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One Piece is an eye patch
We know that a pirate wearing an eye patch will never be shown until the very end of the series. So the eye-patch-wearing pirate will be no other than Luffy after putting on that One Piece'd eye patch he found in Raftel. Doy.

Trafalgar Law has some connection to Whitebeard.
Notice how similar his "smiley" Jolly Roger is to the symbol on the IV tubes Whitebeard had hooked up prior to the current war arc? And now we learn that Law really is a doctor, as his "Surgeon of Death" nickname implied. I'm suspecting that before he set out to form his own crew, he was an apprentice to Whitebeard's doctor.
  • According to Word Of God, that shape is actually the traditional shape for Jolly Roger type symbols in North Blue. So all that means is that Whitebeard is also from North Blue originally.

Rather than being older than she looks, Jewelry Bonney is actually a little kid using her powers to appear as an adult most of the time.
Her eating habits are certainly a lot like a kid who'd reveling in being able to eat whatever they want without anybody bothering them about ruining their appitite. Her clothing also looks like the sort of outfit a kid puts together when left to their own devices. The reason she has such a huge bounty as a rookie could be because when she set out on her journey with a child's impulsiveness and inability to foresee the consequences of their actions and ended up getting into deep trouble with the World Government because of it and is now trying to stay under the radar because she's learned her lesson and doesn't want to get into worse trouble.
  • An alternate WMG with another tied in: Bonney is going to turn out to be a lighter version of Iron Mace Alvida. When she set out, like any woman at her age, was apprehensive about aging and losing her beauty and fitness. She also didn't want to ruin her figure because she, well, is a Big Eater. But here's my other WMG: Jewelry Bonney WORSHIPS good food. She was born into a peasant family that ate bland, gritty gruel three meals a day every day. When a rich friend took her out to eat, she was entranced by the plethora of flavors and textures that food could have. So she decided right then and there she would set out on the Grand Line, simply to get a taste of all the island's exotic cuisine, and maybe find One Piece as a nice bonus. So she gathers a crew, gains a ship and sets sail. They enter the Grand Line, and the first island they reach to set their Log Pose is an island theme named after Ponce de Leon. She and her crew find a Devil Fruit, and, being much kinder than Alvida was to her crew, is talked into eating it so she could be a stronger captain. Its only a sheer personal jackpot on the Superpower Lottery that she got powers that let her stay as young or old as she desires and always stay in peak condition despite pigging the fuck out whenever the hell she wants.

Kuma is Dead. Long live Kuma.
Related to earlier WMGs and the fact that Oda never seems to waste any detail, the Bartholomew Kuma that we know and are completely confused by is dead. However, somehow Kuma's loyalty programming will be disabled - he'll push it out of his own head, he whispered a disable code to Silvers Rayleigh on Sabody, Luffy kicks him in just the right spot.

His eye lenses will fall out. He'll take off his Nice Hat. What we will have is a fully cybernetic, incredibly pissed off Kuma.

The return of "The Tyrant."

The Seven Warlords of the Sea will disband
As of Impel Down, none of the Shichbukai seem to care about... Whatever it is the Seven Warlords of the Sea are supposed to care about. Now that Jinbe quit, Blackbeard has confronted Whitebeard and the rest of Maineford with his new crew full of Impel down prisoners, and Boa Hancock's title is in question, that leaves only 4. And all of them have reasons they could be fired as well. Kuma: He sent the Straw Hats away so that they could become stonger and possibly take down the World Government. Mihawk: Never really seemed to care to begin with. Moriah: Already defeated by Luffy, but wants to become the Pirate King. Doflamingo: Encouraged Sengoku to let Luffy and Ace escape because it would make it more fun, and responded simalarly when Blackbeard showed up at Maineford with his new crew.
  • This implies there were banded to begin with. The only thing they have in common is their agreement with the government, and the battle a Marineford was probably the first time they were all at the same place.
  • Seems more plausible now, given Fujitora's agenda

Nico Robin's father is Gol D. Roger.
To the person who originally posted this WMG: I could actually see this happen. After all, it was revealed in the Skypeia arc that Roger was able to read Poneglyphs, and so far nobody outside of Ohara's scholars has been shown to be able to do so. And if it turns out to be true, then it wouldn't be the first time a character was revealed to have taken their mother's surname instead of their father's (the first being Portgas (mother's name) D. Ace a.k.a. Gol D. Ace).
  • This theory makes no sense. First, Robin doesn't have the D. initial, or anything in her name that could be shifted around into one(like Gold Roger); even Ace kept the D. initial despite abandoning Roger's surname. Second, Roger's ability to read Poneglyph comes from a mostly undefined ability to hear "the voice of all things", not the years of study and interpretation done by Ohara's scholars, which was why Rayleigh told Robin that she would be better off finding the Rio Poneglyph herself than hearing the Roger Pirates's interpretation of it. Finally, there's absolutely no narrative reason to make this happen; it would only come off as cheap and contrived(Granted, most of the entries on this page would come across the same way as well, but still).
  • Recent chapter showed it was possible to hide some part of the name. Still unlikely, though.

Gold Roger and (most) of his crew never had any Devil Fruit powers.
In the very first issue, Shanks tries to dissuade Luffy from joining his crew by pointing out how he can't swim. Shanks and his crew, Rayleigh, Shakky and Crocus (who, granted, was only a part-timer) haven't shown any indication of having Devil Fruit abilities, nor has Roger in the brief flashbacks to times in his life. Buggy is the only one known to have those powers, and not only was it an accident that he did, but he was still considered to be The Load. That last part is probably due to his personality offsetting any of the benefits his power gives him, though. It all suggests that Roger's crew was full of Charles Atlas Superpower types and Haki users.
  • This may be true considering that in Buggy's flashback way early on when he was telling Luffy why he hates Shanks, that Roger's crew were all gathered around Buggy who said he was going to eat the (fake) fruit, and everyone was disappointed that he didn't get any special powers, saying that devil fruits were probably just a fake legend anyway.
  • This is Wild Mass Guessing? A good deal of the fanbase already considers this canon until proven otherwise.

Lafitte is more than just Brook's Evil Twin...
...he's his grandson! Both of them are from an unknown kingdom in the West Blue. It's not a leap to say that they're both from the same unknown kingdom in the West Blue. Both are extremely tall and skinny, exceptionally fast, fight using a cane, and like to dance. Lafitte was a policeman, exiled for excessive cruelty. Brook was a caravan guard, who left to join the pirates. The similarities are really too much to pass up.

Another theory about Lafitte's family: He is related to Jango.
He hypnotized the Marines, seems to have a penchant for snappy clothing, are both rail-thin and a smidgen on the creeper side.

Hiriluk was a D.
Think about it - he was a pirate, he died with a smile, and he mentioned "inherited will" to Dalton. A will that's inherited... you mean like Will of the D.? Granted, he's been irrelevant for most of the series, but Rayleigh shows that Oda isn't afraid to bring back characters from over a decade ago, or even make plot points out of non-issues.

Finding the One Piece will not be the end of the series
Just the beginning of the final Story Arc. Whitebeard said that it being found will start a battle that engulfs the entire world, and why would the story end just as it was starting?
  • I think he means the battle will be to crown the next Pirate King, or stopping it.
  • This editor thinks that the final battle will take place afterwards, piecing together a few things. First, that Blackbeard is meant to be the anti-Luffy and his crew are the anti-Straw Hats, so the battle over One Piece will take place against them, but another high-stakes battle needs to take place outside of that: the clash with the Admirals and Shichibukai, namely in that Luffy has to avenge Ace against Akainu at some point and Zoro needs his final defeat of Mihawk. Zoro's point is critical, because his fight with Mihawk should occur last of all, so in this line of thinking it would make sense to have a "Versus Blackbeard for control of One Piece" fight, then a "Versus World Government" final bout.
  • lets not forget, sanji hasnt seen the real all blue yet! and Robin still hasnt found the Rio Poneglyph, nami hasent drawn a map of the world! oh and brook still hasnt seen Laboon!!
  • Y'know, a good while back, I actually had a dream where Luffy and Blackbeard were slugging it out with one another in the middle of a dirt arena of sorts, with various characters sitting on the sidelines giving running commentary. Despite Blackbeard having the power of his Dark-Dark Fruit and Whitebeard's Quake-Quake Fruit at his disposal, he and Luffy were evenly matched, at one point reduced to trading physical blows with each other in a "you-hit-me-I-hit-you" sort of way. It might be going out on a limb to say that my dream was Foreshadowing, but...I've had dreams that actually came true in times past, so who's to say, right?

We will never know what the titular "One Piece" really is.
Given Oda's awesomely trollish tendencies, it seem to me that his entire M.O. is about slowly building up to the Thousand Sunny nearly getting shipwrecked in a storm, having that island being Raftel and Luffy being the only one to go in/out and as he returns to the ship. He dies (cut off short thanks to Iva's hormones and Gear Second) and takes the secret of what One Piece is with him, as the rest of the crew leave without ever finding out what it is. Cue an After Action Report sort of epilogue resolving the rest of the crew's respective storylines and you've got something that not only wraps everything up nicely, but also leaves the reader with the ability to interpret the treasure as they see fit. This seems to make a bit of sense in a series that seems to put an emphasis on the fact that everyone treasures everything different. If One Piece were to end like that after twenty/thirty years, I'd totally buy that.
  • It's certainly a more serious guess than One Piece being a dress or Rouge's bathing suit or Luffy's hat or friendship/adventure/true companions/whathaveyou, that's for sure.
  • This is arguably Jossed by a recent interview with Oda. Specifically, he said that One Piece is actually something (ie, not friendship or anything intangible like that) and he wouldn't have the Straw Hats go through all that and not get any reward. That combined with Whitebeard's proclamation that the discovery of One Piece would lead to a world war very strongly suggest that we'll find out what it is at some point.

On how Blackbeard stole Whitebeard's power...
My first reaction to seeing Blackbeard using the power of earthquakes was that he pulled something like Sylar, but that's probably not true since his devil fruit does not work that way. However why did they have to cover him and Whitebeard with a sheet? The most obvious answer would be just to hide what he was doing for dramatic effect, but it also keeps the reader from knowing exactly what happened. Thinking of the Jossed theory from Heroes, perhaps he had to suck the power out of Whitebeard through his brain or something. His head was open at the time, after all. On a related note, he can only do such a thing to somebody who has died because in all other situations all he can do is negate powers.

Blackbeard is now more vulnerable to water than ever.
He has two fruit powers now, so that means the curse might be even stronger. How can it be stronger? I mean entering the water immobilizes most fruit users on the spot. Maybe he won't be able to even enter a tub anymore, not that he ever bathes...

Impel Down was built bottom-up.
Impel Down actually started off just holding the most dangerous criminals. Therefore Level 6, being the oldest, has no real tortures at all. Later on, they decided to expand by building on the layers above. For Level 5, they decided to go with a freezing torture. By doing this, Level 4 ended up with enormous heat. So that became the burning level. Naturally, Level 3 was made as it was because they just left the excess heat as is due to the structure of the prison. And the above two levels are even more recent, thus their tortures seem more "creative". Level 1 being the most recent, has the hole connecting to Level 2 because it was only at that period of construction did they realize this addition. Hence, there are no other connecting holes.
  • As a corollary, the warden's office actually started out at Level 5 but was moved to Level 4, out of symbolism.

Blackbeard's "peculiar" body trait which let him have two Devil Fruit powers at once
is that he has two stomachs After all, since Devil Fruits are ingested, the Phlebotinum Overload could easily be a super-horrible case of indigestion so if he gave eat fruit its own stomach there would be any "conflict" which would kill him. Plus it would explain why he's such a Big Eater.

Or, better yet, those with the Will of D are capable of eating more than one fruit
. Their great willpower allows them to do so.
  • Another theory: Blackbeard is a Cyborg. His human parts control the Yami Yami Fruit, while his cyborg parts control the Gura Gura fruit.
  • I am personally betting that Blackbeard is actually two midgets wearing a fat suit. (Btw, I can't believe there's not a trope for that.)

Mihawk isn't actually the world's strongest swordsman
Smoker once remarked that there are people ranked higher that are weaker than himself. Wouldn't it be interesting if it turned out Mihawk's title as world's strongest swordsman was just that? At one point, Mihawk will reveal that there are swordsmen much stronger than himself in the New World, even if he acknowledges Zoro as a rival.
  • I especially support this theory. Vista, despite not being a Yonkou (Since Mihawk was able to rival Shanks) was able to fight Mihawk to a stalemate and showed no fear of him in sword combat. This shows that despite Mihawk's strength, he's not freakishly above everyone else. Also, since Mihawk trained Zoro over the time-skip, it wouldn't be too satisfying to simply have Zoro defeat him as it would only seem logical(YMMV on this point). Most likely, someone will surpass Mihawk and serve as Zoro's new goal, or Mihawk will step down.
  • Mihawk doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would act as arrogant as he does unless he knew for sure that he could actually back it up. Considering Mihawk showed no real signs of either concern or exertion throughout the War of Marineford and walked out without a scratch on him, I'm under the impression that he just wasn't trying all that hard(except probably during that first attack against Whitebeard; it was blocked, but considering it took diamond to stop a ranged attack from him, I think that shouldn't be considered a strike against Mihawk's abilities even if that was at full force). It needs to be pointed out that he's only there on behalf of the World Government, and based on his reputation of not bothering with the requests they made of him up until this point, he's probably not too keen on putting much effort into helping them.
  • I think that Mihawk is in the Shichibukai because he was forced into it by the true "Worlds greatest swordsman". Maybe that swordsman in the Gorosei curb stomped Mihawk, and told him to join them or die. Too add even more maybe he trained Zoro for the sole purpose of being strong enough to fight that Gorosei, maybe even in a team up battle.
  • It's probably more like 'The world's strongest (known) (active) swordsman'

In the New World just as in the first half of the grand line each had it's own climate, the islands here will have different physics and related Raftel and Will of D WMG
As above, each island and it's surrounding ocean will have slightly different but progressively weirder physics and native wildlife. Stuff like icebergs melting upwards creating pillars of water going into the sky, the ocean curling over itself, volcanoes erupting continuously, bizarre skies, low hanging moons and insane gravity. This will get progressively weirder and weirder til you reach Raftel which has no set laws of physics. If anyone here has read Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes of Amber series, I'm thinking something like approaching the Courts of Chaos here. The Will of the D is needed to approach Raftel as otherwise it's formless chaos with the One Piece sitting in the centre of it completely untouchable, but someone with the D can shape Raftel to reflect themselves by force of will. When Roger went to Raftel it looks nice like in the flashbacks because that's what Roger wanted it to be. When Luffy and probably Blackbeard fight there it's going to considerably less pleasant. Basically Raftel is literally a place created by dreams and only the most determined are able to reach there. The series entire ongoing theme made manifest.
  • Almost certainly confirmed, at least partially—with the weird gravitational anomaly pulling Capone's ship out of the ocean, Urouge coming across an island with perpetual lightning where umbrellas are of utmost importance, and Scratchman Apoo discovering they're sailing in midair, we can safely say that the New World has Wackyland physics.
  • In that case, maybe the next crewmember will be a physicist.

Luffy will become Pirate King through a Gondor Calls for Aid situation
What is the Pirate King? From all accounts of Roger's life, it is someone who has conquered the Grand Line. Let's look at what Luffy has done since arriving on the Grand Line:
  • Rescued and befriended two giant chieftans from Elbaph
  • Deposed Wapol, allowing Dalton to become the democratically-elected ruler of Drum
  • Rescued and befriended the monarchy of Alabasta
  • Deposed Eneru, allowing Gan Fall to reclaim his rightful throne in Skypia
  • Rescued and befriended the mayor of Water 7
  • Luffy will become Pirate King because, by the end of his journey, he will have established a string of allies across the Grand Line - thereby "conquering" it.
  • In addition, we've since had:
    • Earned respect from the Amazons not to mention the undying love of their empress
    • During the Battle of Marineford, Luffy was acknowledged as Ace's brother by the Whitebeard pirates, stood up to Whitebeard, revealed his Conqueror's Disposition, and was even acknowledged by name by Whitebeard. Whitebeard's respect for Luffy only grew throughout the battle, and by the end had commanded his troops to support him. With his death, his "children" are leaderless if Marco hasn't stepped up, and would certainly throw their support behind Luffy in a large conflict (even if Marco became the new leader).
    • More than likely will be the savior among the Fishmen
    • Befriended Lola, whose mother resides in the New World, and may in fact be the Youkou Big Mamma
    • Is slowly currying favor (unintentionally) garnering respect from marines who adhere to Moral Justice. If the "true history" were to expose the World Government for the corruption that the Tenryūbito exude, maybe they would begin to question their allegiances
Luffy also has some "natural allies":
  • Luffy's father is the leader of an organization that opposes the World Government, he could very well throw his support behind Luffy if it would benefit his goals (at least militarily). After all, Rayleighs hint to Robin seems to suggest that the final showdown will occur after the One Piece is found, as Luffy may wish to do something rash after learning the "true history"
  • Luffy's mentor and role model (Rayleigh and Shanks) were both members of Roger's crew, others may take this as a sign of approval
  • Shanks, who placed his faith in Luffy by giving him his straw hat, is one of the Youkou. He would never oppose Luffy as an enemy (though they may fight for the hell of it), and even were he to die, his men would likely support Luffy
  • As Mihawk pointed out, Luffy's most dangerous ability is to turn enemies into friends. There's no end to the allies Luffy can naturally draw
  • With an open spot among the Emperors, Luffy is the one most likely to fill it.
    • It's been two years, it's probably been filled.
  • Luffy may become Pirate King without all this, but once the title is his a war with the World Government would be inevitable.

Vivi's going to be brought back into the story soon.
No big reason, she's just gotten an awful lot of title pages lately after only getting one in years and years after the Alabasta cover arc was over.
  • Vivi did tell her father and Igaram at the end of the Alabasta arc that she wouldn't have been able to keep up with them, anyway.
  • They might appear during reverie.

Luffy's mother will be someone important
Because Ace's mother already covers the died to protect her kid angle and Oda generally is more original than having two characters fill the same role I'm thinking Luffy's mum has other reasons for her absence. Either
  • A member of the revolution. If this is the case she'll either be one of Dragon's lieutenants, a Messianic Archetype of the revolution(rebellious slave, member of a family/tribe/nation who were victims of the World Nobles and the government, many possible answers) whose romance with Dragon inspired him to take up her cause(explains how the son of a Vice Admiral became the leader of the world revolution, Dragon fresh out of Marine academy gets told to capture this revolutionary, things happen, she has Luffy, and she and Dragon become the world's most wanted criminals leaving the kid with Garp). Or maybe she'll be his equal but less infamous partner who runs the nastier and/or less seen side of the revolution, while letting Dragon keeps his hands fairly clean.
  • A World Noble. Just to flesh them out she'll be a Defector from Decadence who joined the revolutionary army or just had a romance with Dragon. Love for adventure, love for Dragon, or just some sort of epiphany about how much damage her people are doing being the reason. If she is in the revolution, Luffy got given away for the same reason as above, danger, if she stayed a noble and didn't follow Dragon he was given away for being a royal [illegitimate child] and to protect him from the probably horrific politics the nobles get up to.
    • Alternatively, she's a noble from Goa kingdom, or related to the royal family.
  • A New World pirate. Either a member of an Emperor's crew(would say one of them but both silhouettes of the other two don't look right, maybe she'll replace Whitebeard as the 4th though), or just a pirate powerful enough to survive over there, she met Dragon somehow, had Luffy and got Dragon to drop the kid off in with Garp in the East Blue, as neither a New World pirate crew or the Revolution is a place to raise a baby.
  • Maybe one of the 4 Emperors herself: Big Mom, anyone?
    • After her proper introduction, I sure as hell hope not.
  • do you think she's still in touch with dragon?
  • Gold Roger's sister. Or at least blood related. That could explain the why Luffy is similar to Ace and young Gold Roger, as an alternate to the other WMG above.
  • Whoever she is, I think she's dead. Is there any mother who haven't died in the series? Even Shirahoshi's and Vivi's mother are dead. Oh, and assuming she's also a D, she's almost surely dead. No known D female alive in the series.

Crocodile is a revolutionary...but he isn't working with Dragon.
They had a falling out, the secret Iva knows is that Crocodile is a rebel, if that information got out Crocodile's plans would be shot to hell. He knew that Luffy was Dragon's son and tried killing him to spite his father, but later learned that Luffy is not the same as his old man, and deserves some respect. Oh, and he's acting nicer because he's realized The Power of Friendship, which is better then a huge [bottom] boat.

One Piece is one piece of a larger treasure.
And the latter half of the show will be finding, and stopping others from finding the other pieces.
  • it could all be one big jigsaw but with treasure!

Blackbeard's plan includes the breaching and/or sealing of the Red Line.
I'm not sure what it would do, but Blackbeard has acquired the perfect power set to remove a section of the Red Line and allow free travel between the four seas and/or the new world.
  • Thus in some fashion launching Sanji's All Blue subplot. On a related note, if Blackbeard were to do this at/after Raftel, blowing a hole through Reverse Mountain specifically, the crew does have an extremely large ally on the other side...were Laboon's decades of attempting to go through the mountain foreshadowing? You decide!
  • Now that I think about it, it might be more likely that he will use his power to CLOSE the entrances to the new world behind him, and figure he can open them up again once he's the Pirate King.

After mastering his new powers, Blackbeard will devastate the New World and establish himself as Pirate King before Luffy.
It'll be up to Luffy to free the world from Blackbeard's reign and steal One Piece back.
  • no, Luffy wouldn't let that happen!

Crocodile was working against Alabasta under orders.
It's already pretty clear that this isn't something they would shy away from as being too evil. We also know they're after the superweapons. Perhaps Crocodile was given the order to go into Alabasta and retrieve Pluton. The WG didn't really care how he did it nor what tools were available to him, so he used Baroque Works, which they didn't know he ran. If this is true, it would mean he only went to prison since the event couldn't be covered up. And it also gives a good reason for him refusing to work with Doflamingo: The WG already betrayed him once.

Dragon is not Garp's son
Like Gendo Ikari, Dragon took his wife's name when he married into the Monkey family. Garp never refers to Dragon as "my son" but always denotes him as "Luffy's father." And after Chapter 550, family classifications should be looked at veeery closely!

The World Government already has a replacement for Moriah, and Maineford was a test for him.
As seen in Chapter 581, Doflamingo, Kuma, and some other Pacifistas assault Moriah, telling him he's no longer required as a Warlord of the Sea . Probably because of his loss to Luffy, his lazy nature, which probably got in the way of his duties and the fact he was building a zombie army, which Kuma probably told them about. I think it was even foreshadowed that he was still remain one "for the time being". Maineford was a test to see if Moriah could still get the job done, and he could not. So, they pulled the trigger, and we'll probably see his replacement soon, probably a new character.
  • Moria escapes.

The Luffy/Hancock Ship Tease is all a massive, cruel, inordinately mean-spirited troll
Hancock's got a Meaningful Name connected to Luffy, her blood type and astrological sign are supposed to be compatible with his, she (mistakenly) thinks they're practically married, and generally acts like the perfect, beautiful, submissive Japanese wife around him. Oda set out to make this relationship funny, sweet, and likable, and he apparently succeed in making the fandom generally approve of it. Only problem is...One Piece is set in a Crap Saccharine World. If how he lead the fandom to believe he'd never kill named characters and then brutally offed the hero's brother is any indication, Oda has a boner for cruelly subverting beloved fandom expectations. This ship is doomed to crashing and burning in the most painful and disappointing way humanely possible.
  • You're putting a really weird spin on it(just because one specific ship is destined to fail, that's why One Piece is a Crap Saccharine World? Insane Troll Logic much?), but... FREAKING DUH. Luffy is a Chaste Hero; any ship involving him is automatically doomed as far as canon is concerned. It's really your own fault for taking such an obvious joke seriously.

Big Mom is Luffy's mom.
Yes, it is incredibly obvious. Yes, Oda is known to subvert the obvious every time he can. It still needs to be put here.

Devil Fruit powers are caused by superpowered tapeworms
They live in the Devil Fruit, which are just what regular fruit looks like when the worms live in them, then crawl down your throat and into your stomach when you eat a bite of it.

Vegapunk can hear the Voice of All Things.
It explains how he managed to find a way to get objects to "eat" Devil Fruits, and also why he's said to have scientific knowledge a whopping 500 years ahead of his time: he has objects (maybe even individual atoms) actually dictate to him the laws of physics and the secrets of the universe. Not only would it be an awesome and fairly original concept, it would establish him as an interesting villain, since he abuses the Voice of All Things for personal gain and would be insanely difficult to defeat given his unique store of superior knowledge.

Zoro's going to have to fight 'diamond' Jozu
Remember Mr. 1 asking if the next thing he'll try to cut is diamonds when defeated? Zoro said that'd be a waste and Jozu is generally on the Strawhats side, but maybe he'll have to cut him free because of a Life-or-Limb Decision moment. Alternatively Mr. 1 has understood the principle of how to cut everything and kills him when Crocodile makes a sudden second Face-Heel Turn.
  • I don't think Jozu's heading for the dark side, but it's good to remember that he lost an arm at Marineford. It would not be surprising if somebody decides that it would make a great weapon and Zoro is eventually going to have to face off with that.

All of the Straw Hats have some level of Haki
Luffy's power to befriend people could definitely be related to his Haki, possibly working better on other Haki users. Haki would be incredibly useful for all of them, especially Robin and Sanji. The Straw Hats being a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits would be explained, and if they could discover and harness their latent Haki,they could all take a level in badass just in time for the New World.
  • maybe Luffy could help them... no i take that back, Luffy might take them to rayleigh so he can teach them!
  • By Post-timeskip Haki has been fully explained that armament and observation are innate to everyone but hard to master. Of the Straw Hats Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji can use it. Its stated blankly they are the only three that can. This may change but for now the picture seems pretty clear.
    • Usopp also knows it now

Tom isn't dead...
...he's somewhere in Impel Down. It's a big place. It would have been pretty easy for Luffy to never run into him, and even if he did their would be no reason for either of them to know who the other was. He may or may not have escaped during the break out.

Why the ability of a devil fruit can't be discerned before it's eaten...
Most of the devil fruits are either oddly appropriate or ironic for the person who ate them. Kaku was already a lanky character with a long square nose: he got the giraffe fruit. Luffy, a guy with a very energetic(bouncy) personality and a heck of a lot of endurance: rubber fruit. BLACKbeard, who is shaping out to be one of the if not THE main villian: Darkness fruit. Lucci, a man who was ruthless in stalking his prey: Leopard fruit. Going on the more ironic side, there's Crocodile, named after an animal that lives in water: sand fruit. This works on all of the devil fruit characters, try it yourself.

The theory is this: The reason why the ability of a devil fruit can't be discerned before it's eaten is that it doesn't have any specific ability, just a raw power. The ability that will be given is chosen the moment that someone takes the first bite, based off of the personality of the person who eats it. This would also explain why the fruit doesn't work for anyone else after it's been partially eaten; the fruit "imprints" itself on the first person to take a bite.
  • Actually, a devil fruit's ability can be discerned before it's eaten. Blackbeard stated he killed Thatch and stole his devil fruit specifically because he knew it was the Yami Yami fruit. And I believe Sanji mentioned there was some sort of catalog with various devil fruits listed in them.
    • Not neccisarily. He could have been misinformed, but because it was the fruit he wanted so much, it's what he ended up with anyway. Also, could you provide a link about the catalog?
  • Shanks and his crew already knew what the Gomu Gomu no Mi could do before Luffy ate it.

Luffy will claim territories in the New World
When the Straw Hats finally make it to Fishman Island, they'll find it to be in a terrible, pirate-ravaged state, now that Whitebeard is no longer around to protect it. Luffy will beat up the guy who took over and claim the territory as his own. After the Enies Lobby incident, the Impel Down breakout (or at least as much of it that isn't covered up), and the Battle of Marineford (especially now that his connection to Dragon is known), Luffy's name is certainly big enough to ward off small-fry rogues.

After that, Luffy might look into claiming other protection-lacking islands, particularly whatever island Brownbeard attacked. It's even possible that Oda killed off Whitebeard primarily because he wanted Luffy to have huge shoes to fill.
  • If Jinbe does not join the crew Luffy may oder him to protect the island if Jinbe decides his oath requires him to follow Luffy's orders.
  • Perhaps the former Whitebeard crew members and Shanks will guard territory under Luffy's flag so that he can continue on towards Raftel.
    • The above two entries seem to be missing the point entirely. The whole idea of claiming islands as Luffy's territory is that leaving people to guard it would be completely unnecessary, as the mere threat of a retaliation from Luffy would be enough to scare away any pirates that may want to attack them.
8do you think he will also try to protect the island of woman (forgot what its called)

  • We are really shaping up to Luffy owning New World islands: After the Straw Hats curbstomped the New Fishmen Pirates and Luffy ate all of Big Mom's remaining candy, Neptune chooses to fly the Straw Hats' Jolly Roger with Jinbe as the representative. None of this was deliberate on Luffy's part, and Luffy may not even be aware of it, but Fishman Island becoming his territory was the end result in practice.

Blackbeard has a case of Fetus in fetu
And that is why he can have more than one Devil Fruit power.

Blackbeard did not eat the Gura Gura No Mi
Rather, he has sucked it into him via the Black Hole and sucks the power out of it because he pushed the DF out of Whitebeard's body, and Whitebeard's soul is trapped within it, causing it to stay active, and can use it without eating it.
  • poor whitebeard!

Whitebeard was the one who gave Crocodile his facial scar and/or chopped off his hand.
We know that Crocodile was beat by Whitebeard at some point, as he himself admitted. Hopefully we'll get a flashback detailing the fight.

Buggy will get a power-up.
Basically Shanks and Buggy will "fight" as the WG will think it, when its really just Shanks training Buggy. Thing is, BUGGY won't realise its training because Shanks will just keep taunting him into fighting and keep drawing it out, using it to teach Buggy to be stronger. Moments after realising he's gotten a lot stronger (by downing a pirate or marine) he'll work out what Shanks did. And Hilarity Ensures when none of the Strawhats believe him when he says so.

Lafitte has a Seagull Zoan Devil Fruit
Lafitte has been spotted with wings, and his first appearance involves him sneaking into a Government meeting while wearing tap-shoes. Now, this is a bit of a guess, but considering the One Piece world is almost completely sea, barring islands and the Red Line, seagulls are probably very common. If Lafitte traveled around as a seagull, who would suspect him?
  • Well, it'd be a bigass seagull
    • Does it have to be? I always assumed full transformations would include size changes.
    • We've already seen giant seagulls. Remember the one Luffy jumped at before fighting Buggy for the first time?

Blackbeard will kill Marco and steal his Mythical Zoan power.
Blackbeard seems to operate on a Rule of Three in that he has three guns, three missing teeth, three bead necklaces, three skulls on his Jolly Roger, etc. Seems like a hat trick of Logia, Paramecia & Zoan is likely. Plus, the ability to regenerate damage and put Fire in his otherwise harmless Darkness, plus flying and a stronger and faster hybrid form has to be a plus.
  • Well, whoopdy-doo. So now, Blackbeard's going to be able to nullify any other Devil Fruit, fly, regenerate, and on top of it all, produce island-shattering earthquakes and world-ending tsunamis. That's worse than Captain Broken.
    • If you have the ability to do all this, I would assume most people in the OP World would do it, especially someone as power hungry as Blackbeard.
      • Actually, when you think about it, Teach took his two Devil's Fruits from men who both shared names with the Real Life Blackbeard. He took the Yami Yami no Mi from Thatch, which was often Blackbeard's alias. and he took the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard, who had the first name of Edward. But, early on, Edward Teach's surname was sometimes thought of as "Drummond". And his powers: the Yami Yami no Mi is dark and evil and fueled by the Devil, just like how Hades, the oldest of Cronos's kids is thought to be the Grecian Satan. The Gura Gura no Mi, his second power, is all about Earthquakes, taken from a man known as the God of the Sea, just like Poseidon, who ruled over both and was the middle son. So, if he has a third power, it will be about Zeus, like an Eagle or Phoenix, taken from a man named Drummond.
      • I think the above post came close, but unfortunately veered clean off course at the last moment. Blackbeard took the powers of the other two men introduced who possess names linking them to the real-life Blackbeard. I personally think that Blackbeard's power-stealing comes less from wanting one of each class of Devil Fruits and more as symbolism of Blackbeard becoming the only living representative of the real-life Blackbeard in the series, and that he's going to stick with the powers he has(adding of course, that I'm of the opinion that he can't take on any more powers).
      • Honestly, I think it just has to do with Blackbeard wanting the strongest fruit from each class of Devil Fruit. Darkness is arguably the strongest Logia-type, and Quake appears to be the strongest Paramecia-type. The strongest Zoan will probably be Marco's Phoenix or Dragon's Dragon, assuming the WMG of Dragon having the Dragon Fruit pans out.

One of the lesser WB Commanders or allies will pull a Face-Heel Turn to the WG
Due to most of them all surviving, it seems even they were background characters they are tough. Maybe one was tougher they they looked,and kicked some major [bottom] off-screen and decides that Marco isn't going to get the job done, and they become a Shichi. That Jack Sparrow-looking guy with the Zoan-infused Ball-and-Chain seems like a good guess.

The entire series is a story being told by Usopp.
Not a lie however. When the whole thing ends it's going to be revealed that everyone made it home safe and sound and Usopp is telling Kaya all about their adventures, the parts that are flattering and the parts that really, really aren't.

Nami is related to Luffy and is a D
Nami has the ability to predict the weather and manipulates the weather using the Clima Tact. Who else has shown weather related abilities: Monkey D Dragon. It's possible that she's actually Luffy's sister. Nami's biological parents are unknown. Monkey D Garp thinks his older grandaughter is dead and doesn't make the connection. Luffy doesn't have weather powers but that may be due to genetics or canceled by his Devil Fruit. Also, only two people have been shown hurting Luffy without Haki: Garp and Nami. This, of course, would make Nami a D. Smiling in the face of death: No death situation for her so far. Faith in dreams: Check Involved in big events: Check
  • This theory makes no sense. The whole crew has been able to hurt Luffy, and that's because it's specifically stated that Luffy can only be hurt by people who love him and who he loves in return. And all the crew members have faith in dreams and are involved in big events. It has nothing to do with being a D. There's also no evidence that Monkey D Dragon's weather powers are genetic(or that he even has any), whereas Nami's intuitive connection to weather is hyped to be much deeper than that. This wouldn't really serve any purpose in the story other than the obvious.

Blackbeard not only takes nearly twice the pain of being hurt, but recovers from it nearly twice as much, too.
Well, it seems it makes sense, how he keeps taking being burned, Assualted by a very angry Luffy, Poisoned, head quaked that one-shotted a Giant Vice Admiral and messed up Admiral Akainu and Haki waved by Sengoku, and recover like nothing ever happens once he gets up.

Robin's father will turn out to be important to the plot...
...even if he's already dead. Was I the only one bothered by Olvia's flashback in which one of the archeologists told her: "If you need to take care of your child, don't come! We'll take care of your husband's unfulfilled wish!"? Whoever Robin's father might be, he might play a vital role in Robin being able to find the Rio Poneglyph.

One Piece is both a sentimental treasure and a large amount of wealth
The Strawhats will find the sentimental part first and Nami will be disapointed. Then they'll find the other half...

Iva can non-lethally dispatch an opponent with his devil fruit powers by giving him/her an instant orgasm
Sorta like the machine from Orgazmo. They'd be too busy writhing on the floor in unwanted pleasure to attack.

Oda specifically designed Hancock to be an over-the-top parody of the typical OP Relationship Sue and shipping Fan Dumb desires and beliefs who was never meant to be taken seriously
Hancock's basically sympathetic, but pretty much everything about her characterization and character trivia supports this.
  • Ummm... no duh?

The One Piece world is going to turn into a rather epic Crapsack World
At first, OP was Crap Saccharine, where everything looks bright, fun, and happy, except there's tons of horrifying Reality Subtext and general nastiness that goes under the radar. Pretty soon, the strawhats are going to have tons more first hand experience how utterly depraved and nasty humanity can be now that it's now "Blackbeard's Era" and so many islands are getting raided. The idea of Oda spending more than a decade building up this beautiful, fun world only to make it degenerate into an orgy of violence and evil is just chilling in the best way possible. (in other words, a shonen version of Narutaru)
  • I always thought that the OP world was always a Crapsack World, and most in it know it, but it's Saccharine qualities was just to us fans alone due to it's fantastical nature.
    • Said Saccharine qualities sure as hell had 4Kids fooled...and apparently a lot of fans as well if the shock and outrage over Ace's death is any indication. It seems like the story is about to bring a lot of the dark stuff to the forefront and a good portion of the fanbase is in denial.
    • That's why the pirates, even the evil ones, can be seen as heroes, rebelling against an evil world order with ideas of romanticism, even if the "romantic" idea is getting rich in a rigid caste society, it's still admirable.
      • It's admirable to attain power and wealth at the expense of innocent people? What are you smoking? Both evil pirates and the WG are guilty of oppressing weak people to further their goals. Romanticism and rigid rules are two sides of the same evil. Or do we just not care about them because they're not 'cool'?
      • I think the general gist of what the above idea was that at least Pirates don't blow up an entire island of people to cover something up or kill random pregant women to stop something on a hunch.

One Piece isn't on Raftel at all
We don't actually know where Roger hid the treasure. He said he left it in "that place" quite possibly the most obscure description ever. My theory is that Luffy and crew will reach Raftel, find nothing there, continue on to say hi to Laboon and discover that One piece was left with Crocus.
  • Then a race to rescue Laboon from Blackbeard for the finale?
  • Maybe "that place" means he left it with his crew or one specific member of his crew. Which would likely mean that (wait for it) One Piece is in fact his straw hat, which he left with Shanks, and which Shanks then passed on to Luffy!
  • ... It's on Sniper Island.

Sengoku's goat ate another model of the Hito Hito no Mi than Chopper did
Only instead of studying medicine, he studied inventing under Dr Vegapunk and created a robot slave that he named Sengoku.

An explanation for the "animate" Zoan Devil Fruit weapons
When a weapon is being forged or created, the Zoan Devil Fruit is ground down into juice, and is either mixed with water or acts as the cooling agent, leading to the Devil Fruit's power being granted to the Weapon.

Both Hancock and Jimbei will join the Strawhats
Jimbei will join for the above reason, and Hancock will join to ensure marriage with Luffy.
  • Not likely in Hancock's case; she can't openly support Luffy due to her Warlord of the Sea position, which she needs to keep holding in order to protect Amazon Lily from being attacked and/or taken advantage of by outside forces.

Basco Shot is a Blobfish Fishman
Check it out
  • When was his head cut off?!!? That picture is eerily similar...

Luffy will contract the same incurable illness that was killing Gol D. Roger...
... And the culmination of Chopper's dream will be successfully finding the cure.

Either Hancock or Tashigi will be one of the last two members, and the other will be Jimbei.
Look about five WMG's up for the second, and Hancock or Tashigi because they're the most likely to join for a woman member. My reasoning for two more is because Brook is called the eighth member, so that means not counting Luffy. Plus, Luffy said he wanted ten crew members... So we can guess there'll be two and the ones mentioned are most likely.

Luffy will fight Dragon and kill him.
Because him taking the World Government down would cause the whole adventure to become much less fun without someone after you all the time.
  • Except that the world would still be full of fun places to explore and Jerk Ass pirates to beat the crap out of. Being chased by the Marines isn't the only source of fun the One Piece world has to offer to the likes of Luffy, you know. It certainly wouldn't be worth killing over, at any rate.
  • Why would Luffy kill his father

The Void Century has been forgotten for a damned good reason, and un-Voiding it is a Bad Thing.
For instance, during the Void Century there was a hideously powerful tyrant who curbstomped everyone he fought and, even if he was killed, could reform as long as people remembered him, sort of like Dracula or Wallachia. Thus the only way to kill him permanently was to erase him and all his deeds from everyones memories permanently. If the Void Century is uncovered, he'd be free to wreak havok upon the world once again...

The mood will stay the same as it was before.
It was pretty clear that it was a Crapsack World before and the straw hats don't really seem to be bothered by events that go on in the world. In fact Luffy's the only one with a reason to be more mature.
  • Seems to be confirmed. The Fishman Island arc is a bit dark, but definitely no more so than, say, Alabasta or Enies Lobby.

One piece is not a thing, but an island
And it's in your heart. Right next to Sniper Island.

The thing that sucked up Capone's ship was...
  • 1. The moon people. Eneru's coming back, baby.
    • 1A. Alternatively, Eneru could have been on the island Urouge had gone to; the place was spilling lightning. Though your theory sounds more plausible.
    • 1B. Or both were just bizarre nature conditions like seen on the Grand Line only moreso to signfy how worse the New World is.
  • 2. Jewelry Bonney. Obviously she's in love with them because opposites attract. But instead on revealing her feelings, she'll choose to rob him to make sure her heart isn't broken.
    • Doesn't seem to be as of Chapter 595.
  • 3. Kidd. He has magnetic powers, the shipwould probably be affected. Not to mention the metal in Bege's body. The people Kidd impaled here probably members of Bege's crew. The fact that their event happened before Kidd's is irrelevant.
    • That was just probably a random crew.
  • 4. Blackbeard.
    • That's depressing. He would end up going through the Supernova. Their whole purpose in the story would ultimately be for his power.
      • But that can't be right. He was negotiating hostages with Bonney at the time.
  • 5. The Kraken, duh. The story takes place largely on the ocean, so it was bound to show up eventually. It just resides in the New World is all.
    • More evidence for the Kraken as of chapter 604.
      • Actually, it's rather strong evidence against it. The Kraken lives at the bottom of the ocean floor under the Red Line, not up in the sky.
  • 6. Shiki's Island Ship.

One Piece isn't just all of Gold Roger's treasure.
It's all of Gold Rodger's treasure smelted down into a single, shiny beautiful Piece (Hence the name.) The last shot of the story is of said treasure, which was smelted into a specific, odd shape. That shape spells out the word NAKAMA.
  • Anyone who's heard the song One Tin Soldier knows this is true.
    • Or his Nakama was gold-plated! :D

The Seven Warlords of the Sea are symbolism for the Seven Deadly Sins.
Whether Oda intended it to be the case or not, it seems to me like the Seven Warlords are meant to be taken as symbolism for the Seven Deadly Sins in one way or another. Mihawk obviously represents Pride, as he goads Zoro into trying to defeat him. Hancock is Lust for obvious reasons. Doflamingo represents Envy with his gaudy clothing and his personality of rejecting the dreams of others not to mention his power is to manipulate others like puppets. Moriah is the strongest representation of Sloth, with his lazy personality and the fact that his zombies are his personal slaves. Both Crocodile and Blackbeard represent Greed, as both sought to exploit their Warlord status for their own personal gain. Kuma represents Gluttony, as his body was replaced with cyborg parts to the point he wasn't human anymore. Jinbe's personality and brute strength best represent Wrath. My guess is if Buggy joins the ranks of the Warlords, he'll take Crocodile and Blackbeard's position as the representative for Greed.
  • Hmm, makes sense.
  • Not really. It's a massive massive stretch for most. Doflamingo representing Envy and Kuma representing Gluttony are easily Square Peg Round Trope. Jinbe can get angry, but thus far he has not shown or even been referenced as having pointlessly excessive anger so there's another SPRT. Blackbeard's true motives remain a mystery but I doubt it's a matter of a desire for material gain, meaning that he can't apply to Greed. Lust maybe, if his only goal is something like recognition, but not Greed.
  • How about this then?
    • Pride - Jinbe. Proud of his fishman heritage. The wiki refers to him as "a fishman of great pride and honor".
    • Gluttony - Blackbeard. Man loves his pies. Also, could be said to be a Glutton for power, if you're into that sort of interpretation.
    • Greed - Crocodile. Should be obvious.
    • Lust - Hancock, ditto.
    • Wrath - Doflamingo. Likely the most brutal of the warlords.
    • Sloth - Moriah. Relatively obvious.
    • Envy - Mihawk. While he doesn't show the traits HIMSELF, every swordsman in the world is envious of his power and title.
      • As for Kuma? Of course the one who carries around a bible is the one without sin!
      • A good theory but maybe better fits would be:
      • Moriah as Sloth.
      • Hancock as Vanity.
      • Jinbe as Wrath (and as he's given that up he no longer fits in the Warlords).
      • Mihawk as Lust. Specifically battle-lust.
      • Doflamingo as Avarice (he's all about the money).
      • Crocodile and Blackbeard both suit Greed.
      • Kuma as Envy. Possibly even of Ivankov.

Like the above, but with the Straw Hats instead.
  • Luffy - Gluttony
  • Zoro - Sloth
  • Nami - Greed
  • Usopp - Envy
  • Sanji - Lust
  • Chopper - Wrath (Monster Point)
  • Robin - Pride
    • How does Zoro represent sloth? You can probably stretch Robin's case, with her commitment to finding the Truth and being so important and yadda yadda.
    • Zoro represents Sloth because he sleeps whenever the Straw Hats are sailing.
    • Doesn't he spend time working out in the crow's nest?
    • Robin represents pride because she's got the greatest sense of awareness about her own dignity out of all the Strawhats. Zoro, Nami and Sanji all try to be the straight man, but often get pulled into stupid situations before they realize what is happening, but Robin always makes sure to think a step ahead of everyone so she doesn't accidentally end up becoming part of Tactics 15-esque tomfoolery.
      • So where would Brook come in?
      • Wouldn't Wrath be Luffy's main sin since it's listed as his fatal flaw?

Luffy in most of the battles at the end of an Arc is using Haki to enhance his strength unknowingly.
Now, one of the few things we do know about Haki is it can be anger-activated. We also know it can enhance psychical strength like seen with Hancock at Maineford. And most of the villains Luffy fights at the end of an Arc, he's usually pissed at them for various reasons like Crocodile, Enel, Lucci, etc. When Luffy fought Crocodile in Round 2, he was notable less effective then in Round 3. When he and Lucci fought at Iceberg's mansion, he was a fly to him compare to the fight at Enies' Lobby where they suddenly fought equally, Super Mode and Voluntary Shapeshifting notwithstanding. Also, when confronting Blackbeard at Impel Down, Blackbeard, a man who has sailed around with Haki users for decades and may be one himself and someone Luffy is very angry with, notes Luffy's Haki has increased in strength.

So, even though Kizaru still would have been unbeatable, why he lost at Shabondy and ID, was because he wasn't really angry at them, thus not fighting with the strength he usually can muster. Also, a sign that he needs to harness the potential so he can use it at will in the New World and why people think he's so weak now is because he hasn't been able to use it usually because he wasn't really pissed at anybody (maybe Magellan, but that's hard to do when he's living poison)during Impel Down and Maineford.
  • Sounds perfectly plausible to me. Further evidence: Bellamy. I just cant imagine a calm and happy Luffy oneshotting a 50 Mil pirate.
    • Eh, bounties can be gained by being nasty as well as badassed. Luffy got his 30 mil bounty by stomping three multi-million dollar bounties (that the gov't knew about) and pissing off a corrupt marine while basically doing good deeds for everyone he came across. Bellamy seemed to be the type to get his bounty inflated by committing actual acts of piracy and general sociopathy.
      • Bellamy admitted to Doflamingo post-Skypeia that he and his crew had only been deliberately targeting pirates weaker than themselves in order to boost their "badass" status. Thus, his confrontation with Luffy was simply a case of Bellamy Mugging the Monster without realizing it.

Haki is the secret to eternal youth.
So far everybody we've seen with haki seems absurdly young looking. Garp, who's been traveling the seas fighting for decades, looks almost exactly the same as when he was talking with Gol D. Roger in the flashback. The only difference is the hair color. The same applies to Rayleigh Silvers, who looks the same except, once again, for his hair. I'd be willing to bet that Shakky is imbued with haki and that's why she looks exactly the same. Anyone with haki can, however, choose to age if they wish.
  • Except that people live to be about 140 in the One Piece world. We saw a doctor (Kureha) in Chopper's arc who was 139 (!) and looked pretty young. (Okay, she looked like a crone, but she had ligt blond (or gray) hair and a body that just won't quit.)

Every supposedly dead character in the backstory will turn up in the New World
  • Let's see: that's Nico Olvia, Kuina, Sabo, and Captain Yorki, for starters. Did I miss anyone?
    • Didn't they show Kuina having a funeral?
      • In the manga they showed her body... so don't count Kuina.
      • And exactly how old would Yorki be by now?
      • Gotta be a decade or two away from 100, I would assume. And people in the One Piece world live to be around 140. Alternative theory: their ghosts reside there, and the Strawhats will have to get through them to overcome their personal demons and get through the New World.
      • Kureha's age may be an outlier. More normal people in the One Piece world probably live to more normal ages.
      • Nope. There's an SBS in which Oda states that the normal human lifespan in his world is 130. Kureha is superhuman because she's that old and shows no signs of keeling over anytime soon.
    • Sabo confirmed

Crocodile's third weakness is intense heat
I'm talking about REALLY INTENSE. Everyone knows that sand can turn to glass when sufficiently heated, such as in many science fiction stories, where orbital bombardment can glass the planet. Not only would this be dangerous to Crocodile, but severely painful and crippling.
  • The body of Logia users are made of the respective element, which means that heat turns Crocodile in a literal Glass Cannon.
    • Sand turning into glass in intense heat is true, but how would Ivankov hang that over him as blackmail? Unless he has some bizarre hormone for the job that can past Crocodile's Logia defense as well, that is.
  • Ummm... he attacked Akainu with no ill effects. Well, that certainly doesn't count as intense heat or anything.
    • Sand turns to glass at around 1723C to 2204C. Magma is at only 700C to 1600C. You are going to need a heluva lot more than just magma to glass the Croc man. At the very least you would need an adiabatic gas fire to glass him (Methane fire is the weakest at 1950C)

Dragon is the son of a noble
Now, as someone else on WMG pointed out further up, there is the possibility that Dragon is NOT Garp's son. Garp could very well be related to Luffy through his mother's side. Or, even if he is, it's still possible that Garp's wife was of noble birth, though it seems unlikely. Either way, he could have grown disgusted with the aristocracy much like Sabo did and dedicated himself to changing it.

Vegapunk will be a Badass Cyborg
And he will be paired up against Franky in the inevitable arc with him as a villain.
  • Of course, this assumes that Vegapunk is a villain. Considering the fact that he complied with Kuma's request to allow him to help the Straw Hats one last time, this seems unlikely.

Pluton is hidden on Sniper Island.

There is an actual Sniper Island (aside from the one in your heart)
Usopp's island-eating goldfish story came true. Why not Sniper Island?
  • That is probably the most probable theory on this page.
  • Not only that, it's also in the middle of the Heart Archipelago, probably in the New World. Natives tend to sport Rastafarian motifs, and Yasopp (as well as Usopp, by extension) is a descendant of them. The island itself will be reminiscent of Caribbean islands. And due to Rule of Funny, a mask not unlike Sogeking's is a very important cultural treasure for them, and they want Sogeking's head for disrespecting them.
  • After the Straw Hats visit the place, Usopp will come away with 8000 men as his new followers.

Maybe a D
Some characters who might potentially carry the Will of D:

Hiruluk (Hililuk, Hiluluk, Hiriluk, etc)
  • He had single-minded determination to accomplish his goal.
  • Everything he does practically screams that he's not afraid of death, especially in the hours before he died.
  • He showed somewhat surprising combat ability for a doctor.
  • Kureha knows something (ominous) about the Will of D. She's also been friends with Hiruluk for years.

Roranoa Zoro
  • He's narcoleptic.
  • He's not afraid of death. In Little Garden, he even tried to strike a funny pose while dying.
  • He has single-minded determination to accomplish his goal.
  • He's buffoonish, but at the same time, very dangerous.

  • Again, the "dangerous buffoon" criteria.
  • In flashbacks, young Shanks showed determination to be a great pirate. That seems to have paid off by now.
  • He's not particularly a Big Eater, but he is a big drinker.
  • We haven't seen anything hurt him to the point of near-death, but at the very least, he's not afraid of getting hurt and barely reacts to having his arm ripped off.
    • It's my personal Fanon that his name is Shanks D. Red.
      • What about Reh D. Shanks?

We will have an Elbalf Arc
Fairly simple, as we know it's one of Usopp's dreams, it's been said to be the Land of Warriors, and they will have Oimo and Kashii there to be Mr. Exposition like Hachi was for Shabondy. Not sure who the villain would be. Maybe a corrupt Giant noble.
  • Maybe the corrupt giant will be BIG MOM

Monkey D. Dragon has studied in Weatheria
Dragon can control weather, and even with a Devil Fruit (unless it is the Weather Weather Fruit) it takes knowledge to completely control weather.

Sengoku's goat is a Zoan
More specifically, a deep cover agent of the Revolutionaries. The gull on Sengoku's hat may also be involved.
  • Like a microphone or camera? Alctually, this too hilarious not to be wrong.
  • I say Sengoku's hat is actually a hat, except that it ate the gull-gull fruit, and will display its awesome powers at an appropriate moment.

Luffy will end up with Robin.
Why? Just because. And because Nami is too violent, Alvida is psycho, Hancock has a mountainload of Ship Sinking subtext attached to her, and Vivi already has Kohza.
  • Or he'll just not end up with anyone, which I think a lot of the fans would prefer.
  • What part of No Hugging, No Kissing do you not comprehend?

Coby will be the last person Luffy faces before reaching One Piece.
He was the first person Luffy met on his journey, and he'll be the last.
  • Taking into consideration that Coby has managed to unlock Haki, which is a prerequisite to becoming an Admiral, which is Coby's goal, it's certainly possible that Coby will be, at the very least, one of the last persons Luffy faces...or maybe they'll end up having a relationship akin to Garp and Roger back in the day.
Related: Coby will eat a Devil Fruit: the Kaze Kaze no Mi. Being intangible, using air to form blades... Seems like a fitting power to face a Rubber Man and one that'd be quite powerful, not to mention useful.
  • Afterwords, he will hand himself over to be executed just like Roger because all of that strain that he has put on his body shortened his lifespan to the point where he only has a few months left and he will set about another great age of pirates with his death, thus making the story come full circle.
  • I actually believe this considering that Luffy said to Coby after Enies Lobby (Not exact words): "The next time we meet, you are going to be stronger and we will cross fists with each other."
    • That next time was at Marineford where he got one shotted by Luffy decking him in a smoke screen.

Blackbeard and Doflamingo are secretly working together
Sure, it sounds odd what with BB being a dreamer and Doflamingo being not, but notice how they were paling around during the feast at Mariejoa, and how ecstatic Doflamingo got when Blackbeard came to Marineford. The overall goal of the Villain Team-Up is to usher in the New Age in the vein of the strong survive (Judging from the ID recruitment process, it's not too hard to say Blackbeard is a Darwinist like Doflamingo is), both of which have wanted to do so. Of course, once they do usher in it, it's just a matter of who stabs who in the back first. Also explains why Doflamingo is/was so persistent in his recruitment of Crocodile.

Shanks will eventually be Killed Off for Real
As much as he's a cool character, Shanks is in a very dangerous job in a Shounen series: He's the hero's mentor if not father-figure and even worse for him, he's one in a position of power. Also, there's been some Foreshadowing of him versus Blackbeard, the likely Big Bad for the Pirates like Akainu for the Marines, the guy who killed Ace. The scars long ago and Blackbeard's words of "Not ready to fight you yet" is a dark clue. Third, think how much of a Tear Jerker if Luffy's long-awaited meeting with him was in his last final moments after his crew rescued him and fled, unable to heal his wound properly?

Zoro will become a villain by the end of the series.
The "whether a hero or villain, the whole world's gonna know my name" line isn't just referring to the difference between bounty hunter and pirate-it's referring to an eventual corruption and Face-Heel Turn.

Foxy the Silver Fox will return, and in a big way.
The Davy Back Fight challenge is notable in that this story is the only one so far that's been completely insignificant to the overarching storyline. There are no new crew members for the Straw Hats (despite this being an opportunity), no recurring members undergo any development, no events happen that have affected upcoming events, no characters introduced in this story are ever seen again (aside from anime filler), and no one prior to this story gets reintroduced. Even Gaimon gets later mention.

This being the ONLY "filler" story in the whole series so far can only mean one thing: Foxy will return. He has a strategy for conquering the Grand Line and obtaining the One Piece: Challenge as many pirate crews as possible through Davy Back Fights and take as many valuable crewmembers as possible. He takes great care of anyone under his wing, so it's unlikely anyone will defect. By the time Luffy meets him, Foxy already has an armada through the Davy Back Fights. Foxy plans to get progressively stronger and stronger crewmates by slowly increasing his military might—in essence, an effective version of Don Krieg, or possibly as a rival to the remains of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Foxy is New World material, both due to his way of recruiting people (as you need a ship coater to go underwater to even reach the New World and he'd most likely enlist one or a few through a Davy Back Fight) and due to his absurdly high combat potential he currently seems largely unaware that he has: He can slow down anything emitted from a beam to an almost complete stop for 30 seconds. Anything. He's capable of far, FAR more than what he's displayed against Luffy. He can aim the Slow-Slow Beam at a single part of a ship and make it sink because that part will stay behind while the rest of the ship moves forward. He can slow down LIGHT ITSELF to create optical distortions, and possibly to take on Admiral Kizaru. Heck, if he moves past the Slow-Slow Beam, he can coat himself in a literally impenetrable Slow-Slow Armor by inflicting slowness on any attack that reaches him; or trap people in a Slow-Slow Cage that threatens to immobilize inhabitants if they ever touch its walls.

Furthermore, Eiichiro Oda loves messing with the peripheral versions of his shows and has put in plot points that discredit anything someone else may write in or remove. The anime HAS brought back Foxy and has been portraying him as something of an incompetent goofball, so Oda will feel tempted to write Foxy back in as hypercompetent and possibly with those broken powers.

This is what I think will happen: Monkey D. Luffy will meet up again with Foxy the Silver Fox in the New World. By then, Foxy will have an even larger pirate armada and will contain characters the Straw Hats have fought before. The most likely people to join the Foxy Pirates will be the former CP9 agents. This is because they were exiled by their leader Spandam after they failed to defeat the Straw Hat Pirates, forcing these guys to go on the run as pirates themselves. This makes them subject to the rules of the Davy Back Fight. Having no knowledge of the pirate world, working in the World Government for their entire lives, they will lose every Davy Back Fight despite their absurd fighting strength. (After all, every CP9 agent may know the Six Powers that makes them superhuman, but what good are they if they can't move and thus can't activate them?) However, as Foxy respects Luffy for his determination, the two will not fight when they meet, but instead, will fight together against an even greater threat. Foxy will also be a strong contender for the One Piece in the New World despite his bounty of 24 million Berries being one of the lowest in the series. This leads me to my next prediction...

Foxy the Silver Fox will be appointed a Warlord of the Sea. Monkey D. Luffy will get an invitation too.
The World Government is in great need of more people to fill these spots, as it wants to have exactly seven. The World Government, by coincidence, is only giving out invitations to those relating to an animal somehow. (Blackbeard is the exception, possibly because he invited himself in. For the same reason, I'll predict Buggy will be promoted straight to an Emperor, as the World Government needs a fourth one and seems to think he's an equal to Shanks.) This means that characters with animal themes will be asked to join. Some will accept, and some will decline.

The two most notable characters we've met so far to have an animal theme are Foxy and Luffy. Foxy's bounty is low most likely because he has never been in the way of the World Government (and seemingly has not attacked anyone but other pirates) to begin with and is thus considered harmless, despite his power. Foxy does not want to make an enemy out of the World Government and will join the Seven Warlords of the Sea immediately upon invitation. The World Government would want Luffy to join because of all the trouble he's caused; however, this is against Luffy's interests, and he will turn it down.
  • I highly doubt that Luffy will get an invitation, unlike most other pirates, he caused trouble against the World Government itself: He invaded Enies Lobby (and declared war on the WG there by shooting their flag), he punched a Celestial Dragon, caused the first major outbreak in Impel Down, he attacked Marineford to save Ace, he allied with several anti-WG characters like Whitebeard, Invankov, Crocodile, Jimbei, Ace, Shanks, Rayleigh, not to mention that he has the last Oharan (Nico Robin) as crew mate and the leader of the Revolutionaries as father. Garp or Cobra might be important enough to make the WG forget about this, but somehow I highly doubt this.
    • It's pretty obvious(to the WG, at least) that Luffy is at least as much of a threat to the World Government as he is to other pirates. They just want him dead so he can't cause them any more trouble. And animal theme or not, Foxy is not Warlord material.

Foxy will join-whether by force or by choice-the Straw Hat Pirates.
Now, think about this a sec. Let's say, as mentioned above, he does come back, and he has more knowledge of his powers. And let's also say some of the Straw Hats' previous enemies are on the ship. If they decide to pull a mutiny, guess who's the first to go? The anime showed something like this in a filler, with him simply asking for help in stopping the mutineers, but with these guys, there's two options:
  • A: He asks them to help (probably through begging, and then betrays them like in the anime), or
  • B: He asks them to help, they refuse (due to suspecting betrayal in time), and he has no choice but to join them, as the only other alternatives are setting out on his own again (till, possibly, he finds the loyal factions of his crew), or being slaughtered in the New World on his own. Even great powers can't help if they're wielded by an idiot.
In the case of option B, he may grow to enjoy his time on the ship, make a camaraderie with the crew, and find himself enjoying being a Straw Hat. Eventually, they'll come across his old crew-now under the command of Luffy's enemies-and engage in a fight with them, to which Foxy has to make a choice: Leave the Straw Hats and betray them for his old crew, or stay with them? He decides, in the end, to take a third option, opting to leave the crew but, similar to Duval, offer the support of the Foxy Pirates at any time the crew needs it.
  • You're forgetting one important fact: No one in the Straw Hats want him.

Dragon was once a Marine
Just like Ace and Luffy, Garp pushed heavily for his son to become a Marine. Unlike them, he did, until one day he was among a Buster Call fleet on another Ohara. Disgusted by what he saw, he vowed to change the world for the better. Also explains why Garp was so pushy for Luffy and Ace to become Marines. To make up for the Black Sheep of Dragon.
  • I agree that he defected, though not necessarily because of Ohara.

Kuma has the most game-breaking power in the series
Exactly what it says. It's already been proven that Kuma can push abstract concepts like pain and fatigue from one person to another, well, it's not too much of a stretch to think that he could push other things like strength, agility, endurance, pain tolerance, reflexes and even knowledge from one person to another. Let's say that he gets his paw against Mihawk, pushes all the above things out of him, then pushes it into somebody else or even himself. Bam, Kuma, or whoever else he chose to push it into, is instantly the world's greatest swordsman. Kuma could mega-man on an epic level, and he could spread the wealth to his allies. Theoretically, he could even push Devil's Fruits powers out of his enemies and into his allies, or even try to pull a Blackbeard and push them into himself. Also on the subject of pushing, he can push at any speed, and an object traveling at 90% of the speed of light does damage equal to its own weight in anti-matter, he could carry around a supply of metal balls the size of golf balls as his own personal nuclear arsenal, to say nothing of what he can find in the environment around him.

Now, I realize that a lot of the above hasn't actually been shown, but if even half of it is possible, it suddenly makes sense that Oda cyberized his brain so he can't think of the more devastating uses for his powers.
  • Perhaps, but like the Mihawk example, he'd at least have to work for it as you know Mihawk would not just just let him do it, as it does take a while for it to push out. At least with the Devil's Fruit thing, he might not have the (apparently) weird body structure Blackbeard has and might not be able to do so.

Over their two years of training, Zoro and Mihawk will develop a father-son love, which will horribly complicate Zoro's plans to defeat him and claim his title
Because, you know, it's kinda hard for any sane person to deliberately hurt someone they're close to. Plus, it would be delicious irony for Zoro to end up caring for the person he was aiming to defeat for so long. Extra points if Mihawk ends up getting Killed Off for Real and this becomes part of Zoro getting a new motivation for getting stronger.

Mihawk will end up going blind.
With a name like 'Hawk-Eyes', it's practically inevitable.
  • A variation: The training that made Zoro one-eyed will make Zoro unable to ever beat Mihawk because of his superior sight. But Zoro doesn't care - he's now strong enough to protect his true companions, and it's becoming the most important thing for him. In a way, Zoro will have succeded with what Mihawk seems to have failed with - having a family and a happy life.

Buggy's Warlord of the Sea invitation is just a ploy by the World Government to execute one of Roger's true companions.
And thereby gain back some public confidence after Whitebeard's "One Piece exists!" debacle.
  • By proving that they're only capable of getting anything done via underhanded tactics? Sounds like a great way to shoot themselves in the foot. Again.

Zoro will develop feelings for Tashigi, and then the Stairs will get her too.
Because Zoro's been cursed to have everything and everything he loves taken away from him by THE STAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIRSSSS!!!1111

Luffy will get facial hair
All important pirates have some kind of facial hair e.g. Rayleigh, Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks.
  • Bubblegumbeard!
    • In one of the Romance Dawn prototypes, Luffy in the end did have some hair on his chin that made him look almost exactly like Shanks, so maybe.

Skies of Arcadia is a bad future (so to speak) of One Piece's world
It's what the world will look like if the Ancient Weapons are revived, which will eventually be remained Gigas by the people who later find them.
  • I would assume that the Silvites are the remains of the WG.

The Thousand Sunny will transform into a giant mecha sometime before the end of the series.
  • Given that Franky is the one who built it, it's not too far-fetched. It is canonly unlikely, though, given that Sunny's built with Adam Wood, the strongest known wood in the series.
  • I support this. Please make this happen. That other sentai inspired by One Piece had done it...

Nami will someday take the title of World's Most Beautiful Woman from Boa Hancock.
Because of the obvious Fanservice Pack that Nami has become due to a massive case of Author Appeal to his wife (who cosplaed as Nami in the past), it seems probable that Nami will eventually be called the world's most beautiful pirate just so Oda can compliment his wife.
  • After seeing Nami post-timeskip some fans would argue that the title's already hers.

Mihawk agreed to train Zoro so he himself could become even stronger.
After all, Zoro still needs his "defeat Mihawk" dream, and Mihawk doesn't have Shanks to spar with anymore. He's clearly bored and has nothing better to do anyway.
  • Or, he's been, really, really ronery ever since he became the world's greatest swordsman, and decided to keep Zoro and Perona around because it's the first time in years he's really had people in his life. Given the story's themes about friendship, and the general pattern with some of the more seemingly unfriendly characters, this seems more likely.
  • On a more serious note, just like Whitebeard ment for Ace to become the King of Pirates, Mihawk is realizing that he's too old for this [poo] and starts raising his most talented challenger to take his place. The old guys are preparing for something - whatever it is, it will probably be an EPIC WAR.

Brook has Conqueror's Haki, but can only use it through music
His live concert at Shabaody showed people falling unconscous as he played. Brook might not even be aware he's doing it, and assume his playing is just that good, which, if it is done via his music, it is.

Conqueror's Haki has applications beyond what we've seen
Because, let's face it, as cool as it is to be able to knock people out just by looking at them it doesn't exactly make for an exciting fight scene. For Conqueror's Haki to be of any importance in a Shonen battle series setting it needs to be able to do something cool, crazy, and completely over the top. Potential applications include:
  • Focusing the 'knockout energy' into a Kamehame Hadoken.
  • Sending the energy directly into the opponents body through physical blows.
    • Which would effectively turn Gomu-Gomu no Gatling into Gomu-Gomu no Hokuto Shinken.
  • A solid Battle Aura which serves as an extension to Luffy's own body, increasing the range of his attacks even further than before.
  • A Super Mode incorporating one or more of the above ideas. Possible titles include 'Gear Fourth' or *finger's crossed* 'Pirate King Mode'.
    • Even thought it's not been confirmed that he has King's Haki, I always thought Zoro's Asura would be some form of this.

Luffy will never grow up
Both mentaly and physically. Just look at him in recent chapters,
  • He only went from 17 to 19 years old. A huge change in his over all appearance would be out of place considering most people are done with puberty by then.
  • Robin: "I allways figured he would die young." Others: "STOP SAYING SUCH SCARY THINGS!" (Not an actual quote, but fits rght in.)

Coby will join the Straw Hats
as a military informant.
  • His experience in the War and maybe his first Buster Call make him quit the Marines? Would his bromantic companion Helmeppo come with him?
    • No, Helmeppo will stay in the marines and rise significantly in rank, and try to change the government from the inside so no one else will act like his father did. He will also be Coby's source of information.
  • Considering Coby's dream of being a Marine(and later, of becoming an Admiral) has been his driving force throughout the entire series, him abandoning it just like that would be a severe Jumping the Shark moment for One Piece. Really, if he really is that disillusioned after the war, his character would be more likely to want to become an Admiral even more so he can enact change straight from the top.

The Fake Straw Hat Pirates based their appearances primarily from the wanted posters.
More specifically, they are imitating the Straw Hats during their time at Water Seven, when the photographer took their photos. They have never been anywhere near the real ones and know very little about them. A few traits about them seem to heavily imply this:
  • 1. Fake Sanji's hair is wild and fuzzy, just like the artist's rendition of his wanted poster.
  • 2. Fake Robin (Cocoa) is a small woman in a plain black dress. She is first seen looking over her left shoulder. Both parallel to Robin's original poster when she was a child.
  • 3. We have a Fake Sogeking rather than a fake Usopp. Usopp doesn't make his presence within the Straw Hats unknown and discarded his Sogeking identity long ago. Our impostor disguises himself as Sogeking rather than Usopp because the only wanted poster of him is of Sogeking. On top of that, he seems to make no attempt to imitate the Sogeking outfit—just the mask. The poster may be all he knows about Usopp, or Sogeking.
  • 4. Brook, as of yet, has no wanted poster of him affiliated with the Straw Hats. Thus, the Fake Straw Hats are unaware of him and thus they have no fake counterpart for him.
  • 5. Chopper is considered as the Straw Hats' pet by the Marines. These guys take the Marines' word for it (it's not particularly dangerous misinformation unless your name is Kumadori), thinking he must be some sort of mindless animal.
  • 6. Fake Nami is the least accurate among them because her wanted photograph has her face obscured.
  • 7. Fake Franky seems to be the one who cares least about imitating the original (such as the cigarette) because Franky had just joined the Straw Hats when the wanted posters were made. To most pirates, the Marines, and the World Government, he is an unknown, and aside from his being a Straw Hat, a nobody.
    • Not exactly true. Spandam must have reported the fact that Franky was Cutty Flam (i.e., the childhood friend of Water 7's mayor and a disciple to the shipwright that held the blueprints for an ancient weapon) to his higher-ups eventually, as this is all important intel. As for the rest of this, spot on, dude.

Zoro did not really lose his eye
He swapped it out for some 'super eye' or developed his original eye to the point that he has to keep it closed until he needs it for a fight.
  • Sorry, I think you have the wrong show here.
  • If it wasn't so derivative, I would bet Zoro has one of Mihawk's eyes. In any case, I'm confident that he will open the eye when it's time to get dangerous.
  • I had a similar theory: Mihawk's eyes are drawn a bit funny in close-ups (I'm not sure how else to describe it but they certainly did not look normal.) because he has undergone some sort of secret/forgotten super training to enhance his senses, reflected by the change in his eyes and keener eyesight than a normal human similar to how some hawks can see ultraviolet light. Mihawk put Zoro through this training, but Zoro ended up with only one affected eye for one of two possible reasons. First, Mihawk did not teach Zoro all of his secrets on purpose. After all, when Zoro asked Mihawk to train him, Mihawk's initial reply was "You're asking me to train with my own hand a swordsman who is after my head?!" Thus, Zoro ended up with only one eye that has enhanced vision. Or.... Second Mihawk held nothing back, but the training was so intense and difficult that two years was only enough time for Zoro to achieve enhanced vision in one eye. His training isn't fully complete and he still has a way to go. Regardless of which way he ended up with only one enhanced eye, Zoro still had one normal eye. His brain has difficulty comprehending the mixed images he sees by looking at anything with both eyes for too long, causing headaches/dizziness/other bad side effects. So he compensates by keeping his enhanced eye closed unless he really needs it, then he'll either close his other eye or use both. This would be similar to how some real life pirates were thought to use eye-patches to keep one eye night-vision ready so they could transition between bright sunny deck and dark below deck areas without having to wait for their eyes to adjust.
  • It looks like Zoro might have both eyes open in the bottom left panel of this page? It's hard to tell since part of his face is cut off, but it looks open to me....

Franky's new body will have slots for Docking

One Piece is the ruins of an ancient civilisation
Basically, Raftel is the abandoned home of the last civilisation that fought what would become the World Government during the Void Century. It's on the hardest to reach island in the Grand Line, showing that they were really backed into a corner and probably fought to their last man. But the rebellion wasn't quenched completely, and lives on in the Will of D, so secret that most who carry the name doesn't understand its origins.

But why hasn't the rebel army tried to topple the government yet? Why hasn't Roger's crew taken desicive action? Even Rayleigh admitted to knowing the truth, meaning that if the truth was written in Poneglyphs on Raftel, Roger must have read them out loud to him, if not the entire crew.

The rebel army and the Will of D was first resurrected by Roger's discovery - it's taken over 20 years to take it where it is today, with Dragon as its leader. Dragon had some kind of connection with Roger - perhaps they were related, or he worked as his navigator since he appears to be able to control the weather - but that Dragon's connection to Roger is unknown is the reason that he's the one sticking out his neck. Known associates of Roger are stopped by some force, or are forced to act in the dark because of their notority. They can't risk to draw attention to the rebel army's actions. This of course doesn't explain what purpose the Four Emperors serve, if not that Whitebeard was protecting something from the most powerful pirates that were aspiring to become the pirate king. He and Shanks keeps them in a deadlock and therefore immobile, creating the delicate power balance that makes the World Government hesitant to interact with them (thus prompting the foundation of the Seven Warlords of the Sea). He was raising Ace to become the next pirate king, since he realized the rebel army would need a different representative than "the most dangerous criminal alive" Dragon.

But what exactly did Roger discover on Raftel? It was enough to make some people think slavery and dark justice was a fitting price to pay for what is essentially suppressing the people and not allowing them the freedom that the Strawhat crew seeks, the freedom of breaking traditions and living your life as you want. Because when people live as they want, they sail. And when they sail, they eventually reach Raftel.

It can be the Tenryuubitos that founded this new world order, to protect their lifestyle or convictions. Or the Tenryuubitos are just a group of people that blackmailed the World Government with information. Information they still need, since otherwise they probably would have been long dead. But generations of diplomatic immunity and wealth has corrupted them to the core - the current Tenryuubito probably have no idea what their ancestors were up to. Anyway, the secret of Raftel is no doubt something that would topple the current World Government. Exactly what it is - I dunno.

Holy crap, Wall of Text.
  • There's a big hole of logic here. Roger left what we call the One Piece at Rafteal, not found it there. Plus, what you say would be the Rio Poneglyph anyways.
    • We don't know what One Piece is, he could have found it there. If you think about what we know about Roger he does not seem like the type of man who would save treasure. He lived for the moment spent all his money on beer, hookers, and whatever he wanted to ya know.

Vivi has the Conqueror's Haki.
She was repeatedly yelling from the clock tower to stop fighting. Eventually, it clicked. Rain started to fall, and the armies stopped fighting. While it's played as a coincidence at that point in the series, very few things in One Piece are actually pure coincidence. It must be that her final attempt had awakened her Conqueror's Haki, even if for that moment, and turned everyone's attention towards her. In other words, what happened there was a smaller, weaker version of when Shanks yelled at the Whitebeard War participants to, well, stop fighting.

I'd imagine Vivi's Conqueror's Haki to be quite weak (well, relative to the likes of Rayleigh's, Shanks's, and perhaps Luffy's), but I am convinced it's present. It would make sense for her to have it. Cobra, her father, is a born leader and highly charismatic (and, prior to Crocodile's meddling, had an incredibly high approval rating for the ruler of a country in shambles), traits of those with Conqueror's Haki.
  • Looks like Conqueror's Haki is the next big thing fans are hellbent on running into the ground by assigning it to half the characters in the series. Goodie.

Crocodile's final weakness is lightning/electricity
Crocodile turns into sand. Lightning+sand=glass.

Usopp has already visited the Island of Giants
He's more confident of himself plus he also wears an outfit similar to what the giants are wearing.

Gekko Moriah will have a Big Damn Villains moment against none other than Kaidou.
Given Kaidou's past actions and the news that he was planning to stab Whitebeard in the back, it's not too out of the ordinary to assume that he will assume an antagonistic role. Maybe we'll get a tragic flashback to the day Moriah's crew died, right before the Straw Hats (or Straw Hat) escape(s) from the fight.

Buggy Took a Level in Badass over the time skip.
Specifically, he's gotten good enough at using his Chop-Chop powers to turn his body into what is essentially smog, and therefore damn near impossible to harm using conventional means (Haki-powered Luffy will still kick his ass though). While Fake Ultimate Hero Buggy is awesome, subverting it via Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass would be even more awesome. Besides, two years is a long time to retain a reputation like Buggy's on the Grand Line without any actual power to back it up.
  • I don't know, Buggy actually becoming stronger kind of goes against his character of a extremly lucky weakling who relies on others to do his duty. Now, if the ID Inmates and the other crewmates took the Level, that sounds a bit more likely.
    • He'll probably take a level in Bad Ass as opposed to the several that everyone else took.

Vegapunk ate the hito hito no mi.
Vegapunk has found a way to replicate the effects of devil fruits powers, as we have seen with the pasifistas using Kizaru's light beams, perhaps Vegapunk ate hito hito no mi at a young age and thus became 'elightened' and is omniscient. Knowing the truth about devil fruits, he discovered a way to make copies of them, starting with the one he himself ate. following this theory, it is possible that impel down's demon guards are called 'awakened zoans' because, like Chopper, they were animals that ate copies of the hito hito no mi. At some point one of these copies found its way to drum kingdom?
  • While I wouldn't put it past Vegapunk to conceive of a way to duplicate a fruit, that would only work for Chopper's case if true. It's true that Vegapunk's intelligence could be the result of Hito Hito enlightenment but I imagine a duplicate fruit could only be created once before it would muddled with established devil fruit rules. The Awakened Demon guards are most likely human guards that ate Zoan and then awakened by Vegapunk. Their human/animal appearance is similar to Chopper's monster form, Chopper himself being a human/animal hybrid that knows of tweaking Zoan transformations.
    • The latest SBS has told us that there are different models of the Hito Hito no Mi, just like other Zoans, so it's possible if Vegapunk is indeed a possessor of it, he has a different brand of person then Chopper and Sengoku.

Blackbeard will try Mega Manning a zoan user
He already has what he considers to be the most powerful logia, and has taken the world's most dangerous paramacia, if he is able to consume two devil fruits, why not try for three?, and logic dictates that he will go after a powerful zoan.
  • I read a theory somewhere on here that Monkey D. Dragon has eaten the dragon fruit, which acording to japanese folklore at least would grant him control over the weather, perhaps Luffy will have a confrontation with Teach while trying to protect his father if this is the case?
    • Marco's in more danger if this is the case, his Zoan would grant the immunity Blackbeard's Logia doesn't
  • While I thought that at first, I believe if he was after Marco for the phoenix healing powers, surely he would have gone after him at Marineford? And if Teach is going after a Zoan, I reckon it will be someone more important to the One Piece world. As badass as Marco is, Teach attempting to kill him wouldnt create that much drama.
  • As mentioned elsewhere, the people Blackbeard killed for his powers both had names connecting him to the real-life Blackbeard(He stole the Yami-Yami no Mi from Thatch, which was an alias Blackbeard used, and he took Whitebeard's power from his corpse, when Edward was the real-life Blackbeard's real name). Considering how Oda has gone on record saying that Blackbeard is his favorite real-life pirate, I believe the power-stealing is probably not so much a matter of getting one of every class of fruits so much as it is gathering up the powers of everyone else connected to Blackbeard so that he becomes the only living representative of Blackbeard in the story.

They were the two mooks that Tashigi defeated in her first appearance. They eventually took a level in badass and with their hatred of the Marines they gained from those two made it to the Grand Line and made names for themselves.
  • I don't know, the facial structures don't really match that well.
    • Knowing Oda, this will probably be true.

Luffy and Crocodile will have another Enemy Mine run in
This time it will be on more amicable terms as Crocodile's secret that Ivankov threatened to reveal will come out in a traumatic way, prompting Crocodile to have a Don't You Dare Pity Me! moment. This will then have Crocodile and Luffy become Friendly Enemies, or cement Crocodile as one of Luffy's Worthy Opponents for the title of Pirate King.

Luffy and Sir Crocodile's relationship is based on the Buddhist tale of Mr Monkey and Sir Crocodile
In this Buddhist childrens' fable, the crocodile attempts to eat the monkey's heart, but the monkey manages to trick his way out of the situation. Rather than bemoan his defeat, the crocodile congratulates the monkey and praises him, having found respect for him (the moral of the story is that a good loser is a true gentleman).
  • You know, based on Croc's appearent lack of a grudge against Luffy, this is actually pretty plausible

Luffy's mom was an epic Genki Girl
He gets his looks and his more serious side from his father, and his more goofy, energetic side from his mom.

Luffy's power's aren't simply physical...
This is more my brother's idea than mine but it deserves mention. Luffy's stretching ability isn't limited to his body. We know his body is made of rubber, what about his life? We've constantly seen him abusing his Gears, and it's said these could cut his lifespan. Admittedly this wouldn't show up until the long run where he dies naturally at like, 24, but still. It could also count for all the battles he's survived by a thread. Luffy can also stretch his lifespan, and/or his stamina as well. Considering that all the pain extracted from him fucked Zoro up so bad, maybe Luffy survived because he stretched his resistance and how he could survive it. Zoro survived only because he's so...GAR. Paramecia is known for some of the more weird powers, so why not even making his soul and life rubber?

The villains from the east blue will come back with an extra level in badass
Buggy will have been invited to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and will have been forced to take a level to keep up with the threats the position brings. He'll also use his new connections to get Mohji and Cabaji some devil fruits. He'll also go back to East Blue to gather more crewmates, and the original foes Luffy faced . Kuro will join to get the Marines to stop chasing him, and will learn Rokushiki. Krieg will join to get vengeance on Luffy, since Buggy will make it well known that he hates Luffy. In order to get stronger, he'll volunteer to be a test subject for new Pacifistas. Arlong will join, and also get Pacifista mods to repair his spine.
  • Arlong take orders from a human? Not happening. He'd be a fun surprise when the crew got to Mermaid Island, though, and a fight between him and newly-badass Nami would be all kinds of awesome. He could even have found out about Hachi's Heel-Face Turn, to add some bonus It's Personal. Kuro and Krieg aren't very likely to serve under Buggy, either, but Kuro's cat theme would make him fit in wonderfully with the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and Krieg would probably take any deal if he thought he could worm his way out later.
    • Wasn't Arlong meant to be in impel down?
      • He was locked up by the Marines, it was never stated where he was held at. Most people assume he was being held in a place in East Blue.
  • Troper who posted the WMG here. For Arlong, it would just be a temporary measure, just long enough to kill Luffy. For Kuro, it will be a permaneant measure, as it is basically the perfect way to achieve his goal, which is a peaceful retirement, more or less.
    • Still wildly out of character for Arlong, temporary measure or not.
  • Buggy the Warlord Confirmed (though his power level is unknown, it will likely being stronger than his new crew.)

At least a part of Gol D. Roger's success as a pirate, such as destroying half of Shiki's aramada and traversing the Grand Line, was due to either mind reading or clairvoyance or both, these could be attributed to his supposed power to "hear the voice of all things."
Just throwing it out there, he clearly only had the one ship, with a crew including number of people who may have had Haki at the time, and Buggy. Based on what we know, his crew couldn't have been that powerful. So rather than beating his opponents through super powers (Whitebeard) or shear military force (Shiki and Garp), he simply won because he knew exactly what to do in any situation, as he already knew what his opponents would do, like a superior form of Kenbunshoku Haki. hmmm, just watched the anime adaptation of chapter 0, in the anime it states that half of shiki's crew were destroyed by bad weather, so if that was canon, Roger was either very lucky..or.. had help from dragon!, who we've seen to have definatley been alive as he was at roger's execution..
  • Garp said that Roger had the luck of the Devil. Hence why his stubbornness to never flee while his true companions were behind him, never resulted in his death like it did for his son, Ace.
  • His crew couldn't have been that powerful!? It consisted of the likes of Silvers Rayleigh, for God's sake! This series does have such a thing as Badass Normals, you know.

Lafitte has an owl-based Devil Fruit
He moves silently, has wide open eyes, and has already shown wings. This seems too obvious, really.
  • In many cultures owls are considered omens of bad luck and death so this could tie in nicely with Blackbeard's crew, due to fate and evil, etc.

Jozu is the (physically) strongest character in the series
His Devil Fruit turns his body into diamond, which is of course extremely dense. Now, a normal human body has limiters that prevent full exertion of the muscles, to keep them from either tearing apart or outright liquefying due to the immense strain. With his muscles literally being as dense as diamonds, this is a complete non-issue for Jozu and he can use the full power of his muscles at all times. He's already displayed what is arguably the greatest feat of raw strength in the series so far, when he hefted a slab of ice the size of an ICEBERG at the Marines.
  • Diamond is just crystallized Carbon which has a density of 3,500, fairly middle of the road density (Osmium and Iridium are the most dense). Diamond is the HARDEST substance, but it is not the TOUGHEST (a regular hammer can smash Diamond.) Also, it melts at 4200K (meaning a Cyanogen fire can melt it) and is a good conducter. Basically, a character with Fire powers or lightning powers can screw him up.

Buggy's ability...
Just wondering since I never read the cover arc with Buggy searching for his parts...if more than half his body is submerged would that make his parts as if they were actually chopped up? That seems unlikely as it's pretty gruesome!
  • Buggy's crewmates got his parts back. In any case, Buggy's powers are likely of the same class as Luffy's—that is, they're not negated underwater. Rather, Buggy feels sapped of energy and can't move.

World Government Commander in Chief Kong is Garp's father
Several points for this one: 1. Monkey D. Kong! It just fits! 2. Garp doesn't seem to get into much trouble with Kong when he was Fleet Admiral, despite ignoring his orders and slamming the door in his face. He could maybe get away with it due to Kong being his father (although he gets away with fooling around in front of Sengoku too, so his hero image/usefulness probably comes into it too) 3. We've seen that humans can live very long lives in the One Piece world, Dr Kureha being the prime example at 141 years. Garp is at least 60, and if Kong was his father he'd be at least 90, so Garp's father being alive isn't TOO farfetched. Kong looks quite old. 4. This one is a bit stretched but all of the Monkey family have some kind of mark on the left side of their face (Luffy and Garp's scars, Dragon's tatoos). Kong has a scar on the left side of his face.

Blackbeard cannot use Haki
For whatever reason, Blackbeard is completely incapable of using Haki. His unique ability to possess multiple devil fruits may either be a means to compensate, or a mutation which had the side effect of preventing normal Haki use. Regardless, it explains why he went to such lengths to find the Devil Fruit he did. The Dark-Dark Fruit gives Blackbeard abilities very similar to the "Armament" Haki, nullifying the defenses of Devil Fruit users.
  • Well, he can indeed sense Haki, anyways. It would be ironic though if his natural specialty was the Color of Observation, which is now useless as he can't dodge anything even if he saw it coming.

Sanji will weaponize his nosebleeds.
We've seen what happens when he gets one-flying incredibly far. Now what would happen if he was fighting a bad guy, and a bunch of sexy women showed up? Nosebleed rocket head butt, that's what.

In a similar vain to Leonard of Quirm of Terry Pratchets Discworld books, Vegapunk will be True Neutral ,due to mild insanity, and will neither help nor hinder the strawhats in the future.
http://wiki.lspace.org/wiki/Leonard_of_Quirm And, as is evident with his willingness to grant Kuma's final wish, does not serve the world government out of patriotism, belief in justice or want of power, but simply because they supply him with funding and space to do what he wants ( again, similar to the Discworld character).
  • On an alternate note, Vegapunk doesn't actually want to serve the World Government at all and is being forced to conduct his research and experiments against his own will. Sentomaru isn't his bodyguard, he's more like a jailor. Then again, I also have the theory that...
    • I thought that at first, but I reckon if Vegapunk was being held against his will, he would have done a Daedalus by now and invented a way to escape.

Sentomaru is a double-agent, or at least wants to make friendly contact with the Straw Hats.
No reason other than the manner he was calling after Luffy in their second meeting. Seems more that his tone was sympathetic than it was calling after a heinous criminal.

Coribou has the Devil Fruit power to divide himself into clones.
The Caribou pirates consist of Caribou, Coribou, and least 6 crew members who look very similar in body shape to Coribou (fat, chubby faces, thin arms and legs). Coribou himself seems like a bit of a subservient dim bulb who hasn't yet shown why he deserves a 190,000,000 Berry bounty (note that this bounty is higher than many of the Supernovas prior to the time skip — Zoro included). The reason that Coribou seems so comparatively harmless right now is because he's divided up his complete self's strength, wits, and confidence into multiple clones (which would explain why the crew members look so similar to him). As such, later on, Coribou will eventually recombine with the clones to turn back into his original self — a truly powerful, confident, and surprisingly smart pirate who deserves his huge bounty, as well as the Man Behind the Man to Caribou.
  • That's a surprisingly convincing and awesome WMG.
    • I reckon you'd be dead on about the multiple man power, but I doubt he will turn out to be much stronger/more intelligent with them absorbed. It would make the power rather unnecessary. He will probably turn out to be about as strong as Mr. 4 by himself, and all his clones will be equally as strong. Another indicator that this is possible is that Caribou never adresses his crew, only Coribou.
      • In Chapter 605, him and the rest of the crew were seen floating up after the Kraken destroyed their ship. So, it's likely Coriboo is not a user and the other guys just look all alike. That said, I still think Coriboo will be stronger then his bro, whether it be a master of the Color of Armor or a Lightning Bruiser like Sloth. Or both.
      • Caribou's power allows him to turn into a mud-like substance...hmmm...
      • Confirmed to be a Swamp based power

Blackbeard is the only one who can defeat Kizaru
If you don't count Haki.

As Vegapunk supposedly knows what devil fruit really are, he has learnt how they came to be, and has managed to produce them, though not perfectly.
There are a few factors that have led me to this conclusion, the most obvious clue being the pacifistas having 'diluted' versions of the powers of kizaru's pika pika no mi. To me this suggests that Vegapunk has managed to manufacture pika pika no mi's, though the pacifista's are not able to use the power to the extent that kizaru can, so his 'man-made devil fruit' are not perfect. I then thought of Vegapunks other breakthrough in devil fruit research, bonding them to inanimate objects, and looked at the images of CP 9 as children, especially the one of Spandam, where he appears to have had a pet baby elephant, one that looks exactly like a young version of the elephant his 'sword' turns into due to being bonded with an elephant zoan. http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/SBS_Volume_44 Spandam is head of CP 9, and so likely to know some of the world governments best kept secrets, such as the nature of Vegapunks experiments, and has been alive long enough to know him. I believe the image of the young CP 9 to be a subtle clue that Vegapunk can at least manufacture Zoan fruits, and uses actual animals, such as Spandam's pet Elephant Funkfreed, to create them. But again, either these man made fruit are not perfect, and can only be bonded to inanimate objects(including robots), or work perfectly but some people requested that they be bonded to weapons. All of this leads to another of my theories-
  • My apologies for the Wall of Text

    • Partially confirmed, until we meet Vegapunk directly: Vegapunk (and his former assistant Caesar Clown) can make artificial but imperfect Devil Fruits, but only the Zoan variety for now.

Devil fruits were made by capturing the essence or spirit of certain things and making them edible as so to purposely create supermen, in the case of zoans actual animals were either transformed or had their DNA used to create the fruit
As he knows the truth behind the creation of devil fruits, Vegapunk has managed to duplicate the process and 'grow his own fruit'.
  • And said process could possibly be an invention of the mysterious civilization of the Blank Century!
    • Absolutely, as we have been given no information as to whether the first fruit was found before the Void Century or not.

The ship Zoro sliced was Foxy's new ship
I can't be the only one who thinks so.
  • Nope. The anime shows the ship's captain giving a Rousing Speech to his crew. There's no indication of who he is, but he sure as hell isn't Foxy.

The Kraken will join the crew, and in the end Laboon will have a (friendly?) fight with the Kraken
Because Laboon looks a bit like a Sperm Whale and the Kraken is something like a giant Squid. And they're both massive.

Blackbeard isn't cheating by taking Whitebeard's fruit powers
Blackbeard described his powers as when he gets a hold of someone, he sucks their power into himself. Now, since the fruit power still belongs to them, when he lets go their power returns. But, if someone dies with their power, they can no longer hold onto it. After death, the power would eventually drift and the fruit regrows. But, the fruit can't grant its true power until eaten. Blackbeard is only absorbing the power from the corpse, so the power can't return to the owner since they're dead. Until the new fruit is eaten, Blackbeard controls the power, and since most of the power is still in Blackbeard, it takes even longer for the fruit to regrow.

The Devil's Fruits are sealed away cosmic horrors, demons, monsters & Gods
At some point in the Void Century, something happened (Like one of the Ancient Weapons being used) that unleashed a swarm of monsters into our world, that somehow were contained in literal fruits, hence the name. Obviously, such a thing meant it had to be covered up by the survivors, the World Government. And since the Gura Gura no Mi has powers like Poseidon, and the Yami Yami no Mi with Hades, Blackbeard has two Gods in him (Maybe the energy sources for Poseidon & Pluton), causing him to either mutate into something horrible or go completely nuts in time.
  • Would the Yami Yami no Mi hold the power of Erebus, the god of darkness and the night? Hades would probably be contained by the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Brook's Akuma no Mi).
    • That is true, come to think of it. Unless Oda thinks Hades is Satan, which might be possible if Blackbeard saying it holds the Devil isn't him being a Large Ham. Does explain a lot about Enel, though if some lightning diety is in there.
      • Enel's fruit more then likely has Zeus, atleast I hope so, I'm still holding out for a Thor Mythic Zoan.

Based on the above WMG: The D.'s were usurped by the current "World Nobles" at the founding of the WG.
The D.'s saved the day, but the current World Nobles tricked/betrayed them so they could replace them as the saviours of the world and thus become overwhelmingly powerful. The True History reveals this, a last act of spite by the enemy at "World Nobles" or as a way to mock the D.'s who defeated them.

The D.'s are descended from the survivors of the Ancient Kingdom.
That's why the WG sees them as such a big threat.
  • Considering Corazon described the D.'s as the "natural enemies" of the World Nobles, you are 1000% percent on to something...

Luffys Straw hat is an artifact of the void century
Monky D. Luffy < Shanks < Gol D. Rodger < ???

If fire is beaten by magma...
Because Magma is hotter...what's hotter than magma? Oh...lightning? Very unlikely because Eneru's accomplished his dream, he has his subjects and his kingdom, no reason to return to the world. But still, this is WMG...
  • It would be an epic way for him to return to Earth. Think about it-the Straw Hats, beaten to near death by Akainu, when suddenly...
    Akainu: You lose, Straw Hats, and there's not a damn thing you can-
    Eneru: Guess who's back. Back again.
  • That magma is hotter than fire thing still sounds stupid to me. Magma is 1300C (slightly hotter than a Charcoal flame.) Fire can vary in temperature from 400C (Cool flame) to 5726.85C (Dicyanoacetylene Ozone fire)

Gekko Moriah and Kuma are Half Giants
We've seen that Fishmen and Giants can cross breed, Why not humans as well? Kuma would be a half human while I personally think Moriah is a half shark fishman.
  • I don't think so. Oda's stated that some people are just really big, y'know? Like in real life, there's always someone who's just...huge. Kuma is most likely not any crossbreed, or, not anymore, he's a cyborg now. As for Moriah, his theme is "Gecko", not shark. He seems to be more of a Snakeneck, which were mentioned in Sabaody.

Gekko Moriah will return, but not as we know
After his savage beatdown via Doflamingo & the Pacifistas, Moriah, ravaged from that and years of ennui, has somehow ditched his body and transfered his essence into his shadow (Literally making him a Living Shadow) where he either A. is directly able to possess people, B. now inhabits a super-zombie body made by Hogback, C. now fights solely in his shadow form or D. Some sort of combination.

Laffite and Marco are Awakened Zoans.
The ability to transform only part of the users body is a trait to the Awakened Zoan Users; the Demon Guards just chose to stay in full transformed mode for the strength it gave them.

The remaining Emperors (Kaidou and Big Mom) will have black hair and blue hair.
We've already got Red-Haired Shanks and Whitebeard. The significance of those colours? They're the Four Emperors.
  • Like Blackbeard?
    • Since Blackbeard already has one of the orignal colors of the Gods, I guess Momma with be Bluebrows & Kaidou will be Yellow Sideburns then if it's both color and hair motif.

Brook's character was at least partially inspired by Baron Samedi.
Skeleton in a suit and top-hat? Check. Heavily associated with death and resurrection? Check. Filthy-minded? Oh, yeah.

The reason Dragon became the Revolutionary Leader in the first place...
...was because his wife/lover was murdered by the World Government. It would explain why there's been no mention of Luffy's mother's whereabouts anywhere in the storyline as yet; perhaps she was killed by a representative of the World Government or the Marines (who take orders from the World Government) and Dragon decided to become a Revolutionary in order to avenge her death, in the process sending a then-infant Luffy to stay under Garp's protection to keep the world from knowing that Luffy is his son.
  • Except Oda said that Luffy's mom is still alive.
    • Really? Where?
      • Yes, do provide a link to that, because I don't remember ever seeing it in writing or seeing it referenced anywhere in the manga.
      • I think it's in one of the SBS's but I can't be too sure.
      • Citation needed...find out which SBS and report it here.
      • I checked them all and no dice. But it did say on Luffy's page on the One Piece wikia that his mom hasn't made an appearance so she may eventually. Knowing Oda this could become very important, actually.
      • Just because the page said Luffy's mother hasn't made an appearance doesn't necessarily mean that she's still alive. And in any case, if she was alive, wouldn't any of the people who are aware of Luffy's connection to Dragon, or even Dragon himself, have mentioned her whereabouts by now?
      • She's connected to Dragon. She's probably being protected and hidden by Revolutionaries. And again, do you think that the Marines have enough members to spare to hunt down a single woman? They couldn't even catch Rouge. There are several Level 6 prisoners running about, so worrying about something like one other pirate's mom is just not very important.
      • The Marines are a world-wide organized force (in fact, they are one of the world's three great powers along with the Four Emperors and the Seven Warlords of the Sea), and they were willing to follow orders to viciously hunt down every woman who was pregnant at the time of Gold Roger's capture just to find the one who was carrying his child. And if Luffy's mother is alive, why didn't Dragon send her into hiding together with Luffy? Surely being around the Revolutionaries all the time would be a dangerous thing to do, given that they're involved in hostile activities against the World Government basically every day...
      • Maybe she's just badass enough to hang around the Revolutionaries all the time. Maybe that's how she's still alive.
      • If that were the case, then Robin would have been close enough and able enough to find that much out, considering that she spent the duration of the Time Skip together with the Revolutionaries and, by extension, would likely have gotten to meet Dragon himself. Additionally, keep in mind that when Bartholomew Kuma was reflecting on Luffy's True Companions, he directed his thoughts only to Dragon and not to Luffy's mother - AND he would have been in the perfect position to know whether Luffy's mother was with the Revolutionaries or not, but considering that he never even drops an inkling of a hint toward that possibility, the chances of her being with the Revolutionaries are, at most, remote.
      • Until it was proven otherwise, I'm going to assume she was dead. No mother is known to survive in this series, action girl or not, related by blood or not. Especially in the flashback.

Zoro damaged his own eye.
You remember how his first solution to various problems was to remove the offending body part? Imagine if the only other people there were Perona, who would probably freak out and run away, and Mihawk, who would either not care or would support the idea. We should be glad that one eye is all he appears to be missing, and he didn't return to his crew a self-induced blind double amputee.
  • Or maybe, just maybe, Zoro's not really missing the eye at all...maybe he just keeps it closed as a sort of limit on himself, and he'll open it when it comes time for a serious fight (like how he normally only puts on his bandana when he's going to get serious)...
    • Then why would he have the scar over it? The nearest comparison (Kakashi) actually had lost the eye, he'd just gotten another one transplanted.
      • Point to note: Silvers Rayleigh also has a scar over one eye, but that eye is still functional. This could lend some weight to the idea of Zoro merely keeping the eye closed when he's not being truly serious.

Cariboo and his crew will be the New World version of Buggy
With Buggy probably now piggybacking off his now-powerful inmates & allies as a Warlord of the Sea, Cariboo, like Buggy a once fearsome villain turned Butt Monkey, will take his spot as the Goldfish Poop Gang.

Jewelery Bonney is Akainu's daughter
That absolutely explains:
  • Why Akainu came personally for the trade
  • Why he didn't torch the island in an attempt to kill all the pirates
    • Why he wasn't his usual heartless [shower] self
  • Why the BB crew ransomed her instead of killing her
  • Why there's a constantly apparent age gap between them (she never seems to want to go older)
  • Why she's so good at acting immature
    • How?
  • What hurts this theory is that if anyone was going to kill a family member for being a pirate, its Akainu, and the fact that Blackbeard was shocked to see the Admiral when he showed up. Blackbeard would've seen that coming. I don't buy it, I think its something bigger... (See bottom of page.)

Sengoku's Buddha form gives him more abilities then having a golden body & shockwaves
As seen here, a "enlighted" one has the ability to grow really big, "Mahima", shed his skin to regain youth, "Prakamya" (Why he looks still young for a guy at least in his 70's), good with animals, "Vastiva" (The goat) and other abilities.

one of the arc's in New World will be against Shiki
Why Shiki was mentioned in the manga? mybe because he will appear in it. The events of the movie will be re written to make an arc in new world...and Billy will join the crew.

One Piece is... A Water Based Logia Fruit
Given that every element seems to have a corresponding Logia Fruit, by the Laws of Probability there would have to be a water themed fruit somewhere that would give the user an immunity to the weakness of water. Sounds far fetched? we currently have no confirmed idea what Devil Fruits are and what gives them their trademark Achilles Heel. My theory is that somewhere, sometime, maybe by mutation or man-made engineering, a once in a lifetime event occured - the birth of a perfect Devil Fruit. This leads to two possibilities:

1) A water based Logia fruit with the immunity to water. Whoever was to consume this fruit would literally become a God on the Grand Line, with the power to literally end Roger's pirating career with a simple snap of his fingers. The Pirate King would have every reason to want to bury this fruit in the furthest, most unreachable place he could possibly find.

2) A water based Logia fruit without the immunity to water. Whoever was to consume this fruit would essentially be committing suicide. We can only guess what would happen to the guy that ate it, but dry land drowning would be a very real possibility. Any half-way decent person would want to bury this fruit in an effort to save an innocent man or woman from death - The One Piece was simply Gol D. Roger being nice.

  • Another possibility is that Gol D. Roger simply didn't think he needed it to be Pirate King, so he left it in his treasure. If Luffy reached it, he'd likely turn down somehow obtaining it for the same reason. Or take it and turn out to be like Blackbeard ([[sopiler:IE, capable of eating two]]) and use it only to gain the strength to finish Blackbeard off.

The One Piece is a picture of Roger's pregnant wife
It was his one true "treasure". Teatch will find it first, feel like he was cheated out of a treasure, and rip it apart. Luffy will then go in a rage for Teatch stamping on Roger's memories, and then start the last battle of the series.

One Piece is... Gol D. Roger

The "straw hat" Madame Shirley saw is either...
A. van der Decken. As we saw on his quasi-bounty poster, he wears a rather similar hat. But, the neck isn't quite as similar.

B. Caribou, in revenge for his comedic humiliations, plans to use his mud powers in conjunction with the water all around Fishman Island to flood it and to try and pulls a page of Demalo Black's book and masquerades as Luffy to discredit him, probably with mud shapeshifting. But, he still will not be the Big Bad for the Arc, mind you.

Alternatively, C. It would be Luffy. It just hadn't happened yet.

Sanji's "strict upbringing" will become a major point in his back-story.
As he reveals to Nami in the Enies Lobby arc, he had a "strict upbringing" that forbids him to ever assault a woman (aside from the fact that he's a Chivalrous Pervert anyways). And now, with the recent revelation that Luffy had indeed lost an important person from his past (chronologically, Sabo and then Ace), Sanji remains the only Straw Hat who hasn't lost an important person by death in his back-story (his mentor Zeff lost a leg, but is otherwise still alive). At some point later on in the story, Sanji's life prior to his being on the ship that Zeff attacked will be made clearer—and it'll be shown that his important person that he lost back then was either a mother figure or a female relative, and she died in such a horrific manner that he developed a strong instinct to protect all females. (And the only reason it's never been brought up, aside from Oda concealing it to be The Reveal at the right time, is that Sanji simply doesn't like to talk about it.)
  • Correction about Sanji being the only Straw Hat who hasn't lost an important person to death—he actually has, if you count his fellow cooks on the ship attacked by Zeff, who lost their lives in the tidal wave that came up almost immediately after.
    • Zeff remarks that he hasn't seen any bodies wash up, implying that they might not actually be dead. Even if they ARE dead, coworkers from the same ship isn't on the same level as losing a family member (biological or not) or a friend as close as Kuina was (basically a sister).
  • Addition from the original poster: If Sanji does have such a person in his back-story, then very likely they're the ones he would've first heard about All Blue from. After all, he knew about it before he met Zeff; he had to have learned about it from someone, right? And then that person's death both gave him the desire to find All Blue and instilled in him the instinct to protect women from harm.

All three admirals will also be powered up after the time skip.
Kizaru will have learned to set up dozens of laser beams to fire at a single location and become invisible while he does so by bending light around himself. Aokiji will learn how to freeze the air itself, giving him a far greater area to work with. Akainu will send magma under the ground, letting it burst out and engulf his opponents anywhere he wants. All three will also learn to use Haki far more efficiently.
  • Actually, I think Akainu can do a verison of that already. That said, with them and the Shichibukai, such characters will not likely get such a massive boost as most seem to be at the zenith of their powers, unless Fleet Admiral Whoever demands it, but the slope for Luffy and Co is high enough as it is.
    • Jossed...sort of. Aokiji (Kuzan) has left the Marines and Akainu (Sakazuki) is the new Fleet Admiral. None of the three pre-timeskip Admirals have shown to have increased fighting capabilities, though Kuzan has apparently learned much over the past two years.

Sanji can turn men into women
Here me out!! So Sanji has his Parage Shot which pre-time skip could make people pretty. After the time skip it to has become more effective, and Sanji can make peoples whole bodes pretty instead of just their faces. And if Sanji so chose to he could use it to re-arrange a mans body into a woman
  • I can actually see this. It's reasonably absurd enough for Oda to do, and since he did spend time training with Iva, he may learn what parts make what hormones and stuff. And I mean, having a sex change initiated via kicks is likely to KTFO anyone.Seriously, imagine the pre-asskicking one liner for that.
Sanji: Get ready...this is the last time I'm going to kick you...because I never strike a woman.
  • Dang I hope that to be true because that quote above is all levels of badass. One question on my mind though: is the Parage Shot's ability to make people pretty an actual side effect or is it just one of those Anime/Manga slapstick jokes that aren't meant to be taken seriously? (for example exaggerated nosebleeds, white eyes after fainting etc)
  • Oda has gone as far as taking an exaggerated nosebleed seriously in Sanji's case, so there is hope for this theory.

The ancient kingdom and the D. bloodlines are tied to the moon people.
We know from Enel's cover story that there were winged humanoids who lived on the moon, and that these people came to Earth and eventually produced the residents of the sky islands. But is that all the involvement the moon people will have?

Once, Oda was asked about the D. initial in the SBS, and he told the reader to "read it as a D for now". After reading some theories on another site, it seems to me that the D may not actually a letter - it's a symbol, a half moon. The people who originally came from the moon went on to establish the massive, prosperous "ancient kingdom". But twenty kingdoms from around the world united and destroyed the ancient kingdom, for reasons that are yet unknown. Not only was the ancient kingdom's government destroyed, but its people were all systematically exterminated. The twenty kingdoms weren't able to completely destroy the ancient kingdom's population, though, and now in present time there are still a few people left who can trace their heritage back to the moon - the "half moons", who lost their wings centuries ago due to interbreeding with regular humans and other races. Although it may have just been Oda playing around, one of the Skypeia volumes shows a winged Luffy on the cover.

As a side note, the reason the World Government is so afraid of letting the blank century's knowledge go public could be because they don't want people to know the lengths they went to to destroy the people of the ancient kingdom. At this point, we have no way of knowing why they would feel it was necessary to go to such lengths, though.
  • This would neatly explain why there's a poneglyph on Skypiea.
    • That came from Shandora, it was on the great bell.
  • Looking at the glyphs and art that Enel found on the moon, the lost civilization of Birka bore a distinct architectural and other aesthetic resemblance to the Shandians. A people whose ancestors (the Shandorians) were destroyed protecting their poneglyph during the void century. Though the Shandians know nothing of the Shandorians, they still know that the poneglyph is more important than anything else. Since the The ancient Birkans possessed the technology of flight (perhaps even the physical ability what with being winged) and other advanced technology, it does not seem far fetched for them to populate far flung areas of the globe, including the sky islands (which were, perhaps, the easiest to colonize or perhaps the only place safe to flee as their civilization was being erased). Since the Shandian (and maybe even the Shandorian one, it's impossible to know) bears more similarities to the Aztec civilization of our world, this would play with the popular (bunk) theory of the Mayans being a super advanced culture possibly influenced by aliens. Since Oda likes playing with real world history/myth, this editor thinks that the analogue is appropriate.
    • If the Tenryūbito, whose name literally means "Heavenly Dragon Folk", had wings, it would suggest that the ancient Birkans created the alliance that erased the Ancient Civilization. However, given that they have shown such intolerance for all that isn't human (and especially, one of them), this would seem unlikely. This editor would guess that they destroyed the ancient Birkans and their allies merely because they were different (if the allies were normal humans, then it would be because they tolerated difference), leaving only the unknown backwater settlements untouched (or at least still visible). Taking the title of Celestial Dragon, would then be an attempt to establish their supremacy over a people who literally came from the sky.
    • Given that Shandora was not physically erased, it would seem logical that it was not the original settlement of the ancient Birkans. Raftel may be where their capitol was, given that the poneglyphs lead up to it and how virtually nothing is known of it. However, since the ancient Berkans were shown to be a people of three subsets with slightly different wing styles while modern "winged humans" such as the Skypieans, Shandians and sky island Birkans seem to be distinct peoples now, perhaps the cataclysm that felled the Ancient Civilization also resulted in self division by appearance, like an One Piece analogue to the fall of Babel.
    • How this plays with the Will of D is anyone's guess, but perhaps if it's not a symbol for being "half of the moon, half of the earth" then the Ds share an ancestry of a people who took of the cause of the ancient Birkans in their struggle against the 20 Kingdoms. Perhaps being a "D", one is naturally tolerant of others.

Luffy will refuse One Piece.
He will let it remain a mystery so that young pirates have something to shoot for.

The secret to One Piece...
Has something to do with the sign over Loguetown bearing the town's name. Remember, Loguetown witnessed the birth and death of Gold Roger. Birth and death come at the beginning and the end of life. What else fits that description? The letters "L" and "E". Obviously, those two letters on the Loguetown sign are connected to One Piece in some way. And it would fit in perfectly with Oda's tendency to screw over the Dub Name Change with his storyline twists (doesn't quite work with "Roguetown", now does it?). (I'd like to thank Batman #263 for giving me inspiration for this theory.)

One Piece will end with Luffy dying and the Strawhats disbanding, mirroring Gold Roger and his crew
As stated in the manga, using Gear Second and the Hormones will shorten Luffy's life. Chopper will discover this and gravely inform Luffy that he will die soon as they near Raftel. After a final confrontation with Blackbeard, they will land on Raftel and something significant and meaningful will occur, but this theory doesn't cover that part. However, having achieved his goal, Luffy will then turn himself in to the Marines just like Roger, specifically Coby, who will by then be a Vice Admiral or even an Admiral. He will then be sent to Loguetown for his execution where he will be executed on the same platform where Gold Roger died. Then, right as he is about to die, he'll repeat Roger's final words: "My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it. Look for it, I left it all in that place." He will then be executed and start the 3rd Great Age of Piracy. The end. Montage of secondary characters they met along the way optional.

The Final Battle will be fought at Loguetown
This ties in to the theory that the finding of One Piece will not be the end of the manga, and the idea that Blackbeard is meant to be the anti-Luffy. Blackbeard will serve as the Final Boss for the series with a climactic showdown on Raftel, but then after the Straw Hats finish their business at Raftel (namely the fulfillment of Robin and Sanji's dreams which are tied to that geographical area), they will go to Loguetown which is nearby, but outside the Grand Line. There the Admirals/Shichibukai will appear as the True Final Boss, closing the circle of the run through the Grand Line.

The Ancient Kingdom in its heyday is as evil as the WG today
If rumors of Pluton and Poseidon are to be believed, these people must be really good at making weapons of mass destruction. They might have been the original creators of devil fruits, and the reason the One Piece world has such a messed-up geography. They weren't La Résistance, they were The Empire. Their demise might not even be related to the World Government, but rather their own fault (the Tenryuubito just took the credit) Whatever technology they had was deemed too dangerous for mankind so the newly formed World Government decides to destroy them. But they can't, so they opt for containment instead, and try their best to make sure their secrets are lost forever...

The Straw Hats are takeing the same path as Roger
Island for island the Straw Hats are sailing the Grand Line on the same path as the Roger Pirates
  • This would have to be confirmed, at least as far as they've gone. It was explained when they arrived at Sabaody that there are a set number of routes through the first half of the Grand Line, the branches of which are chosen at Reverse Mountain. Given that we know for a fact that they both went to Skypiea, this would have to be the case so far.
    • And Water 7, too.
      • And Fishman Island.
    • The one break with this is that Kureha knew Rogers as Gol D. not Gold suggesting the Roger Pirates went to Drum too. The Strawhats' Log never pointed to Drum, they found it on their own.

Luffy's attempt at drawing a Fishman back at the start of the Arlong Arc will be a Chekhov's Gun
It will turn out to be a poorly-rendered view of what the Straw Hat crew's next new member (i.e. whoever joins them during the current Fishman Arc) will look like. It'll be a Fishman who can provide the crew with extra muscle and a skill that'll turn out to be useful to their adventure in the New World (tactician, helmsman, quartermaster, or something along that line). So, if Jimbei or Vander Decken don't join the crew (see the earlier WMG above re Vander Decken joining), one of the Fishmen residents will...and, as stated before, he'll resemble Luffy's drawing from way back when. (Remember how, at the start of the Water 7 Arc, Luffy drew his idea of what their anticipated carpenter would look like, and it ended up looking like a badly-drawn rendition of Franky?)


If you zoom in, you will notice that the fish has four legs, not two arms and two legs, four legs. If you're right about Luffy's prophetic doodles, i think we have a winner...
  • From the original poster: After reading the updates for this WMG and the WMG two entries up, I've come back to being open about Decken being the next possible candidate for membership in the Straw Hats. Still, I'll admit that right now, my money's strongly on Jinbe due to the reasons that have been outlined elsewhere on this page.

A relative of Fisher Tiger's will join the Straw Hat crew.
Fisher Tiger is/was a noted figure among the Fishmen race...and a relative of his joining the crew would signal a bridging of the gap separating the Fishmen from humans. Additionally, Tiger's death would satisfy the new member's Dark and Troubled Past quota that the Straw Hats' individual members have fulfilled up to now.
  • He'd probably be related to Jinbe somehow, due to him succeding hm as Captian of the Sunny Pirates, and might know Fishman Karate as his pupil, maybe even the top one of the Fishman Dojo.
    • So let me make sure I'm understanding the above point, and please clarify if I'm wrong—Jimbei and Fisher Tiger would be somehow blood-related, and Jimbei would be the top pupil of Tiger's Fishman Karate skills?
      • I think the idea above is as we know, Jinbe succeded Tiger as Captain of the Fishman Pirates. And the WMG takes effect is where he took this supposed offspring of Tiger in, and taught said character Fishman Karate, and said son/daughter of Tiger knows it quite well.

Vander Decken will be the one to burn down the city
He's wearing a hat. Granted, it's not a straw hat, but it's highly unlikely that Luffy will burn the kingdom down.
  • Seems in Chapter 631, he's starting to think of a nasty plan...
    • Nah... He just threw a giant ship at it

Kaidou has the mythical angel zoan
Well his name can mean church, chapel, temple, etc... It would certainly be fitting for a zoan as important as the angel one to belong to a Yonkou.

Big Mam has a plant logia or paramecia
The last two characters in her name which mean Mam can be translated as mum or mom instead. Mum is one nickname for a flower called chrysanthemum. This flower is actually used as the symbol for the imperial seal of Japan as well as other things related to the emperor.(Though this could simply be a subtle pun on her status as a Yonkou) However, the major hint at her having plant powers is that her flag itself has a tree in the bottom right corner.
  • It could also be a Zoan, of the as-of-yet unseen plant category.
    • I don't know if Trees are classified as animals.
      • They aren't. Animals and plants are entirely different kingdoms of life.
      • Mythical Zoan model Dryad/Wood Nymph could work

Vegapunk is actually a really nice guy
Baldimore's residents claim Vegapunk was a guy who just wanted to help people, and the World Government gave him the funding to do it. He may not be a mad scientist, but a really nice old man, and the WG just controls what information he receives about the world.
  • Very, very, VERY plausible, when you consider that he seemed willing to agree to Bartholomew Kuma's deal to turn him into a complete cyborg in exchange for implanting a hidden command to protect the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats returned from their respective locations following the Time Skip.

Kaidou is the kind of pirate that will make every single one of Luffy's previous enemies look like an angel.
Considering the fact that he wiped out Moriah's crew to the point the latter turned mad and got obssessed with zombies, I would not be surprised if he wields a DF power horror-related but less kiddyish than Moriah's and probably more sinister, like a "Phobia" fruit, that brings true fear to the enemy. He may also employ several ruthless tactics, possibly psychological, like wiping out a whole crew but deliberately leaving one member intact. Not forgetting that he was the only Yonkou specified to have tried to stop Whitebeard.
  • In realtion to the last part of Linlin's idea, it would be rather similar to Phobos', God of Fear, domain and also like Whitebeard's Poseidon-eqsue Earthquake powers.
    • That would be a pretty big leap when you consider that the first two Post Time Skip Big Bads were given the Complete Monster label and Doflamingo is dangerously close to that label.
  • Now that we've seen what he looks like, this is highly likely.

Zoro is part merman
Sanji mocks Zoro's green hair as if it is an oddity, just as Zoro mocks Sanji's eyebrow because it is an oddity. But isn't it kind of strange to point out green hair as an oddity in a world where pink, blue, and so forth are also prevalent hair colors and apparently considered normal? Who else has green hair? Kokoro, Camie, and Chimney. (The latter of which doesn't appear to express any merperson traits despite being 1/4th merperson.)

Conclusion: Zoro's green hair is an oddity, but only if you expect him to be completely human.
  • And his facial features are based off of those of a shark. Hmmm...
  • Den did say that Fishmen and Mermen can have "oooold memories" in their genes, specifically referencing a shark merman...
  • As of chapter 618, Zoro curb stomped a powerful fishman while underwater.
  • Didn't Zoro also take on a sky shark underwater? Hell who knows, the guy might even have a less lacking sense of direction when submerged.

The Mermaid Princess will die at the hands of a World Government assassin sent to have the Merman Kingdom turn on The Strawhats, who will also be the one truely responsible for the destruction Prophecised by Madame Shirley
. This will cause Van Der Decken's heart to break, knowing that despite his threats he truely loved the princess and would have hated himself if he had actually killed her. He will then join the strawhats, with his goal being to discover her killer and take revenge on the world government,(if his crew are mentioned at all, they will ask him to leave for his protection, a'la Franky). At this point the Strawhats are wrongfully despised by the general merman populous and will have to escape along with Decken with the help of Jinbei and Den. This event will be the first step towards Luffy's (and by extension his crews)ultimate destiny ,to fight alongside his father and the revolution in their attempts to overthrow the now irredeemable government.
  • Jossed.

The owner of the ripped Straw Hat is the Captain of another crew
Just a little pet theory of mine, but there just might be someone out there, who after seeing the Marineford war, contests Luffy's right to own that Straw Hat, having a close connection to Shanks. However, they wouldn't intentionally destroy the island, and the destruction will be as a result of his/her crew trying to take down Charlotte Linlin, the likely producer of the Evil Steroid pills, due to their candy-like shape.

Bonus points if their crew becomes eventual allies of Luffy.

Blackbeard is a modified human like Franky and Kuma.
Marco made a comment about his body structure being special. By eating the darkness fruit, he empowered his human side with its ability and it has been shown that objects can be given abilities thanks to Vegapunk's work. I believe that when he was hidden underneath the black sheet with Whitebeard, he was "feeding" the ability to his cyborg parts, allowing him to have two abilities without destroying himself. How he took the power I'm not sure but it was probably his darkness abilities drawing it out of Whitebeard.

One Piece is Laboon.
If Roger valued his True Companions the way Luffy does, he could have seen Laboon's story as the the best example of what true friends do for each other: they keep each other company, protect each other from harm, and promise to return if one has to be left behind. The one left behind will trust them to return and will wait for however long it takes for them to get back. Furthermore, he never specified exactly where he left his treasure, only saying he left it in "that place."
  • Uh...one problem...Brook wasn't from Roger's crew. He was a part of the Rumbar Pirates. Crocus was there because that's where he lived before the Roger Pirates came through. Crocus left Laboon for the 3 years that he traveled. Since Brook refers to Roger as being an amateur in his day, it's assumed that Roger conquered the seas for...about 30 years. Maybe the 3 year journey Crocus went on was Roger's last one so Roger could hide the One Piece that was the treasure, if that makes sense.

Kizaru will kill someone that carries the Will of D.
Akainu killed Ace. Aokiji killed Jaugar D. Saulo. Maybe Garp or someone else could be next...
  • Or he already has in the past, and we get a flashback of it sometime in the future.

The guys are gonna fly in order to reach Raftel

Ussop once made a joke about they arriving Raftel flying in a octopus-balloon. Obviously this was denied in the spot, but seeing as his jokes/lies tend to become true, I would bet they're gonna have to fly at some point to Raftel. This also would make sense, we can guess Gol D. Roger had to be able to make his ship fly (or someting of the sort) in order to reach Skypea. That would make the island almost ureachable because, How many pirate ships can fly? How many pirates can sail through the New World? And just to narrow the number, How many fucking pirates can handle a double fucking flying ship all over the hell that is New World?
  • Obviously there were another ways to Skypea, but that wouldn't be fun...
  • It would be interesting is Raftel turned out to be a sky island, just one that lands every now and then as seen in the silhouette.

Crocodile was once a slave
Just throwing this in here. Crocodile's hatred of the World Government appears to trump all else, and that has to stem from somewhere. His scars could also be a result of abuse taken as a slave. I'll admit this is a little far-fetched, since Oda is unlikely to use the same backstory for two Shichibukai, but it's Wild Mass Guessing!
  • Additional WMG: If he was a slave, Crocodile's slave brand is or used to be on his left hand. He is either hiding the branded hand inside his hook, or chopped it off (either to rid himself of the brand or because he was chained or otherwise caught in something by his hand).

Vaguely related to above: Crocodile's facial scar is from torture
Look at the thing. It's one continuous, thin, perfectly symmetrical line that stretches from ear to ear. There's no way that's a battlescar or in any way accidental injury. A wound like that must have been inflicted intentionaly and with a steady hand.

Boa Hancock's power is not turning people into stone...
Rather, turning into stone is a natural power of all humans in One Piece if they are lustful enough. Hancock's powers allow her to spread this to other things, and make people lustful enough to happen. The reason we haven't seen this happening is that this takes such an awesome amount of lust, only the combined powers of Sanji's pervertedness and the Mermaid princess' beauty can cause it naturally.
  • Also note that the fruit is called the Mero Mero no Mi (Love Love Fruit), not having anything to do with petrification.

Zoro knows how to use Haoshoku Haki.
And damn well too. Recall his battle with Daz Bonez AKA Mr. 1. Right before he used Lion's Song and defeated him, he had to not have any doubts. Coincidense? Possibly. Another thing to note about him not doubting himself is that, at the end, he said he was a little stronger. What this taught him, as a swordsman and as a person, is to not have doubts. If one kind of Haki can be infused in arrows, whose to say Zoro couldn't have (unkowingly) infused his Haki into Wado Ichimonji or his other swords? Considering Haki-infused arrows can cut through stone, a Haku-infused sword could easily slice through steel. Another theory on this page is that Haki might be able to form energy. If so, Zoro's 108 Pound Phoenix, Rashomon and Two Sword Style: Tower Climb or any move where he doesn't physically touch his enemy and creates blue energy would be this. As a bit more f you look at Chapter 602, you'll see Rayleigh, a canonical user of Haoshoku Haki, casually slicing the ground with his sword, without touching and with what appeared to be nothing more than a swing of his arm. Considering Rayleigh is the best-known user of Haki, I don't see why his sword couldn't have been Haki infused. I can't think of a reason why he wouldn't have Haki in his sword. Looking at the Manga's depiction of, say, the 108 Pound Phoenix, the depictions of the slash effects do look similar.

The Devil Fruits are called as such due to the suspicious nature of historical sailors.
In the past, Sailors have been known to be a superstitious lot. Some time in the past, someone ate a power-giving fruit, and got powers. Then he fell overboard, and after sinking like a stone, his comrades concluded that he was forsaken by the sea because of that fruit and that is was created by the Devil to send people to hell. Thus, the Devil Fruits got their names. (also, would the person that removed all the swears from this page please stop?)

The Magellan who was found near death is actually Mr. 2 Bon Clay.
Possibly predicting how the WG would react to the escape of all those Level 6 Prisoners, possibly learning about their escape in the process of beating up Mr. 2, Magellan left him alive to pose as himself, so he could hunt the escapees without the WG stopping him. The fact the Magellan who was found near death tried to off himself is because Mr. 2 feels like he's being forced to betray Luffy and the Ivankov.
  • Unlikely. Magellan himself had scars on his face after the timeskip, most likely from Blackbeard since his face wasn't touched at any other time in the Impel Down Arc. Still possible though.

One Piece is connected to both the "Will of D." and the True History.
Whitebeard has a flashback to a conversation with Rogers about the "Will of D." and then tells Blackbeard he's "not the one" Rogers was waiting for. He then mentions how someone will challenge the world and that is the WG's greatest fear. He finishes by saying the finding of One Piece will turn the world upside down. He also says it has nothing to do with him, increasing the chance that the person has to be a D.

Chopper eating the Hito Hito no Mi arrested his normal antler growth, requiring him to always wear the bolt keeping his left antler attached.
It was revealed that Chopper broke his left antler off looking for the mushroom for Dr. Hiriluk. To this day, he's had a bolt fastening his left antler to the remaining stub. The problem is, in normal nature, his antlers would fall off annually anyway and he would grow a new set. The only reason he would require that bolt is if the Human Human Fruit took away the ability for him to lose and grow antlers. This would mean he'd be stuck with the current set of antlers he had when he ate it.
  • Nope. They still grew after the Timeskip, as seen is his Walk Point.

Chopper re-grows his antlers annually, and keeps the bolt on the left antler for sentimental reasons.
Then again, when Chopper uses Antler Point, which grows his antlers, both antlers grow. If his left antler were still detached, that would normally retard any manipulation under Antler Point. So it is also possible that he does re-grow his antlers annually, and just keeps the bolt on his left antler for some reason, probably because it's a reminder to him of his father figure.

The reason why the Gorousei are afraid of the Great Powers collapsing
They maintain their authority and credibility to their citizens if there are enemies that the public can openly dispise, such as pirates and revolutionaries. An enemy that will distract the public from the Gorousei's real operations. Enemies that are portrayed as evil fuckers that make the extremists amongst the Marines more well-intentioned in the I Did What I Had to Do or Kick the Son of a Bitch sense. Without that seething hatred for criminals, the public would eventually grow more suspicious of the World Government and its shady actions, which would lead to more open revolts all over the place.

The entire Fishman Island arc is one massive callback to the start of the series.
  • Hody Jones is a buffer, more dangerous version of Arlong.
  • Vander Decken has a Devil Fruit that grants him long-range attacks, just like Buggy's (with a hint of Don Kreig's reliance on weapons).
  • Caribou is a sadistic schemer who's more dangerous than he lets on and acts behind the scenes, just like Kuro did.
  • Fake Luffy was only a threat because of his humongous crew, like Don Kreig's Armada.
  • There are currently three opponents the Straw Hats have to overcome, two of which have teamed up, which echoes the battle at Loguetown (where the main opponents were the Buggy/Alvida alliance and Smoker).
  • And I'm almost certain Big Mama will make an appearance to demonstrate how dangerous the opponents in the New World will be, just like Mihawk did with the Grand Line.

When Oda said a human eating the Hito Hito no Mi would become enlightened, he was foreshadowing Sengoku's powers.
Since Sengoku's fruit has been confirmed to be the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Daibatsu, I think it's clear that Oda was referring to him when he answered that question. I'd also like to offer...

Sengoku's powers are not from the fruit itself.
Rather, they are specifically the result of a human eating the Hito Hito no Mi; if any other creature had eaten it, they would not have the near-indestructible body or ability to launch explosions that Sengoku has.
  • Well, his DF is specically described as a Daibatsu then Buddha, as they were made out of bronze, gold, what have you. No clue on the palm blasts
  • Jossed. His fruit's powers are specifically the Daibutsu. The only "plain" Hito Hito fruit in the world belongs to Chopper.

Luffy will end up getting more than ten pirates in his crew.
  • At the very start of the manga, Luffy said that a crew of about ten would do. However, he never said anything about having more or having less. With this in mind, the possibilities of who could become part of the Strawhats goes up quite a bit. Plus, since we're only about halfway through the manga, I now predict that before the manga ends, the Strawhat Pirates will be a crew of at least sixteen. Luffy included.

Devil fruits do contain devils as rumors say and:
  • 1: The devils were an army that seized control of the world, and were defeated by a Noah-esqe flood.
Being defeated by the sea, the devils are weak to the same.

  • 2: As eternal punishment they were trapped in horrible fruits.
Beyond tasting terrible, the fruits were designed as horrible prisons for the devils to inhabit. eating a devil fruit allow the devil to escape into the eaters body, where it is free of the suffering of imprisonment in the fruit. The devils aren't able to exercise any will over the host, but automatically give their powers and weakness to the host.

Depending on whether the fruits float or not, the sea could be rejecting devils in fruit by purging them to the surface and allowing them to wash ashore and be removes from the sea, while devil hosts sink so that the devil can be re-imprisoned in a fruit.

  • 3: The devil in the yami-yami fruit was king of the devil army.
Being different from other logia, the devil king's authority allows it's host to have multiple devil fruit powers. Instead of the ordinary case of two devils fighting and causing the host to explode, the yami yami devil causes any other devils to submit.

the One Piece was meant for Ace
Gol intended Ace to one day find it, and as such will have a letter for Ace with it.

If Dragon really tried, he could wipe out Mariejoa and decapitate the World Government.
But he hasn't done it because he feels the world isn't ready yet. Just look at how much destruction Fisher Tiger alone wreaked upon the city. For a person who seemingly has weather control powers and an entire army, going a step further than Fisher Tiger and completely destroying Mariejoa should be possible.

Kuma's Bible will turn out to be a Chekhov's Gun
Since he carries it around with him so much, it must have some very special value to him for some reason. Either (A) it will hold some, if not all, of the secrets of the "ancient kingdom" that the Oharans were researching; (B) it will hold the secret of the "Will of D"; (C) it will have a record of the World Government's secret atrocities; (D) it will be a keepsake from some tragic event in his past. (E) It is like the tatoos in Memento, it shows who he is, what he does, and what he still has to accomplish
The powers that CP9 used are Haki-based.
All of them are Color of Armaments except Paper, which is Color of Observation. Color of Armaments allows users to form an armor-like coat around themselves at its most basic (Iron Body), but it can also be used to augment strength (Finger Pistol and Shave) and shot off as a projectile (Tempest Kick). Moonwalk may be a combination of increasing leg speed and shooting off haki from one's feet to propel oneself upwards.

Captain Kuro will become one of the final, or even THE final challenges at the end of the series.
Being the careful planner he is, and having encountered the straw hat crew early on, see seems the perfect candidate to carefully watch and follow the crew with a new identity while honing his skills and examining their strengths and weaknesses, and then round up any other villains with potential and arrange a scheme to separate the straw hats and put each one in a grudge match that does not work in their favor. He doesn't even have to team them up, he can just arrange for them to be there.

fake!Luffy is the figure in Madame Shirley's prophecy.
Demalo Black has a ripped straw hat, after all. Plus, it seems just silly enough for One Piece that such a renowned seer would confuse Black for Luffy because they dress identically, despite looking nothing alike otherwise. Through Caribou, Black still has a reason to be relevant to the Fishman Island arc as well, so his appearance there wouldn't be entirely unjustified.

The One Piece, the Void Century and Raftel.
During the Void Century, there was the "Ancient Kingdom" that was destoyed by the early world government. What if that kingdom was called the Pirate Kingdom. A country ruled by a Pirate King, whos citizens would journey the world and have adventures. When the Pirate King died or stepped down, the first one to Raftel would be crowned the next Pirate King. The One Piece is a record of all the past Pirate Kings, including Gol D Roger.

Trafalgar Law and Buggy the Clown will fight.
And unlike most of Buggy's fights, this one will be a serious one. Buggy's powers give him total immunity not only to Law's sword, but to his Shambles ability to split things apart and rearrange them. Well, Buggy's not quite immune, but he can quickly and easily revert any changes Law could try on him directly. Thus, it would force Law to get more creative and try damaging him via indirect use of his powers, just as Enel did against Luffy. It would also culminate in Law disassembling his crewmates and making some sort of Eldritch Abomination using them, and Buggy would stop Law once and for all by defeating the amalgamation.
  • This would very likely make Buggy a Lethal Joke Character and his Devil Fruit ability more useful than it looks.
    • Buggy is very much like that. Imagine if he got more creative and tried turning into a fine powder instead of chunks. He'd have Logia-like defenses, and since he's simply moving out of the way and not turning into something else, Haki-infused attacks can't prevent it. I'd go on to say that Buggy has one of the MOST potent among Devil Fruit powers. He's just too dumb to use them properly.
      • I'm pretty sure Oda said that he can't control more than like...50 pieces. Plus it would go kind of against his fruit name, Bara-Bara(chopping, not "dusting"). Otherwise, yeah, he doesn't seem to take much advantage of his power, I'm sure there's more useful ways of using it.
      • He might not be able to turn into dust, but perhaps he could turn into...cubes? 50 at the most, but yeah, still cubes.
      • Oh, is it only 50? Where was this stated? Nevertheless, Buggy doesn't need more than that to take out Law.
      • Law has Haki, dude, and a plethora of techniques besides Shambles to curbstomp Buggy. Countershock is electricity based. Injection Shot is basically a gunshot after stabbing the foe. Lastly, Gamma knife destroys the organs and I even made a WMG that Doffy will die from that attack at the arcs end.

Doflamingo became a cynical Hollywood Atheist after having his dreams cruelly destroyed.
Doflamingo once had a major dream or dreams he wanted to pursue, but something happened along the way that caused him to become an embittered man. He merely hides this fact behind a consistent Slasher Smile.
  • Well, pretty much Jossed. His views on the world aren't really from having a dream crushed. Rather, they're from his being kicked out of Mariejois and being hunted down and tortured by common folk for no less than two years straight as a child. His twisted world views are a product of seeing the worst humanity had to offer, along with his own insanity. Also, his Slasher Smile is definitely genuine.

Sanji will be the one to fight Kuma
In both of the Strawhats vs Kuma fights, Kuma seems to mock Sanji more than the others (Less in the first battle I admit, though Sanji did manage to avoid being pushed by Kuma when he attacked). In Shabody, he tells Sanji he can't protect anyone and then proceeds to take out every other Strawhat around Sanji before the cook as if to rub it in. To keep pushing his Berserk Button in such a mocking way, it makes sense to me that as if to prove that he can protect others, it'll be Sanji who steps up to take him out.

Luffy actually will deliberately destroy Fishman Island, and it will be the best thing that ever happened to the Fishmen
Going through this arc and the recent flashback, it's becoming apparent that one of the main reasons for all the inter-species discrimination is that neither race really knows a lot about the other. It's also been mentioned a few times that Fishman Island is only where it is because it's the only spot on the sea floor where sunlight reaches, thanks to the Eve tree. Luffy will put the pieces together, as he's occasionally known to do, destroy Fishman Island, and force the fishmen and mermen up to the surface. As both sides realize that they really aren't so different, relations will heal and prejudices will begin to disappear. Similar to how Whitebeard's conquering of the island seemed bad to the world but was gracious in reality, this will set the Strawhats on a new level of infamy to the world, but as savior's to those involved. Also sets up a possible antagonist in Big Mum.
  • Unless the biblicard Nami got from Lola post-Thriller Bark will play a role in averting that last point...

Kizaru will be Nami's final foe.
Just after Tiger's death, Arlong attempts to attack the humans who betrayed his captain, only to be stopped by none other than the weird light guy of doom. He then tells Arlong that he wanted to talk to him about something. If this lead to Arlong's rampage in East Blue, and if Kizaru was somehow, or for some reason, behind it, then that would be easily enough motivation for Nami to fight him. However, remember, Kizaru is made out of light, which the atmosphere does all kinds of fun stuff to. Nami may well, using her weather control attacks, be able to harm the guy.
  • That's assuming she'd be able to somehow get around his Super Speed...
    • Mirages are created by bending light around something. A well-shaped Mirage Tempo would render her basically invulnerable to any direct attack attempts he makes in Logia mode. Given that Usopp got Observation Haki recently, if Nami got that someday she'd be able to counter his Super Speed more or less perfectly. She's actually probably the best choice in the crew for fighting Kizaru in light of this.

Much like Usopp and Sogeking, Sanji now has another "form" to help him fight against female opponents.
In this form, Sanji will not only be able to strike women without worry, but he will also be able to access the true strength of the Attack Cuisine he no doubt managed to learn and eat, but he will also be able to perform all of the secret and most powerful techniques from both Okama Kenpo and Newkama Kenpo. What kind of form would give him these abilities? The return of Okama Sanji.

Sengoku's palm blasts are the same as Sentomaru's.
Whatever that may be.

That is Luffy in Madame Shirley's vision.
However, all we saw were a ruined Fishman Island and a silhouette strongly resembling Luffy. The idea that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island was only what Shirley interpreted through connecting the dots. What really happens will be far more straightforward: Someone destroys Fishman Island (whether it be Vander Decken, Hordy Jones, Caribou, Big Mom, or someone else), and Luffy has arrived to defeat the villain.

Koala will join the Strawhat Pirates.
After the end of the Fishman Island Arc the Strawhat are likely to find some sort of new determination to save the fishmen/defeat the Tenryuubito due to what they've done/etc. Koala joining the Strawhat would be kind of symbolic of this. Perhaps she would have a backstory showing her finding out that she had unwittingly led her own savior to his death, had a breakdown, and ultimately formed a dream to unite the Fishmen and the humans. She could maybe fill in the role of a mediator of sorts, mirroring what Otohime has done. And while Jinbe may would fit more for the whole representation of their values thing, there's one huge of problem of the Strawhat having fish as primary part of their diet...
  • Koala would be what...30? By now? Just about...Would be interesting to see that, really. But she might just get a cameo as a revolutionary. Knowing Oda, that's very likely, actually.
  • Koala is 23... I think? If I'm not mistaken, her flashback was from 12 years ago. We need more crew member that has some kind of emotional connection with the fishmen, but no really important whether the crew is a fishmen or no. By having a human with that kind of ideal has more impact because after the Straw Hats action against Hody, the only people who still have doubt of human-fishmen co-exist are humans themselves. Seeing one of them has that kind of view surely shaken them up.
  • I agree with the view that Jinbe would be a better fit for having the whole "dream to unite Fishmen and humans" as well as having a better reason to be with the Straw Hat crew itself to begin with (considering how close he feels to Luffy and how guilty he feels for Arlong's treatment of Nami). Then there's also a WMG near the top of this page outlining Jinbe joining the crew - see above.
  • Shirahoshi could also fit that bill, with previous WMG putting her on potential true companion shortlist. Who better to fulfill her mother's dream of experiencing all humanity has to offer than her previously-isolated daughter?
    • But what would Shirahoshi contribute to the Straw Hats? Plus, she's too big to fit on the Thousand Sunny anyway, and besides, she'd be in constant danger from persons who'd want to sell mermaids as slaves. Again, I believe Jinbe is a better fit (he at least has experience on board ships, and can certainly defend himself well enough).
      • 1. Shirahoshi was shown in chapter 625 to have a legendary power over Sea Kings. 2. She's a gigantic mermaid. She could probably outpace the Thousand Sunny. 3. Shirahoshi won't be in any more danger from wannabe slavers than Luffy was for punching a world noble in the face. 4. We don't know how well Shirahoshi can defend herself. This is One Piece, for crying out loud. Being a sheltered crybaby doesn't prevent her from being a badass any more than Usopp's cowardice or Foxy's lack of confidence makes them pushovers. 5. Most importantly, the Straw Hats still need a counterpart for San Juan Wolf.
      • Chapter 626 mentions a prophesy that someone will appear to guide Shirahoshi and help her change the world. If that's not Foreshadowing then I don't know what is.
  • Unlikely, since [[she's a revolutionary. Hats off to the guy above who got that right]].

A Stone Logia or Statue Paramecia user will join the Strawhats.
Luffy once stated in the past that he wanted three things: A shipwright(Franky), a musician(Brook), and a bronze statue(????). He'll get his statue just like he got the first two, but it'll be a crewmate who uses a Stone Logia or a paramecia like Jozu's to turn into one. If it's the former, then the trio of logia, paramecia, and zoan in the crew will be complete and much to Luffy's disappointment, the statue will be made of stone rather than bronze. If it's the latter then we can probably expect their main power to be "indestructible but immobile" while in statue mode with a possible secondary power of turning other things into statues.
  • Well, we got Sengoku.
    • Oh Crap!, forgot about him. Oh well, a stone logia could join and it's not like there can't still be a paramecia specifically about statues.
  • Highly unlikely. The one stone paramecia fruit in the world belongs to Pica, one of Doflamingo's executives... Who Zoro just got done slicing up. Of course, there still could be a statue fruit user or the like out there. So, stay tuned.

Dragon can read Poneglyphs.
It would explain why Bartholomew Kuma put Robin in a position where she'd be able to spend the Time Skip with the Revolutionaries—she would have gotten deeper insight from Dragon on the Poneglyphs' importance.
  • That doesn't work at all. They've been calling her the "light of the revolution" for years. Why? Because she can read the Poneglyphs, something that could prove vital because she was the last of the people who could actually do it.
    • Maybe he only has a basic knowledge of how to read poneglyphs
    • I'm pretty sure Robin got the "light of the revolution" moniker for being the only Oharan to survive the Buster Call after they openly defied the World Government. Not to mention evading capture for 20 years. And that story the WG made up about her single-handedly sinking 3/5ths of the Buster Call fleet.

Why Hachi joined Arlong instead of staying with Jimbei
Hachi doesn't display the same kind of hate towards humans like Arlong, being friends with Shakky and Rayleigh and shown playing with Koala. If anything, his ideals follow more with Jimbei's than with Arlong's. Perhaps there was some deep-seated resentment that humans were the cause of Tiger Fisher's death and the final straw was Jimbei joining the Shichibucai and becoming a dog to the same group of people that had killed Tiger.
  • Well, he was part of Arlong'g gang before the formation of the Sunny Pirates. Plus, Hatchi has never been the smartest tool in the shed and Arlong may just be a bad influence on him.
  • Another reason may be that Hachi just saw an angry Jimbei beat the snot of Arlong and as the person above said, he was part of Arlong's gang and they had been close companions before joining the Sun Pirates so he essentially saw his older brother being beaten up by Jimbei.

One Piece is NOT at Raftel.
When Roger died, all he said was "I left all my treasure at that place." He never specifically said it was at the end of Raftel. Bearing this in mind, this leads me to conclude that...

The new admiral replacement for whoever gets promoted will be... Bogart.
Someone is gonna have to take up that vacant position, and none of the current Vice Admirals seem to be strong enough. The replacement shall be Bogart, the guy who has been with Garp as his right hand man for at least 20 years and was most likely the person fighting Rayleigh while Garp was busy with Roger. His lack of exposure beyond a few appearances here and there with Garp across the series it to make it seem like more of a surprise when he finally becomes important to the story. And for the last piece of evidence, just like all of the current Admirals, Bogart is a case of No Celebrities Were Harmed being based on Humphrey Bogart.
  • Jossed, the replacements are Fujitora (Gravity man) and Ryokugyu (Power unknown)

Oda giving Perona a similar reaction shot like one he gave to Eneru was a challenge to the anime's producers.
If you recall, Eneru had an EPIC reaction shot when he discovered that Luffy, with his rubber body, was utterly immune to his electrical powers. But when it was repeated in the anime (episode 182), it just didn't measure up visually. Oda was likely disappointed, so he did something about it later. In Chapter 461, he gave Perona the same exact reaction when she finds out that Usopp was immune to her Negative Hollow attack. It was as if he was challenging the anime producers: "Okay, let's try this reaction shot again." Arguably, when animated in episode 356, it was a lot better the second time around.

Elder Nyon fell in love with Gold Roger.
Decades before he met Rouge, there was a similar relationship between the empress of the Kuja tribe and the to-be Pirate King. Like the one going on right now, it never went anywhere, but she clearly got over it eventually anyway.

The relationship of Roger and Garp
Roger did to Garp what Luffy did to Cobie, another instance of Luffy's similarity to Roger.
  • Unlikely: Garp is a D., and from what we have seen of those, he probably never required any help with his self-esteem.
  • Smoker seems to be more of Luffy's Garp.

Haki and Devil Fruit powers are similar and/or connected.
There's already a WMG that Haki allows for the use of DF powers one does not have, but it's barely scratched the surface. Yes, Zoro can grow extra limbs- but what about, say, Sanji's emotional powers? He can burst into flames or turn to stone, and not just for effect- noticeably, both of those are actual Devil Fruit powers, and Sanji's mimicry of them affects the plot. Perhaps Haki brings out the true potential of a person's powers, and Devil Fruit are actually pure Haki in fruit form that allow for the transfer of powers from one person to another.

Devil Fruit power isn't supernatural at all. It's from protists.
We've been thinking of Devil Fruits the wrong way. Devil Fruits aren't from Sea Devils or anything like that. Devil Fruits are actually embedded with parasitic protists. Think of it! "Paramecia" is Paremecium protists. "Zoan's" are Protozoa's, As for Logia... that one's harder to look for. Devil Fruits are actually the hosts for these organisms, and they give people the abilites. People can't swim beause the protsits are allergic to water or something along those lines.
  • ...this is brilliant. But, what does that mean for when the hosts die? Do the protists just gather back together and form a new fruit?
    • Maybe the Logias and Mythical Zoans are the supernatural ones.
      • Here's how it works: when the host eats the fruit, the fruit they are embedded in dissolves from the stomach acid, and that releases them, which takes an amoeba like form. It spreads throughout the host body, allowing for the abilities to be used. When the host dies, the protists secrete out of the skin and body orifices and look for a fruit to take root in. They change the appearance of the fruit (the swirls that separate them form other fruits), and they wait until someone comes along to eat it.

Sanji can't hit women because as a young child, Doflamingo forced him to kill his own mother, and was so deeply traumatized that attacking a woman is very, very triggering
(oh yeah, also related to the WMG about Sanji fighting Doflamingo) No, really, wouldn't be such an Oda-like twist to reveal that a trait of Sanji's that's usually played for laughs has very dark, very sad origins? Plus, there's already speculation that Sanji's protectiveness towards women period stems from problems in his childhood that simply haven't been shown yet, and that he just doesn't want to talk about, and would explain why he was apparently without any parental figure for a time while a child. And Doflamingo is a crazy [illegitimate child], and would be a rather epic Moral Event Horizon. And in this arc, Oda took another thing of Sanji's that usually played for laughs (his nosebleeds) and played it seriously, which could be foreshadowing that seemingly funny things about him can have serious consequences and reasons for being there.
  • ...if this doesn't turn out to be canon, I'd be very surprised.
  • Comedic quirks have been put through Cerebus Retcon before. Baby 5 came from being regarded as useless by her family and Senor Pink came from his son dying and his wife becoming vegetative so he made her laugh by wearing his son's cloths.

Jewelery Bonney is the daughter of one of the Gorousei.
This is actually an even better explanation than her being Akainu's daughter, since Akainu said he was frightened by her having escaped the World Government's control. What could be more frightening to a fanatic like Akainu than a person with a presumably hereditary right to leadership of the government becoming a pirate?

Aokiji's apparent agelessness and lazy demeanor are both side-effects of his Devil Fruit powers.
Think about it for a moment. Aokiji was already a Vice Admiral 20 years before the story began, and looked pretty young then. He still looks very young now, and far younger than Kizaru or Akainu. This could be a side effect of his Devil Fruit power, the Hie Hie no Mi or Chill Chill Fruit. Since he can turn into ice, naturally ice can slow metabolism to near zero. As a result, he would age very slowly. The lower metabolism would also depress his personality somewhat, permitting him to take things easier than either of the two other Admirals (or anybody else in the Marines, for that matter).

Brook can possess people
So now we know Brook has the power to go out of his body, a logical expansion would be giving him powers similar to the Yamanaka clan of Naruto, that he can abandon his own body to infest others, with the obvious drawbacks and such. Plus it'd be a fun way to resolve the current problem that Pappag thinks Brook's soul is an evil spirit, Brook can just possess him to make him help, and freak Pappag out to no end.
  • To add to this: We know that Brook has already explored the Power Perversion Potential of this new ability. Assuming he can now possess people, he could probably take this to a new extreme by causing a woman to...ahem...have a play-date with herself.
  • Or he can possess items.

Luffy will use Haki as a replacement for 'Gomu Gomu no' attacks
Sometime during a fight with Blackbeard, Luffy will be rendered unable to stretch, so to make up for the loss, he will just give attacks imbued with haki and call it out as Haki Haki no...(insert whatever attack he can use without stretching.

All the Strawhats will die at the end of the series
Sailing on the way to One Piece, all the Strawhats will achieve their dreams, leaving Luffy left to achieve his dream. In a final battle, they sacrifice themselves to let Luffy achieve his dream.

Luffy has the power to switch sex at will.
During the Impel Down/Marineford arcs, Ivankov mentioned there was a nasty side-effect to using the Vigor Hormones. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we never got to see what it was. It could be his absolute exhaustion afterwards, but it was never identified as such and seems a bit predictable for Oda. So I theorise the side-effect was spontaneous gender changing, and much like his immunity from Magellan's poisons, Luffy's managed to control it. At some point, Luffyko may very well make an appearance.
  • The side effects were the fact that Vigor Hormones are Cast from Hit Points and that they deceive an injured body into being able to move around and such, causing further damage.

Tenth and the last strawhat pirate crew is Klabautermann of Thousand Sunny
First of all it been foreshadowed that Luffy will only have 10 people in his crew (including Luffy) on Vol 1. now they already have 9. what they missing in their crew is Helmsman (ship driver). The only thing that know the ship more than anyone is the Ship itself. that way i think personification of Thousand Sunny (AKA Klabautermann) is the last crew that straw hat need. he can be an effective helmsman, cabin boy, and ship guard. i think at the point of story, bond between straw hat crew and the ship will go strong enough to the point Thousand Sunny will make "personification" of itself in front of them (NOT real human but straw hat will able to see it just like normal human)

for appearance, i expect to be person with butler suit and thousand sunny head. as for ability other than capable to control the ship at his will. It "personification" have body as strong as adam wood and capable to use gaoh cannon straight from his mouth. but the "personification" can only exist at certain distance from the ship (say 500M radius)

The One Piece has the power to revive the dead.
Hear me out on this one. Every Straw Hat has a person they would want back from the dead, right? -Luffy has Ace -Zoro has Kuina -Nami has Bellemere -Usopp has his mother / The Going Merry -Sanji has... not sure on this one... maybe he'd just side with Nami or Robin? -Chopper has Doctor Hiluluk -Robin has Saul / Nico Olivia -Franky has Tom -Brook has Yorki It could lead to an interesting arc, with the Straw Hats at an impass of who they would wish to bring back.

The One Piece will grant neither wealth nor any sort of power, it is simply a token designed to promote piracy, Gol.D Roger's final f**k you to the World Government.
I believe that Rogers treasure will turn out to be a rather humble object, granting nothing but proof that one has found it. This will be because Roger will have had anti-government sentiments as he grew older and closer to death,(as it is clear Luffy will develop such resentment, eventually joining his revolutionairy father), and felt that the best way to undermine the government was to offer the world a reward for directly subverting the government. Whitebeard knew this, that is why he stated he had no interest in it, and why he chose to assert its existance with his dying breath, to rob the government of its victory. However i feel the strongest evidence for this theory is Buggy the Clown. Throughout the story we have seen that Buggy wishes to ammass wealth, and is happy to take any power handed to him. On top of that, he is not the kind of person to honour agreements, and would have likely turned around and grabbed it when the Roger Pirates disbanded. Except that, like Whitebeard, he has shown absolutley no interest in it, becuase he ,Shanks,Rayliegh and any other Roger Pirate know that it holds absolutely no value.

Close to the end of the story, the Marines will fall apart (probably from the inside out), and people will see the higher-ups as corrupt.
Having the Marines get the last laugh in the war won't be a good way to end the story. For an organization people have been rooting against since the start, they need an epic downfall. I think that people like Garp and Smoker will be the ones to ultimately get the job done.

Luffy will be the one to avenge Ace and kill Akainu
Having Akainu get away with killing Ace won't sit well with people, not even the ones that think Akainu is awesome. He will likely meet his end by the time the story's finished, likely by Luffy's hand.

Lafitte has eaten a Mythical Zoan Fruit
Specifically, the Siren Fruit. This could explain the wings and his ability to hypnotize.

Of the new Shichibukai members, two of them will have suffered horrific defeats at the hands of Shanks and Big Mam in the past.
So far, we have two Shichibukai who've been confirmed to have gotten their asses kicked by a Yonkou at some point ( Moriah's by Kaidou, and Crocodile's by Whitebeard), so it follows suit that other members have fallen at the hands of Shanks and Big Mam. Of the current Shichibukai none of them seem to have hit the level of despair and weakness associated with these losses, so that leaves the future replacements as candidates.
  • Who says that they haven't? Donquixote Doflamingo may have developed his pessimism from such a clobbering.

Eventually the Straw hats will get a cabin girl
She will be based on Pippie Longstocking.
  • This could tie into the Koala WMG above.
    • A recent hairstyle of Franky's is this Pippi Longstocking braided thing...if that counts towards this WMG any.

There will be a filler where the Straw Hats get attacked by bounty-hunter ninjas.
Just to make use of the Ninjas vs. Pirates meme.

"You're not my type" has some greater significance.
Why would someone as kind and sweet as Shirahoshi essentially sacrifice millions of lives and later, her own by refusing Decken over something as trivial as that? Clearly that phrase has some other meaning behind it, something far more important that we're not privvy to.
  • Or its simply humor since saying someone who has been throwing axes at you because you refuse to marry them and as a result have forced you to live in a tower for ten year is not your type is a tiny bit of an understatement.
  • I'd say Jossed. The Arc is over and no greater significance was ever given to it.

Vivi will rejoin the crew at Mariejois.
  • She'll be there with Cobra, interact with her friends, be branded as a pirate, and have to go with them by default. The reasons for her joining are such: She follows the news. She KNOWS what's been going with the world, and with Ace's death. She has to realize how corrupt the government and the World Nobles are. She could join with the purpose of changing the world for the better.
  • Possible, but not likely. The crew already went past the Red Line.

Dracule Mihawk Will Die, but Not by Zoro's Hand
Perhaps it may be too typical for the student to have to avenge his sensei's death, but it would remove the moral dilemma of Zoro killing the man who gave him his most recent Shonen Upgrade. I nominate Shiliew of the Rain.
  • It would remove the moral dilemma, and the potential emotional one: it's not unlikely Zoro and Mihawk bonded during those two years training together. The story seems to imply Mihawk has a had a rather lonely life for a long, long time, and given how OP tends to handle relationships, it seems pretty likely Zoro (and Perona) helped fill a void in his life. Having Mihawk grow to care for Zoro would really, really round out his character, and Zoro having to deal with the death of a sensei/father figure who he originally wanted to kill himself yet could not help but grow to love would really be a breakthrough for his character development-wise. (especially if Mihawk dies protecting him.)

Vivre Cards can be used to navigate
Don't see why not. Lola said they always point toward their partner. Maybe that's how pirates, who don't have access to the massive quantities of Eternal Poses that the government has, can still go wherever they want.
  • Of course. You just follow where it moves, as the Straw Hats did.

Captain Yorki, of the Rumbar Pirates, is still alive.
And he's having a drink with Crocus. Minor one, but there ya go.
  • Wouldn't Crocus or Laboon seem a little more... unbelievably ecstatic?
    • If Crocus is having a drink with him they already ran into him and have got past the ecstatic excitement stage.
  • Alternatively, the man they're talking to is Shiki, 2 years after Strong World (which is canon if I remember correctly), reminiscing about the old pirate ways with Crocus. The long hair would fit, and the hat hides the fact that it's obviously him, due to the steering wheel in his head. Also the reason why his feet are obscured by a rock, since he has swords instead of feet.
    • Isn't Shiki one of Oda's random giants? That guy doesn't look oversized to me.
  • Another possibility would be one of the remaining survivors of Rogers pirate crew. It is likely that Oda will reveal more members of Rogers crew at some point, and since Crocus was a member of the Roger Pirates it makes sense that he would share a drink with a former close companion.

Hawkins' Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan.
I've see this theory on various forums for a while, and thought it would be worth posting here. This theory seems to have come into existence because of three things:

  • Sengoku's Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan, Hito Hito no Mi. Model: Daibutsu. If a Buddha statue can qualify as a Mythical Zoan and get random powers, who's to say something like a scarecrow or voodoo doll can't?
  • Hawkins' has a complete transformation into another type of being, namely some kind of bizarre scarecrow monster with nails for claws. To date, no Paramecias have ever caused set transformations like this one.
  • Even in-universe, the powers were described as weird by Kizaru and the only conclusion he could come to was that it wasn't a Logia.

The final battle.
The final battle will be a 3 way between the Strawhats and their allies (remaining Whitebeards, Red Hair pirates, Revolutionaries, Rayleigh, Hancock, Jimbei, Buggy, Crocodile...), the Blackbeard Pirates and allies(they'll probably get a number of "evil" crews to follow them, being an evil counterpart to the strawhats), and the Marines (along with Warlords that don't defect, mass produced and 2 year more advanced Pasifitas). The battle could include:
  • Luffy vs Blackbeard vs Smoker+Coby;
  • Zoro vs Shiliew vs Hawkeye Vs Tashigi(Zoro defeates Hawkeye and Shiliew and becomes the world greatest swordsman, then trains Tashigi so she can surpase him, proving to Kuina's "ghost" that a girl can become the world's greatest swordsman.);
  • Shanks, Dragon and Marco vs 3 admirals;
  • Sanji vs Helmeppo vs Jesus Burgess;
  • Ussop+Yassop vs Van Augur;
  • Brook vs Laffitte (they have similar builds, both have a top hat and cane, similar pale complexion, both performers,(music and tap dancing,) Brook is a skeleton and Laffitte can look like an angel);
  • Chopper Vs Doc Q Vs Warlord Trafalgar Law;
    • Woah woah woah. Woah. WARLORD Trafalgar? I'd see him as a Yonkou, but a Shichibukai? Probably not.
    • Law is now a Shichibukai, confirmed.
    • And an ally
  • Franky Vs Kuma;
  • Sanjuan Wolf Vs Marine Giants vs Elbaf Giants+Oars Jr(if he survived);
  • Robin Vs Doflamingo; (his puppet powers has trouble with all those limbs in a non-humanoid shape.)
    • I'm getting the feeling that Doflamingo is going to end up dead by the end of Dressrosa

Post-Timeskip Franky is more advanced than Kuma or any other Pacifista.
When designing the Pacifistas, Dr Vegapunk didn't put in every upgrade he had invented. Mass producing Pacifistas with the most advanced design possible would have been much to expensive. However, Franky didn't have this restraint, so he could upgrade himself with prototypes for every design he could find. Franky being the man who was able to make complex machinery run on cola, he could probably figure out problems that Vegapunk hasn't been able to solve. This combined with any tech he could have copied from the plans of Pluton, probably means Franky is decades ahead of the Pacifistas.

Future Crew Members.
Future Straw Hat Pirates will keep with the themes of the old ones. Though, since some are a stretch with even the original members, it would probably be better to say that they will be generally in keeping with these themes.
  • They will have lost someone important to them.
    • Luffy: Ace and Sabo | Zoro: Kuina | Nami: Bellamere | Usopp: Banchina (his mom) | Sanji: Zeff's leg and the cruise ship crew | Chopper: Dr. Hiluluk | Robin: Olivia and Ohara | Franky: Tom | Brook: the Rumbar Pirates
  • They will have an identifiable color scheme.
    • Luffy: Red | Zoro: Green | Nami: Orange | Usopp: Yellow | Sanji: Blue | Chopper: Pink | Robin: Purple | Franky: Light Blue | Brook: Black and White
  • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype.
    • Luffy: Brazilian | Zoro: Japanese | Nami: Swedish | Usopp: African | Sanji: French | Chopper: Canadian | Robin: Russian | Franky: American | Brook: Austrian
  • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them).
    • Luffy: Captain and Magnetic Hero | Zoro: Leadership and honor | Nami: Navigating | Usopp: Cannoneer and crack inventor | Sanji: Chef | Chopper: Doctor | Robin: Archeologist | Franky: Shipwright | Brook: Musician
  • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them.
    • Luffy: Become the Pirate King | Zoro: Become the greatest swordsman | Nami: Make a map of the world | Usopp: Become a brave warrior of the sea and then to visit Elbaf and become the true King of Snipers | Sanji: Find the All Blue (or the Suke Suke no Mi) | Chopper: Become a great doctor who can cure all disease | Robin: Find the Rio Poneglyph and know the True History | Franky: Build a ship that journeys to the end of the Grand Line, a Ship of Dreams | Brook: Be reunited with Laboon and play his crew's last song
  • They will have a two syllable given name.
    • Brook's name is pronounced "Broo-keh"
      • ...And Usopp is U-sop-pu.
(Usopp seems to be the biggest stretch... Yellow and African? Were it not for Sogeking...)
  • (Nope, not a stretch. Yellow, as in coward. African... think North Africa, not Sub-Saharan.)
  • Also, Usopp is pretty obviously black. Thick lips, brown skin, kinky hair... he combines some stereotypical black traits without being Mr. Popo.
  • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining.
    • Zoro (alongside Luffy, vs. Axe-hand Morgan and Helmeppo) | Nami (alongside Luffy, vs. Buggy) | Usopp (alongside Zoro, vs. Django during the Captain Kuro arc) | Sanji (vs. Pearl and Gin of the Don Krieg Armada at the Baratie) | Chopper (vs. Wapol's henchmen Chess and Kuromarimo at Drum Island) | Robin (by subtly aiding the crew during Alabasta, and later unsuccessfully attacking Crocodile) | Franky (vs. Nero and Fukuro of CP9 during Enies Lobby) | Brook (vs. Thriller Bark zombies and, unsuccessfully, Ryuuga)

  • Vivi
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Her mother? Though her father is bedridden now, that would make her joining even less likely.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Teal
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Egyptian
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Princess power
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Saved Alabasta so... loving her country...?
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Check (Crocodile and Baroque Works)
    • Already an honorary member, Vivi seems unlikely to rejoin the crew. She has too many responsibilities in Alabasta.
  • Decken
    • They will have lost someone important to them: unknown.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: unknown.
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Atlantian? Dick Tracy Land?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): unknown.
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: to murder Shirahoshi... not very nice really.
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Not fulfilled
    • Vander Decken seems unlikely to join given that he has shown no redeemable traits as yet.
  • Jimbe
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Fisher Tiger, Queen Otohime, Ace, and Whitebeard
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Red and Blue
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Japanese
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Helmsman, battle tactician and whale shark whisperer
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: To protect Luffy and his people
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Check (Wadatsumi of Vander Decken's Flying Pirates, alongside Sanji)
    • While he seems like a good candidate, Jimbe has a good deal of overlap with Zoro and other characters that might make him a poor fit, thematically speaking. A dream apart from Luffy would help (as that's more of a promise and desire), as would elaboration that would help fit him into the crew (looking at the manga, this should be soon). If he is shown not to be about on par with Sanji or Zoro but not Luffy (unlikely), this would also help. One other strike against him is his current bounty, which is stated to be somewhere at or above 400 million Berries (which would make it higher than Luffy's); however, this could be rectified if the Straw Hats all got requisite bounty increases at the end of the Fishman Island arc, with Luffy getting a higher bounty than Jimbe.
      • The end of Chapter 648 has Luffy directly asking Jimbe to join the Straw Hat crew. Chapter 649 has Jinbe refusing to join just then, despite wanting to, because he has something he needs to do, but promising to join up in the future.
  • Shirahoshi
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Her mother, Queen Otohime
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Pink and Yellow
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Korean?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Princess Power, mermaid, and Sea King beacon
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: To see her mother's dreams fulfilled
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Nope
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposes Hodi Jones' ambition, but has not fought any specific opponent
    • Another strong contender with two grave strikes against her, she's as large as the Thousand Sunny and aside for her Sea King power (which she can't control anyway), seems to be rather defenseless. Furthermore, Luffy doesn't seem to be in a rush to have her join. If she becomes a crew member, she may be only temporary, like a New World Vivi.
      • I'm not so sure she's as defenseless as we originally thought. As of chapter 649, Robin reveals that Shirahoshi IS the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.
      • But Shirahoshi herself isn't even aware of that.
  • Caribou
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Coribou might well be dead
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: unknown
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Shanghai?
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Bubble suits? Walking Bag of Holding?
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: unknown
    • They will have a two syllable given name: Nope
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Not fulfilled
    • Caribou would seem to be the least likely candidate of the current arc. As an antagonist he has been more violent, greedy, and savage than Robin and Franky ever were.
      • And as of Chapter 650, he seems poised to use the knowledge about Shirahoshi being the ancient weapon Poseidon for his own purposes...
  • Surume (The Kraken)
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Unknown
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Orange
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Norse
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Unknown
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Reunite with his family at the North Pole
    • They will have a two syllable given name: No idea
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposed the Fishman Pirates, but was soon defeated by Wadatsumi
    • Luffy decided he wants it for a pet, and has tamed it.
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay
    • They will have lost someone important to them: Unknown; likely former friends considering how desperately he tries to protect who he decides to call friends.
    • They will have an identifiable color scheme: Pink
    • They will have a look (or simply feel) similar to a nationality stereotype: Unknown what the Okama are meant to be nationaly
    • They will have a talent aside from fighting (bonus: Luffy will be ignorant of it when he recruits them): Disguise and Espionage
    • They will have an unfulfilled dream that drives them: Protecting the Flower of Friendship
    • They will have two syllable given name: Check
    • They will have helped to oppose an enemy prior to joining: Opposed Warden Magellan, stalling so that Luffy could escape.
    • Bon Clay and Luffy have become strong friends when trapped in Impel Down, and even in Alabasta Bon Clay was willing to make the sacrifice. Luffy would be more than happy to take him aboard to repay the kindness.

Luffy defeated Crocodile, Eneru and Rob Lucci through an uncontrolled manifestation of Busōshoku Haki.
Think about it. Luffy was unable to touch Crocodile under normal circumstances in their first two battles. But suddenly, in their third, he could touch Crocodile with impunity. At the time, no explaination was given. But with the concept of Haki fully revealed, we now know that Luffy unwittingly used Haōshoku Haki in at least three different situations:
  1. Against Duval's bison when they rescued Hatchan.
  2. Against the Kuja Pirates at Marguerite's attempted execution.
  3. Against the Marines at the Whitebeard War/Ace's execution.
It is altogether possible that Luffy may have unwittingly used Busōshoku Haki against Crocodile and Eneru. It could've also helped him against Rob Lucci, as his unwitting Busōshoku could've overwhelmed Lucci's Tekkai.
  • It was explained that contact with liquid (usually water) solidifies Crocodile/compacts his sand which allowed Luffy to hurt him. In the third fight Luffy was using his blood.
    • Funny, his fists didn't look very bloody hitting Crocodile's La Spada blades. Plus, blood dries eventually.
  • Eneru was affected because Luffy is made of rubber and rubber insulates against electricity.
    • That only explains why he wasn't affected by Eneru's electricity. That wouldn't allow him to hit Eneru alone.
      • Actually, yes it would. That's how Logias have been shown to work; whatever element that Logia is weak against can be used to hurt them.
  • Rob Lucci was affected because his fruit is a Zoan and he can't become intangible.
    • Lucci also used Tekkai, which is effectively similar to Busōshoku Haki. It's already explained that if two people use that against each other, the winner is the one with greater will. Luffy just had a greater will to win.
      • However, Tekkai can also be worked around using attacks strong enough to damage steel, which Tekkai is roughly as hard as. Zoro's attacks would likely have cut Kaku if he had merely used Tekkai to defend against it, and Sanji's kicks were hurting Jyabura even before using Diable Jambe(just not very much). Luffy's as strong as Zoro, so it would follow that he could launch attacks that could break through Tekkai, Haki or no.
      • During the last bits of the Crocodile fight, Luffy was unaffected by the supposedly fast acting poison from Crocodile's hook, wouldn't him using Busoshoku Haki to negate the poison's effect be a decent explanation as to why?
      • Nope, that was just Luffy's iron will and all that. He survives through a lot.
      • He wasn't completely unaffected, it just wasn't quick-acting enough to stop him from kicking Crocodile's ass. He still needed the antidote afterward. He also survived longer against Magellan's poison than anticipated, but still needed Ivankov's miracle cure.

Brook's Devil Fruit is not actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi.
It is actually the Yomi Yomi no Mi. In Japanese, Yomi can refer to the word "revive" (yomigaeru), as many official translations have used. However, it can also mean "underworld" (yomi no kuni). So, Brook's devil fruit could have bestowed upon him the powers of the underworld (as has been shown in the latest chapters) instead of just reviving him once (which, in all honesty, was a pretty good example of Blessed with Suck). Also gives new meaning to his praise as "Satan-sama" on Namakura Island...
  • Confirmed! Well, sort of. The fruit IS called the "Yomi Yomi no Mi". I'm not sure what you meant by that, but the underworld powers part is spot on. Not only does it give him a second life, but it gives him the power to control the freezing cold of the underworld.

Gekko Moria
will return as an ally of the Straw Hats Maybe not an ally, per say, but similar to Crocodile in Impel Down (enemy of my enemy, etc.). When, you ask? Simple. The Straw Hats are going to meet (and potentially fight) Kaidou eventually. Knowing his past encounter with Moria, and Moria's missing status, it's a perfect arc set up.

The World Government was founded by pirates.
The Twenty Kings that overthrew the Ancient Kingdom were really a band of pirates similar to the Straw Hats. At the end of their adventure, they fought the capital and Ancient Weapons of the then-current world order, and won, only to find that they now had the responsibility of running the world. The World Nobles are the descendants of these pirates, and still act like pirates. They also now have an unlimited source of treasure and entertainment (the world). The Gorosei are the current actual pirate "crew", and they don't want anyone to know about this, so they covered up their founding. This would explain why the government is so evil, and why they are so ineffective against piracy (especially with their executions), and even support it (with the Shichibukai). They want piracy to thrive, but not to overthrow them. Going a bit off topic, the bizarre features of the Grand Line islands, the Den Den Mushi, and the devil fruits are all Lost Technology that the twenty pirates broke with their antics.

Mariejois is really a ship in dry dock on top of the Red Line.
The city is always covered in clouds, and what would a better flagship for the World Government be?

Marco is Whitebeard's biological son.
They both look a little similar, and Marco might be old enough, since he looked the same before rogers execution.
  • Maybe Whitebeard sought out such an epic fruit for Marco to prove that he still thought of him as special, despite calling his entire crew his sons.

The Reverie will be a turning point in the story, possibly in the efforts to discover the truth behind Void Century/to oppose the World Nobles.
With three of Strawhats' allies, Dalton, Vivi, and Neptune (and maybe Ivankov or even Hancock?) joining the meeting as kingdom leaders, it's likely that the Reverie will hold some sort of importance in the plot. Made even more likely with Oda's penchant for bringing old characters back into the story. Maybe something along the lines of: As the Strawhats take care of the physical battles against the World Government's men, the aforementioned leaders will work together to defeat them from the background, politically. This is why the "saving a kingdom" plotline is used several times in the story, so that the Strawhats can make allies with the different kingdom leaders. I'd even go as far as saying that Oda has planned the Strawhats' detour to Drum Kingdom smack in the middle of Arabasta Arc so that Dalton and Vivi know each other and be able to work together for this purpose.
  • And following that, seeing as how the Strawhats actually have very powerful political relationships, they will be written down as world heroes or something in the future historical records by the new world leaders (including Vivi etc), after the defeat of the World Nobles. (a stretch, maybe, but hey this is WMG)
  • It is definitely going to be part of the next arc, and considering all that the Straw Hats have done with kingdoms, something is going to go down.
  • Here's an idea: The Marines know the Straw Hats got away from Saobody Archipelago. They know the only place they can go is Fishman Island. Marejois is directly above Fishman Island. Therefore, when they surface on the other side of the Red Line, the Marines will be waiting to ambush them. Supposing this works, they are taken to Marejois to be made an example of/to be prosecuted. Then they obviously break out and lay waste to the city. This would allow several things to happen:
    • Luffy would become a Fisher Tiger expy for the modern age (possibly freeing slaves as he goes).
    • Robin can find out about some of the Ancient History.
    • The crew can reunite with several people they met.
    • Everybody's bounty would skyrocket, pulling at least Usopp, Brook, (Franky?), Nami and especially Chopper out of low bounties and into danger levels they deserve (they are New World capable after all).
    • Dragon might take more direct interest in what Luffy is up to and meet him at some point.
    • We get the satisfaction of more World Nobles getting the shit kicked out of them.
  • The only problem with this is the number of high level Marines supposedly hanging around Marejois that they might have trouble with (e.g. possibly Sengoku, Tsuru, Garp, Vice Admirals or Ex-Fleet Admiral Kong).
    • Problem, you mean epic boss battle.
  • Though of course Sengoku and Garp are retired, and the three admirals and smoker are likely to be positioned at the new world marine base so it may not be so hard a fight..

Luffy's most recent super move 'Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk' ( end of chapter 644, beggining of chapter 645 ) is not only a combination of haki and gear second, its also an adaptation of Rob Lucci's most powerfull Rokushiki attack, Rokuogan.
I simply see this as the image of the steaming air surrounding luffys fist passing through Hody Jones and coming out the other side of his body as an explosion seems to have worked in exactly the same way as Lucci's Rokugan. We have already seen luffy use Soru and Shigan, and Sanji use Geppo, so it would make sense for Luffy to assimilate the most powerfull Rokushiki technique.

The One Piece is a dress!
In Japanese, wanpisu means dress. The one piece is probably a golden dress.
  • Probably meant for Portgaz D. Rouge

Luffy will avenge Hancock and her sisters by destroying the place where they were kept as slaves.
Basically, this connects to the theory that at some point the Straw Hats will go to Mariejoa for the revirie, which will lead to Luffy eventually discovering the place where Hancock and her sisters were kept when they were slaves.

Garp lied about Luffy's parentage.
Luffy is actually the son of Roger, while Ace was the son of Dragon. Luffy's character design looks way more like Roger than Dragon, and Ace looks more like Dragon than Roger.
  • Considering how emotional the reveal of Ace being Roger and Rouge's son was, I sorta doubt Oda is gonna back step it. It would render Ace's devotion to his mother totally meaningless and really stupid, and it would make the audience feel stupid too. Also, the manga has a flashback where Rouge calls Ace "Gol D. Ace"; it directly contradicts what you're proposing here.
    • You have a point, unless it was all shown to be some sort of plan. It would have to be written pretty well to work. But the point I wanted to make is that I was looking back a few chapters, and in this page, where Luffy is wearing Hancock's mustache disguise, it makes him look uncannily like Gol D. Roger....

One of the Strawhats' future adventures will involve saving the Kraken's family.
Luffy all but promised this after all.
  • Lets see. The Kraken hails from the North Blue. Who came from the North Blue and has never mentioned their biological family? Sanji. Maybe his parents were fishermen who then turned into Black Market Kraken hunters or something. Sanji didn't approve and then got a job in a kitchen on a cruise liner, then met Zeff. This is WMG people.

Kuina and Tashigi are twins seperated at birth.
I'm really surprised no one has thought of this yet. For some odd reason, their dad had to give up one of them to the marines and trained the other in the ways of the sword.
  • Doubtful. Chapter 0 shows Kuina as an only child, and her parents' dialogue gives no indication that they may have had another kid, and they talk about Kuina as if she was their one and only. Also, to be honest, for One Piece's tone, Oda prefers emotional story lines, and I'm not sure if you can get a lot of mileage out of that, and it would seem really awkrawd. Tashigi wouldn't really have a real relationship with either Kuina or her parents, and hence it would be really hard to develop into something that works in that certain OP spirit. In the context of OP's tone and themes, it just seems, I dunno, sorta meaningless and contrived.
    • Well, half of the theories on this page completely disregard Oda's writing style.

Vivi and Dalton would have taken a level in badass during the past two years.
And they will proceed to display some ass-kicking ability during the upcoming(?) Mariejois Arc.

Oda is intentionally avoiding a Water-Water fruit.
I don't think there's ever been a Devil Fruit (either Paramecia or Logia) that allows the user to manipulate water. The closest he's come was the Bubble-Bubble fruit and the Freeze-Freeze Fruit. Now, in-universe this could likely be explained by the Devil Fruits not mixing well with water (ie, people who eat them can't swim), but the real motivation behind it is likely more simple: There's no way anyone could realistically fight such a Devil Fruit user at sea, it would be game over...although, such a user would make an awesome final Big Bad. Imagine it: Throw him in the sea...he just moves it out of the way, and lands on the dry bottom!
  • Confirmed? Of course he's avoiding a water fruit; not only would it contradict the laws of the world he's created, but it would be incredibly over-powered against Devil Fruit users. Although due to the nature of the question, this can't be put anywhere else until Oda himself talks...

Jinbe is going to die.
He's upstanding, polite, selfless, passionate, devoted, heroic, and incredibly powerful and efficient in combat. He wants to finish some business he won't explain. Therefore, something terrible is going to happen to him, most likely death for maximum tragic impact. I'll go on and say that his death will be necessary to accomplish what he plans to do and is aware of it.

The Straw Hats' next crewmember will be a Logia.
Because duh. It's about time they got one of their own considering how preposterously broken Logias are when compared to other Devil Fruits. Now, Wet-Hair Coribou is obviously a Red Herring: my best guess so far is that it'll be either a new character with a stone/metal power, as has already been suggested on this page, or Aokiji, who may well have become a Defector from Decadence after leaving the Marines.
  • Maybe it'll be someone who's eaten a newly-grown Mera Mera no Mi, which was Ace's Devil Fruit before his death.
    • Unlikely, seeing as how Sanji's powers are developing fire-based attacks. Plus, if Luffy ever did find the newly-grown Mera Mera no Mi, he would probably keep it as a memento. There's no way he would let somebody eat it.
      • Luffy let Sabo take the fruit. Sabo is the Number two of the Revolutionary.

Vegapunk, or someone else involved with Pacifista project is a double agent
Because a) They allowed Kuma to fulfilled his last wish, to protect a pirate ship b) It seemed wasted that RA would just let Kuma essentially dead, they would lose their source of information. Plus, a double agent would probably able to reverse the project, making Kuma gained his identity again.

Jewelery Bonney is the daughter of a Tenryubito
Oh yeah, with this one, you can easily see why Akainu would be fucking terrified that she's running around. With this theory, she may not necessarily be that young, but she's so damn spoiled she doesn't a). act with any maturity (no noble we've seen so far has) and b)give a damn about other peoples lives. If her parents even cared the slightest bit about her, for any reason at all, would be enough to explain why she is walking around free currently. Hell, if this is true, it would be enough to get her a 100 million bounty on the spot.
  • What hurts this theory, by my own admission, is the fact that absolutely no one has mentioned this even once when it would normally be mentioned a dozen times. Though it could be that noble pirates aren't exactly scarce. Sabo certainly wanted to be one badly enough, and Whitey Bay was certainly dressed pretty fancy.
    • Considering Chapter 722 revealed that Doflamingo is a World Noble, despite also being a [albeit former] pirate, Bonney being related to the Tenryubito isn't that out there.