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Sugar Wiki: Needs More Love
Sometimes, a work has it all: great characters, fascinating plot, cool scenes, compelling mysteries, etc., etc. However, it fails to achieve any considerably high profile. Whatever the reason, it may have been overshadowed by another work at the time, its authors decided to cut on promotion and invest into production, or it got Screwed by the Network, its fandom is nearly nonexistent. It can't even be considered a Cult Classic because, well, there aren't enough fans to even call them a "cult".

If you can think of an awesome work that just didn't get the love it deserved, here's the place to put it!

Do not confuse with Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Note: please put works that are generally considered to be obscure here. Works that have a lot of fans do not count. Remember to italicize titles of works and no not put this term on a work's pages.


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alternative title(s): Needs More Love; Need More Love
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