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Recap: Goosebumps
The following is a list of titles and summaries for the Goosebumps series (the original book series and its spinoffs).

NOTE: Other R.L. Stine books, like Ghosts of Fear Street, Mostly Ghostly, Rotten School, Give Yourself Goosebumps, and the More Tales To Give You Goosebumps anthologies won't be covered here, so don't bother putting them in. They will be erased. The Goosebumps books that have been adapted into TV episodes will be in bold. Memes and catch phrases from Blogger Beware also will NOT be tolerated.

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    Goosebumps — Original Series 
  • "Welcome to Dead House": Amanda and Josh Benson move into a new house in Dark Falls, where the residents are all zombies who have died while living in the same house and are preparing to make the Benson family one of themnote 
  • "Stay Out of the Basement": Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried that they're botantist father (who was recently fired) may be performing dubious experiments in the basement — and things get complicated when a man who's been tied up in the closet claims that he's the kids' real father and that the man they call Dad is a half-man, half-plant who stole his identity.
  • "Monster Blood": While staying at his aunt's house, Evan Ross befriends a girl named Andy (short for Andrea), who talks him into buying a novelty green slime called Monster Blood, which consumes everything in its path and turns Evan's pet dog into a giant pooch.note 
  • "Say Cheese and Die": Greg Banks and his friends, Shari, Michael, and Bird find a camera in an abandoned house and find a camera that has the power to predict disaster.
  • "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb": Gabe Hassad is spending Christmas vacation in Egypt with his parents, and gets lost in the pyramids with mummies.
  • "Let's Get Invisible": Max and his brother Noah find a mirror in the attic that can turn its users invisible, but the more they use it, the harder it is to return...and when they do return, their personalities get warped.
  • "Night of the Living Dummy": In this, the first part of the "Living Dummy" trilogynote , Lindy Powell finds a ventriloquist dummy in the trash and keeps it, prompting her bratty twin sister to get one as well. However, when destructive pranks begin happening, the siblings begin to wonder if their dummies have anything to do with it.
  • "The Girl Who Cried Monster": Lucy Dark loves tormenting her brother into thinking monsters are real, but when Lucy discovers the local librarian's after-hours activities, who's going to believe her?
  • "Welcome to Camp Nightmare": Billy's stay at Camp Nightmoon turns to horror when word of a monster lurking in the woods crops up, followed by a series of events leaving campers injured and missing.
  • "The Ghost Next Door": While staying home for the summer, Hannah Fairchild makes friends with a new boy in the neighborhood who survives a series of near-fatal accidents. Is he just lucky, or could he be the ghost of a child who died in a house fire years ago?
  • "The Haunted Mask": Sick of being the butt of everyone's practical jokes and appalled that her mother made her a lame duck costume for Halloween, Carly Beth Caldwell decides to buy a mask from a strange costume shop, but the more Carly Beth wears the mask she bought, the more her personality gets warped and the harder it is for the mask to come off her face.
  • "Be Careful What You Wish For": Klutzy 12-year-old Samantha "Fly Away" Byrd (as dubbed by her bully, Judith) is given three wishes by an elderly witch named Clarissa after helping the old lady find her way home, which give Samantha what she wants at the price of everyone else around her.
  • "Piano Lessons Can Be Murder": Jerry Hawkins' parents decide to put the piano in their attic to good use by making Jerry take lessons, but Jerry discovers a disturbing truth about the piano — and the insane piano teacher who seems to be fixated on Jerry's hands.
  • "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp": When a strange dog becomes Grady Tucker's new pet, the entire town suspects the dog of being a werewolf.
  • "You Can't Scare Me": Two pranksters, Eddie and his best friend Hat, team up to scare a fearless girl named Courtney, but when all of their pranks backfire, they decide to use the local swamp, said to be the cursed burial ground for the town's original settlers who died in a mudslide, to scare her senseless.
  • "One Day at Horrorland": Out on a day trip to Zoo Gardens, the Morris family and the kids' friend, Clay, get lost and find themselves at a monster theme park called "Horror Land," where the scares go beyond anything you'd expect in a normal theme park.
  • "Why I'm Afraid of Bees": Klutzy wimp Gary Lutz (a.k.a Lutz the Klutz) finds an online advertisement for a clinic that specializes in body-swapping. However, the experiment goes awry when, instead of the body of a cool jock named Dirk, Gary finds himself in the body of the one thing he fears most — a bee.
  • "Monster Blood II": Evan and his friend Andy once again contend with the evil novelty slime known as Monster Blood. This time, Evan contends with his jerk teacher who thinks his paper on Monster Blood is a joke and Andy still has some of the slime left and accidentally feeds it to the class hamster, Cuddles.
  • "Deep Trouble": On vacation on the Caribbean island of Ilandra, Billy Deep is rescued from the jaws of a hammerhead shark by a mermaid, who is targeted by Billy's uncle, Dr. Deep, for scientific experiments about rare sea life.note 
  • "The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight": While visiting their grandparents' home on the farm, Jodie and Mark discover that the farm is haunted by demonic scarecrows brought to life by a farmhand's black magic.
  • "Go Eat Worms!": Todd Barstow loves collecting and experimenting on worms. Things get sticky (and slimy) when the worms begin appearing in Todd's lunch and his homework — and Todd soon comes face-to-face with a giant worm bent on killing Todd for mistreating her babies.
  • "Ghost Beach": The Sadler siblings, Terri and Jerry, try to solve the mystery of the ghostly resident living in a cave in a mountain near the beach.
  • "Return of the Mummy": A year after his previous encounter with the mummy, Gabe flies back to Egypt to attend the grand public opening of the pyramid Uncle Ben was excavating in the last book. Gabe and his cousin soon find themselves trapped in a pyramid and the news reporter they trusted, Nila, soon reveals that she isn't who she seems.
  • "The Phantom of the Auditorium": Brooke Rogers and Zeke Matthews are chosen to play Esmerelda and The Phantom in their school's version of The Phantom of the Opera, but a chain of accidents impede production and threaten to have Zeke kicked off the cast (as the drama teacher thinks Zeke is taking his role as The Phantom too seriously).
  • "Attack of the Mutant": Comic book nerd Skipper Matthews is stoked when he finds a building that looks like his favorite comic book villain's secret lair, but a visit through the lair has Skipper losing his grip on reality after seeing comic book panels with Skipper as the hero.
  • "My Hairiest Adventure": Larry Boyd freaks out when his hands become hairy presumably as a result of expired tanning lotion. Things get weirder when his friends begin to disappear and dogs who share their physical features appear in their place.
  • "A Night in Terror Tower": Siblings Eddie and Sue are vacationing in London, England, when they become lost in a medieval torture chamber known as Terror Tower and on the run from a hooded executioner — and things get weirder when they begin losing their money and their memories.
  • "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom": To get back at his bratty sister, Tara, for ruining his birthday party, Michael Webster vandalizes his father's new cuckoo clock by twisting the bird's head backwards so Tara will get blamed for it. The plan falls apart, however, when Michael finds himself reliving his disastrous birthday party — and going backwards in time every time he goes to sleep.
  • "Monster Blood III": In the third installment of the Monster Blood books, Evan Ross accidentally ingests some of the evil green slime after his nerdy cousin, Kermit, uses it in a chemistry experiment, and turns into a giant.
  • "It Came From Beneath The Sink": Katrina and her brother Daniel find a living "sponge" underneath the sink in their new house that turns out to be a monster that causes bad luck for anyone who finds it — and death for anyone who tries to destroy it or get rid of it.
  • "Night of the Living Dummy II": Amy Krammer receives a replacement ventriloquist dummy named Slappy, which she accidentally brings to life by reading a spell from the dummy's coat pocket.
  • "The Barking Ghost": Cooper Holmes and his new friend, Fergie, are stalked by two dogs who haunt the woods and trick them into swapping bodies.
  • "The Horror at Camp Jellyjam": While on a road trip with their parents, Elliot and his sister Wendy get inside their parents' trailer and crash into a sports camp called King Jellyjam's Sports Camp. The two decide to stay and participate in the activities until their parents can come for them, but while Elliot is enjoying the competitive spirit, Wendy finds it all too bizarre — especially when the winners end up missing, the counselors seem a bit too cheery, everyone is disappointed in Wendy over not sharing their obsessive competitive spirit, and the ground begins to shake at night.
  • "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes": Joe Burton's dad buys two garden gnomes for their already-tacky front lawn, but Joe and his sister Mindy discover that the lawn gnomes are alive and cause destruction at night.
  • "A Shocker on Shock Street": Erin Wright and her friend Marty are big fans of the Shock Street movies and are chosen as the first kids to tour the new park (since Erin's dad works as one of the engineers), but a string of strange events make Erin and Marty suspect that the creatures of Shock Street may be real.
  • "The Haunted Mask II": Steve Boswell goes to the mask shop that Carly Beth went to in the first book and buys an old man's mask to scare the little kids he's forced to coach in school as punishment for a prank — and much like Carly Beth in the first book, Steve finds out that the mask he bought is a human face bent on warping the personality of anyone who wears it for too long.
  • "The Headless Ghost": Pranksters Duane Comack and his partner-in-crime Stephanie Alpert love to visit Hill House, a place said to be haunted by a boy who was decapitated by an evil sea captain. One night, they decide to go to the house after it closes to find the boy's head, but actually end up encountering the ghost, as well as a few other restless spirits.
  • "The Abominable Snowman of Pasedena": Jordan and Nicole Blake are sick of living in California, especially during the winter months, where most kids in other states get to enjoy snow. The two get their wish when their father is assigned to travel to Alaska to find the Abominable Snowman, but trouble ensues when the Abominable Snowman and his snow, which, when thrown, can turn anything into ice, are brought back to California.
  • "How I Got My Shrunken Head": Mark, a chubby twelve-year-old boy who prefers the company of video games to actual human interaction, is given a shrunken head by his jungle explorer Aunt Benna's assistant. The assistant suggests that Mark be brought down to the island of Baladora to visit Aunt Benna, but soon discovers that the assistant, Benna's partner, and Benna's partner's daughter, are plotting to shake Mark down for information on the jungle magic the shrunken head possesses.
  • "Night of the Living Dummy III": Trina O'Dell's dad used to be a famous ventriloquist, but now he only collects and refurnishes old ventriloquist dolls in his spare time. Trina's dad finds Slappy in the trash and adds him to his collection. After reading the words that come with Slappy, not only Slappy, but all of the ventriloquist dolls come to life.
  • "Bad Hare Day": Amateur magician Tim Swanson sneaks out to a midnight magic show held by his idol, Amaz-O. After Amaz-O puts Tim in a box and Tim drops backstage and stumbles upon Amaz-O's dressing room, Tim steals Amaz-O's magic bag — and finds that Amaz-O's magic is more than the boy can handle.
  • "Egg Monsters from Mars": During a disastrous Easter egg hunt in the backyard, Dana finds a strange, blue-veined egg and keeps it as a pet, but what's inside makes Dana the target of a mad scientist.
  • "The Beasts from the East": Ginger Wald, a former nature camp survivor, and her twin brothers, Nat and Pat, end up lost in the woods, where beaver/bear-like monsters challenge them to a dangerous tag-style forest game.
  • "Say Cheese and Die — Again": To prove to his English teacher, Mr. Saur, that the camera he found in the first story ("Say Cheese — And Die") is real so he can raise his "F" grade on a class assignment, Greg goes back to the abandoned house to retrieve the camera — and finds that it still works and is still evil.
  • "Ghost Camp": Harry Altman and his brother, Alex go to Camp Spirit Moon, where the campers are wandering spirits who need living humans to escape.
  • "How To Kill a Monster": While at their grandparents' house in the swamps, step-siblings Gretchen and Clark decide to put their differences aside when they find themselves trapped in the house with a monster in one of the rooms.
  • "Legend of the Lost Legend": Marissa and Justin, the children of famous writer/storyteller Richard Clarke, decide to help their father find an ancient parchment called "The Lost Legend," and soon find themselves in the woods of Brovania, home to silver-coated dogs, thousands of mice, and Viking warriors thought to have been dead long ago.
  • "Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns": To get payback on two bad kids, Tabitha and Lee, who always ruin her Halloween, Drew Brockman and her friend, Walker, recruit the help of twins, Shane and Shana, to scare Tabitha and Lee, but instead of the twins, two pumpkin-headed monsters appear and force Drew, Walker, Lee, and Tabitha to trick-or-treat all night so they can be fattened up for eating.
  • "Vampire Breath": During an air-hockey game, Freddy Martinez and his best friend, Cara, accidentally knock over a china cabinet and find a secret room housing a coffin and a bottle labeled, "Vampire Breath," which brings to life a vampire in search of his fanged dentures.
  • "Calling All Creeps": After getting kicked off the school newspaper club, nerdy loser Ricky Beamer pulls a prank on newspaper head Tasha McClain by putting a message for "all creeps" to call Tasha after midnight. However, Tasha catches wise and puts Ricky's name in the message instead, leading to Ricky being stalked by lizard creatures (posing as the school's bullies) who need Ricky's help in planting transformation seeds to enslave all of humanity.
  • "Beware the Snowman": Following her mother's death, Jaclyn and her aunt Greta move to an Arctic town called Sherpia, where everyone lives in fear of a snow monster living in the mountains, but when Jaclyn goes searching for it, she finds that the snow monster knows about her missing father and her dead mother's secret hobbies.
  • "How I Learned to Fly": In this supernatural, satirical story of love and the burden of being famous, Jack Johnson finds a strange book that instructs humans on how to fly so he can one-up his rival, Wilson, and win the heart of his crush, Mia, but when Wilson reveals to Jack that he can fly too, the two boys soon find themselves in the spotlight — and Jack is unable to enjoy being known as "The Flying Boy" (especially since Wilson is getting more lucrative deals than he is).
  • "Chicken Chicken": Farm girl Crystal and her brother Cole find themselves out of "cluck" when a mysterious woman in black named Vanessa shrieks "Chicken, chicken!" after the two accidentally knock her down while walking home and the siblings begin growing feathers and beaks.
  • "Don't Go To Sleep!": Despite his mother's admonitions, Matt Amsterdam spends the night in the empty guest room of his house — and ends up waking up in a new world with a new identity...and on the run from a police force bent on stopping those who warp reality.
  • "The Blob That Ate Everyone": Aspiring writer Zackie Beauchamp is given a typewriter and a feather pen by a woman whose curio shop was destroyed in a lightning storm — and finds that these writing tools have the power to turn words into reality, which is bad, as Zackie's current story is about a blob monster with a rapacious appetite.
  • "The Curse of Camp Cold Lake": Sarah Maas hates her summer at Camp Cold Lake due to the apathetic campers and the myriad of safety rules, so she pretends to drown herself to win friends. Unfortunately, the plan backfires when Sarah has a near-death experience (sorry, "wakes up in a snowy dream world") and meets a ghost girl named Della who will stop at nothing to make Sarah her friend in the afterlife — even if it means taking Sarah's life in the mortal world.
  • "My Best Friend is Invisible": After visiting an abandoned house said to be haunted, Sammy Jacobs soon gets a new friend — a boy named Brent whom no one (not even Sammy) can see. But is Brent a ghost or is there a scientific explanation for his invisibility?
  • "Deep Trouble II": Billy Deep is back, and on vacation in the Caribbean with his sister, Sheena, and their father, Dr. Deep. This time around, Billy and Sheena try to stop Dr. Deep's assistant from a plot to mutate the sea life into aquatic monsters.
  • "The Haunted School": During a dance at his new school, Tommy Frazer and his new best friend, Ben, get inside an elevator in search of banner paper and find themselves in a black-and-white world where most of the school's missing class of 1947 now resides thanks to an evil photographer's magic camera while the rest of them have descended into madness and started a cult bent on ridding the world of color.
  • "Werewolf Skin": Aspiring photographer Alex Hunter goes in search of werewolves in his aunt and uncle's small town — and discovers that these werewolves are closer to him than they think.
  • "I Live in Your Basement": Sick of his overprotective mother keeping him from having fun, Marco sneaks off to play baseball — and ends up getting hit in the head. While recuperating at home, Marco begins getting strange calls from a boy named Keith who lives in the basement and may be a monster. Is Keith real or a product of Marco's concussion? And why does reality keep changing the more Marco talks to Keith?
  • "Monster Blood IV": In the final book of the original series, Evan, Andy, Kermit, and Conan once again do battle with monstrous slime — but this Monster Blood is an excessively thirsty purplish-blue slug creature that can multiply.

    Goosebumps 2000 
  • "Cry of the Cat": Allison accidentally kills a neighborhood cat named Rip who later comes back to life and scratches her. Soon, Allison begins acting like a cat — and learns that Rip was the product of an immune system experiment gone awry, and that her scratch is fatal if Rip isn't stopped.
  • "Bride of the Living Dummy": Slappy the Dummy has been found by a young ventriloquist named Jimmy O'James. When Jimmy O'James realizes that his dummy, Slappy, is evil, he gives it to a girl named Jillian, who is fed up with her sisters Katie and Amanda's ugly, oversized doll, Mary-Ellen. But when strange accidents start to happen in the house and the words, "I want my bride" are found scrawled on her mirror, Jillian and her friend, Harrison, must find out if it's Slappy back to his old tricks or if there's a new evil.
  • "Creature Teacher": Preteen prankster Paul Perez is sent to a boarding school to straighten out his behavior — and must save his friends from being listed on the food chain chart of a teacher with a monstrous appetite for bad kids.
  • "Invasion of the Body Squeezers, part one": Part one of two. UFO enthusiast Jack deals with his creepy neighbor Mr. Fleshman and an alien invasion caused by a meteorite crash.
  • "Invasion of the Body Squeezers, part two": Conclusion. Jack tries to fight off aliens that possess people by hugging them — and discovers that Mr. Fleshman is one of them.
  • "I Am Your Evil Twin": Montgomery "Monty" Adams is staying with his scientist uncle in Pittsburgh while his mother is spending a couple months in Southeast Asia. Luckily for Monty, his cousin Nan is the same age as him and the two get along swimmingly — until Monty discovers that he's the product of a cloning experiment and an evil clone is out to take over his life.
  • "Revenge R Us": Wade is constantly tortured by her 17-year-old brother Micah, so she goes to a strange shop called "Revenge R Us," run by a gypsy woman and her pet raven, who use black magic to help people get revenge on others.
  • "Fright Camp": Andrew and his brother Tyler love R.B. Farraday's scary movies, and are invited to spend the summer at a camp based on the director's horror films, but soon discover that the film frights may be based on reality.
  • "Are You Terrified Yet?": A cowardly boy named Craig Morgenstern must maintain his reputation for bravery after allegedly saving a baby from a car accident and moving to a new town, but that proves to be difficult, when the local bullies force him to prove that he is not a wimp — by sticking his hand in a jar of live spiders and spending the night in the town's mortuary.
  • "Headless Halloween": Brandon Plush is planning on trashing a mean teacher's house on Halloween, but when the prank backfires, Brandon finds himself in a strange neighborhood run by a headless ghost who wants Brandon to do three good deeds to be able to leave.
  • "Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls": Spencer Levy has an out-of-body experience, courtesy of a ghoul who possesses his body as punishment for knocking over his tombstone during a school field trip.
  • "Brain Juice": Nathan Kyling and Lindy Gomez, step-siblings known for being the stupidest kids in school, drink a brain energizer left behind by two aliens in search of intelligent human life for their intergalactic master.
  • "Return to Horrorland": Lizzy, Luke, and Clay from "One Day in Horrorland" return to the monstrous amusement park as part of a plan to reveal Horrorland's existence on a tabloid news show — and soon discover that the reporters they trust aren't who they seem.
  • "Jekyll and Heidi": An orphaned girl named Heidi Davison moves in with her uncle, Dr. Jekyll, who is being targeted by the townspeople for being behind many late-night scares due to a potion that brings out the evil in people.
  • "Scream School": Jake Banyon, the son of Scream School director Emory Banyon, sets out to scare his father after being traumatized by a sadistic practical joke on his 13th birthday.
  • "The Mummy Walks": A routine trip to Florida is revealed to be a case of international intrigue and horror as Michael Clarke is sent to the fictitious, war-torn Middle-Eastern country known as Jezekiah, who have been waiting for the day that the prince will return with information on the location of a cursed mummy.
  • "The Werewolf in the Living Room": Aaron Freidus and his dad are hunters who capture an innocent man named Ben who may be a werewolf who has terrorized the town, but when Aaron begins having dreams of bloodshed and death, he discovers that he's the culprit.
  • "Horrors of the Black Ring": When Beth Evans' favorite teacher is arrested for kidnapping Beth's little sister at the school carnival, Beth discovers a ring with a ghoulish face on it and keeps it, which brings out the evil in anyone who wears it.
  • "Return to Ghost Camp": While on a bus ride to Camp Spirit Moon, Dustin befriends a boy named Ari who suggests that the two switch places, which makes Dustin (as Ari) the most popular kid in the camp — until he learns that a boy named Ari has been named the camp's newest sacrifice to a forest monster known as "The Snatcher".
  • "Be Afraid — Be Very Afraid": A three-part tale in which three sets of friends find a roleplaying card game called "Be Afraid," which unleashes medieval monsters and sucks its players into its world.
  • "The Haunted Car": Mitchell Moinian's family just bought a new car which was last driven by a girl who died in an accident from a joyride. The only problem is, the girl's spirit still haunts the car and is looking at Mitchell to ride shotgun with her into the afterlife.
  • "Full Moon Fever": On Halloween night, Robbie and Alesha succumb to an illness called "Full-Moon Fever," which turns anyone who looks at the full moon into ravenous, snarling beasts. Robbie and Alesha go on a journey to find a cure — only to discover that their illness is really a curse.
  • "Slappy's Nightmare": A Day in the Limelight book for Slappy the Dummy, who, after once again terrorizing a girl at her birthday party, is told by his ventriloquist, Jimmy O'James that he must do three good deeds or be put to sleep forever — and that's no easy task, considering that Slappy has an identical twin named Wally who's more evil than he is and is actively trying to sabotage him.
  • "Earth Geeks Must Go" (a.k.a "Earth Geeks Must Die"): Self-proclaimed average boy Jacob Miller finds that his life on Earth isn't real — he's on an Earth-like planet where the population is prepping for hunting season, and the target is "Earth geeks."
  • "Ghost in the Mirror": Jason Sloves finally gets new furniture for his room (as his father has been struggling with finding a job and the family doesn't have much in the way of money for new furniture), including a mirror that serves as a portal to a dimension of body-snatching crab people (not the same ones as the ones from that South Park episode about the metrosexual fad).

    Goosebumps Horrorland 
  • "Revenge of the Living Dummy":
  • "Creep From The Deep":
  • "Monster Blood for Breakfast":
  • "The Scream of the Haunted Mask":
  • "Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz":
  • "Who's Your Mummy?":
  • "My Friends Call Me Monster" (a.k.a "They Call Me Monster"):
  • "Say Cheese and Die Screaming":
  • "Welcome to Camp Slither":
  • "Help! We Have Strange Powers!":
  • "The Streets of Panic Park":
  • "When The Ghost Dog Howls":
  • "Little Shop of Hamsters":
  • "Heads, You Lose":
  • "Weirdo Halloween":
  • "The Wizard of Ooze":
  • "Slappy New Year":
  • "The Horror at Chiller House":
  • "Claws!":
  • "Night of the Giant Everything" (formerly known as "The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader"):
  • "The Five Masks of Dr. Screem":
  • "Why I Quit Zombie School":
  • "Don't Scream!":
  • "The Birthday Party of No Return":

    Goosebumps Most Wanted 
  • "Wanted: The Haunted Mask":
  • "Planet of the Lawn Gnomes":
  • "Son of Slappy":
  • "How I Met My Monster":
  • "Frankenstein's Dog":
  • "Dr. Maniac Will See You Now":
  • "Creature Teacher: The Final Exam":
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