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Jack's death will have something to do with a clock.
  • There is a sentence in the comic that has to do with this while Aradia talks about the genetic code "t1ck t0ck"- the "tyrant less an arm and an eye." Snowman stabbed Jack's eye out and ripped off his arm.
    AA: the persisting sounds said to accompany the ultimate demise of the tyrant less an arm and an eye
    • This could just as easily be referring to Vriska. Or Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. Or Captain Hook. (Was he missing an eye?) Villainous characters in Homestuck losing an arm and an eye is practically a Running Gag by this point.
      • It's definitely a reference to the troll version of Captain Hook; Pupa Pan apparently is more of a myth than a children's story on Alternia, and has something to do with (may be based on?) Marquise Spinneret Mindfang and the Summoner. Hook is a pirate captain, so an eyepatch wouldn't be out of place, and everyone knows the story of his hand and the clock-bearing crocodile that keeps coming back for (ahem) seconds. Given that Call Backs are a freqently used narrative device in Homestuck to the point of being (if Doc Scratch is to be believed) a significant plot point, it could also be a reference to any number of other characters, including but not limited to Jack.
  • Partially Jossed. Jack's defeat does reflect Captain Hook, in that he loses when the hand with the Black Queen's ring is severed. No clocks are involved, though — it reflects Hook's first defeat, not his final defeat.

Jack's active role in the story is nearing it's end.
  • At this moment, he's pretty much on his own. The good guys have five God Tiers including one who also has Jack's omnipotence, and a fully prototyped PM, who is more or less his equal in terms of power. It doesn't matter how we look at it, Jack is WAY outclassed.
    • A few scenarios seem likely
      • A) A big beatdown involving all the heroes or just PM kicking his ass for all that he's done, ala Make Her Pay pr
      • B) Jack ends up working for English in some fashion. English is identified as the Lord of the Angels and Jack definitely has an angelic vibe. Jack could also become English's host for his attempt to manifest in the Human Universe.
      • C) He will eventually see the threat that Lord English poses and will join the fight against English. Jack will die in the final battle helping to ensure Lord English's destruction.
      • D) In the middle of the Jack vs. PM showdown, Lord English arrives and curbstomps them both, establishing himself as the new Big Bad. It wouldn't be the first time a showdown was interrupted by the interference of a third party...
      • E) Jack Noir joins the party!
      • F) After receiving four new prototypings from the alpha teens, Jack becomes a rampaging murder machine again.
        • Very unlikely for him to receive four new prototypings seeing how his ring only allows the four that come with his session.
          • So perhaps when they reset the universe, and sent him to the troll universe, he goes into the human universe's new bilious slick, entered their session, and steals the new ring easily with the power of a first guardian, thus giving him two rings with 4 nodes each, thus giving him 8 nodes...hm...what would happen if someone prototyped a ring?
            • If this were an actual video game, it would either be impossible, or it would probably crash the game.
  • Jossed. He's one of the four penultimate bosses, but his fight is almost a sidequest. Jade takes him on alone, uses her connection to Bec to distract him, and PM beats him handily.

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