Podcast / Treknologic

An exploration of Star Trek's lack of logic and abundance of headscratchers, among other things.

A Star Trek podcast dedicated to reviewing every single Star Trek episode(even The Animated Series).Since 2011, the podcast has has three main hosts, Keri, Chris, Mike, with newcomer Bill. Past hosts include Ben, Admiral Jeff, and Jane.

Along with the main podcast, the crew also releases a (usually)smaller episode every week, where you read fanmail and the like.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Mad Scientist Keri talks about experimenting on the crew and the genocide of all tribbles like someone would talk about the weather.
  • Hard Light The Crew's ship, the USS Relativity, interior is just one giant holodeck.
  • Sign Of The End Times Mike's trivial prowess and vaults of Quatloos signified the Mike-pocalypse.