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Video Game: Mega Man 10
As of 2010, the latest of the Mega Man (Classic) series.

In the year 20XX, an outbreak of a robotic-virus known as the "Roboenza" runs rampant across the globe. Roll becomes infected with the virus, and the situation becomes worse as time passes and a cure is not found. Several robots become berserk and attack the city. One day, Dr. Wily appears in Dr. Light's lab with his capsule damaged and asks for help. Mega Man saves Wily from crashing and Wily says that Roboenza-infected robots attacked his spaceship and stole the parts to the of a medicine-making machine he had been working on to cure the virus. Mega Man agrees to retrieve the stolen parts from the eight Robot Masters. Before he begins, Proto Man arrives to help Mega Man, believing the job to be too big for just one of them and the two join forces to acquire the cure. Meanwhile, Bass sets out on his own to challenge these new robots.

Robot Masters:
  • DWN-073: Blade Man, weak to Commando Bomb, gives Triple Blade
  • DWN-074: Pump Man, weak to Thunder Wool, gives Water Shield
  • DWN-075: Commando Man, weak to Wheel Cutter, gives Commando Bomb
  • DWN-076: Chill Man, weak to Solar Blaze, gives Chill Spike
  • DWN-077: Sheep Man, weak to Rebound Striker, gives Thunder Wool
  • DWN-078: Strike Man, weak to Triple Blade, gives the Rebound Striker
  • DWN-079: Nitro Man, weak to Chill Spike, gives the Wheel Cutter
  • DWN-080: Solar Man, weak to Water Shield, gives Solar Blaze

Do NOT confuse this with Mega Man X, which came out well before this game.


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alternative title(s): Mega Man 10
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