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Mega Man's Christmas Carol is an annual series developed by ACESpark of Sprites Inc. There are three installments in the series so far. The plot of the games is that the villain had stolen presents, and it's up to Mega Man to get them back. Further games included Proto Man and Bass as additional characters.

Robot Masters:
  • From Mega Man's Christmas Carol and Mega Man's Christmas Carol Remix:
    • CDN-000: Ghost of Jacob Marley, gives you Ghost Shackle (renamed Marley's Shackle in the sequel and the remake)
    • CDN-001: Ghost of Christmas Past, gives you Candy Cane in the original game and Past Minion in the remake
    • CDN-002: Ghost of Christmas Present, gives you Present Surprise (called Neo Present Surprise when you get it in the remake)
    • CDN-003: Ghost of Christmas Future, gives you Twinkle Buster (called Neo Twinkle Buster when you get it in the sequel) in the original game and Future Scythe in the remake
  • From Mega Man's Christmas Carol 2:
    • CDN-004: Tiny Tim and CDN-005: Bob Cratchit, give you Rubber Duff
    • CDN-006: Scrooge, gives you Hum Bug
    • CDN-007: Want, gives you Candy Cane
    • CDN-008: Ignorance, gives you (Neo) Twinkle Buster

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