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Heartwarming: Goosebumps
  • At the end of the TV show episode "The Ghost Next Door" Hannah, the ghost, fulfills her mission of saving Danny and 'crosses over" to be reunited with her family in what can be assumed to be Heaven. The book ends a bit...less happily, with Danny never seeing Hannah after she saves him and, her going off to the afterlife but it still ends up being sweet.
  • The ending to "How I Learned to Fly": During a huge televised flying race, Jack loses his ability to fly and it seems like Wilson has once again proven that he's better than Jack at everything. Turns out Jack just pretended to lose his powers so he can break free from being a celebrity and spend time with the girl he secretly loves while Wilson is forced to move away and spend the rest of his life with the burden of being famous.
  • In "Deep Trouble", the relationship between Billy and the Mermaid is particularly touching, especially considering the series' general formula.
  • In "The Headless Ghost" the titular character is established as a vicious trouble maker, but after the protagonists find his head, he appears to say "thank you" before departing to the afterlife.
  • In the book version of "The Haunted Mask II," Steve's initial idea was to use his mask to scare the kids on the soccer team that he's supposed to manage (as punishment for a prank) because they always misbehave. By the time Halloween comes around and the mask has bonded to Steve's face, he still plans on going through with his attempt to scare the kids. However, rather than being freaked out or acting hostile, the kids try to help Steve because they think he really is an old man. All Steve's attempts to scare them just lead to the kids trying to be as considerate and kind as they can be, and eventually, Steve asks for them to help him make it to Carly Beth's house.

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