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Trivia: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Actor Allusion: Audience Participation will sometimes refer to Charles Gray's time playing Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Susan Sarandon refuses to talk about the movie, but not for the usual reasons. It's because she hates the fact that none of the cast members get royalties from the DVD sales.
    • Tim Curry was very reluctant to talk about the film for years and even told VH-1 that he grew "chubby and plain" in order to try escaping the role. These days, he's more open to talk about the film and even sees it as a "Rite of passage" for teenagers.
    • Peter Hinwood (Rocky) is only slightly embarrassed by being in the film. Contrary to popular rumor, he's never thrown anyone out of his shop for talking about the film. He only sees the film as a "part of the past" and rarely talks about it.
  • Development Hell: Richard O'Brien has been mulling over making a direct sequel note  to the original stage show for years. However, so far, all that's been seen are a few scrapped scripts and a vague concept that involves Frank coming back to life, though he's apparently written the first act to the sequel.
  • Dyeing for Your Art: In the original stage show, Tim Curry dyed his hair peroxide blonde.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Several examples:
    • Tim Curry was the only one who knew Eddie's corpse would be under the table. All of the reactions from the actors as he tears the tablecloth away are genuine.
    • For the scene where Dr. Scott is dragged into the laboratory via electromagnetnote , the production designers realized they forgot to build a door for him. What did they decide to do instead? Use him to knock down the friggin' wall.note 
  • Fan Nickname: Say it with me now....ASSHOLE! (Brad) SLUT! (Janet).
    • Not yet for Janet, give her time!
      • Or money!
      • We gave her a chance, she blew it and Rocky!
  • Fan Community Nickname: Interestingly, only applies to a specific subset of the fandom: those who have never seen this movie in a theater with a live cast as part of the Audience Participation are referred to as "virgins" while those who've seen it regularly are called "sluts."
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Ernst Stavro Blofeld is The Criminologist.note 
    • In one of the stage play versions, Giles (Anthony Head) played Frank N Furter. The still shots and the track of Anthony singing Sweet Transvestite are widely viewable online.
    • Eddie is Meat Loaf!
    • One of the dancers during "Hot Patootie" is Mrs. Slocum.
    • On Norwegian stage, Columbia is Leshawna.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: In the 2010 Blu-Ray dub released in Japan...
  • I Am Not Spock: Go watch any movie/show with Tim Curry in it. Chances are, "Sweet Transvestite" will start playing in your head.
  • Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales: A lot of British people like the film due to most of the cast being British actors. Also, performances of the original stage show, The Rocky Horror Show, are more common to find in the UK than the United States, where showings of the movie with shadowcasts are more common than the stage show.
  • Vocal Evolution: In the original stage shows, Tim Curry originally played Frank with a German accent. He quit after a few shows, as he decided it was easier to just use his normal accent. Also, compare the original stage version of "Time Warp" to the more well-known film version. Can you believe that's Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn in both versions?
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Before Jim Sharman decided to use most of the original West End cast, Mick Jagger auditioned for the part of Frank.
    • Steve Martin auditioned for the part of Brad.
    • Vincent Price auditioned for the part of The Criminologist.
    • According to Meat Loaf, Elvis Presley was the studio's first choice to play Eddie in the film version, and apparently Elvis actually had expressed some interest in doing so.
  • Word of God: According to Richard O'Brien, it was actually Riff Raff who did most of the work on Rocky. Riff's line "Everything is in readiness, master. We merely await your... word". is pretty clearly a stab at Dr. Furter.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Tim Curry has stated that Frank is actually "pansexual."

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