Tropers / Hazgarn

An aimless and deranged wannabe webcomic artist. Has used the same screen name on every website since roughly 1999, though originally misspelled their TV Tropes handle as "Hazgan", which was only recently noticed. Among her meager contributions to the wiki include a general nerdy anal retentiveness, and a peculiar compulsion to make sure that the Season 3 finale of Heroes is referenced on every page that is even remotely appropriate. A more useful addition, she also started the article for the Dungeons & Dragons setting Ravenloft.

The amount of time this troper has spent drooling over such articles as Body Horror, Horror Hunger, What Have I Become?, and And I Must Scream should immediately clue you in to the fact that something is very, very wrong here...

When not losing time to the wiki, current projects include the authoring of several fanfictions for Heroes and Supernatural—each one dripping with overblown, gratuitous angst. Of the former fandom, most of her stories focus on Nathan " Sylar" Petrelli and his inevitable epiphany regarding the season 3 finale...So Yeah. Also, she's shipped Sylar and Heidi since season 1—how weird is that?

Outside the arena of fanfiction, she is currently working to develop a webcomic titled Fear of Falling, which can be summed up variously as Law & Order: SVU...WITH FAERIES!, or FAKE meets Hellblazer.

Hazgarn's Tropes of Choice: