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Joy Boy
Guesses and theories related to Joy Boy.
  • Joy Boy was (is?!) a D.
    • Not sure if he's a D. but as of 649 it's established that he lived during the Void Century, and wrote at least one of the poneglyphs.
  • Joy Boy wrote the poneglyphs as descriptions of his crew members.
  • Joy Boy was one the of proto-WG's enemies during the Void Century. He was the previous guide for Poseidon and intended to bring the Fishmen up from the seafloor using Noah and Poseidon. However, for whatever reason he failed and wrote the poneglyph as an apology to the mermaid princess. He or someone else near him then made the prediction/promise that Fishman Island would be raised from the seafloor later by a new Poseidon and a new guide, again using Noah. This is what the Sea Kings refer to as the "promised time" and there are hints that the new guide is Luffy, with Shirahoshi acting as Poseidon. This is how Luffy will destroy Fishman Island; by taking all of it's people up to the surface.
    • Luffy also could also be there while it's burning down but to stop the one who is attacking them.

The Sea Kings Themselves are Significant
The Sea Kings that saved the Noah, talked with Shirahoshi, and were understood by Luffy were the same ones from when the Straw Hats accidentally ventured into the Calm Belt. While they do not seem to recognize the Straw Hats from that time, that they have traveled around the world at the exact same time (though it did take two and a half years...) cannot be coincidence. Not while Oda is the writer. What the significance is can be wildly guessed below.
  • Sea Kings, like salmon, whales, and many other creatures, have spawning grounds. The East Blue is the primary spawning ground and those that either haven't matured or matured small (poor Lord of the Coast) stay in these waters until they can leave (except for L.o.t.C....). Having grown up together or in the same area, these Sea Kings are all part of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits out on a quest of destiny to save the world. Apparently, Sea Kings are either supremely patient, laid back, and/or they must wait for When the Planets Align since this same group also witnessed Roger and his crew sailing beneath the waves.
  • Oda really wanted to mess with people.
  • Each Sea King is unknowingly a guardian spirit of a Straw Hat crew member (unknown to both parties).
  • The sea kings are likely not (actual) whales/mammals, as Mohmoo is not one. That may be significant.

Aokiji will become an ally to the Straw Hats.
As of Chapter 650, it's been revealed that he left the Marines after Akainu took over Sengoku's former position. Considering that he already dislikes the corruption that's been going on under his watch, perhaps he'll team up with the Straw Hats at some point to take down the World Government, even if he doesn't actually join them.
  • Would it be too bold to say that as soon as I read the chapter, I saw Aokiji as a crewmember? He's certainly got a personality that wouldn't seem too out of placenote , and the Straw Hats do lack a Logia crewmember...
    • While certainly not impossible (for the moment), that would necessitate Aokiji being given all sorts of things in common with the Straw Hats: a Dark and Troubled Past, a dream to motivate him to go with them, and an actual team-up scene (which we haven't gotten yet, anyway).
      • He could fulfill the role of an uncle in the Straw Hat "family," however.
    • Why is it that people have forgotten that Aokiji killed Saul right in front of Robin, nearly killed Robin herself and participated in the death of Ace?, while its likely that he will join the Strawhat's massive army of friends in what i predict as being the massive final battle to take down the government, there is no way that Luffy would ask him to join the crew.
Apart from that, while he may be more relaxed and has been disbarred from the marines, he is still firmly in the 'fights for justice thus against piracy' camp, its more likely that he will join Dragon and the glorious revolution, who the Strawhats will work alongside in the final battle.

Shiryu's nodachi is Shodai Kitetsu.
His weapon certainly seems ominous enough, and it would make the inevitable clash with Zoro all the more interesting.

Akainu will get a relatively happy ending
Because Oda wants to troll his audience, especially fangirls,as it has become evident from some of one piece's past events.
  • Why not? Even Crocodile, Enel, Wapol and Rob Lucci relatively had a 'happy' ending.

Dr. Vegapunk will remain The Faceless

Akainu didn't have an elemental advantage over Aokiji.
In fact, the Hie Hie no Mi and Magu Magu no Mi are equal opposites among Logias. Cold vs Heat... Just look at the Aokiji's monstrous freezing abilities, such as covering a chunk of ocean for a week and instantly halting giant tsunamis. While Akainu's magma would melt Aokiji's ice upon contact, but Aokiji could just freeze the magma into solid rock (Which might in fact be Akainu's elemental weakness that makes him tangible). This went on back and forth throughout the whole battle until Aokiji's stamina finally ran out.
  • Except that, when you think of it, cold is more limited than heat. What good would -200 degrees get to you against 10.000 degrees or more?
    • Just because he's only been shown to freeze water and people so far does not mean he only has that much freezing power. Who knows, maybe he's perfectly able to take out 10.000 degrees worth of heat from Akainu's magma. (throwing physics completely out of the window, but it's One Piece anyway) Besides if the difference in power is really that large, how could Aokiji survive during the extremely long duel?
      • Also, Magma is 1300C , nowhere near as hot as Serius A
    • Knowing One Piece, it's entirely possible that Aokiji can reach, or get damn near, Absolute Zero.
      • It wouldn't even defy physics (at least, not anymore than being MADE OF ICE already does). Ice at Absolute Zero just means Aokiji would be creating water particles with no energy. Of course, upon exposure to the world they would gain energy, but depending on how long it is before it hits you, it would still be well below 200 deggrees C. Akainu, on the other hand, creates rock partickles with LOADS of enery, but you can't compare how far below 0 degrees Aokiji is with how far above it Akainu is. While 0 degrees is when ice turns back into water, magma turns back to rock at variable rates depending on the rocksin it, but magma isn't actually fully molten (especially as he's using it like a solid projectile). So the temperature of it would be maybe 1,200 degrees, but would turn back to rock fairly easily. So it's arguble which would win.
    • Most magma from deep in the mantle has a highly mafic composition, but as it rises and begins to include remelted minerals from the rock above and around, it builds a higher silica content. The most basaltic and ultramafic magmas, according to Bowen's reaction series, contain minerals such as olivine, pyroxines, and plagioclase feldspar. These are the minerals which crystallize out of the melt first (or re-melt last) at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. However, basaltic magmas tend to be very oozy and liquid. They flow easily and are less explosive due to trapped gas and volatiles being able to escape with little effort. Hawaiian lava flows of pahoehoe and aa are the best examples of this. Yet from what I've seen in the manga, Akainu seems to like making more...solid projectiles or fists with his magma. In that case, I suspect a far more felsic composition. A magma rich in silica quartz is much more viscous than a basaltic magma. The silicon-oxygen tetrahedra in the melt cause other atoms to form sticky chains, which would make this rhyolitic magma much easier to hold a shape such as a fist. It also traps gas bubbles more readily, causing it to be more prone to explosive eruptions. If we assume the most extreme, a rhyolitic magma made of pure melted quartz, it would require a temperature of about 600 degrees Celsius in order to begin crystallizing into solid quartz. Most magmas range from around 700 to 1300 degrees Celsius, with basaltic magma tending to be hotter than rhyolitic. So assuming Akainu uses the maximum temperature of 1300 degrees (as temperature also plays a role of how sticky or fluid a magma is), then it ultimately boils down to the mineral composition of the magma in question to determine how much Akoji would need to chill it before it crystallized into solid rock. That's not even factoring in that some of the ice would obviously melt, and the liquid water would prompt hydromagmatic eruptions of the magma. Of course, I'm not sure if it's better to be hit by a cold, solid rock than by a hot, molten one considering that both have been known to kill volcanologists in real life.... ... Apologies for the wall of text, I need to stop browsing TV tropes after my geology lectures.
  • And now chapter 658 is out, Punk Hazard is the site of Akainu's and Aokiji's battle which was so cataclysmic it permanently changed the weather. It seems this WMG might be right, as the cold and hot sides are treated as equal opposites rather than the hot side destroying the cold one.

Aokiji will join the strawhats
I have a very solid reasoning for that. So solid that it will blow your mind away. Well,here it goes...ahem,if he does,I will be the one laughing, while if he does not, I will have nothing to lose.

When Akainu finally breaks, he will be...uncomfortably calm.
In fact, he'll be smiling. Won't even be a Slasher Smile, either, just a warm, friendly smile that hides the fact that his dreams have been crushed and a lot of people are going to pay for letting them die. It will probably be the most horrifying thing ever published in Shonen Jump.

Law is trying to find Sniper Island
The real reason Law has been taking people's hearts is because he's looking for Sniper Island. He only came up with the idea of sending those hearts to the marines after he failed to find it in any of them, and figured he had to get SOME use out of them.
  • Clearly he thinks the island might be found in Smoker's heart.
    • You owe me a new keyboard.

Law gave Luffy multiple hearts
A bit of a thought process for this one. We know Law can remove hearts (Ex: The 100 pirate hearts and Smoker). We also know he operated on Luffy. What would Luffy need multiple hearts for? Simple. More hearts = more blood flowing, more blood flowing = better Gear 2nd, and less drawbacks since he has multiple organs working together to perform Gear 2nd rather than just one. Now, I understand that there would be no reason for Law to give Luffy multiple hearts, nor any reason that Law should even know how Gear 2nd works. Then again, Rob Lucci found out how Gear 2nd worked just by watching it... Maybe Law did too, and wanted to give Luffy a power boost as so he could become a strong opponent one day? This is merely a theory, of course.
  • More hearts don't increase the amount of blood in your body. It's produced by the bone marrow.
  • It would pump the blood faster. But either way, this seems incredibly unlikely.

Law is going to swap the hearts of the other Straw Hats.
Speaks for itself. I'm personally hoping for Luffy to become Brook, Brook to become Usopp, Usopp to become Zoro, Zoro to become Robin and Robin to become Luffy.
  • Personally I'd like to see Brook become Zoro, purely to see Zoro act like Brook does and have Zoro get pissed at Brook for using his swords the "wrong way".
    • Fair enough. My reasoning is Luffy freaking out with happiness at the fact he's now the "awesome singing afro skeleton," Brook regaining his lost youth through Usopp, Usopp gets to feel real strength for once, Zoro being put in a woman's body and the fights it results in with Nami!Sanji, and Robin gets the only body left.
    • The hilarity of Robin -> Luffy would be Luffy acting smart.
      • Good point, also Luffy being incredibly calm and full of morbid comments.
  • Well he swapped Smoker and Tashigi? as of chapter 663. He had an opportunity to swap the other straw hats, but for whatever reason he hasn't done so. ...Yet, at least.

The CP 9 have become even stronger after the time skip
It wouldn't suprise me if all of the CP 9 have become much stronger since fighting the Straw Hats at enies lobby.

Crocodile was once related to a royal family in West Blue, but was ultimately betrayed by them due to an incident concerning an ancient weapon which they claimed it's for the greater good.
So far only guardians (usually royal families) and people who can read Poneglyphs know about the ancient weapons. Also Crocodile seemed to hate Cobra on an oddly personal level, going so far as to call him a hypocrite.

Smoker will become an Admiral
Up until this point Smoker has pretty much been Luffy's rival, constantly following (And has actually beaten him on all of these occasions as well) and is powerful enough to have become a vice-admiral. Who's to say he won't eventually be promoted to Admiral?
  • I have a follow-up WMG to that: Smoker will receive credit for putting an end to Caesar Clown and his Smile production, possibly even taking the credit for what Law will eventually intend to do to Kaido, and become promoted to Admiral, paralleling the end of the Alabasta story. Alternatively...

Smoker will join Luffy's crew
He's been shown to perfectly willlingly disobey orders and has a strong sense of justice. He's disagreed with a lot of their decisions so it's entirely possible that they'll push him too far and he'll leave/do something against them. Even if he doesn't join the straw hats it's still possible he could leave the Marines.
  • If that happened, Tashigi and his entire crew would follow him as renegades.

Elder Nyon is actually Portgas D. Rouge only aged by a Devil Fruit similar to Bonney's
  • I believe that somehow Elder Nyon is actuallly Rouge because she had once left the Amazon Lilly island with a certain crew plus the flower on her head is very similar. Plus, I'm really starting to believe anything the Government states in reality because frankly, they covered up the Impel Down incident which released a lot of criminals, so I wouldn't buy the Tear Jerker even if it is sad because it's too good to be true.
    • Ivankov might have something to do with it as might have done age and height hormones in order to disguise her and seeing what he's done, I wouldn't be surprised.
      • And if there was a possibility of Rouge being alive as Elder Nyon I can justify while she had to leave Ace behind because as we've seen with Robin and Luffy, parents who are famous fugitives tend to have their kids targeted by the government.

Roger is Luffy's maternal grandfather.
Who's to say he never had any other children? A daughter of his would then go on to meet up with Dragon and end up having a son with him. Just imagine how the tension between Roger and Garp would be even further increased if their children were dating...
  • Kind of makes sense, but again, that would mean Ace is Luffy's uncle. And, as stated in canon repeatedly by people who know better, Ace and Luffy are not related by blood.

The secret to possessing several Devil Fruit powers is cannibalism.
It'd be only natural that to achieve something as awesome as two DF-powers at once you'd have to commit an utterly heinous act that isn't common among the general public. Maybe taking in another person's essence allows you to use a second Devil Fruit, because technically your body contains two human souls. This would also explain why Bartolomeo, being already a DF user, takes part in the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi. Being the despicable person that he is, he has most likely already consumed human flesh.
  • "Cannibal" is a pun. In Japan, "eating people" means "mockering" which also describes Bartolomeo's character.

Akainu will be killed by the next owner of Mera Mera no Mi
. Because the only thing even more satisfying than having him defeated by Luffy's hand would be having him defeated by the power he considers inferior to his own.
  • Well now we have the next user of mera-mera, I support this WMG.

The reason why the WG are looking for Bonney
...is because they want Bonney to return the Gorosei to young again.

Fujitora was behind the giant black hole that was pulling Capone Bege`s ship towards it

There's still a functional Ancient Weapon... and it's controlled by the Tenryuubito
This explain how they can hold such enormous power despite being hated by basically everyone.

Impel Down was originally meant to be the Noah's Ark
It always bugged me how illogical Impel Down is (for example, if you have to have a burning level AND a freezing level, why would you put them right next to each other)? And why making a prison that's so ostentatious waste of space? Think of it — there are whole forests in there and from what we saw, the prisoner cells themselves occupy pretty small fraction of all that space. I think it originally had a very different purpose and it wasn't built by the current civilization. Perhaps Impel Down was the Noah's Ark of the One Piece world, laden with various biotopes to host animals and plants when the water started to cover the world. It was built sturdy to survive the flooding (after all, have you seen anyone in One Piece making large-scale underwater constructions? Impel Down surpasses everything on the Fishman Island) and eventually, when the WG was formed, its secure location made it ideal to be repurposed as a prison.

Garp will run afoul of Sakazuki somehow.
Regardless of Garp's reputation as "The Hero", a few problematic details remain.
  • Garp's son is Public Enemy #1.
  • Garp's grandson is a pirate with a mid-nine-digit bounty who has defeated Cipher Pol 9 as well as multiple Warlords. He also broke into Impel Down to retrieve Ace, and gave the World Government hell at Marineford.
  • Garp also raised the son of Gold Roger (aiding and abetting an enemy of the state).
Any one of these factors would make a General Ripper like Sakazuki believe that Garp will inevitably betray the World Government, but all three of them make it likely that Sakazuki may act on those suspicions.
  • Not to mention that Sakazuki killed Garp's adopted grandson, which would very easily make the feeling mutual.

X Drake joined Kaido
X Drake attacked the island in order to gain the attention of Kaido so he could become on of his allies and gain access to his vast resources but unknown to Kaido he is really working with Law and feeding info back to him as a double agent.
  • [[spolier: Joining Kaido is confirmed, but no evidence yet of being a double agent]].

Bonney's powers use time manipulation.

Brownbeard will become a division commander in the Straw hat pirates .
He will escape from the marines and from another pirate crew with the centaur guard`s

Cavendish is Calico Yorki reincarnated.

Pluton, Posideon and Uranus are actually parts of an ancient crew of pirates.
We will Actually hear about more ancient weapons, and the final strawhat crew will be a Generation Xerox of that ancient pirate crew. Thousand Sunny is Pluton. Franky built the ship with Pluton's designs in mind. Luffy is Posideon. He has been hinted at the ability to hear seakings.
  • Um, dude, Shirahoshi is Poseidon. Luffy may be able to hear sea kings, but Shirahoshi can control them.

Luffy's mother is Vegapunk
She was genderswapped by Iva shortly after Luffy's birth and took on a new identity to gain better research materials.

Laki and Wiper are exes
And it was a bad breakup. Wiper always seem more bitter and angry towards Laki than anybody else, even though other Shandian's make mistakes, he comes down harder on her. Laki is also one of the few Shandians that actually questions Wiper's more dubious actions. And the weird grudge against Laki's cousin, Aisa, seems oddly personal. If you compare their current interactions to how Laki seemed more interested/fascinated by Wiper in the past, there appears to have been some sort of relationship.

Sanji will be forced to cook for Big Mom.
Having been captured by the Big Mom pirates, the next time we see the rest of the Straw Hats they'll be imprisoned and only being kept alive as long as Sanji keeps cooking sweets.
  • Highly likely as we enter the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Bobbin has Tourette Syndrome.
It is not a unique laugh (though Bobbin may have one of those as well.) In the manga it is not as clear but how he is represented in the anime it seems he has tics (or compulsions). His head movements and repetitious vocalizations are characteristic of tourettes and at the very least are completely removed from the mood and conversation he was having during the short glimpse we had of him. Having tourettes myself his behaviors really seem on par with what I have experienced.

The "Secret Plan" that Law mentioned...
... actually went off without a hitch. Law and Luffy had an idea of what they were going to do. Luffy charging at Law with an attack was part of the plan.

Nami is originally from Dressrosa and is somehow related to the Riku family
Bellemere found her in a war-torn hellscape, right? Her age when she was picked up by Bellemere would place around the Donquixote invasion and it's not like the Marines are limited in travel the same way everybody else was, Bellemere could've just crossed the Calm Belt back to the East Blue. And...this is the most convincing to me, Nami looks JUST like Scarlett and pretty damn similar to Rebecca, the Cast of Snowflakes isn't as pronounced as before, but that's a pretty strange coincidence.
  • Doflamingo only took the country 10 years ago, well after Bellemere had found Nami and Nojiko.

Law will become a Yonkou
Luffy and Law will defeat Kaido and claim his territory, but Luffy won't want to be tied down with running it, he'd rather be off having adventures. So he gives the territory to Law, effectively making Law the new Yonkou. This also cements the alliance/friendship they have.
  • Shanks wouldn't want to be tied down either, yet he is recognized as one of the four. It's clear from his example that just wandering around partying and having adventures does not stop one from also being a Yonkou.

There won't be many more members of the crew added
Notice now, instead of focusing on individual ships and crews now, the series seems to be shifting more towards armadas. So, instead of Law joining Luffy's crew, Law will instead ally with Luffy permanently as a ship under his flag, similar with Whitebeard.

Gold Roger had the Gold-Gold Fruit
Which is why people mistook him as Gold Roger instead of Gol D. Roger. When they saw he had the ability to turn into gold, they began calling him "Gold" Roger. Furthermore, it helps with his notoriety as the Pirate King. Being able to create money out of his body would be an incredibly valuable skill, and would probably lead to other pirates join up with him due to having vast amounts of riches. In terms of combat powers, he would be able to turn into liquid gold to avoid damage like other logia, not to mention his haki.
  • This seems pretty unlikely, considering how it's so far been established that no one in the ship thought Devil Fruit powers would've been worth it - even Buggy only ate one by accident.

"Sanji" isn't his birth name.
Rather, it's a nickname that the cooks on the cruise ship gave him, which he's been hearing for so long that he's taken it as his own. In Japanese, "Sanji" is a way of saying "three o'clock", so it's possible that they gave him the nickname because he was mainly in charge of handling plates from the 3:00 pm shift or something.
  • Well, possible, but Sanji is also a given first name. It's when you separate the syllables (San-ji) that it becomes three o'clock. Sort of how like "Onigiri" and "Oni-giri" are two completely separate things.

Brook thinks the same insulting things about Sanji that Zoro says out loud.
He's just too polite to say anything and he also think he would be a hypocrite if he did.

Brook had an exceptionally functional liver when he was alive, which contributed to his skinniness.

Teach would have the worst past amongst the shichibukai
We're already seen Dofla, and it's seems every shichibukai have a hard past. However, Teach is the only one crying and looked totally miserable in his childhood.

Law is Luffy's cousin
Come on, they must be related! He looked similar to Ace, too.

It is possible to lose or attain the D name
We would see others who had D names but probably unaware or hide it.

When Vegapunk appears, if he appears, he will give Phineas and Ferb vibes.

There will be character named Jeanne D Arc
Pretty please? We need more D female.

"D" is short for Devil, making them the natural enemies of the Tenryubito.
Given what Corazon said during manga 764, it's the natural enemy of God, the Devil. The closest thing we have to a God-analogue are the Tenryubito. Luffy punched Saint Chaiross, of the Tenryubito, in order to save Hachi and Camie. That's possibly why Donquixote despises those with the name of "D", since he still fancies himself as a person above all others, godlike-even.
  • Also, Luffy beat-up Eneru in the past, a person who fancied himself a god.

The zombies on thriller bark is Moriah's former crew
When they were killed by Kaido, he had a whole lot of corpses just laying around. He made zombies of them :) Some of them are exceptions naturally, like Ryuma and Oz, but those corpses were specifically excravated because they were strong. However, he has 1000(minus animals) zombies! That's way too many to dig up one by one. Besides, Thriller Bark is huge, it would have had to have a huge crew.

Oz lived during the void century
Hogback says that he lived 500 years ago. However, it could also mean that it was when he died. We know that giants only live for 300 years, which means that he would only have been a baby, and that only if we assume he was approching the end of his lifespan when he froze to death. However... Since Oz is an especially BIG giant... Maybe his lifespand was also longer.
  • I wished this WMG came true. Judging Oda, it's really possible that he appeared as a cameo (as a child) during the void century flashback, assumed we're going to see one.

Lola will stop the fight between the strawhats and bigmam
It's already a widely accepted fantheory that Lola's mom is bigmam. So if she is, then she might be on bigmam's ship, and anyway, how else is the sunny going to survive the pickle they're in right now? The only strong fighter they have is Sanji, and even he can't do anything, unless he decides to make candy for them or something...

Luffy will never get one piece
Just as he's about to reach raftel, it's destroyed by a massive blast, one piece becoming... Lots of pieces all over the place. Que the sequel where Luffy attempts to retrive the shattered remains and piece it back together.

Aside from Jinbei, two more female will joined the crew
Though not necessarily in that order. If we look at the strawhats as a family they lack an uncle/aunt figure and grandmother. Jinbei might take the uncle figure, but they will still need two more female members.
  • Or an okama. Bon chan, anyone?

Bonney will join SHP
Or at the very least, became an ally/honorary member like Law and Vivi. Why would Oda showed her being captured by Akainu if he wasn't going to expand the story later?

Jinbei will properly join SH after Luffy claimed FI as his territory
By the time, Luffy would have defeated Big Mam (and have his bounty above Jinbei). Jinbei is all about protecting FI. That's why he joined Shichibukai and later he agreed giving candy retribution to Big Mam as well. Once Luffy claimed FI, he will joined SH. His dream would be an equality between fishman and human.

Brook had to eat the bone marrow of his former crew in order to survive.

Kuma is partly a Government agent, and partly an experiment with Devil Fruits and their properties
To be specific, an experiment on when does a Devil Fruit consider its owner dead, and thus depart into an actual fruit again. Doctor Vegapunk may have been ordered to make Kuma subservient, but he didn't quite have to completely turn him into a robot. And yet, he did. Under many definitions, Kuma, as in the actual man, is dead, and yet his Devil Fruit hasn't left him. Vegapunk must be, in some way, aware of this fact, and under the basis of this WMG, was actually trying to see if this would happen, or if his Devil Fruit would leave him mid-surgery when the brain was removed. Methods aside, this must have been a valuable research point in the area of Devil Fruit studies.

Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine's Day are dead.
Doflamingo acquired the Devil Fruits they had eaten in a similar manner he gained the Mera Mera fruit, and gave them to Gladius and Machvise.
  • Hmm, well there's a case to be had for Machvise and Miss Valentine's day for sure, but definitely not Mr.5 and Gladius; they've already been confirmed as having two different Devil Fruits, the Bomb-Bomb Fruit (5) and the Pop-Pop Fruit (Gladius). Very similar, but different. To clarify, Gladius's fruit requires him to grab inanimate objects and swell them up until they explode whereas Mr.5 can simply make any part of his own body explode without any preparatory swelling.
  • In addition, the official translator at Viz for One Piece did some clarification: Damage inflicted with the Pop-Pop Fruit is simply due to whip force and shrapnel caused by the inflated object bursting. Gladius does not use any incendiary force the way Mr. 5 does.
  • Miss Valentine is alive: her fruit is the Kilo Kilo, while Machvise's is the Ton Ton. The former allows the user to become lighter too, and has an apparent limit of 10 tons, while Machvise's fruit only makes him extremely heavy. This would also mean that a fruit that can only diminish weight down to a few grams exists...