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Pedro will get his stolen years back
Specifically, Big Mom will actually be briefly knocked unconscious when the "Tamatebako box" (or whatever it's called) from Fishman Island explodes in her face and everything she's affected with her soul powers will deactivate; all of the stolen soul fragments in the Homies and in Big Mom herself will return to their rightful owners (or just disappear if their owner is dead, like Zepo or Moscato), meaning Pedro gets his life back.

The Jewelry Bonney's true identiy
Jewelry Bonney is a supernova who has an hate against Straw Hats and Blackbeard. She has captured by this last and was face to face with Akainu. After the timeskip, she was realesed for unknowns reasons. We have noted taht she shares similitude with the Yonko Big Mom like Glutonny, hot-blooded, a hate with mugiwaras, pink haired...After all she has a cake ship and Big Mom has many children who carry names of sweety(indeed,Bonney may be allused to Honney Bonbon).We are concluded that this girl is the daughter of Big Mom.But if I say you that with her strange power of age changement,she may be not the daughter but the mother of Big Mom and also of Nami.Indeed, this two girls have common point:she has a power linked with the weather, they are hot blooded and greedy.what's more, nami has found in a twon with a tempest (like a power of Big Mom).Booney may be a factor in the Big Mom behavior (again unknow) but Nami a may be a linked with her unknow father (White beard like has highlighted the Bonney 's cry).

Almost all of the Straw Hats and allies on Whole Cake Island will get massive bounty increases.
Once word gets out that Luffy and co. defeated several of Big Mom's underlings and made a copy of her Road Poneglyph, their bounties are gonna skyrocket. Luffy might actually be worth close to a billion, and Carrot will also get her first bounty. The only one who may not get an increase is Chopper, because as you know, the World Government may not recognize him. Sanji's bounty also rises higher than Zoro's for the first time and he gets to celebrate that.
  • Possible, but I doubt the Wano side of the Straw Hats will get a "massive" bounty upgrade since they weren't involved with the events on Whole Cake Island. The only other Straw Hat I do expect to get a massive bounty upgrade is Robin, for her ability to read poneglyphs; now that the Straw Hats have Big Mom's poneglyphs, the Marines might just shit their pants at the thought of Robin deciphering them.
    • That's why I said "the Straw Hats on Whole Cake Island will get bounty increases, not anybody else.

The true reasons of sanji's sibling behavior.
We have sawn that the sanji's brothers are true douchbag motherfucker and that sanji and reiju inherited the kindess of Sora.This is because their mother used a drug which altered their gene pool but which has succeded with sanji and reiju only.But there's mismatch because Niji,Yonji and Ichiji has been programmed to be mean but they feel digust against the library of Big Mom and are falled in love with nami (who looks like to sanji's mother).What's more, this woman called Sora (like propaganda comic) and even if she was a great genius like Vegapunk she would have been unable to create this drug without his husband learn about.So,maybe like pudding, she isn't the sweet and adorable mother that Oda shows her.Thus , she maybe an agent of Cp O who had for missions to kil Judge but also his true son.Unfortunately,she had taken by her husband and Judge punished her by his experiments.What's more, in using this drug and maybe psychick power, she is reincarnated in reiju body and has digust against Niji Ichiji and Yonji because this drug hasn't functionnde and brothers became mean and sour

Sanji will fight Niji over Nami
There's a WMG around here saying that he'll fight Yonji over Nami... but I think he'll actually end up fighting Niji instead. Even if Sanji now doesn't want to let his brothers die, Niji will more than likely- really more than likely- try to get all... touchy-feely with Nami and Sanji won't stand for it.

Sanji's mother was a descendant of the legendary Sora
In the One Piece world, it'd be too much of a coincidence for a character to share the name of a (presumed) fictional character that was discussed earlier. In truth, the ancestors of Judge and Sora fought each other for some time, but due to mutual respect, common interest in science, and possibily the original Sora discovering something about the past of Germa (like why they're a reign without a land) that put them in a more sympathethic light, ended up becoming friends. The friendship was passed on to following generations, finally leading to the two families becoming one.

Judge and his other sons will be too proud to allow themselves to be saved by Sanji.
When they find out the truth about Big Mom's plans, they'll still refuse help from a "dud" like Sanji, leading to a fight between some of them and the Straw Hats. Alternatively, Reiju may or may not calm some of her brothers down enough for them to make a temporary Enemy Mine situation, but I heavily doubt that'll work with Judge.

We will meet an character that was given eternal youth by a previous user of the op-op fruit.
How else would people know that it was capable of that? And naturally, that person could definitely still be around today. They might even know about the void century.

Big Mom is the weakest of the four emperors
Not sure if I actually believe this but just throwing it out there. I can see the idea of after her defeat, Linlin taunting Luffy that she's nothing compared to Kaido, Blackbeard, and Shanks. And considering how the Strawhats spent the first half of the arc played for complete and utter fools,and her DF being one of the strongest paramecias seen, that's terrifying.

Judge does NOT have swirly eyebrows
That's why Oda keeps his eyebrows shadowed- the swirly brows probably aren't genetic, but a result of the modifications he made to his kids. Sanji's brows pointing in the opposite direction of the others is also a sign of the drug Sora took reversing most of it's effects in utero. I think Reiju was modified after birth so I don't know how she fits in this theory, but we'll see.

Mama Caramel's identity
Mama Caramel was Big Mom's first created homie and mother figure, her leaving is why Lin Lin doesn't want anyone else to leave her totland or else they will die trying.
  • Expanding on this theory, Mama Caramel contains a massive chunk of Big Mom's soul, including almost all of her capacity for love and compassion. When Mama Caramel left Big Mom, she took her part of her soul with and rendered Big Mom almost entirely incapable of empathy.
  • Jossed, Carmel wasn't a homie.

Pudding will be the one ruining the wedding plan.
On the sole courtesy of not being able to stand Sanji's more perverted traits while on the altar, finding the mere thought intolerable and become incapable of saying the words of acceptance when asked, ending up with her saying "No" and her trying to shoot him ahead of schedule as a result while the rest of the guests sits stunned over her refusal, resulting in a massive train-wreck when the disaster dominoes starts falling over afterwards...
  • She does ruin the wedding plan but not like that When she lifts the veil to show him her third eye, he touches her like he did Violet by sincerely calling it beautiful. Turns out she was roundly mocked for it, even Big Mom found it creepy and couldn't bear to look at her. She developed her cruel and twisted personality as a defense mechanism. Hearing someone compliment it causes her to breakdown in tears and miss the deadline prompting Big Mom to order the priest to do it, Katakuri sees Sanji will dodge it, so does it himself. Sanji dodges that, that's when Luffy makes his grand entrance.
  • Yeah, even though the details are off, this is basically Confirmed. She messes up pretty badly.

Judge and Linlin will kill one another.
One will die first, and the other will die of injuries sustained in the fight.
  • I doubt it, Oda doesn't usually do deaths in the present with the exceptions of the paramount war that killed Ace and Whitebeard and the Punk Hazard event that killed Monet and Vergo.

One of Big Mom's sons is alive...
And he could throw the wedding in the sky because of a revelation (like all sons and daughters of Big Mom are a piece of soul of this last).This son maybe Muscat,the 10th son who is dead in first chapters of this arc.

Pudding will end up following Sanji's footsteps and cut her familial ties.
Thanks to Sanji being the first person in her life to call her Third Eye beautiful, she will end up falling in love with him for real, and will somehow escape Totto Land for her own good. Given the bad memories of her childhood, and Big Mom's general treatment of her children (for Pudding herself, she refused to look at her until she grew Blinding Bangs, and she wanted to exploit her ability to read Poneglyphs as soon as it develops), she will regret how she turned out and set out to redefine herself as an act of redemption. She could even use her own memory-manipulation powers on herself (if it works to that extent) to make it easier to move on from her horrible family.

As for her life outside of Totto Land, she could join the Baratie's Sister Anko ship to continue her career as a chocolatier.

Big Mom will turn out to have a truly tragic backstory though it won't eclipse her evil of course
Oda doesn't do anything without reason, he introduces to a picture of Mother Caramel, an important figure in Big Mom's life who she refuses to talk about, even to her children. There's a story there. Not to mention Chiffon implies that Big Mom's troubles with giants started long before the Lola incident. Then there are the parallels to Doflamingo, both being a Psychopathic Man Child professing the idea of "family" provided they don't get in the way of their own plans.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Her backstory wasn't tragic in the traditional sense, as she didn't really have anybody do anything horrible to her... Instead, it's tragic because she was an otherwise innocent little girl who was just a natural born killer with a deadly eating disorder (as in deadly for others, not herself) and was basically doomed from the start.

Pudding will be blacklisted from the Charlotte Family like Lola
Pudding is going to be the next Charlotte Family outcast. Considering how much Big Mom hates Lola for messing up her plans, it's not hard to see her doing the same to Pudding now. Of course, her being a three-eye and Big Mom's key to Raftel still makes her valuable, but Big Mom's proven before that her rage can easily overshadow her reason.

Reiju's poison sucking ability will be a Chekhov's Skill.
Capone Bege's assassination plan involves Caesar Clown shooting Big Mom with poison. That kind of scene demands Reiju to get involved, if you ask me.

Capone Bege's plan will be derailed in the most surprising and delightful ways
The moment I read what he's going to do, I thought that's unlikely to happen, whenever Luffy is involved in a plan he will find a way to screw it up, even when it's unintentional. Oda generally doesn't do deaths in the present with a couple exceptions. And finally Big Mom is a literal and figurative human juggernaut, killing a yonko is nigh-impossible (look at how much punishment Whitebeard took before he finally stopped moving). Just doesn't seem likely.
  • Hm, well, so far, everything's going according to plan. We'll see soon enough though.

Pudding will use her Memory powers on Big Mom
Come on, her power is like tailor-made for this kind of scenario. And by doing so, unravel the truth behind Mother Caramel for all present to see. Whatever this truth is, it will be something so shocking that it will turn the vast majority, if not all, of Big Mom's children against her in disgust, effectively turning it into a Hoist by Their Own Petard to her for having them in the first place. Also, additionaly, whatever this truth is, will also cost her her place as a Yonko as well, as if all her children abandons her, she will lose all of the crews she married them off into as well, effectively reducing her war potential down to zero. (And with Big News right there in the room, whatever happens in the cermony hall will go global, no matter what happens...news are news after all, especially scoops.) No matter what, Pudding might become the catalyst that bring down Big Mom for good once this ends.

Mother Caramel basically raised Big Mom/made her into what she is today
I think Big Mom was likely raised in like a Catholic orphanage type of place and Caramel was one of the head nuns there. Whatever she taught Big Mom, it had a profound effect on her and made her into who she is today. That's why she's so important to her. As for how it happened, I think it's one of two things. One, Caramel was a terrible Jerkass who instilled those bad values into a young Big Mom in the first place, or Two, Caramel was a good lady who's death/disappearance spurred Big Mom to become the lunatic she is today.
  • Confirmed (the second one).

The "final" battle will be the battle to end all battles.
Given the serial escalation in terms of battles in major arcs like the ones against Crocodile, Eneru, Doflamingo and now Big Mom. One can possibly imagine that this battle that will decide the definitive order of the Great Pirate Era between the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies, the Four Emperors, and the World Government. And every side will bring their most powerful arsenals we can't possibly imagine.

Judge will be revealed to have a shitty past that made him who he is.
I used to think he was simply an asshole from the get go, but after his Villainous Breakdown that intentionally made him look pathetic, I can't help but think there may be good reasons that made him such an asshole. Of course, this won't be enough to redeem him, but it'll bring his actions and motivations under another light.

What Dogtooth is seeing in the imminent future is...
A complete massacre, caused by Big Mom utterly snapping and starting to rip the souls and killing everyone present at the cermony, not just the enemy. And the odds are high that she won't just settle for the people at the ceremony, but destroy and devour the life-force out the rest of Totland as well. Dogtooth, with his clairvoyance, have every reason to be pale as a sheet, as he's seeing this happening already and if he fails to stop the trigger to this from being pushed, he will immediately make a Heel–Face Turn and temporarily ally with the straw hats in order to stop Big Mom from devouring the life out of their kingdom. Bonus points if he takes command and rallies the rest of the family in order to do so, as they will be forced to choose between their mother or their lives alongside with the rest of the kingdom as she goes out craving for weeding cake in her mindless rage. By doing so, he will gamble on Benge's words being right and the future he sees can be changed, for all of their sake as if it doesn't everyone will die, him included.

Big Mom's "eating disorder" will flare up again
Somehow instead of fixating on the photo she will instead focus on the cake, forcing Sanji, Pudding and all the other top chefs and bakers of Totland to work together to make a new cake.

Big Mom broke Elbaf's warrior code somehow
Considering her flashback starts in Elbaf, she is a giantess and it is mentioned the other giants hate her for some reason.
  • Jossed. She's not a giantess and she wasn't one of Elbaf's warriors. You could say that she "broke their code" in a technical sense though, seeing as how she broke their ceremonial fast and slaughtered a whole village of them.

The Assassination plan will go off without a hitch...
But the moment Big Mom dies, her devil fruit powers will hit the off-switch, meaning that the life-force of all of her homies will return to their rightful original owners...including Prometheus, Zeus and Napoleon, which have been specifically mentioned to be parts of her soul beforehand. So take three guesses on who just came back from the river styx once this happens?
  • She might even return much worse than she was before, effectively become a "zombie-homie" without any restrains on her eating disorder, starting to feast and devour everything within reach the moment she returns from the dead, forcing everyone to cooperate in order to bring this undead gluttonous monster down, before it devours Whole Cake Island and everyone on it.

Raftel is the great kingdom.
Whoever made the Poneglyphs would have no reason to unless Raftel was the great kingdom. On top of that, Silvers D. Rayleigh said that visiting Raftel let him know the truth behind everything. Why would a place that has nothing to do with the great kingdom be written about in the Poneglyphs? (Keep in mind the poneglyphs were written before the One Piece was on Raftel). Simple, it must be that Raftel and the great kingdom are one and the same! Not only that but the people on Zou island are descended from the people who made the road Poneglyphs. Zou happens to be very close to Raftel as far as i can tell.
  • If it is Raftel was the capital but not the name of the kingdom, they wouldn't have shot Clover to prevent him from mentioning the name if it was the same as Raftel.

Sanji's mom had orange hair

Big Mom ate Mother Caramel during one of her earliest hunger fits.
And the event snapped her back to her senses, but the trauma made her forget about it, leaving her puzzled on where Mother Caramel "vanished" off to. Once she realizes what really happened, all hell will break loose...
  • Alternatively, she may have just killed her rather than eating her. And alternatively alternatively, maybe Carmel Took The Bullet from that giant trying to kill Linlin.

Big Mom is going to catch Bege's poison missiles
If her flashback proved anything, it's that Big Mom is basically like a wild animal. Even in her shocked state, I bet she's just gonna instinctively do an Arrow Catch with Bege's missiles and crush them in her hand. She's practically unstoppable.