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Raftel has a large antimagnet.
That's why no one can find it. The log pose doesn't point towards it.

It's a myth that you can't eat more than one devil fruit
We've never actually seen anybody consume more than one fruit, except Blackbeard (offscreen) and he survived. You probably just get deadly sick or something, and if you know how to deal with it, you can survive it.

The "Idiot pirate" whom the navy was going to sell the Ope Ope fruit to is Kaido
Or someone hired by him. If, as many have speculated, Kaido's immortality comes from the sacrifice of a Ope Ope fruit user, then it stands to reason that another Ope user could remove it again. When the navy caught wind that Kaido wanted to kill himself with it, they were all "you go knock yourself out brother!" and arranged the trade immediately. Since then, Kaido has bought up fruit after fruit in a desperate attempt to find the fruit again.

D stands for Demonstrator
Making it a pun on demons being "Enemies of god".

Blackbeard taking powers is only possible from the Yami Yami no mi's Awakening
From what we know about Awakenings so far, they seem to involve breaking whatever boundaries and limitations the Devil Fruit's once had; Zoans simply become bigger and stronger than they otherwise could have and Paramecia's like Doflamingo's are no longer limited to where they can produce their substance. Likewise, Teach's Awakening empowered his ability to "suck anything into himself", and this is how he's able to absorb even Devil Fruit abilities. This being unique to the Dark Dark fruit would also fit Marco's quote that Teach has a "special body" that allows him to do that (I think it goes something like this: Kill the user with a fruit nearby for the power to flow into, and then absorb the power right out of the fruit without eating it). This also brings up another WMG...

Awakenings are relatively unique/specific to each Devil Fruit
When Luffy Awakens the Gum Gum Fruit, it may not involve turning his environment into rubber like Doflamingo did with strings. Doflamingo's Awakening specifically involved that because of the nature of his Paramecia; it's a substance production type. Luffy's Paramecia on the other hand, a body-modifying type rather than a substance producer, will have a different gimmick. Also, this uniqueness may be relative; Zoan Awakenings will always involve becoming a huge monster because Zoan Fruits are relatively all similar to each other. Paramecia Awakenings, like the fruits themselves compared to Zoans, can be much more diverse.

We've already seen some of the Vinsmoke family
The underworld brokers who were watching Caesar's broadcast? At least one of them was a Vinsmoke. In fact, there were two in particular- both long blond haired men- who possibly could have been one of Sanji's brothers.
  • Maybe while we have seen some of the Vinsmoke family the father and two oldest brothers are still a no-show.
  • Jossed. None of the silhouettes we saw in Punk Hazard resemble any of the Vinsmokes.

Kaya isn't an Ill Girl. Kuro poisoned her
The first time we see her, she says she feels fine. Then Kurohadol gives her some "medicine", and a few scenes later, she's coughing. Sure, we're meant to think that she's coughing because Kurahadol and Usopp got into a fight and it upset her... But there's another darker explanation. Kuro was poisoning her giving her tiny doses every day. Notice that later Kurohadol enters with a meal, and Kaya says "I don't want to eat. It doesn't taste good."

If he was poisoning her meal every day, then of course it wouldn't taste good. By using small doses, he could make it seem as though she was merely falling ill naturally, and when she eventually died, no one would investigate.

Of course, the weakness of this theory is that if this is the case, then Kuro wouldn't have needed to do the whole "pirate invasion" plot. However, Word of God is that Kuro is the smartest character in the East Blue, and that pirate invasion wasn't really something glimmering with brilliance. Maybe Kuro's original plan was to poison her slowly, but she grew resistant to the poison over time forcing him to increase the doses, which only made it a matter of time before she discovered that the weird distaste of her food was actually poison.

And remember when he said that "he would've killed Kaya anyway" even if she gave him all her money? Maybe he actually meant "since I've poisoned you and it's only a matter of time before it kills you".

Of course, she's not dead. Once Kuro was gone, she was free to go visit a doctor. And now, she's studying to become a doctor herself. Because Usopp might come home wounded? Or because she realized what Kurohadol had done to her and wanted some way to avoid that in the future, as a way to get over her trauma?

Some event in Brook's past was caused by a member of the Vinsmoke family
About his past before he became a pirate, we only know that he was a soldier in "a certain kingdom"; what if he quit because he didn't manage to protect some royalty from an assassination carried by a Vinsmoke? Alternately, he and his crew may have been mortally poisoned in an unfortunate encounter with the Vinsmokes. Either way, Brook shows to know something he doesn't feel like saying right now.

Some of the Charlotte daughters have already been introduced.
Just like an above WMG states that some of the Vinsmokes have already appeared without us knowing, it's possible that some of Big Mom's daughters (or nieces, if they're not directly related to her; we know so little at the point this entry is written) have already appeared. Lola, Bonney, the three-eyes girl in Big Mom's crew...

Sanji's father will be the next major adversary Luffy fights.
The Vinsmoke Family is shaping up to be a big deal, and it sounds like Sanji is depicted as a weakling among them. If this is true, then the Vinsmoke patriarch may actually be closer to around Luffy's level of strength, if not greater.
  • Sounds very likely right now. Sanji's father is powerful as hell, and he's shaping up to be a major threat. Whether he will be the next major bad guy Luffy fights or if Sanji will take care of his pops, however, is still up in the air.

A Worst Generation member will become a major villain. Besides Blackbeard.
After all, what kind of person would put up a real good fight against Luffy, but one who started at about the same time as him, about the same age as him, and has been getting stronger at about the same rate as him? I'd bet my chips on Eustass Kid. He may be forming an alliance now, but I think he's going to betray the other members, including Killer, and backstab them once the alliance's goal of defeating Shanks is complete so he can claim all of the reward and glory for himself. Naturally, if he defeats Shanks, he will become a target of Luffy's, and the two will find themselves pretty evenly matched. He is also, in a way, an opposite to Trafalgar Law: Whereas Law is calm and has dedicated his life to learning how to heal people, Kid is loud and is a psychopathic murderer. It would fit the pattern that if Law decided to side with Luffy and fight alongside him, Kid would stand in Luffy's way and will fight Luffy with everything he has.
  • Capone seems to be behind some of the unpleasantness the Strawhats are facing as of the Zou arc.
  • Kid seems to have been beaten and imprisoned by Kaido and might have been betrayed by Appo so he might be willing to ally himself with the alliance for revenge.

"Calico" Yorki was a member of the Vinsmoke family
This would explain Brook's reaction; he familiarized the Vinsmoke name with his old captain.
  • I'm gonna say Jossed now, as he lacked the telltale swirly brows. In fact, it's more likely that the Vinsmokes were the ones who killed Brook.

One of Sanji's brothers will be a major ally.
To go along with the above WMG of Sanji's father becoming a major villain, maybe one of Sanji's brothers (or other siblings, if he has any) will side with him to take down their father; either for personal reasons or because he/she thinks Mr. Vinsmoke went too far.
  • Chapter 826 has introduced Yonji, who has the same exact reaction to beautiful women as his older brother Sanji. Unless all male Vinsmokes are that way, he could be a good candidate since he may share Sanji's chivalry towards women.
  • If I had to bet, it would probably be the second son. The first and Yonji seem to be too evil so far. At the very least, the second son called the first on his bullshit when he said he "couldn't wait to see Sanji", so it's a good sign.
  • Isn't it going to be his sister? One Piece had used female-villain-turned-good plots several times (ex: Robin, Viola, even Vivi and Nami to minor extent) and she kinda reminded me of how Nojiko acted to Nami.
  • It isn't looking too likely right now considering how cruel they were to Sanji, giving him a very good reason to hate his family's guts. The possibility of a Heel–Face Turn from one of them still remains, but it's not very high yet.

Zoro hasn't really lost his left eye
It was damaged during the training with Mihawk to the point he must use some care with it, but not irreparably; Zoro simply chooses to keep it closed as part of his own training. Even with his impaired vision, after the Strawhats reunited he's come out clean from his battles, very differently from his usual before the timeskip. Just imagine what he could do if he used both eyes, and he'll probably need it sometime in the future.

The Kogetsu Clan had previously saved Zou from complete annihilation.
The extent at which the Minks were willing to go to defend Raizo suggests nothing less.

Every country in the One Piece World has a Poneglyph
  • Then why didn't we see a Poneglyph on Punk Hazard? Every country in the world /had/ a Poneglyph maybe?

The Poneglyph Jinbei and Wadatsumi recovered is the final Road Poneglyph.
After all, it was found after Wadatsumi chucked some underwater ruins onto dry land. I doubt Jinbei and Wadatsumi will stay together, but even so, Jinbei could (if he knows how) make a copy of the Poneglyph's contents for Robin to read when he meets the Straw Hats again.
  • The final Road Poneglyphs are red though, so while it could be hidden in the manga, it would be problematic when made into anime, so I doubt it. The part about Jinbeu making a copy though, that sounds believable. I hope he does.

The final Road Poneglyph is hidden in Mariejois.
It seems like it would make sense story-wise. There's been a lot of buildup about Mariejois, so it's probable that the strawhats are going to visit there sometime.
  • Extremely unlikely. The very reason why the Straw Hats passed by Fishman Island is precisely because the only other route was through Mariejois, a route that only selected civilian ships may take. Plus, even if they could have passed by Mariejois, it's likely too heavily protected to be worth it, and there's no reason (or way, for that matter) for them to backtrack to it.

Poneglyphs are actually P-1 glyphs
One Piece, One P, P-one, p-1... Given that hundred of years have passed, it makes sense that language have changed. Going out further on a limb, who wants to bet that One Piece was originally fully known, and that One Piece is in itself a code name? After the void century, people were forbidden from speaking about it... but people did anyway, in secret, which is why the myth still lives on, though in the form of a mysterious fairy tale that nobody knows the entire picture of.

Law will be the Whitebeard to Luffy's Gold Roger
Both Law and Whitebeard were/are great friends and rivals to their generations' respective Pirate Kings but don't have the same level of ambition as the latter. Whitebeard only ever wanted a family and never went after the One Piece while Law only wanted to avenge Rocinante/Corazon and has yet to express any desire of being the Pirate King.
  • The positions and personalities are reversed though Law's got the nastier temper and doesn't seem much of a people person but Luffy's got the number of allies and the ambition
  • Plus there's that smile on his face as he's walking away from Rebecca in response to Luffy's declaration of future kingship. Like "Man... This guy."

Bonney and Urouge will join Luffy and Law's alliance.
After all, they seem to be the only Supernovas that go solo for now, and Luffy and Law will need all the help they can gather to defeat Kaido and Big Mom. My bet is that they'll start off as villains, then pull off a Heel–Face Turn first, before being convinced to join the alliance.

Zoro will fight and defeat Jack
Luffy says he's going with Pekoms to pick up Sanji. As the only one of the monster trio available... The duty of defeating the enemy boss falls to Zoro.
  • As of the end of chapter 819, however, Jack is coming back to Zou while Luffy is discussing his plans with friends and allies. Unless his fleet just stays around undetected for the time being, striking only after Luffy and Pekoms leave, he may be the true "test of strenght" for the Strawhats before going against the Yonkou for real.
  • And as of the end of chapter 821, after getting crushed under Zunisha's massive trunk, it doesn't really look like Jack's going to be fighting anybody ever again. There's still a chance, you know, if he turns up alive and then happens to fight Zoro later on; but, he almost certainly won't be fighting him in this arc.

The Shogun of Wano will be a "goofy" character
As you know, it's usually anybody's guess whether a new One Piece character will look badass or totally silly. Since Kaido is already threatening looking enough, I suspect the shogun of Wano will have a crazy Gonk appearance not unlike Raizo.

Robin will be captured again, eventually
While I think it'll be a much briefer affair than the whole Enies Lobby situation, it's possible Robin might be taken by one of the Emperors seeing as how she's the last piece to the puzzle if they want to find One Piece. In any case, I felt strong "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" vibes when the crew declared they'd never let her get taken...

Kaido's zoan devil fruit allows to take the form of....

Shanks has the final Road Poneglyph
He found it long ago and keeps it hidden, waiting for someone worthy of getting it. After the Strawhats will beat Big Mom and Kaido and get the two Poneglyphs in their possession, it will be finally time for him and his crew to test them.

Zoro will use Asura on Jack
Zoro hasn't been seen using Asura since before the timeskip, probably because he has yet to fight anybody on his level in the New World. If a one billion berry bounty man doesn't force Zoro to finally bring out the big guns, I don't know who will.
  • Looks like as of 821, Jack got crushed by Zunisha.

Zunisha is Jack.
  • What? Jossed.
    • I'll introduce another stretch. It's stated that Zunisha has committed a crime, which could've involve the creation of the Zou Zou no Mi in some way. So maybe the fact that Jack came to Zou was a Laser-Guided Karma ?

Zunisha will eventually die
Now that Momonosuke has been shown to be able to issue commands to the colossal elephant, it's possibile that the entirety of Zou will be transported to Wano to aid in the efforts against Kaidou and the Shogun. However, either by Jack - we probably haven't seen the last of him - or just because of the incredible effort, Zunisha will be mortally wounded and/or fatigued, its last wish for the Minks to evacuate before it collapses; they will be probably welcomed to settle into a newly-opened Wano. Since Madame Shirley's prophecy back on Fishman Island, there has been a consistent theme of leaving isolation: Fishman Island will be destroyed - either for real or symbolically - and the sea people will go to the surface, Wano will open up to the outside world... so the Minks leaving their millennial isolation and integrating with humans feels like another step in that direction.
  • The words spoken by the goat Mink at the beginning of chapter 822 seem to further support this theory.

A member of the Vinsmoke family has the Nagi Nagi no Mi
Doflamingo seems like the type to keep a fruit on him at all times just in case he happens to kill a Devil Fruit user, and who better to sell a fruit that makes the user project a field of silence to than a family of assassins?

Pluton, Uranus and Poseidon aren't the only ancient weapons.
They're merely the only ones that are known to exist. Maybe more surviving weapons from the Void Century are still dormant in some way, whose existence, revealed by Poneglyphs, is either kept super-secret by the World Government or downright unknown to even them.

Vivi will be rejoining the crew
...either as a permanent member or as a member in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Given that she's now on her way to Reverie with Chaka and Carue right as Kaido is about to unleash hell on the world, it seems like they'll be caught up in the battle, forcing them to become involved in some manner; since they're obviously not going to join Kaido, the logical choice is that they'll fight beside Luffy.
  • Possible, but IMO unlikely. Although she is a close friend of the Straw Hats, Vivi remains a princess; leaving her country behind and losing her good favors with the World Government might not be the best course of action for Alabasta unless something extremely serious were to happen. Not to mention, strong though she may be, she's still a mostly non-combatant, so it's unlikely she'll be strong enough to keep up with the crew. But her temporarily traveling with the Straw Hats for another few arcs is possible.

Rebecca is NOT the beautiful-lady-swordswoman-with-meat
She will turn up eventually either as a samurai from Wano Kuni or or one of Big Mom's daughters
Vivi and Cobra will find and awaken Pluton.
And they'll get to use it in the final battle against Blackbeard; officially posing as a neutral third party, but secretly helping the Straw Hats, much like Hancock in Marineford.

There is a Devil Fruit with direct superiority to the Gum Gum Fruit
I'm surprised that this both hasn't been theorized yet and that it hasn't appeared in the story yet. Somewhere out there, somebody has a "stretchy" Devil Fruit that could be considered superior to Luffy's rubber powers. My money would be on a liquid metal Logia user.

Hina is related to Jewelry Bonney
My only real basis for this is that they have pink hair... however, since Akainu was not only unusually calm when talking to Bonney but also talking as if he was very familiar with her, it seems she has some sort of connection to the Marines.
  • Possible, but it begs the question as to why Akainu, who's pretty explicitly a murderous psychopath, would spare a relatively low-ranking subordinate's family member, when Sengoku, who is comparatively more merciful and reasonable, had no qualms about executing the grandchild of one of his closest friends and colleagues. I'm thinking that she's either a World Noble or possibly even Akainu's very own daughter. Maybe he's the father of both Hina and Bonney?

Either Carrot or Pedro will permanently join the Straw Hats.
It's about time the main crew got expanded, and a powerful Mink like one of these two would be perfect. As for whichever of them could join, it's far too early to tell, though they both have chances for now; so far Pedro seems more powerful, knowledgeable and serious, but Carrot is a lot more energetic and funny, and a third girl in the crew wouldn't hurt.

Big Mom won't be on Whole Cake Island anymore by the time the Straw Hats reach it.
The tea party will either have already happened or be delayed, while Big Mom is busy elsewhere, and the Straw Hats will fight a different villain. Strong as they are, I don't think they're quite powerful enough to take on Big Mom at that point, and that a final few arcs will be needed for them to become strong enough to defeat her.
  • It's likely that they aren't intending to fight her at all right now; remember that the crew is only at half strength (plus help from Pedro, Carrot, and potentially Pekoms) and, even if they had the whole crew with them, they're not going to try and screw with one Emperor when they've already pissed off another one. This mission isn't going to be one where they fight (much); it's gonna be one where they extract Sanji and then get the hell out because Charlotte Linlin is gonna go berserk.
    • OP here, jossing my own theory. The Straw Hats have reached Whole Cake Island, and Big Mom's still there.

Someone will crash the Reverie.
Going with my above WMG, Big Mom could already be on her way to Mariejois with intentions of crashing in while the Reverie is going on, to capture most of the kings and nobles there with only a select few actually managing to avoid capture (Vivi, Rebecca and Mansherry, Stelly...). Of course, if this indeed happens, it could just as well be Kaido.

Carrot will be the next Strawhat.
Reason 1: To make the Straw Hats even more of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits than they already are. Reason 2: The name Carrot itself is basically a gender-swapped version of the name Kakarot. A.K.A. Son Goku
  • Reason 3: she would be not only a third girl in the crew, but also with a completely different personality than either Nami and Robin.

Ryuuma and Flare's respective descendents will make an appearance in the Wano Country arc.
Whether they will play a major role, or just as a cameo and reference to Monsters, it seems possible that they'll appear (At least for Ryuuma, I'm not so sure about Flare).

Vivi and Cobra's ancestors were forced to hide the truth about the foundation of the World Government
The Nefertaris were among the 20 founding families of the WG centuries ago but were the only family that decided to not move to Mariejois and become Celestial Dragons. Why? Maybe they were lied by their allies about the Ancient Kingdom, thinking they were eradicating an evil regime, or they realized the extent of their actions and were disgusted by themselves. Either way, they wanted to reveal the truth to the world at large but were threatened with the destruction of Alabasta by the newly formed Dragons, and were probably also forced to destroy any document that could lead to the truth. They, however, had later a part in the creation and posing of the Poneglyphs around the world.

During the Reverie, someone will make an attempt on Cobra's life, and may even be successful
After the timeskip Cobra is seen gravely ill, to the point he is confined to a wheelchair to go and attend the Reverie. All this while he intends to ask the World Government about ancient history, and we all know their attitude about the subject. Those are worrysome flags of a possible death of the character. Bonus points if the Ryugyu royals are framed for it, with basically the same consequences Hody's crazy plans would have caused.

Cobra is faking his illness
Related to the above: his illness is just an act he's been preparing for a while. He's intended to ask the World Government some inconvenient questions for a long time, and he knows he may become a target for that. In a gamble to expose them, he's making everyone think he's very sick and so a very easy target. Most probably at least Chaka and Pell are on it; Vivi may or may not know, while Igaram is kept in the dark.

The Revolutionary Army vs Blackbeard fight...
Ended in a tie with both groups going their separate ways, but the battle was so destructive that the base got destroyed in the process.

Carrot's inclusion in the "Sanji Rescue Team" is at least partly due to editorial mandate
Just while the latest chapters of the Zou arc were running their course, Zootopia was released to great success, also in East Asia. Oda had several ideas for the Minks introduced so far, and was pondering who among them would ultimately accompany Luffy's group (the sequence of volunteers in chapter 822 is a nod to that) but, seeing the success of that movie starring a cute female rabbit, editors pushed for him to choose the cute female rabbit Mink.
  • Not impossible, but IMO unlikely. It's possible that Oda was inspired by the movie, but considering how long in advance a mangaka must plan events ahead, I think it's simply a coincidence. Besides, I don't see why editors would push Oda to include Carrot like that, since Chopper fills the Kid-Appeal Character role marvelously already.

Something's off with Sanji's bride photo
Because Sanji and picture had been running joke since the beginning of the series. Several ways it could go :
  • It was a fake/wrong picture, similar like Sanji and Duval issues.
  • It was an old picture, the woman had either turned into old woman or a Gonk, something like reverse!Alvida.
  • The photo only showed the woman's top part. Maybe the bottom part is an eight legged spider or something weird, non human.
    • Seeing as how she otherwise looks identical to the 3 eyed girl, I'd be willing to bet that's what's missing. Notice her hair obscuring her forehead.
    • Unlikely. Pudding has 88 siblings, including 38 sisters, so it's more likely the three-eyed girl is one of her sisters.

Jack is a Wotan.
Despite being deep underwater, having a Devil Fruit and looking human, Jack is still conscious and alive (albeit unable to actually move), and has fishman traits. The only possible explanation IMO is that he's a Wotan, since they are half-giant, half-fishmen.

Purin will join the Straw Hats (or the Grand Fleet)
She'll fall in love with Sanji, but realize that there's no way to convince Sanji to stay with her. So she'll take another option; if she can't convince Sanji to stay, she will either go with him so they can remain together, or join the Grand Fleet so they can leave on good terms but still see each other again from time to time.

Pekoms won't be allowed back in the Big Mom Pirates.
At least Tamago seems to believe Bege was right for doing what he did, so things aren't looiking too good for him. I don't know if Big Mom is more forgiving towards higher-ranked members (As in "I can tolerate fucking up once, but don't fuck up twice", or something), so he might just get demoted, but he could also be plain kicked out of the crew for failing his assignment and letting his personal feelings get in the way.
  • I'll back you up on this. The fact that he's, um, you know... sailing with enemies right to his boss's location is probably not going to sit very well with Big Mom.

There's a traitor among the Ninja-Mink-Pirate Alliance
Inuarashi suspects that a Vivre Card was used by Jack to find Zou. Only the Minks, Raizo, and the Heart Pirates were on Zou when Jack got there. Since we all know Inu "suggesting" that a Vivre Card was used is Oda's way of saying "yeah, Jack definitely had a Vivre Card", the only two possible explanations is that they somehow got somebody's card without them knowing... or there's a traitor on Zou who gave it to them.

Purin has hypnotism powers
Since she seems to be the three-eyed girl briefly seen at the time of Big Mom's introduction, just with hair covering the third eye, what if it gives her some ability (which may be connected to a Devil Fruit or not) to hypnotize people? Regardless of her being evil, or feeling exactly as Sanji about the marriage, the may come into play in the future.

The fight with Big Mom won't be solved through simple combat
After wasting all the food in a single go, Luffy and his group face starvation. When they reach Sanji's wedding party, Luffy will be severely weakened; still strong enough to defeat any mook and most high-level lackeys, but not enough to stand against Big Mom. Just as things turn out badly for Luffy, Sanji will convince Big Mom to rather settle things with an eating contest, counting on her pride and insatiable appetite. The hungry Luffy will prove no match for her. The victory will gain, if not help, at least neutrality from Big Mom in the future, but could have the consequence of turning her into an Abhorrent Admirer of Luffy.
  • Abhorrent Admirer? Big Mom is a Yonko, I imagine she's too mature and cynical to have that type of admiration for anybody, much less some rookie who threatened to kick her ass. Also, I'm sure the Straw Hats on the ship will fish and/or eat from the tangerine tree before they starve to that level.
    • I realize having used the wrong trope: never thought a defeat would make Big Mom interested in Luffy in that way (that's hating the poor guy :p ) but that being defeated at what she apparently does best (eating) may bring her to admire and respect him - although I concede that, so far, she seems far from the type of character with whom Defeat Means Friendship would be applicable.

Kaido's Devil Fruit is a Mythological Zoan - Western Dragon model
1. Given the theme of his own crew (the Beast Pirates), it is likely that Kaido himself is a Zoan user (in Chapter 824 he even states that he wishes for an entire crew of Devil Fruit users, so he as Captain probably already is one).

2. In Punk Hazard, upon defeating the smaller dragon in Chapter 682, Brook asks to Kinemon why he is taking the issue so personal after a dragon. Kinemon's answer compare the matter to a revenge for a parent's death.

3. In Chapter 818, some of the background of Kinemon and Momonosuke is unveiled. Indeed, they both lose the same important person: Kozuki Oden, who was Momonosuke's true father and Kinemon's feudal lord. Kaido was one of the two responsible for the murder, fitting with Kinemon's answer to Brook.

On the top of this, because of the above the story is shaping a personal conflict between Momonosuke and Kaido. While Momonosuke has eaten an (artificial) Eastern Dragon Zoan Fruit, it would enlight the contrast to have Kaido show as the bearer of a Western Dragon Zoan Fruit.

The Sanji Retrieval Arc will be a kind of mirror to the Dressrosa Arc
Because not only are the Straw Hats that are in this arc happen to be the other half of the crew + Luffy but they even have three non-nakama along for the ride. Two Mink warriors instead of samurai and a friendly but not all that pleased guide to the next island (Law). As such the crew will take on roles that were taken by their Dressrosa compatriots i.e. Monster: Sanji-Zoro East Blue Coward: Nami-Usopp, Expostion of Story Elements: Brook-Franky, Support: Chopper-Robin. My predictions: 1. Sanji, like Zoro will show off his most powerful techniques in order to defeat Big Mom's "powerhouse" character (possibly one of his brothers or Tamago. 2. Brook will instead of being given the overarching exposition reveal information about the Germa 66 and possibly other hints about the Vinsmokes, he might even know Grandpa or Grandma Vinsmoke personally. 3. Nami will awaken her haki in a tight spot (not certain what tight spot but you can bet there'll be one or two). 4. Luffy will fight the Big Bad, which won't be Lin Lin but rather Papa Vinsmoke. And 5. Pekoms won't outright defeat Bege (he is a supernova after all) but his fight and other factors will inspire Big Mom to leave the Straw Hats be for the time being, until Kaidou has been sorted out (the prick). That's all, obviously the themes and the mission itself will unravel in a different fashion to Mingo's death game but I think this arc is designed to give the other crew members an opportunity for growth, particularly Nami and Brook as Chopper got a lot of attention in the Punk Hazard and Zou arcs for his doctoring.

All the members of the former CP 9 will be captured and executed. Except for Rob Lucci.
Much to Spandam's glee, in the process,enabling him to rise up in the ranks.
  • But what's the point bringing CP 9 back into the story only to kill them?
  • Rob Lucci did survive and now he's in charge of CP 0 . . .

Luffy is, in fact, related to Ace by blood.
  • However, it's through his mother instead of his father.

Carrot will eat a reborn Yuki Yuki no Mi
Disclaimer: this theory was not originally conceived by myself but by youtuber Rogersbase. We know that when the user of a Devil Fruit dies, such fruit is immediately reborn somewhere, ready to give its power to someone else. So, since Monet is most certainly dead - we saw her heart being stabbed, after all - there must be a new Yuki Yuki no Mi somewhere. One of Monet's attacks consisted in a storm of bunny-shaped snow projectiles; Carrot has snow-white fur. By eating that fruit, she'd become a literal Snow Bunny! And after Sabo we wouldn't be surprised if the power of a fruit was passed to another character. Differently from Rogersbase, however, until we'll know for sure about how they work, I don't buy into the theory that Devil Fruits regenerate into a normal fruit (at least of the same type) that is nearby when the user dies, which leads to the idea that the new Yuki Yuki no Mi is among Nami's tangerines. I'd rather think the new fruit is in the hands of some underworld people and will be brought by the Vinsmokes among the gifts for Sanji's marriage. When Luffy and his group will infiltrate Big Mom's territory, they'll first look for food and Carrot won't even realize having eaten the Devil Fruit; she may fall in water and be rescued but, since she may have never learned to swim, nobody including herself will suspect, until a dangerous situation will make her new powers manifest.
  • Not impossible, but a pretty huge stretch, especially in this manner. Devil Fruits do regenerate into a nearby fruit when its user dies; when Smiley died, his power was transferred immediately to a nearby apple, as Caesar Clown had placed a bunch of them close by for this very reason. It's impossible to tell until Devil Fruits are explained in greater detail, but Monet's fruit was more likely reincarnated into another of those apples than into one of Nami's tangerines, since the apples were closer to her than the Sunny was. Besides, Nami would have most likely found out earlier if one of her tangerines had turned into a Devil Fruit, since the trip from Punk Hazard to Dressrosa took a few days, and she remained on the Sunny most of the Dressrosa arc.

The Vinsmokes have access to at least one source of Devil Fruits
We still don't know how and where the Fruits originate, if there are plants they grow on, or places where they are transported by the sea (especially if Raftel was truly their original place)... but the Vinsmoke family somehow has access to one of those places. They sell the fruits they get from there through the criminal underworld they are connected to, so that some have also ended up outside the Grand Line, but the Vinsmokes also furnish the Marine and World Government at times, which would explain why so many high-ranking Marine officials are DF users, and why the Vinsmokes seem to have so much influence on the WG.

The symbol on Vito's hands and forehead...
...Is none other than the Germa 66 insignia. Though he's not a member, he claims to have admired them for a long time so it's possible he got their symbols tattooed on his body.
  • Jossed, The Germa 66 are not shown to use that emblem.

Sora is real.
The Marines only took his fights against Germa 66 and twisted them into Marine propaganda, much like how Montblanc Noland's adventures were twisted into a tale of buffoonery and lies. The real Sora is still around, or at least has existed in the past, with his fights against Germa 66 affecting the present.
  • All Myths Are True, it won't be a surprise if he was real. The real WMG is, who?
    • Sengoku
    • Garp, he was the hero of marines after all.
    • Maybe it's a she. One Piece needs more Action Girl.
    • The user of the same DF used by Dragon. Sora = Sky, it's not farfetched since Dragon seems to have Air/Wind/Weather control ability.

The double six in Germa 66 may have been referring to the Vinsmoke family's unique eyebrows
Which would make Sanji a natural opposite of his own family since birth, for his eyebrows are inverse of 66.
  • Major credit going to this theory with the reveal that at least two of Sanji's siblings do indeed have the "66" eyebrows compared to his inverted ones.

Brook will be mistaken for Sora
He can run on water, an ability that's attributed to Sora too. At least Vito, who seems very knowledgeable about the Sora comic strip, may be shocked to see that not only Germa 66 is real.

Not only Sora really existed, but there's still at least one living descendant
Differently from Montblanc Cricket, who wanted to vindicate Noland's name, this one doesn't feel he/she's up to the name, regardless of whether all the feats attributed to him are real.

Sanji inherently has flame powers.
Sanji's family seems to have a theme going on. His elder sister's "Poison Pink." Maybe his ability to flame on is a family thing?

Sanji's mother or eldest brother is currently at the Reverie.
Since Reiju mentions that the Vinsmokes are allowed to attend the Reverie- and since the Reverie is going on right now- at least one high ranking member is probably present there. But Sanji's father is likely dedicated to this whole wedding plan, and since he's subtely being brought up as a threat, he's almost certainly going to be at Whole Cake Island right now. That leaves just the matriarch and possibly the eldest son to go to Reverie. Of course, this is assuming Sanji's mom isn't dead like everybody else's, but we'll see.
  • The older brother part is jossed, as Sanji's older brothers have just finished liberating a war-torn country in chapter 828. The mother part, however, is still up in the air.

The events in Sora, Warrior of the Sea were switched around from the truth.
In that while the comic portrays the Marines as the good guys and Germa 66 as the bad guys, the truth is reversed: the good guys are actually Germa 66. The comic is simply based on an incident or series of incidents that could prove disastrous to the Marines' reputation if the truth were to leak out, so they made this comic as a means of hiding what really happened. As for why the Germa 66 are apparently evil nowadays, I can think of two explanations: either Dark Is Not Evil, or Then Let Me Be Evil.

Yonji will also be voiced by Hiroaki Hirata.
Considering he looks so similar to his big bro, it would make sense for them to share voice actors, or at least have similar-sounding voices.

There will be Yonji x Purin instead
He looked similar enough to Sanji. It'll probably be a quick progress in the relationship like Baby 5 x Sai.
  • Seems possible for two main reasons now; Big Mom wants one of her daughters to marry a Vinsmoke, and Sanji wants to return to the crew. So, if Sanji gets away successfully, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch that Yonji or one of the other brothers would marry her instead.
  • Well, they could fall in love, but Vinsmoke Judge makes it clear that he refuses to let any of his other sons marry into Big Mom's family.

Don Krieg is a former admiral Of Germa 66
Don Krieg was one of the admirals of Germa 66's navy forces as well as the weapon specialist for the army.One day he went rogue took a navy ship, along with it's men and vast weaponry and head to the Grand Line to find One Piece and become Pirate King, until days later his entire ship was suddenly slice in half as though by giant, invisible sword and swallowed by a giant whirlpool. Krieg was drifting at sea on a lifeboat until he was picked up by a marine ship. The pirate repaid this act of kindness by killing the captain, hijacking the ship, to resume his conquest and pillaging, where he eventually built his armada of 5000 men and head out to the Grand Line once again....only to be worfed once again by the same mysterious forces.

Kin'emon will actually become Momonosuke's adoptive father by the end of the Wano arc.
After all, they played the part of father and son for a while, they're similar despite not being blood related, and Momo needs someone to raise him, doesn't he? Kin'emon seems like the perfect guy to fill that role.

There is a three-eyed tribe in the OP world
Ok. So. The three-eyed girl. Since Pudding says she has 38 sisters, it's looking more like this infamous 3-eyed girl we saw years ago is actually one of her siblings. So, the easy guess now would be that one of Big Mom's 43 husbands was from a 3-eyed tribe, and that's where this girl came from. I'm not exactly ruling out the possibility that it could still be Pudding though.

Pudding lied to the Straw Hats
Not about everything, but most things, as good liars mix in truths and half-truths with falsehoods. I have a few pieces of evidence about this. Number 1, she showed in her very first appearance that she's a good liar when she saved Luffy and Chopper's asses. Number 2, she's Big Mom's freaking daughter, and I think Pedro was right to think that her being afraid of Big Mom is reason enough for her to lead them into a trap (look at her nervous face when he says that). I mean, we know Big Mom wants to sacrifice Luffy at this tea party, so it would make sense if she had her daughter bring them right to her. Lastly, while I think it's probable she really did meet Sanji, notice that everything she said about him was things anybody could learn from looking at his Wanted Poster and/or secondhand knowledge (that he's gentlemanly, he's a chef, he has heart eyes, he's called "Black Leg"). So, just throwing all this out there. I mean, even as I say all this, I think she seems pretty genuine; but honestly, we have no idea what kind of effect being raised by a psychopath like Big Mom could have had on this girl's personality.
  • Oh, also, this might be shot in the dark, but it's possible the theme of this arc is "deception". Pudding lied in her intro. Pekoms is lying to his crew. Pedro seems like he's hiding something. Reiju and Yonji are hiding that they met the Straw Hats. "Niji" (Sanji's second brother) calls "Ichiji" (the first) a liar when he says he wants to see Sanji.
  • Good points, but Doflamingo is the living proof that the apple can sometimes fall incredibly far away from the tree, so I personally believe Pudding's personality is genuine despited being raise by Big Mom (Besides, who says her father didn't raise her?), and that she wouldn't lead the Straw Hats into a trap or sell them out. Or at least, if she does, that she'll regret it and that it won't be done out of malice (Kind of like Conis in the Skypiea arc).
  • Jossed, the living objects on the island are the ones feeding Big Mom info, and Pudding is worried over having not been able to get to the coast.

Sanji will kick Big Mom pretty.
If and when Sanji actually does meet Big Mom, he will probably be horrified with what she looks like. And so, in a Batman Grabs a Gun moment, he will kick her face until she's beautiful. Of course, it might just make her look the way she did when she was younger. At least then he won't be as hesitant to marry her daughter when the time is right.

The recent arc is a shout out to Spirited Away
  • Big Mam is a Composite Character : Her appearance is like Yubaba/the evil witch. Just like Boh, she acted like big crybaby. Just like No Face, she is consumed with greed and cannot helped herself.
  • There will be a Sen character, which probably will be Sanji and Chopper. Just like Sen entered the contract with the witch, Sanji will eventually be employed as a cook.
  • Just like Sen healing Haku with the medicine, Chopper will heal Big Mam by putting the medicine in her food. Alternatively, it could be that Chopper getting eaten on purpose and healing her from the inside. Big Mam will rage during the 'healing' process, while Luffy and others tried to stop her.
  • There is WMG on Spirited Away page saying Yubaba and Zeniba is the same person. Once she was healed, Big Mam's personality would be more like Zenibaba, a kind old woman.
  • Bonus point if there is a Secret Test of Character in some point of the story. Just like No Face tried to offer golds to Sen, someone will try to offer golds to Nami, and she will refuse.
    • Alternatively, it already did. Just like Sen didn't look back at the end, Luffy kept moving forwards. Sanji was tempted by a beautiful girl, but he refused the wedding.

Big Mom's oldest child will be important in some way
After all, if anybody could provide valuable info on her, it would be the eldest child.
Brook will be essential in defeating Big Mom.
He'll be captured and she'll try to absorb his life. Since Brook is already dead (YOHOHOHOHO), it will knock her out or leave her comatose.
  • Another way could be that Big Mom knew Brook before his demise (in fact, she was a fangirl of his group) and realising that Brook is her idol from back then (because his new persona of Soul King is completely different) she gets stunned long enough for others to deliver her a hard blow
  • Well, you're close so far, as the latest info makes it seem like Brook will be essential to stealing her road poneglyph. Which probably counts as "defeating her".
  • Though the "Big Mom was a fan of Brook" part is jossed from the get-go, as Brook never performed publicly (Let alone had a band, for that matter) when he was alive. He was a musician and a pirate, and didn't start achieving stardom until the Time Skip.

Totland serves solely to satisfy Big Mom's hunger
Purin is very mistaken about the 'utopia' her mother created - each and every island in Totland exist only for sweets production purposes or as an emergency supply to stall her from destroying everything on her path. That's why Big Mom (or in reality, her children who run the government of the country) invite people from all over the world as they bring different recipes with them. This is their gambit for survival, as when Big Mom's tantrum happens (asking for some ridiculous sweet), someone may actually have recipe for that.

Totland's government is run by Big Mom's children
With the eldest being a de facto president. Because their mom is so deranged, someone has to do the proper job of managing the country.
  • When Big Mom realises that, she will be so enraged she will attempt to kill all of her children

Big Mom has been alive for a very, very long time
Her Devil Fruit ability seems to give her the power to take away or give away "life". So, maybe she's been stealing people's lifespans and adding them to herself for a long time. That's how she was able to progressively rise to the rank of an Emperor and it's why she's been able to have so many kids and husbands.

The One Piece is exactly that. One Piece.
But what is it one piece of? Either the true ultimate devil fruit, or the Rio Poneglyph. Either way, there's 6 pieces, one of which is found on Raftel, and the other 5 are found on Islands similar to Raftel, with one each in the North Blue, East Blue, etc, and the last piece being either on an undiscovered island in the Grand Line or in the All Blue.
  • Whatever it is, I guess there will be a Title Drop when they do find One Piece.

There is a Fourth category of Devil Fruit
All of the Devil Fruits in the fourth category are related to Haki in some way, with only four total fruits in the category, one for each type of Haki, with the Fruit names being; the Haki-Haki no Mi Model: Kenbunshoku, the Haki-Haki no Mi Model: Busoshoku, the Haki-Haki no Mi Model: Haoshoku, and the Haki-Haki no Mi Model: Ultimate. The main thing preventing these from potentially being Paramecia types is that they have their own unique set of weaknesses and only effect the user's Haki capabilities, as each one would strengthen their respective type of Haki, while the Haki-Haki no Mi Model: Ultimate combines the effects of all three into one fruit. The unique downside would be that just EATING one of these three shortens the user's lifespan, and the ultimate (fourth) one would greatly shorten the users life.

Sanji and Yonji fought (or will fight) over Nami
It only makes the most sense in the world that Yonji was probably drooling over Nami's bounty poster and Sanji kicked his ass for it. And if it didn't already happen, it will in the future.

Jajji has the same eyebrows as Sanji
Sharing this theory from Rogersbase on Youtube. Basically, the idea is that the true heir/purest member/destined leader of the Germa 66 is actually born with the @_ @_ eyebrows instead of the _@ _@ brows; Jajji's eyebrows being covered by the helmet is Oda's way of hiding it. Now, I believe that Sanji had the most pressure placed on him as a child due to this fact, and it's one of the reasons he left. After all, there has to be something that Jajji did specifically to Sanji alone and not his siblings since the others seem to have no issues with him.
  • The eyebrow part isn't confirmed yet, but the rest is jossed to hell. Sanji hates his family's guts because he was repeatedly bullied and beaten up as a child due to being the black sheep of the family, and a disgrace to his family name. So much for the "true heir" theory.
    • Don't rush with completely jossing this one! Sanji was born as one of quadruplets - even though he's been aligned a number 3 (probably the birth order), he has rights to challenge his brothers to the position. But as with the eyebrows, maybe when Jajji realised that Sanji is the 'true heir' due to his eyebrows, he proclaimed his intention to his brothers, who started to bully him viciously because of jealousy. Jajji did not help Sanji, because he wanted him to learn 'fight his own fights'. It's also mentioned he trained him with sword and put him in iron mask in the dungeon probably to 'prime' him as a warrior. (Yeah, crazy guy thought he's doing the right thing or something...)
      • But the problem here is "intention". Jajji sees his son as nothing more than a means to an end, a tool he used to ally with Big Mom because he didn't want to marry one of his other precious sons to her; hell, he doesn't even view Sanji as a son at all. If Sanji really was the "true heir" to the Vinsmoke family (whatever that means), Jajji and Sanji's brothers wouldn't have been such assholes to him; they simply would have been harsh but somewhat loving, to prevent him from rebelling and thus waste his potential. Besides, Sanji doesn't even want anything to do with his family or the Germa, let alone rule over them. Even if he really was the "true heir", he wouldn't act upon it.

Luffy's bounty will rise again after the Totland Arc is over
Despite the fact that it only just went up, keep in mind that Luffy is messing with Emperors now and there's a very real possibility that his bounty could jump to over a billion if he actually manages to cause any lasting damage to Big Mom. In fact, I feel as though even so much as taking out Germa 66 will warrant at least a 200,000,000 increase to his current amount.

Sanji lost his mom
Considering all the Strawhats have lost someone they cared about in their back stories except Sanji which was arguably the least tragic and he seems to harbor a lot of anger at his family and left at a young age it makes sense. There has been no mention of a mother, just his father, sister, and three brothers.
  • Any mothers in One Piece is to be presumed dead until mentioned otherwise. Let's see the list : Usopp's mother, Nami's adoptive mother, Vivi's mother, Shirahoshi's mother, Rebecca's mother, Robin's mother, Ace's mother... Now that I think of it, Big Mom deserved the title yonkou already for surviving this far. It is mentioned in SBS that Oda said 'mother' is the opposite of 'adventure', thus his tendency to kill of mothers.
    • WELL, I wouldn't be surprised that this poor woman didn't survive quadruplet birth...

The Vinsmokes have some sort of connection to Vegapunk
Maybe they're his number 1 customers or maybe he's a friend of Judge, but I'm thinking the Vinsmokes have done business with Vegapunk at some point. If they're the most technologically advanced army in the world then it's a no-brainer they're connected to him somehow.

Sanji's brothers are cyborgs
Yonji was being fixed in some sort of mechanical workshop rather than a hospital, so it's likely he's got some sort of mechanical components to him. His facial injury from Sanji was also very inhuman looking; it looked more like dented metal than broken bones. As for the other ones, when Sanji punched Ichiji as a child, it made a "clang" sound effect, which could only mean that he must have metal plating under his skin. As for why Sanji himself isn't a cyborg, it's simple; Judge saw he was weak as child and chose not to have him modified since he thought he'd be "useless" anyway.

The fights in the Totland arc will be like in Enies lobby over handcuff keys
I find it doubtful that Luffy is going to fight Big Mom at this point so it's more likely Jajji will be the final boss and considering Sanji is in handcuffs they are going to have to release him from them so his siblings probably each will have a key.

Pudding will fight Reiju, and Nami will fight Brulee
This of course is assuming that Pudding was faking being weak to the Straw Hats and is actually fairly powerful. Anyway, regardless, she'll be on their side eventually and (since I still believe she's joining the crew) will need somebody to fight with. So... enter Reiju. How ironic would it be if Reiju, who considers Pudding a "sweetheart", ends up getting her ass kicked by her? And if Pudding is truly a good person, she'll take offense to Reiju's behavior involving Sanji and want to fight her. Then there's Nami who hasn't gotten a 1 on 1 fight in about 10 years. She's long overdue, and though I also think she'd be a good match for Reiju symbolically, I believe Nami will fight Brulee. Since Nami can become invisible and make mirages, she should be the only one capable of getting past Brulee's tricks.

The original home island of the Vinsmokes was destroyed by a Buster Call
In a distant past (we are talking many decades, if not a few centuries ago), the World Government or an Admiral ordered the destruction of the island from where the Vinsmokes originated; maybe they thought they had become too powerful in their attempt to reign on the North Blue alone. The royals and at least part of the population managed to save themselves however, and they turned to piracy both for survival and revenge, creating the Germa 66 and its legend over time. A long time later, the World Government readmitted the Vinsmokes, possibly because they got their hands on some secret; they probably offered them a new land too, but the Vinsmokes refused, preferring to be a reign without a stable place. Although they are technically part of the WG today, since they are also admitted to the Reverie, the Vinsmokes still harbor a deep resentment, as Jajji's dream of restoring their power over the North Blue shows, and for this reason they seek an alliance with Big Mom, a pirate Emperor. For this reason, after their defeat at the hands of the Straw Hats, the Vinsmokes may become allies on an Enemy Mine ground.

Sanji's mother died accidentally while defending him
From a very tender age, Jajji was imposing some very strict training on his sons; Sanji lagged behind and this caused his father to go even harder on him. One day, during some harsh sword training, Sanji's mother intervened and Jajji accidental stabbed her. The wound wouldn't even been lethal for an healthy woman, but she was weaker since she gave birth to the quadruplets and eventually died. This caused the situation we have seen in Sanji's flashback: he wasn't responsible for his mother's death but in his father and brothers' mindsets, it had ultimately happened because he was weak, and so he deserved all the coldness and bullying. Not much the first trauma but rather the subsequent treatment he received, also caused Sanji's refusal to hit women and to use his hands for fighting.

Lola is in fact one of Big Mom's daughters
In the latest chapter, we see Capone's married to one of Big Mom's daughters that's the spitting image of Lola. Coupled with the fact that Lola's mom is supposed to live in the New World, it only makes sense. This also means the vivre card will play a big role as well.
  • This might be a WMG if it was said before Whole Cake Island arc. As of now, it is just waiting to be confirmed.

Caesar Clown will be forced to make an Enemy Mine situation with the Straw Hats.
He's way too much of an asshole to join their crew, not to mention the fact they both hate each other's guts, but he's just as neck-deep in shit as the Straw Hats, so both parties may have to swallow their pride and temporarily work together in the future, with their truce ending the second Big Mom is off their backs. Of course, if this happens, I also predict Caesar trying to backstab the Straw Hats at some point, but still.

Capone will eventually get a My God, What Have I Done? moment if not a genuine Heel–Face Turn
We've seen that not only he's married one of Big Mom's daughters during the timeskip, they even have a baby. In his current mindset, Capone may see him as just another means to an end, further strenghtening his ties with Big Mom and reinforcing himself. After a (predictable) failure against the Straw Hats, however, Big Mom will be furious and that will put even the baby's life in jeopardy, with Capone realizing he put even the life of his infant son behind his hunger for power.

Luffy is the reason Jinbe didn't break out from Big Mom
Disclaimer : I found this theory on a forum. Instead of his life or his body part, Big Mom is actually asking Luffy as a price if Jinbe tried to get out from her crew.

There isn't just one mink traitor affiliated with Beasts Pirates
On chapter 824 Inuarashi shares with Wanda his fear that there is probably a mink on Zou who helped Jack's ship to reach Zunisha via vivre card as well as peddle informations like Raizou's presence on the wandering island. I find kind of weird Wanda and Bariete's exchange in those pages; during the whole Zou arc Bariete has been acting in a pretty suspicious way. He has been seen shiveing or reacting in exaggerated ways in more than one occasion and we learn, after Carrot's departure with the Strawhats, how easily he gets bribed with one or two bananas. When he eventually reveals Wanda where Carrot went, his line about the rabbit mink "not wanting to betray Wanda" followed by the dog mink's gesture to shut him up the situation can be pretty much considered suspect. Chapter 809's color spread also have three monkeys making the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" gestures which can be also connected to the code of silence. Carrot has a few shady characteristics as well since her first apparition. Together with Wanda she is the only mink seen without bandages or serious wounds after Jack's attack when Luffy's group reaches Zou and she's instantly acting violently against them. On the Thousand Sunny Pedro claims that Carrot is in fact stronger than the Strawhat's average and Chopper states that when Carrot attacks Luffy for eating her carrot "she almost got him" by cutting off his jugular. So she knows exactly what to do to and where to aim to kill someone... She's a rabbit. Rabbits are preys, not predators. Her departure from Zou along with Luffy and friends is pretty weird and mostly unexplained as well. If we also point out that Pedro's name is the same as a certain card game along with Jack and Sheepshead and that since his arrival in Totto Land he as been recognized by random or fairly important people (see Tamago) given his mysterious past than we have four suspect minks from Zou.
  • Bonus: this last arc seems to have a few reminders of Enies Lobby's arc given a companion's separation from the crew, Strawhats coming to save him, handcuffs keys to find and an assassin's organization to beat. Enies Lobby has the biggest and, I dare to say, the truest betrayal in the whole One Piece series since every other traitor in the story turned out to be forced to do that or something similar. This betrayal had these new characters sided with the arc's new allies who altogether turned Evil All Along.