Recap / Glee

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     Season 1 (05/19/09; 09/21/09-06/08/10) 

     Season 2 (09/21/10-05/24/11) 

     Season 3 (09/20/11-05/22/12) 

     Season 4 (09/13/12-05/09/13) 

     Season 5 (09/26/13-05/13/14) 
The season was delayed a week due to Cory Montieth's tragic passing. Also, the in-universe school year ends with Episode 13. The remaining seven episodes, while officially part of Season 5, are considered a miniseries in their own right, with Rachel, Artie, Santana, Blaine, Kurt, Sam, and a returning Mercedes as the only regular cast members.

Farewell to The Quarterback

The New York Saga

     Season 6 (01/09-03/20/15) 

...and that's what you missed on Glee!