Funny / So Random!

  • All of the Rufus sketches are very amusing.
  • The entire game show sketch featuring Taylor Swift, Willow Smith, and Fred.
    • Then there was the crossover with Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Twilight. At least the celebrities managed to get something accomplished. THESE guys on the other hand failed at accomplishing ANYTHING.
      • You gotta admit, watching Edward and Jacob fighting was quite funny in the parody. *Woosh!*
    Taylor Swift : (Singing) Do I have to say it? Can I sing it?
    Host : (Suddenly Singing) No you can't!
    Taylor : (Singing) Now you're doin' it!
    Host : (With a guitar that materialized out of nowhere) Where did this come from?
    Taylor: (Singing) Magic of TV, you're welcome!
  • Almost any short with Zombie Man. Except when it's nightmarish and scary.
  • The entire episode with Miss Piggy.
  • The entire Duke of Donuts and Baron of Bagels sketch, now flavored with Large Ham.
  • The Platowski Brothers Christmas Album.
  • The "Inappropriate Places for a Flash Mob" sketches.
  • The first Anime Brothers sketch. The titular characters are funny, but it's the poor guy Chad plays that had me in stitches.
    Chad: (incredibly hurt) That's me!
  • The whole Volder-Mart sketches. There were only two but they were pretty funny.