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Recap: Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 12 Fitting Punishment
After the tragic death of his parents in a car accident, Bobby has been sent to live with his only next of living kin, his uncle Ezra. Ezra is a despicable old man who shadily runs the town's mortuary/funeral home and cuts corners in the process, by stealing gold teeth from the dead who come through his business, filling bodies full of water instead of embalming fluid and ordering cheap caskets from Taiwan, which also happen to be feet shorter than caskets made in the U.S.

Bobby begins to live under the cruel thumb of Ezra, who demeans him and verbally abuses him while also making him sleep on a body gurney and letting him in on the shady practices of his business. Until one day, Bobby accidentally messes up an order on a casket, causing a potential customer to take his business elsewhere. Angry that his nephew has cost him money, Ezra gives Bobby the proper punishment in his view: beating him with a crowbar.

Unfortunately for Ezra, the beating left Bobby without the use of his legs. At the thought of having to take care of a paralyzed Bobby and his escalating medical bills, Ezra soon thinks of a way to rid himself of the problem permanently...

While cleaning up the morgue in the basement, Bobby is struggling to hobble up the stairwell with his crutches until he gets to the top and meets Ezra, who has Bobby's prized basketball in his hands, and proceeds to throw the ball at Bobby, causing him to plummet down the stairs and killing him. Ezra thinks his problems are solved, but there's one thing: the cheap casket Bobby ordered is ready to use but unfortunately Bobby is too tall to fit so Ezra is forced to cut off Bobby's feet with a circular power saw.

Now alone due to his hen-pecked assistant putting the pieces together that Bobby's death wasn't a freak accident, Ezra is sleeping away in his office until he hears a strange knock on the door. Thinking that it's his assistant looking to gain his job back, he laughs it off until he glances at the stairwell, seeing a basketball coming down. Ezra goes to pick up the ball until a foot kicks him from behind, causing him to careen down the stairwell into the basement morgue.

Ezra attempts to get up only to realize that he lost the use of his legs then glances at the stairs for a shocking sight: the decapitated feet of Bobby marching down the steps followed by a re-animated Bobby, with crowbar in hand. Ezra begs for mercy to the very end to no avail as Bobby gives him a thoughtful phrase: "Like it says in the bible Uncle Ezra, Blood. is thicker than water." Ezra begs even more until Bobby brings down the crowbar to end him.
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