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Why couldn't they just focus on the BACKSTAGE LIVES of the cast instead?!
Holy Buzz Lightyear. If you thought Sonny with a Chance was okay but the sketch comedy in the show sucked, you're now my best friend. My first question about So Random! is...why couldn't they just focus on the BACKSTAGE LIVES of the cast and add some hijinks instead? They could still call it So Random and they could still be together, just focused a little more on the cast not-in-sketch form. My second has to do with the automatic removal of Sonny from the show. What happened? Why the hell did they just IGNORE her absence? Not even the standard "she went on vacation", "went to Honolulu" bullshit we've heard when a character leaves a show. Just gone. And I slowly began to like Sonny too. The third: why so many guest stars?! Tony Hawk? Mitchell Musso? Some chick named Coco Jones?! Will this be So Random's hook or what? If it is, screw Disney Channel until the P&F movie comes out.

The fourth, which is sort of a callback to the first: why surround an entire show around lame-o sketches? It rips off All That, and to a lesser extent, the Amanda Show, two much more hilarious sketch comedies.

Hopefully Mrs. Piggy can teach these talent-hacks a lesson.
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Its All That Lite
If people thought that the revived series of All That with none of the original (or at least recent original) cast was All That Lite, I point you to So Random!. Ignoring the fact that this was once a sitcom/drama/Disney show. Taking the new "original" stuff at face value is hard. Maybe its cause I'm not exactly the target audience (I just usually have Disney channel in the background while I'm on my PC) but I don't find the jokes funny.

Its like they WANT to be what All That was, but are afraid of doing they kind of things they did. As a downgrade from its original concept its fails, and as a straight forward new show it fails. Honestly Disney should just get more animation teams and do what they were founded on cartoons, and animation.
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