[[caption-width-right:350:"''I'm Mega, He's Proto, and we're putting a stop to the flu.''"]]
The tenth installment of the ''VideoGame/MegaManClassic'' series - like its predecessor ''VideoGame/MegaMan9'', it continues the trend of revisiting the series' roots with [[{{Retraux}} 8-bit graphics and music]].

In the year 20XX, an outbreak of a robotic virus known as "Roboenza" runs rampant across the globe. Roll becomes infected with the virus, and the situation becomes worse as time passes and a cure is not found. Several robots become berserk and attack cities across the world. One day, Dr. Wily's damaged UFO is caught from crash-landing by Mega Man outside Dr. Light's lab, and the scientist says that Roboenza-infected robots attacked him and stole the parts of a medicine-making machine he had been working on to cure the virus. Mega Man agrees to retrieve the stolen parts from the eight Robot Masters. Before he begins, Proto Man arrives to help Mega Man, believing the job to be too big for just one of them, and the two join forces to acquire the cure. Meanwhile, Bass sets out on his own to challenge these new robots.

This game is recently available through ''Mega Man Legacy Collection 2'' for [=PS4=], Xbox One and PC.

Robot Masters:
* DWN-073: Blade Man, weak to Commando Bomb, gives [[ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks Triple Blade]]
* DWN-074: Pump Man, weak to Thunder Wool, gives [[MakingASplash Water]] [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Shield]]
* DWN-075: Commando Man, weak to Wheel Cutter, gives [[HavingABlast Commando Bomb]]
* DWN-076: Chill Man, weak to Solar Blaze, gives [[AnIcePerson Chill]] [[SpikesOfDoom Spike]]
* DWN-077: Sheep Man, weak to Rebound Striker, gives [[ShockAndAwe Thunder Wool]]
* DWN-078: Strike Man, weak to Triple Blade, gives the [[HyperDestructiveBouncingBall Rebound Striker]]
* DWN-079: Nitro Man, weak to Chill Spike, gives the [[SpikedWheels Wheel Cutter]]
* DWN-080: Solar Man, weak to Water Shield, gives [[ThePowerOfTheSun Solar Blaze]]

[[JustForFun/IThoughtThatWas Do NOT confuse this with]] ''VideoGame/MegaManX'', which came out well before this game.
* AnnualTitle: ''Mega Man 10'' was coincidentally (?) released in 2010.
* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: [[spoiler:Once Wily re-obtains the means to provide the cure for Roboenza, he announces to the world that any infected robots who want the cure must work for him.]]
* AstralFinale: [[spoiler:The final level is set high in outer space, from where Wily has seemingly been spreading Roboenza across the planet.]]
* AthleticArenaLevel: Strike Man's stage.
* BatmanCanBreatheInSpace: [[spoiler:Wily is able to breathe perfectly well in the space-bound top of Wily Castle.]]
* BeTheBall: Strike Man. Quite literally too, since he's shaped like a humanoid baseball.
* BigFancyCastle: Blade Man's stage. Bonus points for having an enemy castle INSIDE the castle.
* BonusBoss: The Mega Man Killers. Not only that, but if you defeat them, Mega Man can use their weapons in the main game. Sadly, Proto Man and Bass cannot, as only Mega Man is available in the special modes.
** As of the ''Mega Man Legacy Collection 2'' version, Proto Man and Bass can also fight them.
* CallBack: The SequentialBoss of the first Wily Castle level is [[spoiler:the Weapons Archive - a series of capsules containing the Special Weapons of various Robot Masters from ''1''-''9''; [[VideoGame/MegaMan1 Elec Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan2 Wood Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan3 Gemini Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan4 Ring Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan5 Napalm Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan6 Flame Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan7 Slash Man]], [[VideoGame/MegaMan8 Frost Man]], and [[VideoGame/MegaMan9 Tornado Man]]]].
** Meanwhile, the third Wily Castle boss is [[spoiler:a [[CompositeCharacter cross]] between the familiar Devil series of Wily bosses and the Picopico-kun from ''VideoGame/MegaMan2'']].
** Wily Castle 1 also has [[VideoGame/MegaMan5 Dark Man]] (or at least a similar looking robot) appear among some of the scrap. And he appears ''[[ContinuityNod four]]'' times in the stage.
* CallForward: It's no secret that ''Mega Man'''s storyline eventually leads to ''VideoGame/MegaManX'', where a ''virus'' is causing Reploids to go Maverick. Sound familiar?
* CeilingCling: Blade Man does this in his boss fight.
* ChekhovsGun: After four Robot Masters are defeated, Dr. Wily manages to produce a prototype cure. [[spoiler:When Mega Man succumbs to Roboenza himself, Roll gives the cure to him so he can stop Wily. Cures are also given to Proto Man and Bass in their pathways.]]
* ContinuityNod: When playing as Proto Man, [[ShopKeeper Auto runs the shop]] wearing a Met helmet to [[PaperThinDisguise hide his identity]]. This is probably the same Met helmet he tried to offer to Mega Man at the beginning of ''VideoGame/MegaMan7''.
* CoolBike: Nitro Man transforms into one than can drive up walls.
* DownTheDrain: Pump Man's stage. ''Someone'' has to take care of the sewage...
* DualBoss: Suzak and Fenix in Solar Man's stage are Dual {{Mini Boss}}es.
** SpotTheImpostor: [[spoiler:The FinalBoss, where there are two Wily Capsules: one piloted by the real Wily and the other by a decoy. The decoy is easy to tell apart by its appearance alone. More subtly, the real Wily occasionally sneezes (following up from a cutscene after defeating all eight Robot Masters, where Wily sneezes upon signing off his announcement).]]
* EnemyMine: Mega Man and Dr. Wily team up to help solve the Roboenza crisis after the latter loses his medicine-making prototype to the Robot Masters. [[spoiler:Once it's completed, however, Wily predictably ditches the gang and blackmails robots who want the cure into working for him.]]
* EvolvingTitleScreen: [[TheRival Bass]] appears on the title screen as soon as the player {{download|ableContent}}s him.
* {{Expy}}: Suzak and Fenix are pretty much flying versions of Heat Man, having roughly the same attacks as him.
* FireIceLightning: Solar Man, Chill Man and Sheep Man, respectively.
* FreezeFrameBonus: Tying in with the above CallForward, [[spoiler:schematics for none other than Zero himself are hung up in the background throughout the second half of Blade Man's stage. Only Zero's armor is shown, similar to [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megaman/images/4/49/Zero_Armorbig.PNG the armor loadouts]] seen in ''VideoGame/MegaManX5'', with his face and limbs silhouetted]].
* GarnishingTheStory: The Wily Machine of this game sports a pirate hat, for no other reason than RuleOfCool.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The official name of the song that plays in Special Stage 2 is called: "Get the Punk Out." [[note]]The stage's boss's name is [[VideoGame/MegaManIII Punk]].[[/note]]
* GiantEnemyCrab: Crab Puncher, the second Wily Castle boss.
* GretzkyHasTheBall: Strike Man's level; a baseball-themed Robot Master, with stage enemies that utilize soccer balls and footballs as well.
* IcePalace: Chill Man's stage switches between this and SlippySlideyIceWorld at various points.
* IllGirl: In the game's intro, Roll ends up ill because she gets Roboenza.
* InterfaceSpoiler: The Robot Masters are listed under the DWN serial number. That should probably tip you off on who's behind the Roboenza crisis...
* LegacyBossBattle: You get to fight the [[VideoGame/MegaManDrWilysRevenge Mega]] [[VideoGame/MegaManIII Man]] [[VideoGame/MegaManIV Killers]] in the three Special Stages.
* MesACrowd: An otherwise-weak enemy (Yonbain) in Solar Man's stage will do this if you don't kill it quickly.
* MythologyGag: There was also a Blade Man in the infamous ''[[CanonDiscontinuity Mega Man 3]]'' (DOS) for the PC. Even more amusing, that Blade Man's signature weapon, the Blade Launcher, also launched a SpreadShot of three blades, similar to the Triple Blade. Even ''more'' amusing is that both Blade "Men" have purple as their dominant color.
* NostalgiaLevel: The Special Stages each remake parts of the Wily stages from their boss's original game.
* NotMeThisTime: Wily claims he had nothing to do with the Roboenza pandemic. [[spoiler:He's lying.]]
* OneWheeledWonder: The Sepa Roader enemy.
* OverlyLongGag: [[spoiler:The upwards trip towards Wily's SpaceStation.]]
* PetTheDog: [[spoiler:After Mega Man finds out Wily has come down with an illness, he is brought to the hospital. The final scene of the game is Wily escaping from the hospital... and leaving a metric ton of Roboenza cures on his sickbed.]]
* PinballProjectile: Strike Man's Rebound Striker qualifies -- on the third bounce, it heads directly for Mega Man. The weapon becomes stronger the more times it bounces off walls before hitting a target.
* PlayerGuidedMissile: The Commando Bomb can change directions in mid-air by pressing the appropriate direction (up, down, left, or right) up to two times after firing it.
* PopTheTires: The reasoning behind Nitro Man's weakness against the Chill Spike; more specifically, by running over the spikes - hitting him with a direct shot will freeze him, but deal less damage.
* PromotedToPlayable: Proto Man is playable from the start this time, unlike ''VideoGame/MegaMan9''; this time, Bass, who was curiously absent in ''9'' outside of the ending, is available via DLC. He plays virtually identical to how he did in ''VideoGame/MegaManAndBass'', only without the DoubleJump.
* PunnyName: [[MiniBoss Mini-Bosses]] Suzak and Fenix are named after legendary firebirds [[TheFourGods Suzaku]] and ThePhoenix.
* RearrangeTheSong: The three downloadable special stages have rearranged versions of music from the games the stage bosses were originally from. [[VideoGame/MegaManDrWilysRevenge Enker]] has a remix of the music from the Wily stage he was the boss of, [[VideoGame/MegaManIII Punk]] has an extended version of his {{Leitmotif}}, and [[VideoGame/MegaManIV Ballade]] has a new level theme that incorporates elements of ''his'' {{Leitmotif}}.
* ReverseShrapnel: The Water Shield, when fired out.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobots: So much that robots can actually catch diseases and get sick.
* SaveTheVillain: In the ending, when Mega Man discovers that [[spoiler:Dr. Wily has become very sick himself, he decides right then and there to take him to a hospital. In apparent gratitude, Wily leaves behind enough medicine to cure the Roboenza outbreak when he makes his escape]].
* SequentialBoss: [[spoiler:The Weapons Archive is fought three times across Wily Castle 1, with each fight using three Special Weapons from three games.]]
* SchrodingersPlayerCharacter: Despite the fact that Mega Man, Proto Man and Bass all go after the Robot Masters at the same time, only the one you play as will fight them (and none will be destroyed by one of the other characters before you get to them). Furthermore, a cutscene after Wily Castle 1 shows Mega Man and Proto Man in the castle together... but this is only seen if Proto Man is being played as. Bass never interacts with the two at any point, and after defeating Wily, only the character you play as is seen to have beaten him.
* ShoutOut: Sheep Man and his electric based powers, as well as his stage and the name of his theme ("Cybersheep's Dream"), are a reference to ''Literature/DoAndroidsDreamOfElectricSheep'', of which ''Film/BladeRunner'' was adapted from.
** Nitro Man's design and ability to transform into a motorcycle are reminiscent of Accel from Series/KamenRiderDouble.
* SpaceStation: [[spoiler:Sort of -- the top of Wily Castle looks and acts the part, [[StarScraper but it is connected to the rest of the fortress via a tall tower]]. Noticeably, large tanks of Roboenza are on board.]]
* SpreadShot: The '''Triple''' Blade.
* StarScraper: [[spoiler:Wily Castle has this (appropriately resembling vertebra).]]
* StealthPun: Strike Man's weakness is the Triple Blade. [[FridgeBrilliance Three strikes and you're out?]]
* TransformingMecha: Nitro Man can transform into a motorbike.
* UpdatedReRelease: As part of the ''Mega Man Legacy Collection 2''.
* UtilityWeapon: Nitro Man's Wheel Cutter can be used to climb walls.
* TheVirus: Roboenza. It noticeably seems to be a precursor to the Maverick Virus in the ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' series, [[spoiler:especially since both were made by Dr. Wily]].
* WhiteFlag: After defeating the Tricastle MiniBoss, it will humorously raise a white flag. Then it explodes.