Mom will be so big that it will cause so much damage to the island.
  • Except that when Luffy eventually fights Big Mom, it won't even be on Fishman Island. Big Mom is nowhere near it at the moment.

Luffy will lose his battle against Big Mom
I mean, let's face it. Yes, we all know that Luffy's strong, but honestly if Luffy were to beat one of the Four Emperors Oda would pretty much be handing him the title of King of the Pirates straight away, and that would be no fun whatsoever. Unless it turns out that Big Mom is the weakest of the four, and she'd have to be a hell of a lot weaker to justify Luffy winning, Luffy is gonna lose the battle. However, as the deal was for Big Mom to direct her anger towards Luffy instead of Fishman Island, she will leave it unharmed.
  • There's no guarantee that the fight will happen right away, or any time in the near future, for that matter. Being one of the Four Emperors, Big Mom probably hangs out fairly far into the New World, so it'll take some time to actually get to her.
  • Alternativly like Eneru Big Mom could just have a power Luffy has a type advantage against though that would still leave her with an advantage in power
All the theories on One Piece are wrong, at it really is just a whole load of treasure
  • Whitebeard's last words indicate that One Piece does have some genuine worldwide significance, so this seems unlikely now.

Akainu will get a relatively happy ending
Because Oda wants to troll his audience, especially fangirls,as it has become evident from some of one piece's past events.
  • Why not? Even Crocodile, Enel, Wapol and Rob Lucci relatively had a 'happy' ending.

Haki is the willpower Oda uses to answer many of the SBS questions
And the protagonists(as well as some of the adagonists)have been using it from the beggining to pull of all the determinator stuff. Zoro especially uses it to survive and ,possibly,after the battle with Mr 1 to <<hear the breath of all things>>.

A theory about how the Yami Yami no Mi allows the user to have many Devil Fruit's powers
The Yami Yami no Mi have shown to grant a couple of abilities so far. First, control over gravity, second, some sort of pocket dimension inside his darkness which can absorb and release things from, and third, while in contact with a devil fruit user, the darkness "suck" the devil fruit's powers. Now, the latter one is a little ambiguous, it may just mean that if you're a devil fruit user and are in contact with the darkness you can't use your power, and if your body was an altered one the it reverts back to your original biology, or it could mean the darkness actually "suck" whatever magic Devil Fruits work on. If the latter is true, then you could get a Devil Fruit and absorb it inside the pocket dimension inside the darkness, where you'll be constantly "sucking" the devil fruit power. Ta-Daa, you have access to another devil fruit power and don't have to worry about exploding because you haven't eat the Devil Fruit.
  • Or else, in unknown conditions, the darkness can "suck" the devil fruit's powers permanently and the above applies (the part of not exploding because you haven't ate the Devil Fruit in question).
    • Word of God says it's got nothing to do with the Yami Yami no Mi itself, but because Blackbeard has a "unique" body type. Just what this means hasn't been expounded on yet.
    • Out of curiosity, what exactly did he say about it? From what I (not the original OP, by the by) have heard, it sounds like he could have meant that Blackbeard being able to have multiple Devil Fruits is due to his unique body type. In which case, the Yami Yami no Mi could still be what lets him take the powers in the first place.
    • The black sheet draped over Blackbeard and Whitebeard’s corpse allowed Blackbeard to assume his logia form by shielding him from his opposed element, light. When the Gura Gura ability left Whitebeard’s body, Blackbeard sucked it into himself. The absorbing power of Blackbeard’s logia form is what makes his body unique, and is why he considered the yami-yami fruit to be the “strongest”.

The Straw Hats will have "control" of all three superweapons
Of course this ties in with the batch of WMG's saying "Shirahoshi will become a Straw Hat," though even if she doesn't, she'd still be closely aligned with them, placing Poseidon at their disposal should they ever truly need it. Franky likely retains some memory of Pluton while Robin can read the poneglyphs that detail its construction, so this leaves only Uranus unaccounted for, which could very likely fall into their orbit. It would fit with the theme of the Straw Hats becoming continually more dangerous to world peace (not because they are pirates, but because Robin is the survivor of Ohara or Luffy is the son of the revolutionary) and amp it up to eleven.
  • A funny point that oddly has never been adressed in the series since Alabasta,(funny when one considers the entire water seven arc) and hasnt really been talked about that much IRL, something i only noticed when rewatching the Alabasta arc.
Nico Robin knows precicely where the real Pluton is. After she reads the ponyglyth to Crocodile and pretends its just history data, Nefertiti Cobra asks her why she lied, and says that the ponyglyth mentions nothing but the Pluton and where it is. Now obviously she didnt mention it because she didnt want Crocodile to have it, but she still has that knowledge. This makes the entire Cp 9 arc Hilarious in Hindsight for me, as Spanda spent the entire time trying to acquire the Pluton blueprints from Franky, all the while having Robin in custody who already knew where the original pluton was anyway.

Uranus Pluto or the one piece is a time machine


Uranus is the one piece

The Yomi Yomi no mi worked perfectly well
Brook said that he could not find the way back to his body because of the fog but who can say that the fruit was not supposed to let his body become a skeleton when he died? It gave him new powers,and he seems to function perfectly well, even without his organs. So the fruit gives you more power and lets you literally live a second life, since everyone you know will be either dead or old by the time you resurrect and you can make new friends and live in a world you are unfamiliar with (you know, just like a second life, a literal fresh beginning). It also makes sure that whatever killed you is far away by the time you revived. As for why Brook said that he could not resurrect because of the mist that made him unable to return to his body I have three theories. 1)He would not be able to find his way anyway but, due to his location, he passed it off as mist, 2) the fact that the place he died had mist was a coincidence, but as a soul he could only see the mists OF THE UNDERWORLD (come to think of it, considering the location he died, the similarity between the two mists may have been more than a coincidence), and 3) he lied because he did not remember anything, but his mind filled the voids anyway. As for why the fruit made him return before his hair was eradicated i have two theories: 1) it would not hurt his new abilities, so the fruit allowed his soul to return anyway, or 2) the fruit allows all his users to keep their hair (and it conserves them for all these years) so that they can retain a part of their past life.

The final arc will have many big bads
Essentially a big bad ensemble featuring Blackbeard and the world government (or/and, assuming it does not control the world government, the entity Doflamingo is loyal to [if it controls it then it is a part of it, even if it considers it just a puppet). Other important persons, big bads, big goods or big neutrals like the supernovas, Mihawk, Vegapunk, Shanks or/and Dragon may or may not also stir some chaos.

Dr. Vegapunk will remain The Faceless

The final arc will not take place on Raftel
Although some important battle will. [the battle with either one of the supernovas or a warlord of the sea (including blackbeard)

Everyone who has the will of D also has the conqueror Haki
Note that a)some of them (like Ace) might not realise it and b) the inverse is not true (you can have the conqueror haki without the will of D)
  • But Portgas D. Rouge or Jaguar D. Saul also having the Conqueror Haki is extremely unlikely.

Luffy and Ace were, in some point, mixed
Ace sleeps spontaneously, like his grandfather, Garp and Luffy has been compared with Gol D. Rogers one time too many for it to be an coincidence. This would also lead to the interesting point of the real Ace being alive (Luffy)and the real Luffy being dead (Ace). Also, for those who noted the age difference, note that this may have happened when they were older than babies, but still too young to remember (the lady who was taking care of them mixed them up at first, they got used to it, and they grew too much for Garp to recognize them on his next meeting).
  • This is incredibly interesting, but also unlikely. By the time Luffy was brought to live with Dadan, he had already eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, already had a scar under his eye, and they were already old enough anyway to be able to tell them apart, Luffy 7 and Ace 10. Even if age wasn't an issue,how can you confuse someone with a very visible scar with someone else?
  • They were both taken care by Garp. And Garp is one of the few persons who could make such a mistake... besides, the switch could have happened before that or it could even be orchestrated by someone else...

Shanks will die before Luffy can meet him again.
Blackbeard will get to Shanks before Luffy can and kill him, and it'll give a powerful motivation for Luffy against Blackbeard.

The Seven Warlords of the Sea all had their dreams crushed
let's see what we know: Kuma: resigned himself to the world government for some reason, doing anything they wanted. Hancock: serves the ones who enslaved her. Crocodile: lost a very important duel with Whitebeard. Mihawk: is constantly bored and wants more exciting battles constantly, so he is either trying to drown his sorrow or he is a Death Seeker. Moria: lost his crew (which is implied he loved) in the new world. Doflamingo: there's got to be a reason for his nihilism , which will be surely revealed via a very tragic flashback in due time. Jimbei: Same as Hancock, when the man he worshiped died. Blackbeard: only feigned becoming one to gain entrance to the most well guarded prison of the world, so he does not count. Mind you, I do not mean that they do not have some dream now, just that their dreams got crushed at one point before becoming Warlords.
  • Crocodile did mention, late into the Alabasta arc, that, like Luffy, he wanted to be King of the Pirates but he reached the limits of what he could do as a person. He is after Pluton because he came to realize that he couldn't reach his dreams by himself. So in a way, he DID get his dream crushed and went off the slippery slope.
  • Oh there's a reason for his nihilism, but Doflamingo's backstory isn't tragic in the slightest; he's just an arrogant prick, and that's being kind.

the strawhats will have a battle with the Redhaired pirates
Whether it will be a "you shall not pass unless you prove us that you are strong enough to survive" incident, a friendly (but still all out) battle for the pirate honor, or a brainwashed and crazy incident, I do not know.

Blackbeard's swordsman will beat Mihawk
Thus giving Zoro a very good reason to participate to the battle with Blackbeard.

Big Mom will have Hidden Depths
Because she seems like an anticlimatic reason to do everything for sweets
  • Not necessarily. While hidden depths would be interesting, it wouldn't be very anti-climatic to have simple, extremely hedonistic villain. Based on what we've seen, she actually makes a fairly good Evil Counterpart to Luffy and the rest of the Strawhats, the only difference being she cares nothing for her nakama.

Nami and Usopp from after the timeskip could beat Luffy from before the timeskip
  • Interesting idea, but unlikely. Especially for Nami since 90% of her attack are thunder based and if Enel couldn't defeat pre-Time Skip Luffy, there is next to zero chance Nami could.
  • But on the other hand Usopp did remarkably well against Luffy at Water 7 so now he could probably dominate pre-timeskip Luffy.
  • You know there's a slim chance this theory can ever be proven, right? I guess we'll have to wait and see if Oda brings it up out of the blue.

Akainu didn't have an elemental advantage over Aokiji.
In fact, the Hie Hie no Mi and Magu Magu no Mi are equal opposites among Logias. Cold vs Heat... Just look at the Aokiji's monstrous freezing abilities, such as covering a chunk of ocean for a week and instantly halting giant tsunamis. While Akainu's magma would melt Aokiji's ice upon contact, but Aokiji could just freeze the magma into solid rock (Which might in fact be Akainu's elemental weakness that makes him tangible). This went on back and forth throughout the whole battle until Aokiji's stamina finally ran out.
  • Except that, when you think of it, cold is more limited than heat. What good would -200 degrees get to you against 10.000 degrees or more?
    • Just because he's only been shown to freeze water and people so far does not mean he only has that much freezing power. Who knows, maybe he's perfectly able to take out 10.000 degrees worth of heat from Akainu's magma. (throwing physics completely out of the window, but it's One Piece anyway) Besides if the difference in power is really that large, how could Aokiji survive during the extremely long duel?
      • Also, Magma is 1300C , nowhere near as hot as Serius A
    • Knowing One Piece, it's entirely possible that Aokiji can reach, or get damn near, Absolute Zero.
      • It wouldn't even defy physics (at least, not anymore than being MADE OF ICE already does). Ice at Absolute Zero just means Aokiji would be creating water particles with no energy. Of course, upon exposure to the world they would gain energy, but depending on how long it is before it hits you, it would still be well below 200 deggrees C. Akainu, on the other hand, creates rock partickles with LOADS of enery, but you can't compare how far below 0 degrees Aokiji is with how far above it Akainu is. While 0 degrees is when ice turns back into water, magma turns back to rock at variable rates depending on the rocksin it, but magma isn't actually fully molten (especially as he's using it like a solid projectile). So the temperature of it would be maybe 1,200 degrees, but would turn back to rock fairly easily. So it's arguble which would win.
    • Most magma from deep in the mantle has a highly mafic composition, but as it rises and begins to include remelted minerals from the rock above and around, it builds a higher silica content. The most basaltic and ultramafic magmas, according to Bowen's reaction series, contain minerals such as olivine, pyroxines, and plagioclase feldspar. These are the minerals which crystallize out of the melt first (or re-melt last) at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. However, basaltic magmas tend to be very oozy and liquid. They flow easily and are less explosive due to trapped gas and volatiles being able to escape with little effort. Hawaiian lava flows of pahoehoe and aa are the best examples of this. Yet from what I've seen in the manga, Akainu seems to like making more...solid projectiles or fists with his magma. In that case, I suspect a far more felsic composition. A magma rich in silica quartz is much more viscous than a basaltic magma. The silicon-oxygen tetrahedra in the melt cause other atoms to form sticky chains, which would make this rhyolitic magma much easier to hold a shape such as a fist. It also traps gas bubbles more readily, causing it to be more prone to explosive eruptions. If we assume the most extreme, a rhyolitic magma made of pure melted quartz, it would require a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius in order to begin crystallizing into solid quartz. Most magmas range from around 700 to 1300 degrees Celsius, with basaltic magma tending to be hotter than rhyolitic. So assuming Akainu uses the maximum temperature of 1300 degrees (as temperature also plays a role of how sticky or fluid a magma is), then it ultimately boils down to the mineral composition of the magma in question to determine how much Akoji would need to chill it before it crystallized into solid rock. That's not even factoring in that some of the ice would obviously melt, and the liquid water would prompt hydromagmatic eruptions of the magma. Of course, I'm not sure if it's better to be hit by a cold, solid rock than by a hot, molten one considering that both have been known to kill volcanologists in real life.... ... Apologies for the wall of text, I need to stop browsing TV tropes after my geology lectures.
  • And now chapter 658 is out, Punk Hazard is the site of Akainu's and Aokiji's battle which was so cataclysmic it permanently changed the weather. It seems this WMG might be right, as the cold and hot sides are treated as equal opposites rather than the hot side destroying the cold one.

Aokiji will join the strawhats
I have a very solid reasoning for that. So solid that it will blow your mind away. Well,here it goes...ahem,if he does,I will be the one laughing, while if he does not, I will have nothing to lose.

Kaidou is Franky's father
I'm honestly surprised this wasn't here already. We know Franky's father was a pirate around the time of Roger who abandoned him in Water Seven. Also, when X Drake attacked an island supposedly part of Kaidou's territory, one of the people there had weapons built into him, almost cyborg-like. Now, assuming of course that Franky's father isn't some to-be-introduced character down the road, Kaidou makes a good choice. Franky has always been a builder, but his early works were less than stellar until he got proper tutelage from Tom. Franky's works were failures/destructive, Kaidou tossed him out, and here we are today. This leads to a second theory I came up with...

Kaidou will try to recruit Franky
If Kaidou is mechanically inclined and likes cyborg type troops, Franky would be ideal. If the above theory is true, it adds extra spice to the idea as Kaidou, not knowing "Franky" is a nickname, would not be likely to catch on that it's Cutty Flam.
  • Just because Kaido has a cyborg underling that doesn't mean that he's Cyborg themed. Big Mom has a Lion underling and a Longleg underling, but she's neither.

Luffy will Destroy Fishman Island by leading the Fishmen to the surface.
Luffy will destroy Fishman Island by leaving it deserted, while the merpeople and fishpoeple who used to live there will immigrate to the land on the surface.

When Akainu finally breaks, he will be...uncomfortably calm.
In fact, he'll be smiling. Won't even be a Slasher Smile, either, just a warm, friendly smile that hides the fact that his dreams have been crushed and a lot of people are going to pay for letting them die. It will probably be the most horrifying thing ever published in Shonen Jump.

Zoro (with or without the rest of the Straw Hats) will go the the Wano Country and defeat the samurais there.

Vivi is Pluton
Like how Shirahoshi is Poseidon, and the Water 7 blue prints are either a decoy they forgot was a decoy or a weapon to harness Pluton.

Going by the above Uranus is also a princess
A princess who will bond with the straw hats, but she will actually join the crew

The 'enlightenment' that comes with a human eating a model of the Hito Hito no Mi is instinctive use of Haki, or enhancing it to the point of mastery.
We already know one could became a Buddha statue.
  • Vegapunk perhaps?

The wind that stopped the fire in the Grey Terminal was caused by Dragon's devil fruit
This ties in with the theories that he had a wind-type devil fruit.
  • You do realise he had Bartholomew Kuma with him, right? You know, the man with the ability to push things? It was probably him.
  • What about the guy/girl who can create shock waves by winking?
  • Except that both powers are a sort of "single blast", meaning that in order to create a proper tunnel between the flames they would have to shoot at will, while they appear totally steady. I think that Dragon employing wind powers (be them Paramecia or Logia) is the simplest and more plausible explanation.

The Mero Mero no Mi's power isn't what we think.
Rather than turning people to stone, it just amplifies lust. Turning to stone is something biological humans do when overcome with lust. This would explain the two times that Sanji turns to stone;
  • The first time, Hancock isn't directing her powers at him, he is just overcome by her beauty.
  • The second time, it happens when he is with the mermaids, and Hancock is nowhere near him.

Buggy will be a genuine threat when he next appears
King of tying with the WMGs that Buggy is a warlord: After all, he'd have to get stronger otherwise he'd be screwed. Besides that, even if he isn't a warlord, it's probably common knowledge that he was on Roger's crew, so chances are both Marines and bounty hunters would be chasing him. And with such an "infamous" pirate, they'd have to be pretty strong.
  • The other altenative is that he is either dead, or back in prison.
    • Another alternative is that he hasnt gotten particularly stronger personally, due to his now massive crew of loyal Impel Down prisoners he hasnt needed to. It will be because of his crew that he is considered a threat.
    • He may be Joker, the mastermind behind some recent New World events.
    • Latter is Jossed: Joker was the codename of Doflamingo. As for his reappearance right after the Dressrosa Arc, he effectively looks more badass and seems to have set up quite well-run operation along with Mr. 3, but it's unknown if he has bettered his skills.

All the Straw Hats have a two-syllable name, meaning the next crewmate(s) will have also a two-syllable name
  • Someone had pointed out before how all the Straw Hats have a two-syllable name (Lu-ffy, Zo-ro, Na-mi and etc). Even Brook's name has an emphasis on "-ok", making it into two syllables. Even the shortened names of their ships have two-syllables (Mer-ry and Sun-ny). Which leads into the WMG that their next crewmates will also have a two-syllable name. Previous crewmate Vivi and Carue fits into the theme and potential crewmate Jimbei also fits too.
    • The "ok" in "Brook" is not a separate syllable. The name IS two syllables as the Japanese V As say it though: Bruk-ku.
    • Thanks for clarifying that.
    • If you're really going to use that argument for Brook, then what about U-so-ppu?

Caribou is the Buggy of the New World
He has a reason to continue pursuing Luffy. He was introduced as someone to be feared, and after a run-in with a certain Straw Hat he's been reduced to more of a laughing stock. Plus, if Buggy is busy with things like being a Warlord as some other theories suggest, then they need someone else to fill the roll of the guy who chases Luffy even though he'll never beat Luffy. This would also tie in with the WMG of the Fishman Island arc being a mesh or echo of the East Blue events.
  • It does seem to be going in this direction, since Coribou has gotten a Butt Monkey Cover Arc, similar to how Buggy did way back when.

Zoro's closed eye is the One Piece version of an eyepatch.
In case you didn't know, pirates actually wore eyepatches so that if they ever had to fight below-decks, they could open that eye and see better in the dark. So maybe if Zoro is ever stuck in a place where it's so dark he can't see, he'll open his other eye and see perfectly/better than with his non-scarred eye. I'd be very surprised if Oda doesn't know about the eyepatch in the dark thing considering how much research into pirates he's done already.
  • The see-in-darkness thing isn't supported by any historical documents and is probably a myth, for the record. It technically does let you adjust more quickly to seeing in dim light, but you'd be so impaired the rest of the time that it would probably get you killed. And again, there is no real proof that pirates ever did it for that reason.
    • Mythbusters did test this one, and if I recall correctly, they did at least give a verdict of "plausible." Since One Piece runs on nonsensoleum anyway, lack of historical proof doesn't really prevent Oda from using this.

The next member to join the Straw Hat crew will be...
Vivi, Bon Clay, Hancock, or Jimbei. Vivi may be a bit of stretch due to her being all the way in Alabasta, and who knows if Bon Clay is still alive. As for Hancock and Jimbei, Hancock's love for luffy may make her preform a huge Heel–Face Turn and join his crew to forsake her Warlord title. Not to mention in Jimbei's case, once Luffy asks you to join his crew, 90 percent of the time, that person's joining.

A past Goro Goro no Mi user was responsible for Raijin Island's never ending lightning storm.
As it was first implied with Ace making it stop snowing, and later shown in the present with Aokiji and Akainu creating an island of ice and fire, Logias affect the weather with their mere presence and can permanently change it when going all out.
  • So does that mean that Caribou can cause an Oobleck disaster?

Theory about how Luffys bounty is going to raise over 400 mil,to join Jimbe join the crew(his bounty is currently higher than Luffys and Oda never put someone into the crew with a higher bounty than Luffy,so far.
  • The story is currently taking place on the wastelands of Punk Hazard inhabited by mithological creatures and a shady organization (which dosen't seem to be connected to the WG) of strange looking man in hazmat suits and their mysterious leader "M". It probably would have been another fine day of conspiracy and morally questionable experiments for the, had they not made the mistake of choosing the Strawhats as their newest guineapigs (how the hell did they not recognize them anyway?). The next logical step is of course that the Strawhats unite and reduce their face, their base and probably half of the island into fienly grinded dust. However, Somkers ship is anchored right next to the island and will undoubtabley report the awesome battle he witnessed. Wheter he does it right away,or after engaging Luffy and (finally)getting his ass kicked is a different WMG.
  • Except that it seemed Punk Hazard is going to be no where near as easy as Fishman Island. And currently Luffy and Law are both down, while Smoker and Sanji are somewhat crippled (...by Law).
  • Nico Robin had a higher bounty than Luffy initially, so your logic isn't sound.
    • Well it depends on how you count it because while she joined while his bounty was 30 million his bounty was raised to 100 million right after she joined

Jinbei will join luffy's 'crew' but not in the way everyone is thinking.
Partially in response to the above WMG, but also to theories about Jinbei in general. Jinbei told luffy to ask him agan in the future, as he has something to do first, this will be gathering the members of the sun pirates. Once Jinbei has done this, rather than join the core Strawhat crew, Jinbei will become Luffys First 'Division Commander'. Luffy has already claimed Fishman Island as under his protection, this was his first step towards being a Yonkou, but realistically he wont be able to turn around and protect it while halfway to Raftel. Of course as Luffy conquers more islands, he is going to have to recruit new 'Division Commanders' in the style of Whitebeard, these people will be left to oversee the protection of Luffys 'Turf', Jinbei and the Sun pirates being left in charge of Fishman Island. The Gourosei mentioned that Marko the Pheonix and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates were some of the people strong enough to take on Teach. It is likely that Luffy will meet Marko and co at some point in the new world, who will then decide to fly under the banner of the Straw Hat, adding any turf they have managed to retain control of to luffy's. This will be done to avoid the possibly reptetative number of arcs involving Luffy conquering Islands.

The real tenth strawhat.
Partly response to the WMG above and partly a theory I've been thinking about for a long time. If Jinbe really isn't going to join the Strawhats as an active member(as in:going towards Raftel,andventuring and having sever hedaches because of Luffy) than I think it may be Sabo who'll fill this post. There is a debate wheter the horribly injured someone who Dragon brought on his ship after leaving Goa kingdom was Sabo or not, but for the sake of guessing let's say it was indeed him,and he's still alive and kickin to this very day. I'm also prety sure that the Strawhats sooner or later must meet with the Revolutionaries and Dragon, and in case Sabo really is still alive, he's probably still with them. How and why will he join? I don't have the slightest clue but it's going to be awesome!!!
  • Sabo has been found alive, but doesn't look like he's joining

Now that Law is a confirmed Warlord of the Sea and will most likely be fought, Sanji will fight Bepo.
Just saying it before anyone else.
  • Later events make this likely Jossed. That character is now an ally of the Strawhats.

Law was just recruiting new pirates just to become a Warlord.
Thinking back about it, it makes sense, since Law was shown talking to and recruiting a ex-slave pirate who was escaping Sabaody. Though it borders on Fridge Horror, since we haven't actually even seen the rest of his crew yet.
  • Jossed. Law recruiting people had nothing to do with his plan to be a Warlord. If you were implying his new crewmates were the ones he took the hearts from, we now know that isn't true since they've finally reappeared in the story (and, furthermore, events in the Dressrosa Arc show that Law wouldn't be the type of guy to do that).

Rockstar the Rookie of the Red-Hair pirates will reapear.
When the time comes for Luffy to finally reunite with Shanks he(or somebody else who wasn't with the crew 10 years ago on Dawn island) will spot the Thousand Sunny first, and run to Shanks while trembling with fear when delivering the news, of the dreadded Strawhats arrival. Afterall their public image is something like: 'Everyone in our way is going to be horribly pummeled. NO EXCEPTIONS', plus they might get a huge raise on their bounty, which would indeed frighten the living crap out of someone who dosen't knows them, and I see no reason why would Shanks or the other elite members bother telling anything to the lesser recurits about their days in East Blue. Plus it would mirror the scene in the anime where Mihawk delivers Luffy's newly issued bounty poster(30,000,000) to Shanks.

Punk Hazard is not the full name of the island the crew is on
Instead, it's a shortened version that everyone knows it by. My guess is that the full name is actually Vegapunk Hazardous Waste/Experimenting Facility. The idea came to me when the liquid/gas/whatever it is that's the boss talked about how he doesn't like Vegapunk. Crazy I know, but it's a thought anyway.
  • This is my headcanon now.

On Raftel, wether it be the one piece or not, There is some kind of time based anomaly or machine, luffy is destined to go through it by himself when he is in his late 20's-early 30's, and will emerge from the other side roughly 60 years in the past.
No one will know his name, and he cannot reform his old crew, in some cases becuase they have not been born yet, but mainly becuase if he was to effect his crews lives in the past then important events in the future wouldnt happen. As such he will start a new crew, beggining with his mentor Rayleigh, a meeting he will claim to be destiny. However, again due to the complications of time travel, he cannot keep his name, so he will adopt a new one.

Gol. D Roger.

I may have got the math wrong in terms of how far in the past he will travel, and how old he will be when he does, but you get the idea, im mainly basing the age and timeframe on rogers appearance when he first meets Rayleigh.

Anyone who has read the series up to the current chapter and has been paying attention should understand what has lead me to this conclusion.

Anyone familliar with the plot and characters of BlazBlue should understand how this works.
  • Luffy would obviously have to either lose his Devil Fruit or hide the fact he had one. Though it might explain where Shanks got the Gomu Gomu no Mi from. Which would also make the Gomu Gomu no Mi itself a Stable Time Loop.
    • Im guessing that we will discover Blackbeard can remove powers without needing to kill, in the final battle he will take luffy's power but he will beat him through superior Haki, thats unless he just hides having one once he go into the past.
    • Fridge Logic sets in, though, when you realize this would mean LUFFY WOULD BE ACE'S FATHER.
  • Yeah, and whats wrong with that? Luffy doesnt know who Portgas D Rougue is, so theres no reason why he couldnt meet her when he is an adult in the past and fall in love with her, only to realise that his son must be Ace and so names him Ace.
Unless Rougue named him? i cant remember... Also if you remember Roger never even met his son, he was sailing the grand line when she gave birth, so luffy would never end up having to deal with the fatherhood problem. Its not really Fridge Logic as it would make sense and wouldnt be an inconsistency. Id call it Fridge Brilliance, as it would explain why they look so alike but arnt biological brothers.
  • Rouge named him.
  • There's also the rivalry with Garp which needs to be taken into account. Since Roger trusted Garp enough to look after his son despite (if he was Luffy anyway) not knowing his son's appearance or name, this would clash with Luffy's own memories of Ace being the only kid besides himself that Garp looked after/dumped with Dadan.
  • How would it clash?, the fact that Roger left Ace with Garp is something Luffy does know, as such to fullfill the future he will have leave his son to Garp, someone Luffy does trust.
Also in the scene where Roger asks Garp to take his son he calls him Ace so he does know hs name (someone must have told him). My point is that Luffy will know he is Ace's father but becuase Roger never met his son he knows he wont have to deal with it. Also whatever feelings that Luffy would have upon realising that he must be Aces father do not matter, so that the future happens he must have him as a son and he must give him to Garp.

Just so people know im basing this WMG on the idea of the stable timeloop, wherin Luffy cannot deliberately do something that he knows would change the future such as picking up Brook before he does when he's 17 or not handing himself into the marines. Becuase this would cause key events in his life to not happen, possibly making him be erased from existance (when he is in the past).

For example upon arriving in the past he would remember that Brook will become stuck in the florian triangle for over 50 years, and possibly want to save him from that torture. However he knows that he cannot try to save Brook as that would mean he wouldnt be there to be added to his crew when Luffy is 17, and Brook not being there could result in a number of his crewmates possibly including himself dying. Not to mention a number of other possible disasters.

Black Beard's Ultimate plan is to rid everyone of their powers of devil fruits
His original devil fruit, the Darkness Darkness fruit, can nullify Devil Fruit powers. Now that he has obtained the Quake Quake Fruit, who else think that his ultimate plan is to combine both of these fruits together to make a world spanning tremor that causes destruction throughout the land, as well as rids the entire world of Devil Fruit Powers. This would ultimately make him the strongest candidate for Pirate King, as so many people's fighting prowess are based off the utilization of their devil fruit.

Luffy, Zoro, Sanji might, or at least one of them will kick the bucket
Think about how taxing their techniques are, and the kind of battles they go through. Luffy basically wrecking his battle with every fight as well as the taxing his Gears do on his body, Zoro with his wounds, and Sanji literally SETTING HIS LEGS ON FIRE. This might beg the question that eventually, one or more of the crew will pass on, probably being replaced later on]

Bonney is Ace's Lover
And pregnant with his child! They're both from South Blue, it's not that far-fetched to imagine. Okay, it is, but this is a W.M.G., right? And she was rather pissed with Akainu...that's all I got.
  • Remember though, Bonney was really pissed off from WHITEBEARD'S death, not Ace's. She specifically states it while watching the war.
    • It's true she's shown pissed off after WB's death, however she just said it's BB's fault and going to chase after him. She didn't specifically mention the cause. It could be both (which is not to far off, if she's known WB enough then she could have known Ace as well).

Robin is a clone (or some similar situation) of her mother
I haven't completely caught up (I've just spoiled myself a bit), so if there's something that irrevocably Josses this, my apologies.

Anyway, if the Flower-Flower Fruit can result in the creation of entire doppelgangers, who's to say that Robin isn't actually such a duplicate of her mother with Fake Memories?
  • We've already seen Robin when she was two in a flashback, so it's very unlikely that she is a clone of her mother. Unless, for whatever reason, the clone was "born" and then aged naturally. Even then, it doesn't make much sense.

Law is trying to find Sniper Island
The real reason Law has been taking people's hearts is because he's looking for Sniper Island. He only came up with the idea of sending those hearts to the marines after he failed to find it in any of them, and figured he had to get SOME use out of them.
  • Clearly he thinks the island might be found in Smoker's heart.
    • You owe me a new keyboard.

Law gave Luffy multiple hearts
A bit of a thought process for this one. We know Law can remove hearts (Ex: The 100 pirate hearts and Smoker). We also know he operated on Luffy. What would Luffy need multiple hearts for? Simple. More hearts = more blood flowing, more blood flowing = better Gear 2nd, and less drawbacks since he has multiple organs working together to perform Gear 2nd rather than just one. Now, I understand that there would be no reason for Law to give Luffy multiple hearts, nor any reason that Law should even know how Gear 2nd works. Then again, Rob Lucci found out how Gear 2nd worked just by watching it... Maybe Law did too, and wanted to give Luffy a power boost as so he could become a strong opponent one day? This is merely a theory, of course.
  • More hearts don't increase the amount of blood in your body. It's produced by the bone marrow.
  • It would pump the blood faster. But either way, this seems incredibly unlikely.

Emasculating Sanji is going to be a running gag.
He's been sent to an island of transvestites, forced to join in, and has most recently been transfered to Nami's body. I doubt it's going to end any time soon.
  • I get the feeling that Sanji is either going to REALLY enjoy himself, or he's going to go out of his way to keep Nami's body safe due to his need to protect her.
  • Well, he's enjoying himself quite a bit at the moment. Now he just needs to stop staring down at his new body and protect Nami from herself.

Rather than ten Straw Hats plus Luffy...
There will be twelve. Main reason I think this is because Luffy got four crew members before heading into the Grand Line, and then another four in the first half of the Grand Line... which makes me suspect that he will get another four in the New World. I know there's evidence that there will be ten (Luffy himself saying he wanted ten crew members at the beginning of his journey), but given that it's Luffy I doubt he'd let such an arbitrary statement (if he even remembers it) stop him from recruiting someone if they want to join and he likes them (and plus, he said he wanted ten crew members before entering the Grand Line). Additionally... given what a fantastic Chessmaster Oda is, I wouldn't be surprised if he's realized how popular the idea of there being ten Straw Hats (not counting Luffy) is, and since he loves throwing curve balls to catch us off-guard...

Law is going to swap the hearts of the other Straw Hats.
Speaks for itself. I'm personally hoping for Luffy to become Brook, Brook to become Usopp, Usopp to become Zoro, Zoro to become Robin and Robin to become Luffy.
  • Personally I'd like to see Brook become Zoro, purely to see Zoro act like Brook does and have Zoro get pissed at Brook for using his swords the "wrong way".
    • Fair enough. My reasoning is Luffy freaking out with happiness at the fact he's now the "awesome singing afro skeleton," Brook regaining his lost youth through Usopp, Usopp gets to feel real strength for once, Zoro being put in a woman's body and the fights it results in with Nami!Sanji, and Robin gets the only body left.
    • The hilarity of Robin -> Luffy would be Luffy acting smart.
      • Good point, also Luffy being incredibly calm and full of morbid comments.
  • Well he swapped Smoker and Tashigi? as of chapter 663. He had an opportunity to swap the other straw hats, but for whatever reason he hasn't done so. ...Yet, at least.

Blackbeard is a test tube baby engineered by Vegapunk
Reasoning being that Vegapunk knows the deeper mechanics behind the Devil Fruits and Blackbeard has some kind of anomalous body type that allows him to steal others' Devil Fruit powers. I personally believe Vegapunk will be a deeply conflicted good guy, so I'm guessing this little screw-up came during one of his worse For Science! phases and hearing of Blackbeard's deeds will leave him muttering My God, What Have I Done?.
  • Or related to this theory, Vegapunk and his team found someone (or something...) frozen in ice from the time of the Void Century, and their attempts to rebuild it resulted in Blackbeard.

One Piece is a device or gateway towards the world's collective consciousness.
That's why it was necessary, during the Void Century, to hide it at Raftel, the "impossible to reach" island—the ancients had discovered a way for people to be conscious of one another, leading to global understanding and peace. The ancestors of the Tenryuubito wished to oppress the world for their own benefit and force the people to work for them, so they fought a massive war with the intent to destroy that object and marginalize all knowledge of it. But since they couldn't get rid of it, they opted to instead hide it while erasing all knowledge of its existence—the entire century, just to be certain. D stands for "Descendant"—descendants of the ancients who used the device. That's why Gol D. Roger was able to hear the "voice of all things" and write the ancient characters on the Shandorian Belfry on Sky Island. Luffy and the others might too discover that they have that ability. That's why, as Whitebeard mentioned, the world will be "completely turned upside down" when it's found.

The CP 9 have become even stronger after the time skip
It wouldn't suprise me if all of the CP 9 have become much stronger since fighting the Straw Hats at enies lobby.

What will happen when the Strawhats finally land on an inhabited island
There will be either mass panic or mass celebration.

That isn't really Bon Kurei.
Chapter 666 shows us that a "Bon-sama" is the new Queen of the Newkamas. However, we never see "Bon's" face. This can mean one of two things. 1: That isn't really the old Bon Kurei, and he will be the 3rd character to die outside of a flashback in One Piece (depending on Brownbeard's current status, it might be 4th.). 2: Bon got some sort of face disfiguration from Magellan. Whether it is heroic scars or a Duval-esque makeover, who knows.
  • This raises an interesting question actually, if Bentham gets scarred when he is using his disguise powers, say he gets such a scar on his face while disguised as hanyaball, does he retain the scar when he turns back to normal?
Also Ace wasnt the first named person to die outside of a flashback (countless backgound characters have died before),the first definte on screen death was probably Mr.11, and Nero is surely dead.

The 'you know who' that Caribou refered to as wanting to know that Shirahoshi is Posiedon, is Crocodile .
This would also explain why he enlisted under the Fake Luffy just so that he could kill Luffy, Caibou is working directly for Crocodile. Crocodile will have sent him, another logia, to try to kill Luffy, ( in typical Crocodile fashion), so that even if he didnt succeed, he could gage how much of a theat he would be if he meets him again, namely wether he has armament Haki. Of course, while Crocodile may no longer be interested in Pluton, who says hes given up on all the ancient weapons?
  • OR he might be working for Joker, to whom Caesar Clown works for.
    • I can't imagine anyone other than Blackbeard turning out to be who Caribou refers to. It's way more vexing that way, considering the kind of danger it puts certain characters under.

At one point or another, the Strawhats will end up on Sniper Island
Their hearts will lead them there.

Crocus and Clover are somehow related, most likely brothers.
Both of them are old, have little no no regard for the world government, and have been named after flowers and gronw their hair as such. And think about it; most people wouldn't have stayed with Laboon. While they'd care deeply about him, and would pity the whale they'd still want more adventure and would leave, like Luffy and crew. Crocus is staying with Laboon because he knows what a it feels like to lose someone important to you, as he lost his brother in the Ohara incident. Also, they seem to be around the same age, and are really the only two characters named after plants that have styled their hair as such.

The "someone" Clown reminds Law of is Eustass Kidd

Kidd will team up with Law and Luffy to take down Big Mom.
Between the Chekhov's Gun of him attacking her allies, and these arcs all possibly being part of the "Super Rookie Saga", the concept seems fairly obvious. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's going to join them at Wano, which shall be the next and probably last destination before the assault on Whole Cake Island.

Kizaru will fight and lose to Blackbeard.
So far, nobody has gotten Kizaru to be completely serious in a fight. Now, given how Oda did his reasearch involving Rayleigh arriving to fend off Kizaru, and that a black hole will absorb anything, including light...
  • Yeah, but black hole's also pull EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE! People seem to think that BB will obliterate Kizaru, but there's no reason for this belief. BB power is over GRAVITY, not the effects of a black hole, so I actually believe that Kizaru will be the only one who is invulnerable to his ability, as it requires enormous gravity, on the scale of pulling STARS, to affect light with gravity, and I don't think BB has that kind of juice. BB named one of his attacks "Black Hole" but that doesn't mean he is one. Even if his powers affect Kizaru, they'll only affect him as much as they effect everyone else, and we've already seen WB butcher BB when he was half dead, so Kizaru could easily do the same.

Zoro's gonna get a new sword soon.
As we know, Zoro's current swords are Wado Ichimonji (from the second strongest group of 21 swords), Shuushi (also from that group) and Sandai Kitetsu (from the third strongest group of 50 swords). One of his swords is weaker than the others, so it makes sense that he'll get a new sword to replace it. Sandai Kitetsu means 'Third Demon Splitter' and we were told when he got it that there's also a Second and First Demon Splitter. The Second Demon Splitter (I think it's 'Nidai Kitetsu') is of the same group as Zoro's other two swords, and due to its strength it would make sense that its owner is somewhere in the New World. So it's possible that Zoro could defeat him and take the sword. He may later obtain the First Demon Splitter (Shodai Kitetsu?) as it's of the strongest group of 12 swords that Mihawk's sword is also from (and therefore possibly his only hope against him). (Anyone with a better knowledge of Zoro's Japanese sword names that me, please correct me if I got any of the names wrong).
  • Keep in mind, though, that one of Zoro's swords is Kuina's. Chances are he won't willingly give it up, unless it's destroyed like pretty much every other sword he's owned.
  • The only one I'm saying he may give up is Sandai Kitetsu. He just went and bought it in a shop (it was the one he almost chopped his own arm off with), so he's probably not massively attached to it.

Sniper Island is in the New World, located just before Raftel.
All of the New World paths will converge either at Sniper Island or slightly before it, and upon landing at Sniper Island, the Log Poses will point directly to Raftel. However, Sniper Island exists in people's hearts. That means a person (or a crew) would have to possess a certain state of mind to access it. Otherwise, it will not show itself. That state of mind is empathy towards others, selflessness, and a lack of greedy thoughts (in other words, a pure heart), traits which are at odds with most of those wanting the One Piece because it would make them rich and famous. This is the reason why nobody has claimed the One Piece yet: Because everyone who's made it this far into the New World wants the One Piece for selfish reasons, Sniper Island doesn't appear for them, preventing them from tracing the path on their Log Poses necessary to reach Raftel.

This will also be a stopping point for Blackbeard, as he can't get past Sniper Island. It's likely that Blackbeard has already reached where Sniper Island should be and, frustrated at his inability to progress, has taken up the role of Emperor in the New World, hoping that someone from a land he's conquered has the capability. So far, he's had no success, but when the Straw Hat Pirates reach the island, it WILL appear because Luffy and his crewmates possess all of the above personality traits. Blackbeard will get wind of this, make his way onto Sniper Island before Luffy leaves and the island vanishes, and confront Luffy once and for all right here.

Alternatively, Raftel IS Sniper Island, in which case the same ideas hold. This would explain why the Marines have also not been able to reach Raftel, despite their ability to travel freely within the Calm Belt: The ones with the authority to do so have impure hearts or have other priorities, and the ones who have pure hearts (such as Coby) don't have the authority.

Thus far, Luffy has proven to be pure due to his immunity towards Boa Hancock's powers and is already able to access Sniper Island. Zoro and Chopper too. Usopp, Robin, and Franky don't yet have the heart, but they are good people and can achieve it with dedication. Nami, Sanji, and Brook are very impure and would need major Character Development. It's difficult to get a good reading on Trafalgar Law, but I doubt he meets Sniper Island's requirements as he runs on Grey and Gray Morality. Eustass Kidd is very far from it (perhaps even less pure than Blackbeard), is not likely to change, and may be the character who will introduce the audience to the trait of the island. Of the Four Emperors, Whitebeard was an upstanding enough man that he's likely able to reach Sniper Island and has seen the One Piece himself, and Portgas D. Ace can also reach it, but Ace had Honor Before Reason and was fatally sidetracked. Shanks can reach Sniper Island but chooses not to as he's waiting for Luffy. Kaido and Big Mom cannot reach Sniper Island as they're ruthless. Thus, Luffy is the only character so far who has the conditions necessary to reach Sniper Island and has a goal that requires landing on the island.

Crocodile was once related to a royal family in West Blue, but was ultimately betrayed by them due to an incident concerning an ancient weapon which they claimed it's for the greater good.
So far only guardians (usually royal families) and people who can read Poneglyphs know about the ancient weapons. Also Crocodile seemed to hate Cobra on an oddly personal level, going so far as to call him a hypocrite.

Dragon is Gold Roger, who is Pluton
Probably plenty of things to disprove this, but I'll say it anyway. When Roger and Shiki clashed, Roger won because of a change in the weather, which Dragon seems to be able to do. Yeah, he's was shown to have his head chopped off, but bear with me here... although Poseidon turned out to be Shirahoshi, Pluton must be robotic, 'cause they said it has blueprints, right? Well, what if it's a cyborg. Dr Vegapunk (he was said to have built Pluton), made Gold Roger a cyborg (Shiki said in their clash that he had an apocalyptic weapon), and also did.. something to him that stopped him from being killed.. somehow. Then, he became Dragon. All of this is kept beyond top-secret by the WG, to save face (imagine the uproar if everyone knew that the Pirate King was still alive). Yeah, this WMG is probably full of holes, but it's too damn awesome to not say.
  • Pluton was built in Water 7 hundreds of years ago, way before Dr Vegapunk's time. And it has been confirmed to be some sort of a warship.

Mihawk hasn't been a Warlord for as long as most people believed.
It was stated that two years prior to the Time Skip Ace had been offered a chance at becoming one of the Seven Warlords (which he refused), meaning that a spot was open at that time. Crocodile had been working on Baroque Works in Alabasta for around four years, hinting that he had been a Warlord for at least that long; Moriah had been sailing in the Florian Triangle for something like a decade, a good indication of the minimal timespan he had the Warlord title; and it had been confirmed that both Hancock and Jinbe had been Warlords for at least ten years.

Of the three remaining Warlords: Doflamingo and Kuma seemed really familiar with each other, fellow Warlords, and also many high ranking Marines. So it wasn't much stretch to guess that they had been Warlords for quite some time (if not the longest time).

That left Mihawk, who was both portrayed as the most secluded and the least reliable Warlord to the Marines.
  • It even makes relative sense with the timeline considering that once Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk would've lost his sparring partner, which probably led to his wandering the seas and slashing up random crews in search of a true challenge.

Lola will propose to Jabra & he will accept.
This theory isn't meant to be as silly as it sounds. Lola proposes to everyone she meets. Jabra was a bit depressed over breaking up with his girlfriend Gatherine. Lola does resemble Gatherine facially so Jabra will buck the trend and say 'yes'. Not only is this awesomely funny, with Lola being an ally of the Straw Hats, it provides a link for the Ex-Cipher Pol Pirates to link to the Straw Hats at some point.

The straw Hat's adventures after the Time Skip will resemble their past adventures, but in reverse.
In the first story arc after the time skip, the Straw Hats explore an island filled with bubble technology, and the major conflict was based on human-fishman racism/slavery. Very similar to what happened at Sabody.

In the second story arc, the Straw Hats explore a seemingly-abandoned island filled with impossible monsters who turn out to be manufactured (including one giant, "undefeatable" monster). Very similar to Thriller Bark.

If this trend continues, the third island will be a densely-populated metropolis, and there may be a government conspiracy going on.

  • We seem to be heading towards that with the confirmation of Dressrosa being a kingdom and Doflamingo having connections to near everything.
  • ...That...makes a lot of sense, if we consider the fact that Luffy's Gear 2 and 3 were introduced in the Enies Lobby arc, and Gear 4 was introduced in the Dressrosa arc.

  • Bonus if they were going to Wano country next, it was a secluded, isolated island which was similar to Skypiea. .

Law isn't just in an alliance with Luffy, but with Kid and Drake too.
So far all we know for sure about Law's plans are that he wants to take down one of the yonko. At the end of the end of the Fishman Island Arc it's mentioned by one of Big Mom's crew (can't remember which) that Kid had taken down 2 of their ships. Drake was also seen attacking one of Kaido's islands (and makes it clear that Kaido ids the reason he's doing it). Essentially I think that all of the biggest supernovas Brownbeard mentioned, or at least most of them, are all planning to work together to take down all of the 4 yonko to replace them. At the moment it seems that Big Mom would be their primary target due to being the weakest (she was pressured into making a deal with Luffy because of Kid's attacks).
  • Jossed. Drake is [[spoiler working for Kaidou nowadays, who's Law's target, so he's probably not in an alliance with him]]. And Kid didn't even know what emperor Law was going after, so we know he's not working with him either.

Law became a member of the revolutionaries over the time skip
We know that Kuma was one of them and probably became a Warlord so he could spy on the government. When Dragon heard he'd been turned into a living weopon he might have contacted many known pirates to talk them into joining up, preferably those that have something against the government. As for why Law is going after the yonko, Dragon is against any kind of high authority figure that abuses their power, not just the government (though they are his his first choice for attack). We've seen that Big Mom is abusive to those under her control, destroying whole islands for not paying their quota, which seems just about as bad as what happened in Luffy or Robin's past. Law has been implied once or twice that he has something against either the government or the marines, hell, maybe it's because Akainu hunted him down for helping Luffy and killed Law's crew, that would explain why we haven't seen any of them this whole arc. (Note: I'm not sure but I don't think that the fleet admiral decides who the Seven Warlords of the Sea are, if he did I doubt that Akainu would invite Law in the first place, regardless of how many pirate hearts he sent in).
  • Well, it technically is still possible... but this is probably supremely pre-Jossed at the moment due to evidence. Revolutionaries Sabo and Koala show up in Dressrosa and make no mention of Law in their plans or even seem to know him so far. It's also been heavily implied at this point that Law was only using the "take down Kaido" ploy to get Luffy to join him in defeating Doflamingo, his real goal. Furthermore, Law's hatred for the government is due to them helping the leaders of his Doomed Hometown escape while they allowed neighboring towns to slaughter them under the false pretense that Amber Lead poisoning was contagious- all of which lead to his family's deaths. Lastly, Law has already confirmed that his crew is alive.

The arcs after the time skip are partially based on the arcs from the Arlong Park Arc till the time skip
If take a good long look at the most recent arcs they seem to be following a certain pattern: Right before they enter the new sea they are going to (Paradise and New World, respectively) there is an arc about the fishmen (Arlong's crew and the Fishman Island). And in the second arc the Stawhats go to an island to help someone, only to get attacked by a new villain's minions, and then they find an ally in someone who was working for said villain so they can take down a powerful pirate (Whisky Peak and Punk Hazard). Plus, there where whales between those 2 arcs.
  • I guess that makes Law the new Vivi. Huh, well, as long as he doesn't turn out to be a princess I think I'm cool with that.
    • As of recent chapters another similarity has appeared Doflamingo is the one commanding Caesar, making him an analog to Crocodile, another Warlord.
  • If it continues like this then it seems most likely that the yonko they fight will be Big Mom, and then after that they'll have to fight someone that has a major ego complex, thinks they are a god, if you will... perhaps Kaido or Akainu.
    • And then they'll meet up with the revolutionaries (note: the next big arc after Skypeia was Water 7, which dealt with government spies trying to gain power and the Straw Hats declaring war on the government, it's hard not to imagine something in the same vein wouldn't happen when the revolutionaries show up)
    • And then Moriah shows up (Thriller Bark)
    • And THEN an execution will be held for one of the rarely seen but cherished characters and Luffy and co. will raid a base to save him or her... and succeed, allowing Luffy to get some closure after his failed Attempt to save Ace. I bet it'll be Blackbeard who tries to execute Shanks on one of the islands he's gotten over the time skip.
    • And the final arc will be on Raftel:the battle for One Piece!

Luffy will do a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! to a Heroic BSOD Jimbe, making a Meaningful Echo of when Jimbe snapped Luffy out of his Heroic BSOD
  • If/when Jimbe joins, it will most likely tie in with Big Mam who the remainders of the Sun Pirates are under. Having relations with Luffy or maybe she finds out Fishmen Island wants to leave her protection, she might eat/kill the Sun Pirates in retialiation, causing Jimbe to then go into a Heroic BSOD. Then Luffy would pull a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! on him and remind him that he hasn't lost everything yet because he still has the Straw Hats as his True Companions.

can instinctively use Haki. This would explain all the Armor Piercing Slaps.
  • This troper assumed that most of the things done by the straw hats that weren't fruit users was due to them instinctively using haki. Sanji for example can set his legs on fire, just like one of the gorgon sisters. Usopp can shoot farther than should be physically possible with the things he uses and its been stated outright in the story that improving projectiles' effectiveness is something haki users can do. Zoro being able to "hear the breath of all things" sounds like an advanced form of observation haki. And then there is Nami's weather sensing abilities, which also seem like observation haki, and her aforementioned Armor Piercing Slaps.
    • Given that Luffy has stated that only he, Sanji, and Zoro can fight logias it seems unlikely that Usopp can. 'Course it could just be that he isn't trained to use it like the others are, and few of Nami's attacks tend to be physical anyway (lightning and wind) so there isn't much need as of yet for her to learn to control that power even if she is good at it.
    • Well, since Sanji used Kenbushoku Haki while in her body, but is typically a Busoshoku Haki user, I'd say that it's a reasonable assumption to say that Nami has the ability but has yet to master it.
    • Haki is actually connected to the spirit, it has nothing to do with the body. Sanji is confirmed to have both Hakis, and he would still be able to use the Kenbushoku Haki even if he were in, say, Kokoro's body (What's more noteworthy from that scene is that he was able to use Blue Walk in her body, which means she must have some deceptively strong leg muscles). Also, I wouldn't use the word "instinctively". If she could use it "instinctively", she would have discovered it by now at age 20 considering several people younger than her have already had it by then. But anyway, yes, it still stands as possible that Nami might have Haki on her own. Only time and more chapters will tell.

Blackbeard is able to steal Devil Fruit by having the fruit regenerate
It's all up there. The fruit regenerates when the user dies and Blackbeard eats the fruit. It's possible that he has some fruit nearby as observed in chapter 676 (Where when Smiley "died" its Devil Fruit regenerated into a nearby apple) How he's able to eat it without exploding or whatever happens when a Devil Fruit user eats another devil fruit is still a mystery though.

Rob Lucci and the rest of CP 9 will have a major role in the future
The guys top hat in this pages sixth panel and this pages seventh panel looks awfully familiar. Also on the second example, his panel is put between Baron Tamago and Pekoms's and Kid's, heavily implying that he is an important character.

Smoker will become an Admiral
Up until this point Smoker has pretty much been Luffy's rival, constantly following (And has actually beaten him on all of these occasions as well) and is powerful enough to have become a vice-admiral. Who's to say he won't eventually be promoted to Admiral?
  • I have a follow-up WMG to that: Smoker will receive credit for putting an end to Caesar Clown and his Smile production, possibly even taking the credit for what Law will eventually intend to do to Kaido, and become promoted to Admiral, paralleling the end of the Alabasta story. Alternatively...

Smoker will join Luffy's crew
He's been shown to perfectly willlingly disobey orders and has a strong sense of justice. He's disagreed with a lot of their decisions so it's entirely possible that they'll push him too far and he'll leave/do something against them. Even if he doesn't join the straw hats it's still possible he could leave the Marines.
  • If that happened, Tashigi and his entire crew would follow him as renegades.

Those with the will of D are descendents from the Ancient Kingdom
So according to Clover, during the void century there was supposedly an ancient kingdom that warred with what would later become the World Government. The Monkey Family, Saul, Roger, Rouge, etc are all descendents from the ancient kingdom. The D can ether stand for the country itself or an important figure from the country. Whitebeard also implies that it's one of these people who will find One Piece and challenge the world, which also fits with their tendency to do outrageous things. Naturally since Roger discovered the "True History" he also learned this was the meaning of the name.

The World Government was founded by pirates.
This is the secret of the true history that the WG is so desperate to hide. They're not just usurpers, they're criminals themselves and all their talk of justice is total hypocrisy (more so). If word ever got out, all their authority as justice would come completely crashing down, and they'd be exposed as the dictatorship they are. Admit it, it really does fit poetically and the hypocrisy is completely in line with how they act.
  • In the Dressrosa arc, the Tontatta chief recounts how, according to their old history, before moving to Mariejois the Donquixote dinasty oppressed them; it was under the Riku dinasty that took their place that things got much better for the Tontatta. So, the idea that the WG founders were scum (with the possible exception of Vivi's ancestors, who may have been coerced into the original alliance or were later struck by a My God What I Have Done moment) is plausible.

Getting onto Raftel requires...
...knowledge of the Ancient Language. This is why no pirate, even those with over twenty-year headstarts on our heroes, have been able to access it yet, since all those who understand it are dead. We know Roger, the one person to reach the island, could read it, and being able to read it is precisely why he was the only person to reach it. Obviously, this means Robin will be the one to get the Straw Hats onto the island come the final arc. It also suggests that Blackbeard isn't done recruiting yet, as if he's going to be our Final Boss then he'll need someone who can read the language as well.

Don Krieg will return
And he will be a cyborg. There are numerous reasons for me thinking this. The main reason is that with his massive arsenal of weapons and gold (Or Wootz Steel, Technically) being a cyborg would greatly suit him. Even in the Baratie arc he was similar to Franky with the numerous weapons and appearance, somewhat. Also, if my memory serves me correctly, Krieg was originally going to be a cyborg.

Kuma really was a tyrant, thus his nickname "Kuma the tyrant," and actually underwent two personality modifications
The process of the first personality modification went like this: Kuma was once human, and an extremely vicious pirate, but he was defeated by an enemy pirate (Perhaps one of the Emperors, just like Moria was defeated by Kaidou), and he was going to die. He reflected upon his past, and wished to be reborn as a better man. The revolutionary army found him, but his body was damaged and he became a cyborg, and his wish to be reborn was answered as well. Kuma, being thankful for his second chance, was more than willing to join the revolutionary army: even if it meant being a spy in the marines as a warlord. The Marines, not knowing what had happened and that he wasn't the same man (So to speak) sent him a request for him to join the Seven Warlords.

The Uranos Weapon is actually the Devil-fruit
The Uranos is named after a sky-god and what do we know that's totally negated by the ocean?

The nature of One Piece will mean that Luffy does destroy Fishman Island
Oda threw in a red herring when Jinbe talked of importing straw hats just like Luffy's to the Island, but I'm betting it's a double-bluff and Luffy will indeed destroy Fishman Island because to get the One Piece he needs to destroy the Grand Line itself. My guess at the nature of One Piece is that it is their world, and all the oceans of and to achieve it Luffy will need to use the three weapons to destroy the Grand (& possibly Red) Line. Given where Fishman Island is it will be major collateral damage so Luffy will know exactly what he's doing. On the other hand doing that will ensure Sanji's dream of the All-Blue, Brook getting to see Laboon again and maybe Franky sailing his ship around the world so maybe it's worth it. What's more Oda has given us a time-frame in how Madame Sharley's visions can take up to a year to happen. And that just happens to be when the Reverie takes place, the one that the Fishmen plan to use to tell the world they wish to re-integrate with it. How long that year will take in story-time is a different matter and the events afterward don't have to be the end of the story.

In the last battle, all of the Straw Hat's Allies will support them
Mihawk noted that Luffy has the ability to turn his foes into allies, so I think that during the final battle (with Blackbeard's crew) their allies will show up and help fight off Blackbeard's crew.

The Strawhats are gonna start gaining allies fast!
I can see Momonosuke and Kinemon both joining at the end of Punk Hazard, which is two more swordsmen and another DF user, and that hasn't happened since East Blue! If you compare what we know about NW crews, which, admittedly we mostly know through Yonkou, we still see that the Strawhats are seriously lacking in manpower! What we have now, if we include the two samurai, could be the basis for the Strawhat officers, with other pirates, and possibly entire crews being absorbed into their ranks in the near future. Look how many pirates were begging to join the fake Strawhats in Sabondy! Whitebeard had 47 heavy hitters from the NW sworn to him, along with his own crew, which fulled four huge galleons. If Big Mam could match that, and Luffy is going to have to face her in the foreseeable future, he's gonna need allies. Mayhap this is the reason for all the talk of alliances in the recent past, the Supernovas are realising they can't stay afloat long on their own. Oda likes foreshadowing!

Thousand Sunny will get a bounty.

Brook will lose his bounty
Just think about it. It makes no sense to take him "dead or alive"! They'll pay extra for a live pirate because they want to make examples of them, but what, are they going to decapacitate Brook? Yeah that'll sure be a show. And if you bring him in dead, do you have any proof it's really Brook and not just any skeleton with an afro?

Potential Funimation Cast
I don't know if one's present on these lists, but the idea is, "Who would Funimation hire as V As for the coming dubs?" Everyone could post here, seeing that I can only think of one.
  • Dr. Hogback will be voiced by Mike Pollock, better known for his role as Dr. Eggman. It fits too well. Both are renowned doctors, incredibly skilled in their own fields of study. Both are rather obease and eggshapped, they even both have round sunglasses. Eggman's English "Hohohoho!" Could easily dub over the Japanese "Oshvoshvosh" if they decided not to keep the original laugh.
  • Personally i have dream that, considering he hasnt done much live acting this past decade but is doing more notable voice acting, when funimation eventually gets to impel down, if people really get behind it and request it:
We could actually get Tim Curry to voice Ivankov, it needs to happen, it would be so poetic i would die of happiness.
  • Jossed on Hogback, he is voiced by Marcus D. Stimac.

Luffy/Strawhat Crew will have their bounty/bounties raised after defeating Big Mom
Working off the assumption that the Yonko Law wants to take down is Charlotte Lin Lin, the Strawhats haven't had their bounties raised and updated in over two years, with the exception of Luffy, what would make the World Government consider Luffy a bigger threat than he already is, considering at this point they probably think nothing he can do at this point would surprise them more than what he has already done? : Defeating one of the four strongest pirates of the New World.
  • Might actually happen sooner, probably after The Dressrosa Arc, given the sheer amount of marine activity (Including a present Admiral) and the fact that Doflamingo is confirmed to be a former world noble.
    • By the end of the Dressrosa Arc, Luffy's bounty has reached 500 million, and it's not even that outrageous after the new Zou arc introduced and enemy with a bounty of one billion, so Luffy's can stll rise up.

Usopp will use a Reject Dial in the future
  • He's the one that gets the most use out of dials, after all. He's also probably strong enough to handle it now. He could take a hell of a lot of punishment even BEFORE the timeskip.
  • Unlikely since he's never been shown to own a reject dial and the Straw Hats aren't likely ever going back to Skypiea. But, time will tell.

Zoro's past will be fleshed out once the Strawhats gets to the Samurai country Wano
  • After seeing how Luffy's past was fleshed out going from a child whose only sad past was causing his hero to lose an arm to a kid raised in an extremely discriminatory dump where he lost his first friend, Zoro will probably have one, making his reasons to partake in Kuina's dojo make more sense. They'll get to the country and it turns out the Big Bad and his/her Quirky Mini Boss Squad have strong connections to Zoro, and it'll involve a massive Tear Jerker. Hell, Zoro might not be his real name, and that it was taken from a famous pop culture pirate figure (like Zorro) and his real name is more Japanese.

Sanji is the son of a famous high class family and one of the Five Elderly Stars is his grandfather

The Will of D. is cursed
  • Think about all of those carrying the name D. Jaguar D. Saul, Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Ace. All have been brave individuals, true enough, not afraid to face death with a smile. Sadly, they have faced death. And at a relitivly young age. Word of God is that the natural lifespan in One Piece is 130 years, and two of these men had been killed in their presumedly middle age era. Ace was even younger. The fact is that the Will of D. carries a curse, that all those who bare the name and the ideals will meet an early end. With so much rapid use of dangerous moves Cast from Hit Points and enduring a healing process that took away ten years of his natural life span, Luffy won't be far behind.
  • Is that a death flag for Law?

Next Straw Hat will be a girl to balance out the girl to boy ratio
  • The Straw Hats will be separated again, this time by one of the agents of the Yonkou, and Luffy will land on a island with a Nia knockoff that will be sweet to balance Nami's Tsundere and Nico's Kuudere
  • Following the pattern, the next girl would be... Yandere

Fishmen are descended from humans who ate fish devil fruit
There used to be fish devil fruits, which enabled the user to breath and move underwater, basically counteracting the whole sea-devil hating you thing. A group of people all ate fish devil fruits, had kids, went and found more fish devil fruits, fed the kids them, and continued as such. Eventually, they started to be born with the fish devil fruit powers, the devil fruit stopped growing, and the users began to be able to eat other devil fruits.
  • They could actually have grown on the sea bed where fishman island is now, hence why they're local to that spot only. Also, could explain how they managed to eat so many themselves.
  • Impossible, there can't be any more than one fruit with the same ability. As soon as the user dies, the fruit comes back, but no two devil fruits can share an ability.
    • Unless we're dealing with Zoan Devil Fruits. Think about it. Fish-Fish Fruit. Model: Swordfish. Model: Shark. Model: Octopus. Technically that last one isn't a fish, but you get the idea.

The tenth member of the Strawhat crew...
ate the tempo tempo fruit, allowing them to travel through time. This person takes the Strawhats back through time, to the point when Roger first appeared. While searching to meet Gol D. Roger, Luffy discovers he is Roger himself.
  • The tenth member is an immortal Object Loop, making death significant in their life (significant in its absence), as with all the other members (other than Sanji. Does almost dying count?).
The One Piece is actually a person
And a former member of the Roger pirates, and a future member of the Strawhats.

Zoro's scar...
  • Just some assorted theories about Zoro's scar:
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk on their very first day of training, as a warning from Mihawk to take things seriously.
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk on their very last day of training/right before Zoro's departure for Sabaody, to show Zoro just how much further he has to go before he's even in Mihawk's ballpark.
    • It was inflicted by Mihawk some time during the middle of their training - one day, Zoro just happened to let his concentration wander, got a little too cocky for his own good, and/or let his resolve waver a bit.
    • It has nothing to do with Mihawk at all, and will be the set-up for a "Duval's true face"-type joke some 300 chapters into the future.

Elder Nyon is actually Portgas D. Rouge only aged by a Devil Fruit similar to Bonney's
  • I believe that somehow Elder Nyon is actuallly Rouge because she had once left the Amazon Lilly island with a certain crew plus the flower on her head is very similar. Plus, I'm really starting to believe anything the Government states in reality because frankly, they covered up the Impel Down incident which released a lot of criminals, so I wouldn't buy the Tear Jerker even if it is sad because it's too good to be true.
    • Ivankov might have something to do with it as might have done age and height hormones in order to disguise her and seeing what he's done, I wouldn't be surprised.
      • And if there was a possibility of Rouge being alive as Elder Nyon I can justify while she had to leave Ace behind because as we've seen with Robin and Luffy, parents who are famous fugitives tend to have their kids targeted by the government.

Big Mom's monstrous form is actually a manifest Logia form to hide her true form
  • From what I've seen, her head is far too big to support the rest of her body, and even with the strange body shapes of the characters, they at least have a big enough body to not make the head seem oversized. I'm guessing she ate some sort of Acid Acid Fruit that allows her to drool acid

"Jack" is Doflamingo's Underboss.
  • In the latest chapter, 692, there is some focus on a "Jack" character during a meeting with the Underworld Brokers. One of them suggests to bear the bad news to some "Jack" character, while one responds that they'd be in deep trouble if they did. My guess is that Jack is either A) Doflamingo's main ally outside of his crew itself, or B) An entirely different Broker who is (POSSIBLY) a rival with Doffy.
    • what is also noticable is that in the panel to the left is another clue that one of the brokers we have been seeing is Rob Lucci,(apart from his long curly hair and top hat) specifically the one who said "it's probably the 'league' inform the whole world, this isn't just a problem for the underworld anymore". if you look closely, the man that he is talking to could very easily be Blueno.

Only Smiles can be fed to objects.
  • Every Devil Fruit shown to be ingested by an object thus far has been a Zoan-type. While Paramecia and Logia powers would be more difficult to write if non-living objets had them, they should exist, statistically speaking. Since none have been seen to exist, it must be that natural Devil Fruits cannot be ingested by non-sentient objects but Smiles, which are only Zoans, can do so. The filler writers seem to believe this too, as Shuzo's cannon can morph into an alpaca much the way Lassoo and Funkfreed could morph into a dachshund and an elephant respectively.

Both Bepo the Bear of the heart pirates and Pekoms the lion of the BM pirates are Minkmen, and the Demon guards of Impel Down, known as 'awakened zoans' are minkmen who have eaten their respecting zoan fruits.

  • When we first saw the list of slave varieties at Sabody it included long arms, long legs, snake necks and mink-men, since then we have seen a few long arms and tamago the long leg but no minkmen or snake necks.
Since then we have met bepo the talking bear and pekoms the talking lion, what is noticable about pekoms and bepo is that they are slightly human shaped. particularly when you remember richie the lion of buggys crew is shaped like a normal lion. what we also know is that pappug the starfish is a normal starfish who taught himself how to talk, and he is an anomoly as a talking animal while bepo and pekoms arnt seen as being as odd, except by luffy who doesnt know much about the world.
  • Confirmed for Bepo and Pekoms being Minks, but it's unlikely the Awakened Zoans are Minks.

  • The last bit of evidence is that pekoms, bepo, minotaurus and the other demon guards all have the same beedy little black eyes.

I propose, that mink-men in fact means fur-men, and refers to a race of people who are all shaped like different animals, similar to fish-men who are all shaped like different fish. And this would explain what an awakened zoan is: a minkman who has eaten the zoan fruit of the animal he resembles, e.g minokoala ate the koala fruit. And this would explain why the awakened zoans are somewhat mindless and super healing, their animal nature has been replicated two fold. however they cannot be animals who have eaten animal fruit as that would just make them enlightened, as oda stated what would happen if a man ate the hito hito no mi. It 'awakens' them becuase they are not animals, but animal-men.
  • Awakening is a more powerful form of a devil fruit like turning everything to string

There are pirate crews known as the Club Pirates and the Diamond Pirates.
  • We already have the Spade Pirates and the Heart Pirates, as well as a huge organization run by someone named Joker, so why not?

There´s a mention about Zoro´s scar, but not one about his eye.
  • Personally I think that Zoro is skilled enough to suffer such damage (even against Mihawk), but isn´t really smart to 'hide' something there. But it still bugs me.
  • Perhaps some kind of handicap (A Limited field of view like Sanji), or he sealed demons worst than Ashura in there...
  • Maybe a Mihawk-like eye? Although sure seems pretty difficulty to develop something like this just for traning hard...

The next crewmate could be a Maid/Sister
  • Seems like a joke but I have a hunch that they could give a try against some more religious themes. They messed with a eastern concept of God, why not the western concept?
  • But, if I remember well Miss Monday was a sister... Yeah, she was... Really would heart a more pretty one?
  • She would be really fancy with a useless devil fruit too...
  • Well Baby-5/Torpedo Girl seems a good try for now

Monet and Vergo will survive the events in Punk Hazard
  • That sure would be a very obscene asspull (more than Pell)... but a Guy isn´t forbid of dream here right?
  • At least partially Jossed-Monet is dead, Vergo's fate is unknown.
    • On the other hand, it is more likely confirmed. Monet's attack Yuki Rabi was shown in a ocean, after Mugiwaras left Punk Hazard. She also constantly keeps being mentioned by different people, including her being brought up by dwarves, as being a maid in Dressrosa Palace. If she is mentioned in a current flashback in manga, it would pretty much confirm her being alive and relevant to a plot.

Whitebeard was poisoned
  • As someone else noticed, a smiley, similar to D Ds is seen on one of Whitebeards medications (Chapter 234/page12).
What easier way to take out one of the yonkou than with poison? It would be an alternate explanation for him getting weaker. There are ways to poison someone slowly enough, so that a few tests wouldn`t have shown anything and WB didn`t seem like someone who would have tested his medication on someone else anyway.

Kaido has the Cat-Cat Fruit: Model Lion.
  • There is no Devil Fruit more suited for the King of the Beasts.
  • A recent chapter suggested that Kaido isn't actually human, but there's been no direct proof, yet.

Blackbeard has no Haki.
  • He has never been shown using some in the series, and his uncharacteristically cowardly (for a D) nature in the face of certain death likewise displays that he might not have the willpower to ever obtain some. Likewise, he would not have needed any to harm Shanks: just be reasonably skilled and perhaps use the other powers that have been theorized on him having. He does not let his lack of Haki bother him, either way, because with the power of his Fruit there is little to nothing it could further offer: he doesn't realize that the fact that he does not have it probably means he won't have what it takes to become the new Pirate King.
    • You're basing most of that theory on him "not having the willpower" to obtain Haki, but, cowardice aside, he has tons of willpower. For one, he has the Will of D. Willpower and bravery are very different things. Spending 20 years in Whitebeard's crew just to obtain the Devil's Fruit that he wanted is something that takes willpower.
      • He doesn't have the Will, at least, not according to Whitebeard. And willpower and patience are very different things too.

Luffy says he wants to beat all 4 yonko. He will get his chance with Big Mom, and Kaido but...
Blackbeard will beat him to the punch with Shanks. And then Luffy will beat Blackbeard. Not a very revolutionary wmg, I just I should say it.

Doflamingo will try and ally with a new Yonko
Unwilling to leave the Shichibukai, but scared of what Kaido will do without any SMILES, Doflamingo, while he has time, turns to either Big Mom or Blackbeard, and using the reputation of Kaido's Zoan Army, promises to make one for them in exchange for protection, with using the few SMILES he has around as a show of good faith. So, while either Big Mom or Blackbeard keep Kaido at bay, he has enough time to try and find Caesar before all the SMILES go bye-bye and he's completly screwed, with the added perk of of he does get him back, he has a new patron and protection.
  • Couldn't he just use those same SMILES to keep appeasing Kaido for a while?

Law has ties to Gecko Moria, be it directly or indirectly.
Both have plans to defeat Kaido. Perhaps Law is secretly allied with Moria, or is a son or other relative of one of Moria's deceased crew, which is why he seeks to dethrone the Yonko.

Kaido has eaten a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit.
The model? Behemoth. There is no beast greater than the Behemoth, and given that the first thing people mention about Kaido is his strength, it's not entirely inconceivable that it would come from a Devil Fruit.
  • In support of this, what's believed to be a snippet recently given of what he's like shows he's gigantic and has horns, both of which the Behemoth is often depicted as having.
  • There's also the fact he's seemingly unkillable, at least by everything someone has tried. The Behemoth in mythology can only be killed by divine might.

Doflamingo's fruit is the reason everyone is so loyal to him.
He doesn't just use Razor Floss or People Puppets: his power also allows him to pull people's heartstrings.
  • The real reason is because his executives have reinforced his massive ego and sociopathy when he was young due to his willpower
  • Actually, his fruit is a result of everyone being so loyal to him, being a gift from Trebol.

Blackbeard's middle name isn't really D.
Blackbeard either learned the truth of the Will of D or has a good idea what it means. Knowing this, he called himself Marshall D. Teach to make others think he had it too, thus making people think that on the inside, he's as strong as the likes of Garp, Luffy or Roger. This explains why unlike others who possessed the Will of D, Blackbeard panics when faced with even the possibility of death.

The unrevealed Shichibukai is Drake
Think about it. He used to be a high-ranking Marine and thus knows a lot about the inner workings of the WG, and the fact that he went out of his way to piss Kaido off, coupled with his no-nonsense nature, suggests that he's very powerful and fully aware of what he's doing as opposed to some moron trying to make a name for himself. It also seems like something that he could have done just to talk the WG into giving him a job, because a). he doubtlessly knows tons of shit that could seriously hurt them, and b). the fact that he was willing to anger a dude who was practically Newgate's equal while being fully aware of the implications would seem to be a pretty effective intimidation tactic, as in "hey, if I'm willing to make the dude who very well could have killed Whitebeard on his own mad, what makes you think I won't fuck you up as well?". Besides, Akainu may be an inexcusably awful monster, but he's not an idiot and would much rather have someone like that on his side.
  • He left the government when he was a Rear Admiral likely because he couldn't stand working for them, so it would be out of character to go back and work for the organization he left. So kinda jossed.

You do not die by eating multiple Devil Fruits.
Rather, you can accumulate Devil Fruit powers by simply eating another one. The only ones who knows this are Blackbeard and his crew. He managed to gain the Quake-Quake powers from Whitebeard by keeping a small fruit on his person and showing up to land the finishing blow on him—the fruit then became the Quake-Quake Fruit, Blackbeard ate it underneath the covers, and he gained the powers.

Luffy now had a tatoo on his arm.
Probably it's the old 3D2Y or it's something similiar like Ace. ASL maybe? We never see him without his sleeves since timeskip, after all.

When a Fruit user die, the nearest fruit is transformed into the fruit that person ate
It explains why Fruits can be found all around the world, they don't grow in a particular place. In the Punk Hazard arc, the Slime ated the Axolotl Fruit and when he "died", transforming into a giant cloud of poisonous gas, we got a close-up of a apple in abasket morphing into a Devil Fruit.
  • Isn't this confirmed already?
    • It's implied pretty strongly.

Monet is yandere towards children
She thinks those kidnapped children as her own. She acted good to them (as the children themselves said) not because she's putting up a front, but because she's genuinely love them (in a disturbing way) and wished them to returned those feelings back. She gave them medicine so they get addicted, thus would never leave and always depending on her. Just looked at her reaction when those children were rescued. She thought they were taking her children away.
  • Jossed. She's passed away now, and there's nothing really to support she saw the kids as anything but "toys" (she seems to get a kick out of suffering).
    • Her death is not exactly confirmed...and this is technically WMG.

Blackbeard is responsible for the Firetank Pirates being sucked up into the sky.
It's consistent with his powers, and if he's hunting for useful Devil Fruits then there are few that allow more dickish abuse of them than Capone Bege's. Plus, it would mean that Sanjuan Wolf wouldn't have to swim any more!

Roger is Luffy's maternal grandfather.
Who's to say he never had any other children? A daughter of his would then go on to meet up with Dragon and end up having a son with him. Just imagine how the tension between Roger and Garp would be even further increased if their children were dating...
  • Kind of makes sense, but again, that would mean Ace is Luffy's uncle. And, as stated in canon repeatedly by people who know better, Ace and Luffy are not related by blood.

Kaido is really seek out the Smiles so he can eventually make a special Zoan so he can become an Ultimate Life Form
It would be lame if he just wanted an army of Zoan similar to Shiki who just wanted an army of animals to do his bidding, so he has to have an ulterior motive for wanting the Smiles

The Ancient Weapon Pluton is actually the Maxim.
A ship that can fly into space, with technologically advanced mechanism that left Ussop baffled? Pretty suspicious already, but that's not all! We know that Gol D. Roger went to Skypea and we know that he can read the poneglyphs. To get the Log Pose pointing to Skypea, it means Roger had to spend time in Alabasta, where the poneglyph about Pluton is. My theorie is that Roger got the Blueprint from Alabasta, then Enel/his mentor? somehow became aware of them while Roger was in Skypea(Maybe through his Mantra/Observation Haki). Then in Water 7, Roger gave the blueprint to Tom as payment for making his boat or just for safe keeping. How does that sound?

The reason that Bartholomew Kuma agreed to become a Pacifista was to reliably sneak information to Dragon and the Revolutionaries, allowing them to eventually produce their own super-soldier cyborgs.
It's clear that the Pacifista program was HIGHLY top-secret until their reveal at Sabaody, and getting moles into Vegapunk's laboratory to sneak information out would have been extremely risky and nigh-impossible due to how important his work is to the World Government. By volunteering to undergo the process (which was shown to be step-by-step) and as a Shichibukai to begin with, Kuma would naturally have the freedom to come and go as he pleased between operations. This allowed him to pass on direct knowledge of the transformation process to Dragon, allowing him to gain the ability to eventually create his own version of Pacifistas while knowing the weaknesses that plague the World Government's versions. It also has the added possibility of potentially bringing Kuma's personality and consciousness back - if the Revolutionaries have a chance they might be able to override Vegapunk's programming and bring Kuma back at some point.

Makino's kid
Shanks is the father.
  • Alternatively, it's Ace's. Yes, this is WMG.
    • But it's an impossible one. It was clearly a baby; Ace has been dead for two years. 9 months of pregnancy and 2-6 months of life don't add up to two years. Even disregarding that, it's unlikely he left Whitebeard's crew to make the extremely long and dangerous trip through the New World, under the Red Line, through Paradise, over Reverse Mountain, and across East Blue to bang his Cool Big Sis figure and then get back across East Blue, over Reverse Mountain, through Paradise, under the Red Line, and through the New World again in time to catch Blackbeard kill Thatch. Sooo... completely possible for it to be Shanks' kid. Ace? Definitely no.
    • If the kid is Shanks', then the series conclusion will include Luffy inspiring the kid to become a pirate like Shanks did for him.
  • Wasn't this supposed to be relatively obvious?

The following characters will fight the Celestial Dragons...
Boa Hancock, Dr. Hogback, Merry (Kaya's butler, not the boat), Pierre, Dalton, Donquixote Doflamingo (I think), one of the Lapahns, Admiral Kisaru, and (of all characters) Nezumi. Possibly Monkey D. Dragon as well.
  • The reason? They are called the Celestial Dragons. The Dragon is an animal on the Chinese Zodiac. So far, the only two people to fight them are Monkey D. Luffy and Fisher Tiger. If Oda did that on purpose (Why did I say if?) then we can guess the other animals of the Chinese Zodiac will get involved as well. Boa = Snake. Hogback = Hog. Merry = Ram. Pierre = Horse. Dalton = Ox. Doflamingo kinda = Rooster. Lapahn = Rabbit. Kisaru's nickname = Dog. Nezumi = Rabbit. Since the Celestial Dragons already have "Dragon" in their names, it's up in the air whether a second dragon (Dragon) will fight them as well.

When Kaido and Luffy finally meet for the first time, Kaido will nearly kill him with a focused Haki burst.
This is a being whose very mention traumatizes Moriah and cows Doflamingo into surrendering his position as a Warlord of the Sea. Plus, it would be an interesting scale-up: Crocodile was the first to bring Luffy to the brink of death, Lucci was the first to do so by mere brute force, so what if Kaido managed it by sheer force of will?

Kaido uses the Hito-Hito no Mi: Model Satan.
What better power for Kaido of the Beasts to have than that of "The Beast" himself?

How Marshall D. Teach is able to take people's Devil Fruits
... We know from Ace that when a Devil Fruit user dies, whatever fruit is nearest becomes that person's Devil Fruit. So, now imagine that Whitebeard survived Akainu's attack. He was still alive... until Blackbeard killed him. Therefore, Whitebeard's Devil Fruit would go to the nearest fruit... which would be the Devil Fruit that Blackbeard already ate! Therefore, it doesn't break any establshed rules. Instead of "eating two Devil Fruits and somehow surviving" it is now one Devil Fruit has two powers. Does that make sense?
  • ...Then what about Akainu and Ace?
    • Well, it's possible that since the Marines were outright there to execute Ace, they could have prepared for that. Ace did not die immediately after Akainu killed him. Therefore, Akainu had time to gain distance. Considering Doflamingo has Ace's Devil Fruit and he was at the Battle of Marineford, it seems pretty likely that he deliberately put extra fruits all over the place to make sure that he, and he alone, knew where it was regenerated to. It makes some sense and establishes Doflamingo as a major Chess Master.

Big Mom is Oars Jr.'s mom
He's big and it's reasonable that so is his mom
  • What about Otohime and Shirahoshi?

The Gomu Gomu no mi used to belong to someone close to Shanks
Inspired by The Mera-Mera WMG. Before Luffy ate it the Gomu Gomu no mi was eaten by someone close to Shanks. When they died Shanks took the regrown fruit like Luffy is currently trying to do.

Blackbeards original devil fruit was the Fruit Fruit Fruit

There will be fruit...
... growing from the Jewel Tree Adam. And a Devil Fruit user will die there. Do the math.

Luffy will turn out to be a Logia
We've got him mastering Haki and the Gears, the only improvement left is that he's actually a Logia. Aside from elemental control (missing), his body can completely become rubber, and he appears to manifest this at all times. When you compare this to many of the other Paramecia (like Foxy) whose powers are largely temporary, it's quite different. The fact that he can significantly alter his body also confirms this. As for what element, it's a type of earth power. His body can become as soft as clay or hard as vulcanized rubber. His ability to use Haoshoku Haki is sort of a shock wave effect, as it the ability to harden his body with Haki. In other words, he's using Earth powers that look like/overlap with Haki.
  • Jossed. Luffy's Gum Gum Fruit has been confirmed as a Paramecia many times. There are several things that make it not a Logia. He can't generate limitless amounts of rubber nor move it by itself without force like all Logias have shown the ability to do. His body can also be hurt by plain blunt attacks (Lucci, anyone?), which is major evidence against him being Logia; even solid Logias like Aokiji's ice and Crocodile's sand aren't hurt by plain blunt attacks, they don't even feel them. Also, there are other Paramecias that are permanently "on" at all times, like Buggy's Chop Chop fruit (after all, he can't "turn off" his body splitting up when it gets cut, as shown when Mihawk cut him by surprise).

Alternately, Luffy will turn out to be a Zoan
Not as they're typically understood, but maybe a plant-type Zoan. Maybe something like the Tsuru Tsuru (Vine Vine) no Mi Model: Rubber. The reason he can extend parts of his body is because he has "awakened" his fruit, like Marco and the Impel Down guards.
  • Uh, isn't plant and animal are different?

The secret to possessing several Devil Fruit powers is cannibalism.
It'd be only natural that to achieve something as awesome as two DF-powers at once you'd have to commit an utterly heinous act that isn't common among the general public. Maybe taking in another person's essence allows you to use a second Devil Fruit, because technically your body contains two human souls. This would also explain why Bartolomeo, being already a DF user, takes part in the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi. Being the despicable person that he is, he has most likely already consumed human flesh.
  • "Cannibal" is a pun. In Japan, "eating people" means "mockering" which also describes Bartolomeo's character.

Akainu will be killed by the next owner of Mera Mera no Mi
. Because the only thing even more satisfying than having him defeated by Luffy's hand would be having him defeated by the power he considers inferior to his own.
  • Well now we have the next user of mera-mera, I support this WMG.

Big Mom will will try to bite someone's head off during a fight
Well her name is Charlotte Lin Lin...

Rebecca will join the crew.
Think about it; she's got a unique look, a unique weapon (a broadsword as opposed to a katana or shikomizue), and, if she wins the tournament, the Mera Mera no Mi's powers. Plus, I think it's time for a third female on the crew.
  • As much as I would like that, it seems unlikely now that her father has reunited with her, and told her she doesn't have to fight anymore. Unless Rebecca is somehow inspired by her father's acts and legend to keep on fighting anyway, it's unlikely she'll join the crew.

Caesar just messed up Doflamingo's plan massively.
Why? He called him Joker. In front of an Admiral who was already not impressed with how much he'd messed the Marines around with his fake-out. Crocodile got kicked out of the Warlords for far less, how likely is it that Doflamingo's still going to be in the Marine's good books once they find out that he's still active as the principal crime boss on the planet?
  • His status as a crime boss has come up before, but he is tolerated because he works for the Celestial Dragons.
  • Well, the reasons are wrong, but he's right in a way. Ceasar did mess up his plans massively... by getting captured in the first place. So this is half-confirmed, half-jossed. Also, Doflamingo doesn't work for the Celestial Dragons.

Gecko Moriah will return and use Ace as a zombie.
A truly wild guess, I know, but with Moriah last being seen on the wrong end of a cliff-hanger, perhaps his story is not done yet; and Oda is obviously still keeping Ace a relevant part of the story postmortem by having this Dressrosa arc include Luffy going after Ace's old Devil fruit. Now, Moriah is always looking for strong corpses; maybe sometime faaaaaaar down the line in this second half of the manga, Moriah will find the grave-site of Ace in the New World and he'll use Ace's body in order to piss off Luffy- and attract the Straw-Hats attention again, too.
  • And if he'd use Ace's corpse, what stops him from using Whitebeard's too?
    • OH CRAP!!!
  • Or, for that matter, Monet's corpse, or Belle-mere's, Kuina's, Tom's, Noland, Calgara, the Oharans, the Runbars, Sabo, Otohime, Fisher Tiger, Hiriluk, characters currently unknown... Hell, Gol D. Roger has a corpse! The possiblities are endless!
  • Not Sabo though.

Zoro was originally from Water 7.
These Tumblr posts would elaborate.

The reason why the WG are looking for Bonney
...is because they want Bonney to return the Gorosei to young again.

Fujitora was behind the giant black hole that was pulling Capone Bege`s ship towards it

Luffy is the reincarnation of Gol D. Roger
It would explain so much - why Shanks is so very fond of him and gave him the hat, why he's so confident that he will become the Pirate King, all the little similarities between them (including the execution platform bit and his extreme protectiveness towards Ace).

The entire crew will eventually master various forms of Haki.
It's been foreshadowed in one case: Sanji used Kenbunshoku Haki in Nami's body, while he's primarily a Busoshoku Haki user, likely hinting that she's got the skill but lacks the training or knowledge of how to implement it. As for the others, it only seems like a logical thing to develop for the rest of the crew if Nami were to gain it.
  • I beg to differ; I think the haki is connected to one's soul and not body (while Devil Fruit powers do go to the body). Plus it's never been shown whether Sanji can do the Armament one or not anyway.

Garp originally dreamed to be a pirate.
Oda's drawing of young Garp depicts him with a treasure chest.

When two people with Conqueror's Haki face off, it's always a Big Deal.
Before chapter 716, it's only reliably happened once on-screen: with Shanks and Whitebeard. In both cases, the clash resulted in visible air ripples and other cool shit. Perhaps there are also larger, legitimate ramifications of such battles and their outcomes? Surely in the case of Shanks and Whitebeard fighting, the consequences ended up being pretty dire: Whitebeard appears to have won, and went on to rescue Ace, and we all know how that ended.

There are currents that lead out of the Grand line through the calm belt
This would explain how people like Zeff, Krieg, and Mihawk were able to get out of the Grand line so easily, because they just got on some of these currents and it could also explain why the marines don't just go through the calm belt to get to Raftel there's probably a really strong current there.

There's still a functional Ancient Weapon... and it's controlled by the Tenryuubito
This explain how they can hold such enormous power despite being hated by basically everyone.

Usopp is related to Norland
He made their supposed relation up to fool the dwarves, but we all know how Usopp's lies have tendency to become the truth. Plus, the dwarves could finally give him an opportunity to control 8000 men!

Bepo is a normal bear that had a human soul implanted by Law
We know Law can switch souls. Perhaps he saved a dying crewmate by switching his soul with a bear's when he couldn't save his body?

The purpose of Noah?
Near the end of Fishman Island arc, in the Poneglyph located near the island, it is mentioned by Joy Boy that the colossal ship Noah's purpose will not be known until it's the right time. If we're going to take the symbolism of the name, then here's my guess...

It was stated by Whitebeard that, when the One Piece is discovered, the entire world will be shaken to the core. Assuming this is true, then by the end of the series we'll have a colossal disaster, a colossal battle, or maybe both, but the end's the same: the world will be covered in water as the side effect. Here comes Noah: it will be used by the survivors of the event to, well, save themselves from the disaster. As for who, though, I might have no idea for now.
  • Or maybe it will be the opposite: the sea level will LOWER and continents will appear for the first time in centuries.

(Unrelated to the above) Blackbeard Pirates would take Noah as their ship
San Juan Wolf, among them, is a giant among giants, but we can directly see that Noah is about half as big as the Fishman Island itself. For the purpose of convenience, I believe they'll take the ship for themselves (maybe at the later part of the story) just so they would fit SJW in.
  • Why would he need a ship? He's so big he can swim between the islands on his own, and in the shallower parts of the sea, even WADE.

Impel Down was originally meant to be the Noah's Ark
It always bugged me how illogical Impel Down is (for example, if you have to have a burning level AND a freezing level, why would you put them right next to each other)? And why making a prison that's so ostentatious waste of space? Think of it — there are whole forests in there and from what we saw, the prisoner cells themselves occupy pretty small fraction of all that space. I think it originally had a very different purpose and it wasn't built by the current civilization. Perhaps Impel Down was the Noah's Ark of the One Piece world, laden with various biotopes to host animals and plants when the water started to cover the world. It was built sturdy to survive the flooding (after all, have you seen anyone in One Piece making large-scale underwater constructions? Impel Down surpasses everything on the Fishman Island) and eventually, when the WG was formed, its secure location made it ideal to be repurposed as a prison.

Blackbeard is two people in one
It has been discussed for quite some time what makes Blackbeard's "unique" body so unique. Due to how he is actually quite muscular but has a enormous gut, the idea that he has a case of Fetus in fetu or a parasitic twin and the like has been brought up before, but I believe it may be a bit more sinister then that. For example, there has been quite a few times when Blackbeard has subtle changes in personality. There is times where is brave then cowardly, stupid then cunning, polite then sadistic, overconfident then cautious, so on and so forth. It really does seem odd how he ping-pongs between two extremes so much in general personality. My guess is he does indeed have a absorbed twin in his stomach, but it is actually a Fetus Terrible that is somehow still alive, and shares a mind with his brother. This is why his personality fluctuates because it's when one of the two is more in control.

And it also the reason why he can have two Devil's Fruits as his brother is still alive within him and has his own soul. And also why Blackbeard did not show him getting the power of the Gura Gura no Mi as it somehow was eaten by his twin and probably would want to hide such a fact.

There will be a Tree of Life
So far we have seen Adam Tree (almost indestructible and main material of both Oro Jackson and Thousand Sunny), Eve Tree (source of light on Fishman Island) and Tree of Knowledge (Ohara). To complete the Garden of Eden parallel, some kind of Tree of Life is necessary.

Gekko will make a Heel–Face Turn to help the Straw Hats against Kaido
Maybe being cast out of the Warlords and left for dead has given him some perspective.
  • This troper agrees. Moria was the first one in the story to mention Kaidou, and he obviously holds a huge grudge against the Yonkou for slaughtering his beloved crew. It'd make sense that he'd be brought in to aid the Straw Hats. (Also, Moria seems to be an odd "reflection" of Luffy; he's what the Straw Hat captain would have become if he had permanently lost his crew, so it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to have them see eye to eye, even if it's just against Kaidou.)

Gekko will wind up being a Big Bad candidate who forces the Straw Hats to ally with Kaido
Then again, maybe not.
  • Doubtful. Between his army being gone, the Marines being back on his ass, and a generally far less forgiving playing field this time around (not to mention the fact that he's far weaker than he used to be without having any of Buggy's craftiness or skill at manipulation), he's probably out for the count unless he somehow got his ass into gear without being unceremoniously killed by Akainu.

Garp will run afoul of Sakazuki somehow.
Regardless of Garp's reputation as "The Hero", a few problematic details remain.
  • Garp's son is Public Enemy #1.
  • Garp's grandson is a pirate with a mid-nine-digit bounty who has defeated Cipher Pol 9 as well as multiple Warlords. He also broke into Impel Down to retrieve Ace, and gave the World Government hell at Marineford.
  • Garp also raised the son of Gold Roger (aiding and abetting an enemy of the state).
Any one of these factors would make a General Ripper like Sakazuki believe that Garp will inevitably betray the World Government, but all three of them make it likely that Sakazuki may act on those suspicions.
  • Not to mention that Sakazuki killed Garp's adopted grandson, which would very easily make the feeling mutual.

Brook's hair's strong roots is the reason why he has that scar on his skull and the reason why he has great musical talent.
Someone pulled on his hair so hard it actually broke his head and exposed a little part of his brain: that exposure to the air increased his musical ability.
  • That scar came from around 50 years ago; when he's still "alive", he has a similar scar on his forehead. Perhaps he took damage that was so severe that it also damaged the skull beneath it?

Brook will create a Stable Time Loop by travelling back in time and making Yorki contract the disease he had.

Yorki could hear the Voice of all Things.
He was a captain of a crew whose deal was music.

Ryuuma was the last shared ancestor of Brook and Zoro.
Just because.

Usopp will finally have his 8000 followers
  • Hasn't he already?
  • This may be confirmed in the recent arc, where Usopp is seen commanding an army of dwarves who believe he is "the descendent of Norland."
  • The dwarves know the truth about Usopp now and still consider him their hero. And he has the eternal gratitude of a great many pirates who he saved from being turned into toys as well. Does that add up to 8000 men yet?

Souls are created by the biological activity of the brain.
Many species of animals have souls too.
Kuina's death is part of the reason why Zoro can't stand Sanji.

X Drake joined Kaido
X Drake attacked the island in order to gain the attention of Kaido so he could become on of his allies and gain access to his vast resources but unknown to Kaido he is really working with Law and feeding info back to him as a double agent.
  • [[spolier: Joining Kaido is confirmed, but no evidence yet of being a double agent]].

Death is a female.
And she's totally a Soul King fangirl.

There's a genetic condition that makes hair grow directly from the skull.
Brook has it.

Neptune pronouncing Zoro's name as "Zori" is a Take That to 4Kids calling him Zolo.
Kinda late, actually.

The marines will put Zoro`s scar on the wrong side of his face when they make his new wanted poster
and of course Sanji will make fun of it

Bonney's powers use time manipulation.

Brownbeard will become a division commander in the Straw hat pirates .
He will escape from the marines and from another pirate crew with the centaur guard`s

When he ate the Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook opened several portals which lead to the afterlife.

Cavendish is Calico Yorki reincarnated.

Garp and Roger are brothers.
Or oherwise closly related. This would expain so much, such as why Ace and Luffy look so much like each other, why Luffy looks so much as Roger, and why Gol D Roger trusted Garp, who was his enemy for years, with his sun. Seriously, they even look like each other!
  • Wouldn't that make him Monkey D. Roger? I mean, they *do* use the Japanese name format, the family name being 'Monkey'. Even though the Funimation dub retains it, the name scheme would be 'Garp D. Monkey, Dragon D. Monkey, Luffy D. Monkey, Roger D. Gold, Ace D. Portgas, Zoro Roranora, etc.]
  • As shown with Ace, he picked up his mother's name; and in the recent chapter it was possible to just hide some part of the name. It is possible someone just change their name out of convenience.
  • Or they're half brothers.

Hack was talking to the revolutionaries on the den den mushi

The Yonkou are not the biggest threats in the New World
Despite their reputation as essentially the most powerful/influential characters in the series, we're learning about them fairly quickly. Law quickly establishes that it's either "join an Emperor or rebel against them" to survive in the New World, but considering no one is Pirate King yet there's still islands that haven't been explored and likely characters that may surpass them.

Vivi and her family will again be relevant to the main story before the finale.
Consider this: Given the revelation that her family has the blood of the World Nobles, and the fact that sooner or later, said World Nobles and the Gorosei are going to fall, it seems likely that there's going to be a need for a new ruler for the world, or at least a de facto chairperson in the World Government. Vivi or Cobra seem the most logical for this role considering their just policies and reasonable leadership skills. Even if they don't end up taking this role, it seems likely that they will have a hand in shaping the new governmental policy in some fashion.

the 4Kids dubbing was intentional in some of the edits.
Now, don't get me wrong, 4Kids edited the One Piece dub in all the wrong places at times... but if you also think about it, they ended up "Accidentally" killing off characters twice. Kuina was essentially given a mob hit to take her out of the picture. Bell-Mere was locked up in the dungeon and could be implied to have starved to death. Who's to say they didn't do this intentionally... to get around their own standards of censoring.

Brook's Devil Fruit is making him become a demon

Dellinger`s legs were originally Monet`s.
  • Jossed. That would mean that Law would've had to come in close contact with Dellinger and Monet at the same time, but we know Law only recently met Monet and gave her the harpy legs while on Punk Hazard and he hadn't been in contact with any Donquixote pirates before that for 13 years.

The Kage Kage no Mi is the opposite of the Yomi Yomi no Mi.

Brook can "turn off" his senses when he needs to.

Bellemeré is Luffy's mother.
I had this idea here. (I know. Shut up.) If it turns out to be true, Nami, Luffy and Dragon will have a lot to talk.
  • That seems really unlikely. Bellemeré found Nami when she was just a baby and Luffy is a year younger than her, meaning Bellemeré would have been pregnant when she adopted the girls. Nojiko would have been old enough to recognize a pregnancy, and it would just be weird that she'd never think to mention that their mother had given birth within a few months of adopting them.
  • I'd say this is Jossed; the evidence against it is too much for it to make sense without a major retcon. Also, they were on two completely different islands.

Someone important to the Straw Hats was turned into a toy before the series began.
Once the toys are liberated, the memories will come flooding back, and at least one major character will get a major revelation that turns the series on its head.

In the first moments Brook was reborn, he had the mind and memories of a newborn.
Then he remembered everything and felt silly.

The reason Blackbeard needed the Yami Yami no Mi is because he is unable to use any type of Haki
I always wondered exactly why Blackbeard was so desperate to take that Devil Fruit, even going as far as murder and possibly pissing off the World's Strongest Man, but then it occurred to me; what if, unlike those who simply haven't achieved it, Blackbeard is incapable of it completely. It would certainly explain why such an ambitious person would stay relatively unnoticed as a part of Whitebeard's crew. The Yami Yami no Mi was the only thing he could use to nullify Logia-class invulnerability, and wouldn't have made it far in the New World as a captain without it. If I had to guess why, I'd say that his ability to steal Devil Fruit powers and what caused him to have that ability is what prevents him from learning Haki.

Sabo is adopted by Dragon
He'd had an initial D in his name.

Hack is a revolutionary member and the true teacher of Fishman Karate
Since Koala is mentioned as its substitute teacher, and Hack is shown contacting someone in Den Den Mushi, it seems likely.
  • Yes so far on the revolutionary part, question is out on whether or not he's a teacher.

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is the Devil's Fruit.
Brook's powers are connected to the underworld, and the Devil lives in the underworld(this is an assumption).

The entirety of Part Two is just one long Ship Tease.
... And by "ship", I mean the Thousand Sunny. First the crew got to Fishman Island. There, Jinbei was offered the chance to join the crew, and he didn't have an issue with it. Plus, Shirahoshi became friends with the Strawhats and promised to get stronger. Then on Punk Hazard, Kin'emon and Momonosuke joined them and Trafalgar Law formed an alliance with them. They came close to the Reverie, where Vivi would have been. And now on Dressrosa there's, among many [[HSQ others]], there's Koala and Sabo! Surume, Rebecca, Baby 5... Oda stated that the crew would end up with ten members, which means there's only one opening left. The entire second half of the series is teasing us with possibilities of who that final nakama will be, until, to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be Gin.
  • I disagree with the last guess. He's already had his crew last we've seen him. I'm pretty sure he's alive though, somehow. There's devil fruit ability like Ivankov or Law that could possibly cure him.

Pluton, Posideon and Uranus are actually parts of an ancient crew of pirates.
We will Actually hear about more ancient weapons, and the final strawhat crew will be a Generation Xerox of that ancient pirate crew. Thousand Sunny is Pluton. Franky built the ship with Pluton's designs in mind. Luffy is Posideon. He has been hinted at the ability to hear seakings.
  • Um, dude, Shirahoshi is Poseidon. Luffy may be able to hear sea kings, but Shirahoshi can control them.

Gol D. Roger had the power of the Yami Yami no Mi.
Once he had been executed the fruit had been reincarnated into the world, and is why Blackbeard wanted to obtain it so much that he would kill his own crew for it.

The Straw Hat Pirates will eventually kill the Five Elder Stars, only for the entire World Government to swear vengeance againt them.

The next Straw Hat will be an old woman.
  • In order to complete the "family" theme the crew has going they still need a grandmother. Plus it would be nice to have a female member of the crew who wasn't walking Fanservice.
  • Er, even if she's an old woman, she could still be a fanservice. Someone like Kureha, for example?

Characters are going to start dying more often.
Monet and Vergo's deaths seemed a bit sudden and unneeded, and they're part of a very small group of characters that die outside of a flashback. Perhaps this is Oda saying that the New World doesn't mess around, and death is a very common thing, and characters both good and bad are going to start dying more often in the future.
  • Jossed. No one else died in that arc, including Brownbeard and all marine soldiers who were supposed to be dead because of Shinokuni. The same goes for Law and Caesar both of which survived 3 gun shots in heart (Law concealed Caesar's heart near his own). This also brings a possibility of Monet surviving heart stab, given that she she is a logia
    • No, Monet is dead. And it's not really Jossed until the series goes on further, there's only been one (incomplete) arc since these two died. There's plenty of time for non-flashback death.
      • Monet is alive. Hence why her attack was shown in a ocean after Mugiwaras left Punk Hazard, and hence why she is still mentioned in flashbacks. Until her death is confirmed, she is alive. The same is with Vergo. Oda didn't confirm their death. And Vergo was recently revealed to be a first Corazon, it is like he is already confirmed to be alive.
      • Vergo is at least dead, Doflamingo confirmed it.

Brook sometimes can see the readers.

Brook has Emotional Powers.

Doflamingo has secret weapons.
Agents, that got turned into toys by sugar. They only get turned back in case of an emergency and get turned into toys again, immediately after the emergency is handled, so no one can remember and prepare for them.
  • Seems quite unlikely by now, since we still haven't seen them.

The World Government already has Uranus
Of the Ancient Weapons, Poseidon (that is, Shirahoshi) is firmly in Luffy's camp, and Pluton is Lost Forever. If the Government were to attain Uranus, we'd have an excellent even playing field for the final battle.

Reverie will be a Perspective Flip arc
With all the hype Reverie has gotten, it's doubtful it'll take place offscreen, but the Straw Hats have already passed Mariejois and there'd be no reason for them to head back. However, there is a certain honorary Straw Hat who is likely to be there: Vivi, getting a chance to be the main protagonist for an arc.
  • Highly, highly likely as of the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Monet will join SHP
Because we haven't known who throws that notes to Chopper. I believe major characters aren't dead until confirmed.
  • Even though this is the world of One Piece, we're talking about a woman whose heart was pierced while it was vulnerable. Logia or not, there's no coming back from that. And even if she did survive, she's too heartless to join the crew.
    • We may talk about One Piece world, but this is not the first time someone survived a heart stab. Both Luffy and Robin survived it in their respectable fights with Crocodile. And most recently in anime both Law and Caesar survived it after Law's encounter with Doflamingo and him being shot into his heart 3 times, he also had a Caesar's heart concealed in his chest pocket the whole time), so it is not a hard stretch to suggest that Monet could have survived it as well, given that she was a logia and was stabbed by icicle (an irony). She also keeps being mentioned by different people, including dwarves. And there are a ton of mysteries behind her character that were never explained. What also supports a theory of Monet joining Strawhats is a telescope on a straw hat crew ship. So far, no one used it, and Monet is hinted to be an astronomer in manga (one of the mysteries behind her which were never explained), given that she read books with words "Astro" and "Clip" which may very vell go for "Astronomy" and "Eclipse". Which also supports this theory is a fact, that Enel is currently on a Moon, and Skypieans are hinted to be descended from a Moon. And in Robin's flashback, we could see a model of 6 moons in Ohara's people' possession, who studied the Voide Century, so this could be a basis for supposing, that there are Poneglyphs on a Moon, and Robin can have a need to visit it. The current arc Dressrosa also supports it by bringing back characters, which are relevant to Skypiea and Jaya arcs, namely Bellamy and Montblanc Norland. What speaks more about possibility of Monet being alive is the apperance of something which very close resembles her attack Yuki Rabi in an ocean, when Mugiwaras left Punk Hazard. The funny fact, is that a rabit in japanese culture is very often related to a moon rabbit from asian folclore. There are even some anime series who make a direct reference to it, for example Sailor Moon, the name of the main character of which is Tsukino Usagi, which basically translates from japanese as Moon Rabbit.

Oda TOTALLY had the browser in mind when he created Kinemon.

Sogeking will be replaced with Usoland
When the crew's bounties get updated, the marines will hear the dwarves call Usopp "Usoland" and will interpret it as if that's his real name. His portrait will be based on some idealized sculpture, so that people at his village will still not recognize him.
  • While not an actual bounty, Doflamingo does give Usopp the highest bounty in his little "game" and refer to him as "God Usoland." The Marines going along with that seems pretty likely.
  • Maybe the marines will think that Usoland and Sogeking are different people which will cause them to believe the strawhats have more members than they actually have...

Bellamy will join the Barto Club
Eventually Bellamy will get the hint that Doflamingo does not care about him and will join Bartolemo`s crew they seem to get along well

Luffy's mother is Vegapunk
She was genderswapped by Iva shortly after Luffy's birth and took on a new identity to gain better research materials.

Big Mom will temporarily ally with the Straw Hats
Assuming Big Mom is Lola's mom, if Big mom is on the ship, then Nami will figure it out and ask Big Mom for a favor with regard to Donflamingo and/or Kaido. After they team up and kick ass, they can have the fight about Fishman Island.

Sabo will join Luffy's crew as the resident Logia user
He did mention in Chapter 731 that he has to "inherit Ace's will" and we know Doflamingo has been holding on to the Mera Mera no Mi as bait to trap Luffy. So Sabo is going to be the one to eat the fruit, display incredible power with it, and then afterward join Luffy in whatever capacity Luffy will allow.
  • Well, Sabo did eat the fruit, but the rest of the theory is so far unlikely considering he's Dragon's Number Two. I doubt he'd just up and leave the Revolutionaries, even for Luffy's sake; at least not without thinking it through first.

Ace's will is freedom
Which is, ironically, inherited after Sabo's 'death'. He said to Luffy 'to live without regret and more free than anyone else'. Luffy thought of 'Pirate king is the one with the most freedom'. As for Sabo himself he wants freedom from his noble family and later joined on revolutionary, which fights for freedom against World Government

Nami will play a role in Doflamingo's defeat.
It's been established that Doflamingo's Devil Fruit power involves puppet strings created from clouds...who better to blow away those clouds than someone with weather-control abilities?
  • It doesn't seem likely, she was nowhere near Dressrosa.
    • Plus, it took a Gear 4th Luffy to do much damage.

Brook's soul can possess bodies of water.
That's because he would die only if he was in the water and not if he was the water.

Pekoms ate the mythic zoan fruit of the tarrasque.
No, not the D&D tarrasque, the mythical French dragon creature of legend. It has the head of a lion and a turtle shell.

The One Piece, if it even exists, is NOT at Raftel.
Two reasons for this. If memory serves Rodger himself never called the one piece by name. He just mentioned his treasure. Also when did he ever say he left it at Raftel. He just said he left it at "that place." Seems to me like people are just assuming he left it at Raftel, when there is no real evidence to support it.

The time placement of the series.
It has been established this series takes place on Earth, but when? I know when: over a thousand years after a global nuclear war nearly wiped out all life on Earth. Nuclear summer brought extreme sea level rises, which explains why there are so many islands and no sign of any true mainland.

Think about it: they have wind-powered ships and swords, yet they still have modern-looking firearms, PA systems, and modern fashions. There is also nothing powered by fossil fuels, meaning technology has yet to fully recover.

All of the Devil Fruits are actually regular fruits that are irradiated. The ambient radiation may also explain why there are strange-looking characters who I would classify as mutants (along with minor mutations such as Usopp's "Pinocchio nose"), not to mention the weird, unnatural hair colors (Zoro having green hair is NOT dye).

Therefore, the only explanation is that the world of One Piece is a post-apocalyptic world.
  • It's actually never been established at all whether One Piece takes place on Earth or not. Jury's still out on the post-apoc theory though.

Sanji will probably be caught by Big Mom on the next arc.
It may be a stretch, but I think Big Mom crew will put all the Thousand Sunny crew on a spot, Sanji will step up and offer himself as tribute to cook delicious food for Big Mom.
  • Oddly enough, Confirmed but also Jossed. It seems they were briefly captured by Big Mom, but escaped, all of it offscreen. Unfortunately, while some translations clearly imply that they were actually on her ship captive and escaped, others make it sound as though they "escaped" from her ship as in they evaded her on the Thousand Sunny.
  • Confirmed in a more traditional sense later on. She most definitely is interested in his cooking like you said, but it turns out she has other reasons to take him as well.

That phenomenon Capone Bege saw when entering the Grand Line was Issho.
Remember when Capone's ship was pulled up towards that black thing? That may have been Issho's gravity-based powers at work. At that point, Issho was not yet a Marine Admiral, but probably just some random guy with ridiculous levels of strength. Considering Capone is still at large and has become a member of the Worst Generation, all of whom have committed world-shattering deeds over the time skip, and Capone's Mafia motif, maybe Capone made Issho an offer he couldn't refuse, and Issho now works for Capone. If Capone can have this kind of leverage, he'd have connections that make Doflamingo look like an amateur.

When Bartolomeo meets Sanji, he will refuse to believe it's actually him
He's already pretty much the crew's resident Butt Monkey, what with being the only Straw Hat who didn't have an actual photo as his bounty photo and instead a poor artist's impression. The fact that Sanji isn't really notorious for having done anything other than just beating up some bad guys would also contribute to this.

Kuma pushed his consciousness out of his own body to something else when he was fully converted
I highly doubt that someone that powerful would just be a spy that looses their sense of self.

The "ice" that Brook summons doesn't come from the underworld.
It comes from his soul. It's the "ice" that encases all his negative emotions, like the "fire" of rage and the "slime" of despair.

New wanted posters will be issued once Doflamingo is defeated.
The total defeat of Doflamingo and the new information obstained regarding his operations will be made public, as is what happened with Crocodile, resulting in the Marines acknowledging updated bounties and possibly photographs. Luffy and Zoro will get new ones, as would Franky. However, the most notable one will be that...

Usopp keeps his nickname and his Birdcage bounty in an updated wanted poster.
That is, he will get an updated wanted poster, this time as Usopp rather than Sogeking. His name will remain as Usopp "the God," and his bounty will be listed as 500,000,000 Berries. Luffy will be appalled that his bounty, while increased, did not reach as high as Usopp's. Consequently, pirate crews met in the future will mistake Usopp as the captain as he has the highest bounty, and Usopp will be recognized as a Worst Generation member, though not a Supernova as it has taken him more than a year to get a nine-digit bounty.
  • Alternatively his poster will have him down as "God Usoland" and will be based off of accounts from the people of Dressrossa, continuing the Running Gag of Kaya being the only person from his village who recognizes him.

Brook isn't just happy, he has to be happy if he doesn't want to lose himself and hurt his friends.
Since his soul isn't connected to his body, any negative or positive emotion can change it. And while positive emotions give him strength and musical powers, negative ones weaken him and could cause all sorts of damages to his soul.

Kaido will actually be a Nice Guy, at least at first.
When the Straw Hats first meet him, they're all going to be shocked that he seems very polite and a gentleman. Then, something will happen, and he'll show the sort of attitude that made him a Yonkou and slaughter Moriah's crew in the first place.
  • Jossed to holy hell.

The Yomi Yomi no Mi is self-aware and has magical powers that let it be attractive to chosen people and repulsive to unwanted ones.
Brook ate the fruit because the fruit wanted him to. Which means that, yes, the fruit commits suicide if it thinks the person who's going to eat it is worthy.

Brook will become a robot.

Oda put some Moe elements in Brook's design and characterization.
I mean, I can't possibly be the only one who wants to hug him and protect him, right?

A person's shadow is part of his/her soul.
This is why zombies can be made with them.
  • Uh pretty much partly confirmed/jossed for years now, since the Thriller Bark arc. Brook described the shadows as being like the soul and they're certainly similar to them. But overall, they're literally the person's actual shadow.

As a side-effect of Brook's Devil's Fruit, people who have a strong emotional bond with Brook will become attracted to his skeletal body too.

The ice Brook summons comes from his soul and it's the physical manifestation of a lack of empathy.
Which means he can only summon and use it against against enemies.

Kuina is Aokiji's daughter.
Knowing One Piece this doesn't look too farfetched. Think of it: both their names are bird-related, so Kuzan might have agreed with Zoro's teacher to fake her death. Then he secretely trained her (he was able to use an ice sword) or somebody else in that.e Marines trained her to be a great swordswoman. (Momonga?) This could explain why he hasn't killed the Straw Hats yet, because of her link to Zoro. Or maybe Vegapunk brainwashed her into Tashigi.
  • HIGHLY unlikely, if not outright Jossed. Kuina is the sensei's daughter, and it's very unlikely that he'd do something like that.

Kinemon's hair stays up like that because he never washes it.

Brook was going to be a female character.

Kinemon has a secondary power: seeing through disguises and invisibility.

Doflamingo's defeat
Well, it is inevitable. What I like to point is, instead to get his dream crushed, Doflamingo's defeat will result in him having his old dream back as a pirate. This is in contrast to most of other villains who had his dream crushed, like Crocodile

Luffy's new abilities?
Do you wonder if he can develop some freeze punch? He already has the Red Hawk series (fire) and the Thor series (electric) became canon against Don Chinjao. T Hat would make him a freaking pokémon but would be still pretty interesting

  • Oddly enough elemental attacks don´t seems like a privilege of someone with a devil logia since:
    • Zoro use red and blue fire attacks at least once
    • Sanji too have de Diable Jamble series
    • Brook recently added ice
    • Franky have fire and light (laser beams)
    • Nami can manipulate lightning
    • And Usopp has a that lot of plants with him now...

  • Dio Brando had something about controlling his bloody temperature so he could use ice...

Brook's soul can be caught in a jar made of Kairoseki.
And if it happens, he will remain there forever, unconcious, until someone opens the jar.

Sugar is not immune to her own power.
And that will be by far her biggest downfall. The Hobby-Hobby Fruit is a Story-Breaker Power, as all it requires is one touch from the fingertips to create devastating loss of power of all forms to the victim. This would necessitate a severe drawback. I would predict that if Sugar's fingertips made contact with herself when activated, she will not only turn herself into a toy, but she will undo the curse put on everyone else (as powers nullify when people are turned into toys) but not herself (as a type of poetic justice). Thus, she'll have to live the rest of her life as a toy whose identity no one will remember. If this happens, she will likely get a cover story too.

Laki and Wiper are exes
And it was a bad breakup. Wiper always seem more bitter and angry towards Laki than anybody else, even though other Shandian's make mistakes, he comes down harder on her. Laki is also one of the few Shandians that actually questions Wiper's more dubious actions. And the weird grudge against Laki's cousin, Aisa, seems oddly personal. If you compare their current interactions to how Laki seemed more interested/fascinated by Wiper in the past, there appears to have been some sort of relationship.

Sanji will be forced to cook for Big Mom.
Having been captured by the Big Mom pirates, the next time we see the rest of the Straw Hats they'll be imprisoned and only being kept alive as long as Sanji keeps cooking sweets.
  • Highly likely as we enter the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Bobbin has Tourette Syndrome.
It is not a unique laugh (though Bobbin may have one of those as well.) In the manga it is not as clear but how he is represented in the anime it seems he has tics (or compulsions). His head movements and repetitious vocalizations are characteristic of tourettes and at the very least are completely removed from the mood and conversation he was having during the short glimpse we had of him. Having tourettes myself his behaviors really seem on par with what I have experienced.

The "Secret Plan" that Law mentioned...
... actually went off without a hitch. Law and Luffy had an idea of what they were going to do. Luffy charging at Law with an attack was part of the plan.

Nami is originally from Dressrosa and is somehow related to the Riku family
Bellemere found her in a war-torn hellscape, right? Her age when she was picked up by Bellemere would place around the Donquixote invasion and it's not like the Marines are limited in travel the same way everybody else was, Bellemere could've just crossed the Calm Belt back to the East Blue. And...this is the most convincing to me, Nami looks JUST like Scarlett and pretty damn similar to Rebecca, the Cast of Snowflakes isn't as pronounced as before, but that's a pretty strange coincidence.
  • Doflamingo only took the country 10 years ago, well after Bellemere had found Nami and Nojiko.

Bepo was once human
Trafalgar had to switch his soul with a bear in order to save his life
  • Bepo is interested in girl bears. Must have been a pervert.

Law will become a Yonkou
Luffy and Law will defeat Kaido and claim his territory, but Luffy won't want to be tied down with running it, he'd rather be off having adventures. So he gives the territory to Law, effectively making Law the new Yonkou. This also cements the alliance/friendship they have.
  • Shanks wouldn't want to be tied down either, yet he is recognized as one of the four. It's clear from his example that just wandering around partying and having adventures does not stop one from also being a Yonkou.

There won't be many more members of the crew added
Notice now, instead of focusing on individual ships and crews now, the series seems to be shifting more towards armadas. So, instead of Law joining Luffy's crew, Law will instead ally with Luffy permanently as a ship under his flag, similar with Whitebeard.

Gold Roger had the Gold-Gold Fruit
Which is why people mistook him as Gold Roger instead of Gol D. Roger. When they saw he had the ability to turn into gold, they began calling him "Gold" Roger. Furthermore, it helps with his notoriety as the Pirate King. Being able to create money out of his body would be an incredibly valuable skill, and would probably lead to other pirates join up with him due to having vast amounts of riches. In terms of combat powers, he would be able to turn into liquid gold to avoid damage like other logia, not to mention his haki.
  • This seems pretty unlikely, considering how it's so far been established that no one in the ship thought Devil Fruit powers would've been worth it - even Buggy only ate one by accident.

"Sanji" isn't his birth name.
Rather, it's a nickname that the cooks on the cruise ship gave him, which he's been hearing for so long that he's taken it as his own. In Japanese, "Sanji" is a way of saying "three o'clock", so it's possible that they gave him the nickname because he was mainly in charge of handling plates from the 3:00 pm shift or something.
  • Well, possible, but Sanji is also a given first name. It's when you separate the syllables (San-ji) that it becomes three o'clock. Sort of how like "Onigiri" and "Oni-giri" are two completely separate things.

Brook thinks the same insulting things about Sanji that Zoro says out loud.
He's just too polite to say anything and he also think he would be a hypocrite if he did.

Brook had an exceptionally functional liver when he was alive, which contributed to his skinniness.

Teach would have the worst past amongst the shichibukai
We're already seen Dofla, and it's seems every shichibukai have a hard past. However, Teach is the only one crying and looked totally miserable in his childhood.

Law is Luffy's cousin
Come on, they must be related! He looked similar to Ace, too.

It is possible to lose or attain the D name
We would see others who had D names but probably unaware or hide it.

When Vegapunk appears, if he appears, he will give Phineas and Ferb vibes.

There will be character named Jeanne D Arc
Pretty please? We need more D female.

"D" is short for Devil, making them the natural enemies of the Tenryubito.
Given what Corazon said during manga 764, it's the natural enemy of God, the Devil. The closest thing we have to a God-analogue are the Tenryubito. Luffy punched Saint Chaiross, of the Tenryubito, in order to save Hachi and Camie. That's possibly why Donquixote despises those with the name of "D", since he still fancies himself as a person above all others, godlike-even.
  • Also, Luffy beat-up Eneru in the past, a person who fancied himself a god.

Luffy and Trafalgar are gonna become Sworn Brothers
Traffy and Luffy went through a harrowing, bromantic adventure. Its hard not to come away without being friends after that, at the very least.
  • Why just the two? There's another third person who happened to be nearby.

Ussopp will be the one to kill Blackbeard.
Between the Yami Yami no mi and the Gura Gura no mi, Blackbeard is nearly invulnerable. Getting close to him will be dangerous, and even if you get close, only people who can use haki will have a chance. And once you're close enough to hit him, you're close enough to get hit in the face with a quake punch. So Ussopp will snipe him from a distance using a gun that fires sea stone bullets.

Luffy won't defeat Akainu
Garp will. He'll do it in the name of his grandson, Portgas D. Ace, and it'll be bloody awesome.
  • I think it will be Sabo. Mera-mera vs Magu-magu, part 2?
  • Maybe, but the drama potential of Garp fighting Akainu is much greater. He decided to put his duty first, but we get a brief scene where it looks like he regrets it and then he quits the marines. However, it would be kind of sad if it just ends there with Garp's regret. We need closure, and closure for me would be that Garp decides to act instead of just placidly letting the injustices happen.

Treasure tree Adam is dead
However, the strawhats will find a single almost withered tree and be asked to take its pollen (which is also knowns as bink's sake) and bring it to a sunlight tree Eve where they'll make beautiful posthumous tree love and have lots of seedlings.

Chopper and Robin are not (yet) official Straw hats
I actually read this theory years ago somewhere on the internet and it just popped up in my head again.

Think about it: The first straw hat to be introduced to the story (not counting Luffy) was Zoro who got a chapter called "the first". The next ones were Nami and Usopp. Then came Sanji who got a chapter called "the fourth". After that Nami (who was part of the story for quite some time, but did not consider herself a straw hat as long as she still had her, ahem, problems with Arlong) got her chapter which was called "the second".

Next the crew met Chopper, Robin and Franky. Remember when Usopp had his falling out with the straw hats? After he apologized we got a chapter called "the third and the seventh", Usopp and Franky.

During Thriller Bark we met Brook and got a chapter called "the eight".

So what about Chopper and Robin? Are there any chapters called "the fifth" or "the sixth" that I don't know of?

Usopp only became an official crew-mate by the time Franky joined in and knowing Oda it is very possible that he has planned something with the two of them (Chopper and Robin, obviously) as well.

Will they quit and come back like Usopp did? Consider Robin and her mysterious past, it could very well be that she will leave again to protect her friends. But what about Chopper? I...have trouble coming up with something – wich makes me very courious about what Oda will do!

The Sixth / Chopper as official Strawhats
  • Following WMG above, Chopper's character development will involve him 'failing' in his dream.
  • Chopper is the most naive amongst Strawhats, and his dream 'to find Panacea' is something could be considered impossible; virus always mutates to be stronger from time to time. One Piece main theme is about dream. I think Chopper will found his dream crushed by failing to save someone, realized his dream was 'impossible' (in a sense) and compromise with reality.
  • A single cure-all, panacea, is impossible as there will always be more illness. However, he will always work to find more cure. Chopper will matured a bit.

There will be chapter entitled 'Luffy vs -insert nakama name here-'
We already see Luffy vs Zoro, vs Usopp, vs Vivi. Related to the above, there will be chapter about vs Chopper and/or Robin. Or maybe Luffy vs Law in the current arc.

The zombies on thriller bark is Moriah's former crew
When they were killed by Kaido, he had a whole lot of corpses just laying around. He made zombies of them :) Some of them are exceptions naturally, like Ryuma and Oz, but those corpses were specifically excravated because they were strong. However, he has 1000(minus animals) zombies! That's way too many to dig up one by one. Besides, Thriller Bark is huge, it would have had to have a huge crew.

Oz lived during the void century
Hogback says that he lived 500 years ago. However, it could also mean that it was when he died. We know that giants only live for 300 years, which means that he would only have been a baby, and that only if we assume he was approching the end of his lifespan when he froze to death. However... Since Oz is an especially BIG giant... Maybe his lifespand was also longer.
  • I wished this WMG came true. Judging Oda, it's really possible that he appeared as a cameo (as a child) during the void century flashback, assumed we're going to see one.

Lola will stop the fight between the strawhats and bigmam
It's already a widely accepted fantheory that Lola's mom is bigmam. So if she is, then she might be on bigmam's ship, and anyway, how else is the sunny going to survive the pickle they're in right now? The only strong fighter they have is Sanji, and even he can't do anything, unless he decides to make candy for them or something...

We have already seen Pluton
The Florian Triangle monster in chapter 490 is Pluton. Think about it: Pluton is said to have been build on water seven. Where do we see the florian monster? Right after they've departed from W7. Also, looking back at the panel where we see the monster, there's gogogo sounds coming from it; the soundeffect of a creaking ship! The text also implies that it's ancient — "a mystery since long before" — so that fits too. And if it was built to be a weapon, that explains it's aggressiveness. All the other monsters — seakings, kraken — have all at some point shown feelings, and they're not that bad deep down. Florian though, he wrecks 100 ships a year leaving no suvivors ever. But if everyone aboard it died and forgot to turn it off kill-mode, well that makes more sense. We've been assuming that the ancient weapons were broken or something, but it makes more sense if they were just lost. It wouldn't be that impressive a weapon if it could be destroyed just like that.

Dragon found Uranus
That's how he controls the sky and the real reason why the world government is so desperate to unearth an ancient weapon of their own.

Luffy will never get one piece
Just as he's about to reach raftel, it's destroyed by a massive blast, one piece becoming... Lots of pieces all over the place. Que the sequel where Luffy attempts to retrive the shattered remains and piece it back together.

The Tenryūbito has the Rio Poneglyph
In chapter 761, Law asks why Doflamingo still has as much pull with the government as he does, since Doflamingo was no longer a Tenryūbito. Doflamingo says he knew about an important national treasure whose existence alone would shake the world to it's core, so he had them by the balls. I think it is the Rio Poneglyph Robin is looking for. These Tenryūbito are treated like living gods in a world where guys like Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger exists. No one opposed them before Fisher Tiger as far as we know, so any "important national treasure" of theirs will be something BIG like that. We haven't gotten all the details, but I don't think it's an ancient weapon, because it would've been used by the WG by now. The Ope Ope no Mi also seems to be involved in some way, maybe to implant knowlege from mind to mind. Law's flasback isn't done either, and we might get more hints as to what it is, but I'm not holding my breath for that one. Might explain why the World Government and the Tenryūbito see D's as "Danger" or "Devil", because the D's are mad enough to say fuck it, and do something big.

Tenryuubito owned an ancient weapon
I can't be the only one seeing the similarity between Dofla and Croc. In this case, it could only be Uranus.
  • Gol D. Roger stole it and renamed it One Piece. Doflamingo knows this and threatened to humiliate the Government by revealing that they lost it.

Dragon is an ancient weapon
  • Since we know that ancient weapons can be in living form, and Dragon is described as one of the most dangerous people in the world, who knows. Dragon is powerful and we don't know that much about him.

Raftel is somehow the source of all Devil Fruits
  • It would make sense, as all the answers to One Piece mysteries seem to be on Raftel. Also, the mystery of where devil fruits come from has yet to be solved.

[[Following the above WMG, One Piece is the tree that all devil fruit come from]]
  • Devil fruit are powerful, and being able to get devil fruit at will would unbalance the world, as anyone could have the power.

All of the strawhats were sent to places that suited their specialties. Luffy however... Was sent to the isle of women. Clearly he's hoping Luffy will make lots of little heirs for the revolution. And who knows, maybe Dragon is in on it.

Bellamy was the kid who gave Rebecca a love letter

Aside from Jinbei, two more female will joined the crew
Though not necessarily in that order. If we look at the strawhats as a family they lack an uncle/aunt figure and grandmother. Jinbei might take the uncle figure, but they will still need two more female members.
  • Or an okama. Bon chan, anyone?

Bonney will join SHP
Or at the very least, became an ally/honorary member like Law and Vivi. Why would Oda showed her being captured by Akainu if he wasn't going to expand the story later?

Haki isn't all equal, and it's potency can change
Not even speaking about the three different colors, there's a variety of power within the same variety of Haki. That's how Vergo was able to be defeated by Law and Akainu could Logia-through Marco's kicks. Even though Vergo and Marco have trained Haki, their ambition is less than that of Law and Akainu, respectively. It's not just the increased abundance of Busoshaku Haki users in the New World that makes Logia's less than invincible, it's the fact that being Logia's makes them complacent and decreases their ambition and makes them vulnerable to people who have stronger Haki than their's (if they have it at all). Despite his many flaws, Akainu has incredible conviction and holds a worldview so different and alien to the madcap insanity of the One Piece world that he has greater ambition than Marco. Also, both men whose Haki was overwhelmed were subordinates, Marco to Whitebeard and Vergo to Doflamingo. Somebody content with working for another obviously possesses less Haki than somebody who works for themselves (and Akainu's crusade has shaped how the Navy works, not vice versa). That's how Whitebeard was able to hurt him where Marco wasn't, Whitebeard is at the top of the Haki ladder. That's also how Akainu was able to beat Aokiji, Akainu's Haki was stronger. But on the some corollary once you finally achieve your ambition your Haki rapidly disappears (hence why Mihawk can't hurt Buggy, he's already the best, there's nothing left for him to do). Gold Roger didn't just quit because he was sick, he turned himself in because he lost his Haki after he became Pirate King, but Whitebeard, whose goals weren't reachable (being a good parent is a job that never ends) was able to keep his Haki to the very end. What does this mean? Now that Akainu has become Fleet Admiral, his Haki has increased even more so, making the only people who could even think about hurting him Luffy and Shanks.
  • Whoa, Wall of Text. Keep it shorter for us in the future, ok? But yes! You're right. Some people's Haki can overwhelm others' due to their stronger spirit and mastery of the techniques, especially Armament Haki. However, note that there's probably plenty of people with strong enough Haki to fight Akainu.

Life and death prediction
By the end of series, assuming everyone would reach their dreams :
  • Strawhats : Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Franky and Brook is likely to stay alive, their dream require a bit more time than the end of the series. Especially Brook, technically he's already dead.
  • Sabo is likely to stay alive since he's already 'dead' in the past, it's not funny to pull the same thing twice. His dream also require a bit more
  • Coby is Luffy's rival; He's likely to be alive and reached his dream by the end of series. Which means...
  • Akainu is likely to be dead. Seriously, you can't imagine him retire peacefully, do you? Since he was technically the 'villain', there's no other option for this guy.
  • Shanks is likely to be dead, because of dead mentor tropes. Luffy gets to keep the hat.
  • Garp is likely to be dead. After Roger and Shirohige, he's likely the last one, and to put another new era.

BB's atypical body is the result of Ope-ope operation
  • Facts :
    • A single person cannot eat more than one devil fruit.
    • BB ate more than one devil fruit
If the first rule is absolute and the second one is true, then the only conclusion is that BB is more than one person. There are many theory about this, though there is one simpler explanation.

  • Let's look at Fusion Dance in the Dragon Ball, the shonen series that inspired so many others. It combined two person into a stronger one. In One Piece world such a thing could be easily achieved by the devil fruit. There are many weirder abilities out there. In fact, we know one devil fruit capable doing such.
  • Ope-ope fruit is shown capable combining people bodies and switch their souls. It isn't too far to think that it could be used to transplant a human souls into another body.
    • But there is a certain drawback: A devil fruit effect could only be active as long as the user's alive, or in a certain case, conscious. This is the case with Sugar, Van Der Decken, Shiki and Moria. Once the user knocked off, the effect is gone. For Luffy's case though, it's likely he's still a rubber even though he is knocked off.
    • So is there a way of permanently transplanting another person soul into someone? That is, even if the ope-ope user died, the effect would still there? Actually if there's such a thing, it would cost the user greatly. We know from Law that ope-ope ability required a lot of stamina; it cannot be used too often. Imagine what would happen if someone tried to give a permanent effect. It would probably cost them their life.
    • That's right. It was the immortality thing that Doflamingo wanted. While transplanting someone soul into someone else isn't going to make them immortal, this procedure could be repeated again and again as so many times. It's close enough to immortality. Alternatively, the soul could be transplanted into something non human. Maybe a machine like pacifista.
  • tl, dr;
Once in the past, an Ope-ope user performed a surgery on BB and transplant another soul(s) into his body, permanently. Note that there is no difference whether it's just one soul or many, the only thing that cost the user's life is in making it permanent. This is supported as in Jaya, Luffy and Zoro refer to BB as 'them' instead of him. This also explained why BB can eat more than one devil fruit (and possibly many).

Jinbei will properly join SH after Luffy claimed FI as his territory
By the time, Luffy would have defeated Big Mam (and have his bounty above Jinbei). Jinbei is all about protecting FI. That's why he joined Shichibukai and later he agreed giving candy retribution to Big Mam as well. Once Luffy claimed FI, he will joined SH. His dream would be an equality between fishman and human.

Brook had to eat the bone marrow of his former crew in order to survive.

Kuma is partly a Government agent, and partly an experiment with Devil Fruits and their properties
To be specific, an experiment on when does a Devil Fruit consider its owner dead, and thus depart into an actual fruit again. Doctor Vegapunk may have been ordered to make Kuma subservient, but he didn't quite have to completely turn him into a robot. And yet, he did. Under many definitions, Kuma, as in the actual man, is dead, and yet his Devil Fruit hasn't left him. Vegapunk must be, in some way, aware of this fact, and under the basis of this WMG, was actually trying to see if this would happen, or if his Devil Fruit would leave him mid-surgery when the brain was removed. Methods aside, this must have been a valuable research point in the area of Devil Fruit studies.

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine's Day are dead.
Doflamingo acquired the Devil Fruits they had eaten in a similar manner he gained the Mera Mera fruit, and gave them to Gladius and Machvise.
  • Hmm, well there's a case to be had for Machvise and Miss Valentine's day for sure, but definitely not Mr.5 and Gladius; they've already been confirmed as having two different Devil Fruits, the Bomb-Bomb Fruit (5) and the Pop-Pop Fruit (Gladius). Very similar, but different. To clarify, Gladius's fruit requires him to grab inanimate objects and swell them up until they explode whereas Mr.5 can simply make any part of his own body explode without any preparatory swelling.
  • In addition, the official translator at Viz for One Piece did some clarification: Damage inflicted with the Pop-Pop Fruit is simply due to whip force and shrapnel caused by the inflated object bursting. Gladius does not use any incendiary force the way Mr. 5 does.
  • Miss Valentine is alive: her fruit is the Kilo Kilo, while Machvise's is the Ton Ton. The former allows the user to become lighter too, and has an apparent limit of 10 tons, while Machvise's fruit only makes him extremely heavy. This would also mean that a fruit that can only diminish weight down to a few grams exists...

Luffy will befriend each of the Supernovas, one at a time.
Law was just the first. The rest will come along.