The Other Darrin: Web Animation

  • The entire trope is parodied by Homestar Runner in the Strong Bad Email "original", in which Strong Bad claims the current Bubs is merely a replacement for Original Bubs.
  • Several voice changes have occurred on Happy Tree Friends as cast members left, most of the departures having come for various reasons in 2005:
    • Ellen Connell replaced Dana Belben as Cub, Giggles and Petunia. After Connell died in a car crash, she was replaced by Lori Jee in all three roles.
    • Initially, Kenn Navarro voiced only Cuddles. After Mike Giambruno (who voiced both Lifty and Shifty) left the show, Navarro took over those roles. Navarro also voiced Handy in "A Hole Lotta Love" because Warren Graff was not available.
    • One episode even features both Navarro's and Giambruno's voices for Lifty and Shifty.
    • Aubrey Ankrum (Pop and Flippy) left the show at some unknown point. His voice has been sampled for Pop and Flippy's evil side, although Navarro has taken over voicing the latter's good side.
    • Francis Carr replaced Jeff Biancalana as Russell.
    • David Winn replaced Rhode Montijo, who voiced Lumpy and Splendid.
  • Eddsworld had Edd going from Edd Gould to Tim Hautekeit. This is justified, due to Gould dying of leukemia.
  • Averted with X-Ray and Vav — despite X-Ray's voice actor (and inspiration) Ray Narvaez, Jr. leaving Rooster Teeth, he's still providing the voice of his character.