Funny: Goosebumps

  • In the TV version of "How To Kill A Monster":
    [the monster lies dead after Clark had his hand in its mouth]
    Clark: Is it really dead this time?
    [The monster explodes, covering Clark and Gretchen in slime.]
    Gretchen: I'd say yes.
  • In "Don't Wake Mummy", Kim scared her little brother Jeff by dressing as the mummy. He started fighting her until their mom stops them by threatening to ground them both.
    Mom: I want all of you back in bed on the count of 3! One... two...
    [Kim, her friend Shawna, and Jeff run back to their rooms.]
  • The end of the TV version of Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, where the ghost haunting an old piano is actually the mother of the Shreek Piano School teacher and forces him to practice forever.
    • The way Mr. Toggle yells "How much LONGER?!"
  • While the last bit is scary, the Salesman in the TV version of Welcome To Dead House, desperately making offers to make the Benson family staying as if they matter compared to the town being full of blood thirsty zombies. Before giving up and revealing his true intentions.
  • The entirety of A Holly Jolly Holiday is hilarious, especially the main premise. It's about a girl whose older sister loves a completely sappy and corny Christmas special, and manages to find a video tape of it at the mall. But the video magically transforms the viewers into the movie's main character, Susie Snowflake, and the girl is horrified as her parents, sister, and even her dog turn into redheaded baking-obsessed idiots. In fact, it starts happening to the girl as well, who mentions she tried to swear at one point but could only say "Oh sugar cookies!"
  • As mentioned by Blogger Beware, the ending of Marshmallow Surprise can be considered one. Basically the story builds up to a climax where Mrs. Spooner reveals that Marsha and her brothers are going to melt into goo as revenge for the pranks they've pulled on her, and then out of nowhere the kids turn out to be werewolves and eat her. It's so completely stupid it's hilarious.
  • The TV adaption of One Day At Horrorland really hams up the Horrors, especially when the Morrises are being prepped for the "Raw Deal" TV show.
    Horror Make-Up Artist: Honey, we may be monsters, but we're not monsters.
    • And then there's the commercial for Greatest Monster Love Songs. It must be seen to be believed.
  • Strained Peas was about a kid who discovered his baby sister is actually a monster. The story ends with the reveal that his actual sister, who'd been switched by accident, apparently picked up some tips from her monster mom and threatens the kid. Now in the story, the kid's horrified. In the TV show, he basically rolls his eyes and can't believe he has to go through this all over again.
  • In Attack of the Mutant, as Skipper finally faces off against the Masked Mutant, he tries to bluff his way out by proclaiming he's really the hero known as the Colossal Elastic Boy. At which point the Mutant exclaims, in complete sincerity, "Elastic Boy! I thought you looked familiar!" At no point was there ever a character called Elastic Boy mentioned before that moment, and that just makes it even funnier.