Recap / Glee S 2 E 20 Prom Queen
Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton!

Episode Summary

It's Junior Prom 2011, and we start with SWEET MOTHER OF GOD WHY. >:( Yes, the walking ebola that is Jacob Ben Israel is interviewing Puck, who tells him that he's still confident in his and Zizes's chances of winning prom king and queen note  using intimidation and fear. JBI, who clearly thinks common sense is for other nerds, then risks his grapes by asking where Zizes keeps his balls, because rumor has it that she's castrated him and she's wearing the pants in the relationship. Guess how Puck takes it? Surprisingly, contemplative as we hit not JBI sadly, but the Title Card.

Figgins' office. After Sue arrives to needle Will about his possible Broadway gig, Figgins announces that his favorite band Air Supply canceled on performing for prom, and that he's in need of a last-minute replacement. We then see how distraught he is, as he actually opens the purse strings. Yep, he offers Will $400 for New Directions to perform, and Will of course agrees despite the fact that Nationals is coming up fast because they could use the money and his taffy isn't selling that well. As prom coordinator, Sue of course vehemently disagrees, but consents so long as Will doesn't perform the worst numbers they've ever done in her opinion ("Run, Joey, Run", "Crazy in Love/Hair"...). Cut to the choir room, where the girls are already talking about prom. Mercedes says she's not going because she's dateless. Will arrives and announces that they're performing at prom; after Rachel, poor girl, immediately suggests Run Joey Run, Will says they'll stagger the lineup so the couples can get their moves on. Mercedes, not liking being reminded she has no one to dance with, walks out. After Brittany declares that she's going dateless and by proxy taking everyone else's dates, Rachel leaves to find Mercedes; upon doing so, she reveals that she's bummed because of her lack of a date. Rachel, in the same boat, has an idea. In the meantime, we cut to Klaine at Breadstix, where Kurt asks Blaine to prom. Blaine is hesitant; it turns out that after he came out, he asked the only other out kid in his old school to prom, only for both of them to be jumped. Kurt suggests Blaine use the prom date as a vicarious up yours, but will understand if he refuses. But since Blaine loves Kurt so much, he agrees to go.

Cut to the auditorium, where Rachel has dragged Sam in front of Mercedes in order to suggest a "Prom on a Budget" - she, Sam and Mercedes go as a group while keeping expenses at a minimum. Sam agrees; after the break, we see Tina, Kurt, and Brittany; apparently, Kurt is there to assist in prom dress shopping. We then cut to Zizes getting her Big Bird on, sneakers and all. After that is Santana in basic red which gets more approval. She then pulls Kurt aside and and offers a full security deal from the Bully Whips (which is still a thing) because she could really use the votes. We then cut to a forlorn Artie clearly bummed about his breakup with Brittany. Puck arrives to ask him spike the punch since his bad-boy rep hit a rut. Artie declines because it's not badass enough to impress Brit.

Auditorium. As the A/V club are pressed into building the prom stage, Rachel arrives for feedback on her possible prom number. She starts the first couple of lines, then from the back, A Wild Jesse St. James Appears. It's totally Acapella and both Michele and Groff absolutely nail it. Afterwards, we find out that while he graduated Carmel, Jesse flunked out of UCLA because he didn't realize there were other classes besides drama. He's back to try and make amends. He asks what she's doing for prom and of course this means Rachel's off the prom date market. Well, he's joining "Prom on a Budget," but you get the idea as we go to break. We return to Finnegan none too happy that someone else besides him is sidling up to Rachel. He tries to remind Rachel of the eggs, only for her to finally tell him he lost the right to have any sort of say over who she dates after he broke up with her, and just wants him to be supportive. Finn starts to complain about everything prom related; the votes, the tux, the corsage, but Rachel suggests a gardenia, then walks away with tears in her eyes. Hey, if Quinn was going to prom with anyone but you Rach, the tears are understandable.

Cut to Karofsky patrolling the halls, communicating to Santana who has Kurt who clearly wants to be away. After that interlude, we cut to Home Ec, where Brittany refuses to crack an egg because it's a baby chicken's home. Fortunately for the egg, she is saved from doing so with the timely intervention of the ND men minus Kurt, who serenade her with some Stevie, to which Mercedes immediately replies "I thought this song was about a baby". Artie apologizes for calling her stupid and asks Brittany to prom, but Brit of course still declines. Having nothing to lose, Artie decides to take Puck up on his offer to spike the punch. Cut to Casa Hud-mel, where Burt has a guy giving his kids half off. After letting him join them on stage, Finn and Blaine discuss plans for simple outfits, while Burt describes Sandy Ryerson's tux from Acafellas, though blue. Naturally, we see that fashion runs in the family, as Kurt shows off his custom cut, with a kilt no less. Finn surprisingly approves, while Burt, unsurprisingly, does not. In his eyes, Kurt's going for provocation, stirring the pot because of recent events. Blaine agrees, seeing it as giving the McKinley elements a target. Kurt, as always in the situations, won't be swayed, and also as always in these situations, the petard will be hoisted, though this time in a very public and hideous way.

After the break, we see Karofsky escorting Kurt to his next class. Kurt notices the bullying has stopped, and sets himself up for a false sense of security by suggesting no one cares. They do Kurt, and they'll tell you how much later in the episode. Kurt then says that he knows Karofsky's only doing the Bully Whips because it makes him feel better. We then see how better it makes him feel as we see something we thought we'd never see: Dave Karofsky breaking down. We get a heartfelt apology, and unlike what Santana told him to say it's legit. Cut to Quinn's house, where after a brief fantasy tinged by insanity, we cut to Finn and Judy as Lucille descends in powder blue, showface plastered on. Finn stands more dumbfounded than usual, while Q stands wishing he was Rachel. He hands the corsage to Q, who is happy to see it matches her eyes - score one for the true love of Lucy's life. Judy thankfully interrupts a kiss with a camera and a pic is taken. Cut to Breadstix, where the budget quartet pose and compare outfits. Banter and chit-chat ensue, Rachel temporarily starstruck by Jesse once again. Jesse mentions becoming a consultant for show choirs; this pays off next episode. Sadly for Jesse, Fuinn arrive and both Jesse and Finn immediately begin jockeying for position over Rachel, so to speak. Finn makes an offhand comment about eggs to Jesse (bringing that up on Rachel's prom night? Finn, you're an idiot), while Jesse responds in kind by stealthily insulting Finn's dancing. Mercedes, not giving a flying fuck about two alpha male wannabes, tells the both of them to get lost, and soon, the quartet leave for prom.

And now, Junior Prom. We start by dating this episode with some Rebecca Black (guess what song?), while Brit-Brit does live up to her promise of dancing with people's dates, as we see her dancing (or jumping on) Mike. After the break is a slow dance sung by Rachel. Three guesses whom she's singing it to, and sadly none involve a "Lucille", a "Quinn", or a "Fabray". As this goes on, we see Klaine arrive and observe some of the more dubious pairings, two in particular. We then see Sam, in Foreshadowing for Season 3 & the mini-series within Season 5, ask Mercedes to dance, telling her exactly what she'd dreamed of hearing; that she looks beautiful and he'd love to dance with her. We then see Jesse, realizing Rachel's not exactly waiting for him at the moment. Got another four seasons to wait, Jess. Afterwards, we see Puck and Artie; Puck attempts to distract Sue, and it works about as well as you'd expect. She then catches Artie trying to spike the punch. We then cut to a room where she interrogates him to try and see who put him up to it. To her disappointment, Artie rats out Puck before she can start with the teeth.

Blaine's up at the mic, and he serves as backdrop for more posturing, as despite the fact he's with Quinn, Finn, as ever, grows increasingly territorial, not at all happy at how comfortable Jesse and Rachel seem to be. Jesse, who apparently can't help himself when it comes to Finnegan, goes for Rachel's neck and that hits the Berserk Button. Pushes and shoves ensue, along with a single punch (which Jesse nicely dodges) before Sue throws them both out. And now, time for Prom King and Queen. Remember earlier when we said it appeared McKinley was lulling Kurt into a false sense of security? This is it. Prom King: Dave Karofsky. Prom Queen... take a wild guess. From there, the narrative splits into three:

  • Blaine follows Kurt into the hallway. Kurt is the most upset, saying that all this time they were just hiding their hate. Blaine offers to bail, and Kurt resolves to go in there because he doesn't want the bullies to win.
    • I'm going to go back in there, and get coronated. I'm gonna show them that it doesn't matter if they are yelling at me, or whispering behind my back, that they can't touch me, that they can't touch us... or what we have.

  • Quinn heads into the bathroom, Rachel following her. Q blames Rachel for everything, saying everybody knows Finn would rather be with her. Before Rachel can speak, Q lets off an Armor-Piercing Slap. This utterly horrifies her, as for that one brief moment, Q became her father, and let the rage take over. She stands petrified at striking the girl she loves. Rachel simply appreciates the drama of the moment, then offers Lucy a tissue, the only girl who knows and understands.
    • You're a very pretty girl Quinn. Prettiest girl I've ever met but... you're a lot more than that.

  • Brittany follows Santana into a classroom, who wonders why Karofsky won and she didn't, saying that just because she hates everyone doesn't mean everyone has to hate her too. Brittany says it's just a crown. Santana announces after graduation she'll move to a lesbian colony (or Tribeca), and asks if it's that obvious she's a lesbian. Brittany reveals that she voted for Santana.
    • If you were to embrace all the awesomeness that you are, you would've won.

Returning to the single narrative, Kurt returns to the prom, and accepts the crown with a witty comment note . Figgins is obviously proud of him, and says that the king and queen must dance. Kurt approaches Karofsky and asks him to make a difference. Sadly, sometimes the fear takes hold regardless, as Karofsky bails; this is in fact the last we see of him until Season 3, presumably transferring schools in the interim. The knight in shining hairgel not named Will Schuester steps in as Santana cues up the relevant ABBA, people staring at them for a bit before Rachel twirls onto the dance floor. Pics are taken, people get to steppin, and we dance our way out.

Next Time: What happens when the Chaotic Neutral loses her Morality Pet.


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