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Needs More Love: Web Original
  • kpts4tv's version of Death Note Abridged has high production values, constantly improving writing, and good fan interaction from contests, responses to comments, and more. It's also got the least love in the tropes page, very few subscribers, and almost no buzz anywhere on the net, probably because the first few episodes are admittedly pretty bad. they got better though, just look at their most recent episode
  • Code MENT: Absolutely ridiculous plots, glorious amounts of ham, and above-par voice-work. Anyone who likes internet parodies absolutely needs to give this a try.
  • The Church Of Blow
  • Channel101
  • Dead Ends
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Dubspace Emissary. One of the most hilarious abridged series' out there. You won't regret it. Special mention goes to episodes 1, 3, 9, 13, and 17.
  • Dragon's Layer Productions: A genuinely funny internet personality, and one of the few to avoid being * Caustic Critic (usually).
  • Infamous Animation: A show that evaluates the worst Western Animation has to offer. The host ShogunGin0 has not only grown the beard when it comes to hilarity, but also carefully researches the material and shows his work.
  • The Raiden Saga
  • We're Alive: A podcast audio drama about a people trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Los Angeles. Consistently growing in popularity with a highly involved and interactive fan community, but still needs more love.
  • The Gift of Mercy
  • Familiar Faces: a witty and interesting analyst on obscured characters, the artwork's done well, yet it hardly gets acknowledgment.
  • Manga Minx: Is there a greater female Let's Player?
  • Patchwork Champions: A long-running Super Hero Pixel Art Comic-turned-Web Serial Novel, with a large cast of inventive characters and creative stories.
  • Saga Of Soul: An unknown gem of magical girl story that frequently uses fridge logic and hard science to make the narrative interesting alongside an interesting set of characters.
  • Tree Fog
  • LordComett. Not everyone is capable of getting low views for Let's Plays and still continuing putting all the love, humor and experience into them. Sadly, it's only the beginning of the long list of such LPers.
  • SuperWes64. He puts a lot of effort into each video and he definitely deserves more subscribers than he has (about 300, to be exact)
  • NoxusBolgar. He consistently provides entertaining videos to watch with dazzling quality, a deep voice that is said to remind people of Darkmindedsith, and well thought-out commentary. His number of subscribers is growing by the day and has a lot of channel comments praising how entertaining he is.
  • Apollo Z. Hack: Amusingly enough, he also happens to review movies that need more love.
  • Olan Rogers: His videos are wide in variety, his personality is hilarious, and his two series The Last Scene and New Prime are some of the best on YouTube. They could use some more love on this wiki, as they are very troperiffic.
  • Erikas New Perfume definitely deserves more notoriety. Despite the weird premise, the characters are all realistic and lovable, especially Erika.
  • ItsTheWaveTV. The channel of amateur comedian Tyler Schuman. That's to say nothing of the quality of his work though. He is probably one of the funniest guys on Youtube, and his videos are consistantly well-acted and edited, but not too many people seem to watch his stuff on a regular basis. He has about three regular series along with occasional one-shot videos. His main series, Wastebook, focuses on mocking dumb status updates on Facebook and the ridicule of 21st Century Teen culture in general, while his other two series are The Wave, in which he comments on news headlines without actually reading the story, and WTF Fridays, an older series where he talks about whatever happens to be annoying him that day. Whatever the case, this guy's work desperately needs more recognition.
  • The Game is a Bloody Hilarious look at Current Events. With plenty of Awesome Music and nightmarish imagery, be sure to play through and expand upon the shamefully small page.
  • Most Super Smash Bros. Fan Games tend to be of low quality, and Super Smash Flash is no exception. However, its sequel, Super Smash Flash 2, has had a lot of thought and effort put into it to make it a worthy entry in the Smash Bros. world.
  • LIS_DEAD has a lot of interesting puzzles, some of which obviously took a lot of work. And its story is just getting started, and looks to be quite interesting with shadowy government organizations and mysterious supernatural children. But it's currently dying off due to a lack of love.
  • Worm, an online serial novel about people with superpowers is well reviewed but is still not particularly well known. The series is notable for avoiding many old superhero cliches and for operating in Gray and Gray Morality
  • On the website TV Tropes idioms seem to be constantly forgotten and unloved and deserve more love.
  • Grumpy Jii-San, a retired man with a penchant for hiking who films witty and insightful reviews of anime, old and new, along hiking trails in the American South-West. He's no stranger to snark ("I saw some wild burros on my way here—fitting, because I just saw an anime about some jackasses.") or droll humor ("Does anybody even remember passenger trains?"), and he never ceases to entertain. Sadly, he has not posted any material since May of 2011, leading many to assume he has passed away.
  • Anime Abomination: He is your typical JesuOtaku-esque anime reviewer. While he stumbles upon his words sometimes, he makes up for it by being insightful to what he's reviewing, with the occasional Funny Moments. Bonus points for using the Actor Allusion and Genius Bonus tropes.
  • The Frollo Show.
  • Christina H.: One of's best columnists. Her articles are original, well thought out and well written. However she's not nearly as popular as some of the other writers on the site, and she appears to have gone into quasi-retirement. Some of her better articles here, here, and here.
  • Toho Kingdom Toons may have had crappy voice acting and bad continuity early on, but the show's newer seasons are well thought-out, funny, original, and all-around fun times to be had, not to mention Katz Kandy fighting Biollante with memes and photosynthesis in space
  • YouTube based Video game Top 10 List makers The Autarch of Flame, Joshscorcher, and their affiliates. Their work is quite entertaining. And now they have their own game, Forum Fantasy.
  • The Zombie Knight. In fact, the entire medium of online serials could do with a lot more love.
  • Final Fantasy VII The Abridged Series by Cloudstrife8. The humor is well done, the editing is decent and gets better as it progresses, and the characters are given hilarious quirks that would make them memorable. Here is the first episode.
  • Deadly Space Action! and everything else on Cartoon Drive Thru (formerly Cartoon Death Zone). From the creator of Bonus Stage and with the same kind of humor. The old channel can be found here, the new one here.
  • ricesnot does for video what Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff did for drawing, with such beautiful series as bones (not that one) and These Are the Mysteries. Stylistic Suck at its finest.
  • Squiddish Gaming 's page needs some love. It's got no tropes as of yet, no picture, no YMMV...
  • The Platoon Of Power Squadron, a clever series about Super Heroes who try to live normal, twenty-something lives. They hit their stride around Episode (Season) 3, and it's only gone up from there.
  • Corridor Digital, two effects artists who make quirky videos on YouTube. They also happen to be friends with the people at Rocket Jump.
  • Pokémon The 'Bridged Series does not get NEARLY as much attention as it should. It's funny, irreverent, and made by really talented Youtubers.
  • Regular Car Reviews, two car guys who do quirky (and that is often putting it mildly) reviews of normal cars.
  • Tsuki Desu, a criminally obscure fanime with surprisingly engaging plot and characters.
  • Bowser Lemonade is an absurd, outlandish satire that revels in repetition, and incorrect use of ethnic slurs, simultaneously breaking down racial barriers. It's made using the Talking Ben app, and most episodes' attention span lasts around 48 seconds, though there are exceptions (usually during multi-part arcs). They're on their fifth season now, well past the 100th episode, nearing 200. There's even a film! It's not smart to watch out of order, as it's full of fun, wacky lore, in-jokes, amazing characters, and loads of continuity (though it may not seem like it at first), and it just gets better every season, though the first half of season 3 and currently 5 may have suffered from Seasonal Rot, it's still pretty funny. Plus, what other series has three Obamas raging against an insane dog, using Jesus robots? Think of it as a shorter and more unhinged (and far more vulgar) Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Squidbillies.
  • The interactive game Ascension by RinmaruGames. A cohesive, dynamic plot, complex world-building, with races which have their own unique values, a well-thought out political structure, mythological plot elements, a strong protagonist, and a good deal of Character Development for the heroes and the villains.
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