Funny: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • The Rocky Roll Call: "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "....." Then apply Rule of Three. Like so:
    • "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "BULLWINKLE!"
    • "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "ADRIAN!"
    • "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" "PISS OFF!"
  • Ever since Audience Participation became an integral part of showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the funniest parts of a performance are usually audience members shouting out something that changes the meaning of the subsequent line in the movie. Perhaps the best example is where Frank says the word "spark" in an especially dramatic way, in a British accent with the "r" dropped. Result: this line is almost always preempted with "Who gives the best blowjobs on the Enterprise?" or something similar.
  • note Didn't we see a castle a few miles back?
    • Castles don't have phones, asshole!
      • Assholes don't have phones, Castle!
      • Assholes don't have castles, Telephone!
  • note "Say!note  Any of you guys know how to Madison?note "
  • *CRASH!* Great Scott!
    • "Hey Kool-Aid!"
    • OH YEAH!!
  • I didn't make him... FOR YOU!
  • You are a complete freak if you don't either bust up laughing or sit in shocked awe during "Sweet Transvestite". A freak, I say!
    • "Michael Rennie was ill The Day The Earth Stood Still, but he told us...note  where we stand... note 
    • "See androids fightingnote  Brad and Janetnote 
      Anne Francis stars innote Forbidden Planet"
  • note "Must be some sort of hunting lodge for rich weirdos."note 
  • "And crawling note  on the planet's face note  some insects note  called the human race note note  Lost in time note  and lost in space note  and meaning."note 
  • Riff's constantly stoned demeanor provides a number of moments.
    Riffraff: You're wet.
    Janet: ...Yes.... It's raining.
  • Stealth Pun: "In just seven days, I can make you a man."
  • Compare with Incredibly Lame Pun: "Great Scott!"
    • note 
    • The Incredibly Lame Pun is further compounded by the Audience Participation for this linenote , making it a three-way pun.
  • "On a night out." "IT WAS A DAY'S INN!" "It was a night out..."
  • "I think perhaps you better bothnote  ...come inside.note 
  • Brad: You're a hotdog,note  but you better not try to hurt her,note  Frank Furter. (gets Medusaed)
    Dr. Scott: You're a hotdog,note  but you better not try to hurt her,note  Frank Furter. (gets Medusaed)
    Janet: You're a hotdog— (gets Medusaed)
    Audience: Don't worry, it wouldn't have rhymed anyway!
  • At one point, when Dr. Scott is being magnetically dragged up to the lab, he winds up in Columbia's room, and circles around her and Magentanote , who barely even give him a glance when he's gone.
    Audience: Fuckin' tourists! Always in and out and never stop to eat anything!
  • The face Curry pulls with the line "You look like you're both.. pretty groovy!"
  • In the stage version, Rocky speaks, and for the Rocky Roll Call, he gets the final line...
    *After a few loops of the Rocky Roll Call'...*
    Brad: Janet!
    Janet: Brad!
    Scott: Janet!
    Frank: Rocky!
    Rocky: PISS OFF!
  • This lovely bit of audience participation:
    Frank: Magenta!
    Frank: Columbia!
    Audience: BAD CHOICE!
  • More from the audience:
    Brad: (to Riff Raff) Hi! I'm Brad Majors—
    Audience: ASSHOLE!
    Brad: —and this is my fiancee, Janet Vice.
    Audience: SLUT!
    Brad: Sorry, Janet Weiss.
    Audience: STILL A SLUT!
    Audience Member #1: NOT YET, GIVE HER TIME!
    Audience Member #2: OR MONEY!
  • "Besides, darling, the owner of that phone may be a beautiful woman note  and you may not come back."
  • Scott: I'm here looking for my—
    Audience: SEX LIFE!
    Scott: —nephew.
    Audience: SAME THING!
  • The electric knife. Frank N. Furter cuts no less than THREE SLICES of Meatloaf with it in absolute SILENCE. For a good FIFTEEN SECONDS.
    • Then when Rocky starts to drink his wine before dinner is fully served, Frank N. Furter revs it threateningly in his direction.
  • "Once in a While," a Cut Song. It's a very somber moment, almost tearjerking...and then you see Frank in the background, taking a postcoital snooze while still dressed in Janet's nightgown.
  • The Criminologist doing the pelvic thrust during "Time Warp".
  • "...And that's just one small fraction note  of the main attractionnote ."