Funny: Goosebumps

  • In the TV version of "How To Kill A Monster":
    [the monster lies dead after Clark had his hand in its mouth]
    Clark: Is it really dead this time?
    [The monster explodes, covering Clark and Gretchen in slime.]
    Gretchen: I'd say yes.
  • In "Don't Wake Mummy", Kim scared her little brother Jeff by dressing as the mummy. He started fighting her until their mom stops them by threatening to ground them both.
    Mom: I want all of you back in bed on the count of 3! One... two...
    [Kim, her friend Shawna, and Jeff run back to their rooms.]
  • The end of the TV version of Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, where the ghost haunting an old piano is actually the mother of the Shreek Piano School teacher and forces him to practice forever.
    • The way Mr. Toggle yells "How much LONGER?!"
  • While the last bit is scary, the Salesman in the TV version of Welcome To Dead House, desperately making offers to make the Benson family staying as if they matter compared to the town being full of blood thirsty zombies. Before giving up and revealing his true intentions.