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Series: Shougeki Gouraigan
A "love comedy battle hero" tokusatsu show with original story by Keita Amemiya of Garo fame and written by Toshiki Inoue.

In another dimension, there exists a place called the World of Absolute Truth, or Chou Shinkai. In this world live (mostly) virtuous super beings called Hikaribito (People of Light). However, some of them fall from virtue and commit crimes. They are known as Kageribito (People of Shadow).

There are monsters in Chou Shinkai called Magii (マギー). When Magii appear in the human world, they can be seen by people with strong spiritual senses. Since ancient times, Magii have been called mononoke or youkai.

The hot-blooded Hikaribito Gou and his assistant Navi travel across Chou Shinkai in the prison transport ship Bunba to deliver a group of Kageribito to the land of exile. But when the transport mission goes wrong and the exceptionally powerful and wicked Kageribito Jin escapes to the world of humans, Gou must gather a team of five brave warriors before an army of 1000 Magii arrives in 100 days to siege the Earth.


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