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Series: So Random!
Now with 100% less Sonny.

So Random! (2011-2012) is a Sketch Comedy series on the Disney Channel. Only lasted one season. Technically, the third season of what once was Sonny With A Chance. In that show, So Random was a Show Within a Show that the characters were stars on and snippets would be shown in between the off-set plots.

However, Demi Lovato, who played Sonny, refused to reprise her role after the second season in order to focus on her musical career and resolve some personal issues. The show was retooled and defictionalized into its own show, losing the backstage plots and becoming a full-fledged Sketch Comedy show complete with special and musical guests.

So Random provides the following tropes:

SMBC TheaterSketch ComedyThe Sifl and Olly Show
Sons Of GunsSeries of the 2010sSpartacus: Blood and Sand
Wild Teen PartyImageSource/Live-Action TVBig Damn Movie
Sonny With A ChanceCreator/Disney ChannelThe Suite Life of Zack and Cody

alternative title(s): So Random
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