Recap / Glee S 2 E 4 Duets

Episode Summary

We start proceedings in the choir room, where Will announces Puck is in juvie for knocking over an ATM and will be AWOL for a whilenote . New Directions are both stunned and in no way shocked by these developments. Will however, has a backup plan, in the form of the Foregone Conclusion that is Sam Evans. Quinn, seeing similar hair color, becomes fixated. Hmm, thought she liked brunettes. Will then asks what a Title Drop is and right on cue, Brittany answers with "a blanket". Like clockwork Brit-Brit. Will says great duets are when the singers compliment each other and push to be better. As Will speaks, Kurt's gaydar starts pinging; it'll turn out to be a false read, though with enough evidence to suggest otherwise. The assignment is obvious, however to spice things up, it'll be competitive, with the winners getting non-literal Breadstix on Will. Mercedes asks who Kurt's partner is, he simply smirks as we hit the Title Card.

Cut to Sam at his locker, why Kurt arrives and lays down the "charm", assuming Sam dyes his hair when in fact is it naturally blonde. Sam is of course freaked out and tries to bolt, only for Kurt to tone it down and ask to be his partner. And by ask, we mean talk over Sam and ramble about Singin' in the Rain before leaving. Charming.

And here we come to a hallmark moment. In the Season 1 recaps, occasionally, the trope Hilarious in Hindsight was spoiler tagged in regards to Santana's interaction with men. In Sectionals, it was casually mentioned that Brittney and Santana sleep together. Now while that was simply a throwaway line, the gleeks, as they would be (in)famously known to do, ran with that line. The producers noticed that the fans ran with it, and added the following scene to appease them. However, when this scene aired, said gleeks took it to a rather logical conclusion, one that said producers decided to use as well, feeling that they could get some Character Development as well as material for future storylines. What we see here is the beginning of one of the major elements that arguably kept Glee afloat all the way to the final season. For the first time, we cut to Brittney's bedroom, festooned with pictures of a young Heather Morris. We then pan over to see two familiar Red and White clad figures canoodling on Brittany's bed. Yes, this is Brittany and Santana, engaged in some "sweet lady kisses", Santana saying it's a nice break from all that scissoring. Brittney, naivety in play here, suggests they duet on Melissa Etheridge. Unfortunately, this flips the switch in Santana's brain, and she cruelly dismisses Brit-Brit, invoking the most Blatant of Blatant Lies by saying she wasn't in love with her and that she's only there so Santana can get off while Puck's in juvie. The truth is, and we're not spoiling this because it'll serve as a plot point for the season, Santana is hopelessly in love with Brittany (and vice versa), but is petrified of telling anyone let alone her. Considering what Kurt goes through, you kinda get it, but seeing Brittany's face isn't worth it; Brit-Brit seems to sense Santana's feelings, but also her fear at repercussion for coming out, hence why the both of them hide behind cocks and use each other, though it appears Brit's getting tired of it.

In any case, Brittany asks who Santana will duet with and in a fun sense of irony, we cut to Mercedes asking why, dismissing the idea by saying it's just Breadstix. Wrong thing to say to Santana, as we find out about her obsession with the place. A wheelbarrow was used once. It wasn't pretty. This seems to convince Mercedes, who agrees. Cut to the cafeteria, where Finn is telling Kurt that he can't duet with Sam, correctly saying that with the horrific hierarchy in place, Sam singing paints a target on his back. Stubborn Kurt is woefully Stubborn, dismissing Finn by accusing him of blatant homophobia. Finn is remorseful for using the other F-word, but tells Kurt that the way he's obsessing over Sam echoes his previous behavior. Finn finishes by saying that if Sam sings with Kurt, he'll get so much hell he'll quit.

Cut to the choir room for some Kiki and Elton, because without a Finchel duet the show has no meaning. Afterwards, Finn says they have this in the bag. Rachel agrees, but then gets an Oh, Crap! face and then a realization face. Turns out she's not a nice person. No. Really. Rachel says being with Finn makes her want to be better, and that a good way to be better is being selfless, like throwing the competition. Rachel believes that if Sam wins, it'll make him feel like he belongs. However, Finn does detect one slight flaw; namely, winning National would benefit Rachel so technically, there is no altruism here. Rachel chooses to hear what she wants as we go to break.

We return with Mike and Tina and Harry Shum Jr's first chance to actually do something substantial. Well, sorta, as we see their first fight; seems that while Mike's got the moves, he lacks the pipes. Tina insists they win; seems she's getting tired of the repetitive dimsum with Mike's mom. We then cut to Artie with Brittany standing over him. This has relevance later in the season, as Brittany declares she's "into" him, and thought he was a robot. Makes sense. Cut back to Tike, where Tina stews, then back to Bartie where Artie is confused; it appears Brittany wants to date him solely to wheel him around. Me thinks what we have here is Brit-Brit attempting to invoke jealously in Santana. Don't really think that's gonna work in this context. Back again to Tike, where couples therapy is suggested, Asian of course. And back again to Bartie where Brit reveals the subtle motive; get a partner and make Santana green with envy.

Cut to the locker room where Finn is trying to get Sam to bow out of the duet with Kurt, only for Sam to remind Finn of what he told Sam when trying to recruit him, saying a win would make them gods. Finn, clearly not that good with peptalks, sums up by saying they're in a homophobic school and a duet would make it open season on Sam, who says he gave his word and that's enough. You know what's coming and sure enough, the second he leaves, he is "welcomed" in improper fashion by the resident monster duo. As it happens, Quinn walks by, sees the disheveled Sam, takes him to a bathroom to clean him up. When she mentions Avatar, it pings Sam's radar; turns out he's a closet nerd. When Sam asks why Quinn cares so much, she replies with how ND were there for her last year. She then shows that she's trying to re-adapt part of the HBIC attitude; namely what good is popularity if she can't do anything. The events of this season will show her otherwise. Sam, sweet, clueless boy, tries using Na'vi pickup lines and we can't tell if Quinn is amused or disturbed.

Cut to Casa de Hummel, where Kurt is offering healthy meals to a recovering Burt. He then talks about Sam and how Finn's trying to talk him out of singing with Kurt. Burt says maybe Finn has a point and that of course is the last thing Kurt wants to hear; when he tries reminding Burt of what Finn said, Burt reveals he called Carole and got the whole story. Kurt is stubborn but wistful, saying the daily torture's getting to him. Burt simply says that until he finds someone, he'll have to accept being alone. Cut to the river deep and the mountain high for Mercedes & Santana's duet, first up in the competition with horns aplenty, setting the pace for the others as Finchel sit disturbed. After the break, we see Sam in the shower; he is interrupted by Kurt who clearly is not one for discretion. He says Sam can duet with someone else, leaving Kurt to duet with someone on his level. Cut to Rachel freaking out over how to lose the competition, only for Finnegan to offer up a bad song, which she jumps on. Cut to choir room where Tina wants Artie for a partner. Artie dismisses her, saying he's found a partner and a new girlfriend. When Will arrives, Kurt steps up for his duet... with himself. And yes, Colfer pulls it off.

Afterwards, we cut to Sam and Quinn in a classroom, where he asks her to be his partner. He shows her some choreography, only for it to get rather intimate, thus causing her to assert herself and her need for control, bolting out of there. Cut to a nervous Mike and Tina holding up proceedings while Santana bitches. Eventually, they find the perfect song; Mike handling spoken words while Tina handles vocals. Afterwards (why yes I do like using that word), we cut back to the locker room, where Finn calls out Sam on his overtures towards Quinn. Sam owns up, as we intercut with a FABERRY SCENE YAY! The gist of it is Finchel is trying to get Sam and Quinn to duet, using reverse psychology by saying coming in second wouldn't be that bad. Although the way Quinn looked at Rachel, it was as if Quinn figured what was up. Almost as if she knew Rachel as well if not better than Rachel herself. Hmm. We'll look into this later.

Anyway, cut to the hallway where Quinn and Sam agree to duet as Finchel looks on. We then cut back to Brittany's bedroom, ostensibly so Artie can try and teach Brittany how to do runs, and she doesn't do that well; having great vocals in dreams don't usually translate well to reality. Artie then reveals that he's not still over Tina, only for Brittany to show him a way to get over her. Namely, punching his V-Card. Yes, showing off HeMo's impressive strength, she lifts Artie out of the chair, places him on her bed, and proceeds to demonstrate that his genitals still indeed work and also to work out her own sexual frustration; most likely Artie would get annoyed at being called the wrong name repeatedly.

From there, we get another duet and... Seriously? Seriously. (sigh)... Finchel. In church garb. Singing "With You I'm Born Again". I Need a Freaking Drink. After... that.... we get Sam and Quinn's duet. It's cute, then again, anything would be after that Finchel debacle. We then cut to Brittany; seems that while taking someone's virginity might not mean much to her, but for someone like Artie it means a hell of a lot; we get the cut to Santana confirming it. He rolls away as Brittany looks forlorn and involuntary weeping ensues. Seriously a sad Brit is like onions, though we will follow up on the two of them later in the season. Cut to the glee club voting, and since Mr. Schue didn't say the magic words every experienced teacher knowsnote , everyone votes for themselves, except Finchel, and Quinn and Sam win.

We begin the home stretch with Rachel at Kurt's locker, offering him words of encouragement, saying that he may be lonely, but he's not alone. She then offers a duet as we cut to Breadstix and Sam being your basic goof towards Quinn. Turns out he went to an all-boys school which explains some of the humor and the social awkwardness. We then get a Red Herring about Sam's sexuality, only for it to be paying off a Brick Joke from earlier about Kurt knowing Sam dyed his hair. Quinn says his hair is cute; again, we thought she liked brunettes. It's probably a temp thing as we cut to poor Brittney, alone, trying to roll a meatball with her nose ala Lady and the Tramp. We conclude with the first Hummelberry duet as we intercut with Brittany looking sadly at Artie; seems she is developing legit feelings for him and that presumably she knows Santana has to deal with her issues before being with her, as well as Kurt tucking Burt in a touching scene.

Next time: Don't dream it, be it.

Songs from this Episode

  • "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John, performed by Rachel and Finn
  • "River Deep, Mountain High", performed by Santana and Mercedes
  • "Le Jazz Hot" from Victor/Victoria, performed by Kurt
  • "Sing" from A Chorus Line, performed by Mike and Tina
  • "With You I'm Born Again", performed by Rachel and Finn
  • "Lucky", performed by Sam and Quinn.
  • "Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy", perfomed by Kurt and Rachel.

This episode contains examples of

  • Enlightened Self-Interest: When Rachel asks Quinn to partner with Sam because they're each others' best shot at winning, Quinn reminds her that she doesn't do something unless it helps herself. Rachel's intention is to let Quinn and Sam win so that Sam will stay in the glee club: winning should make him like the club, and pairing with Quinn means he's less likely to get bullied. The story Rachel tells Quinn is that she wants some good competition for morale.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Brittany when she tries to do runs, also MIKE.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Kurt and Sam.note 
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Sam's reference to Green Eggs and Ham
    Sam: My name is Sam, I am. No, I do not like green eggs and ham.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Sam
  • Running Gag: Apparently, Breadstix can't stop giving you breadsticks, EVER.
  • Sequelitis: discussed by Finn and Rachel
    Finn: We watched Grease and that was pretty good, but when we watched Grease 2 and I fell asleep.