Recap / Farscape S 03 E 07 Thanks For Sharing

Season 3, Episode 7:

Thanks for Sharing

Moya and Talyn recuperate in orbit about a politically tumultuous planet where they must negotiate with its xenophobic inhabitants for chromextin vital to their living ships' repair. When one of the planet's leaders is nearly assassinated while meeting with one of the Crichtons, the other Crichton undergoes a potentially fatal lie detector test in order to aid in the negotiations. When the crew discovers that a Peacekeeper retrieval squad is coming for Talyn, the ships and the crew are forced to separate and head off into different parts of the Uncharted Territories: Crais, Aeryn, Stark, Rygel and one of the Crichtons aboard Talyn, and D'Argo, Chiana, Jool and the other Crichton aboard Moya.

Tropes present in this episode include:

  • Batman Gambit: Faced with the planet's defenses, one of the Crichtons proposes bluffing the leadership into standing down. Talyn descends from the clouds and aims his cannon at them.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: The crew is forced to split up at the end of the episode. The next ten episodes alternate between each group (save a two-parter for the Talyn group) before reuniting in "Fractures".
  • Cloning Blues: The running theme. The two Crichtons are aghast at having to share the same life all of a sudden.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Aeryn gives one Crichton a black shirt and the other green so everyone can tell them apart.
  • Continuity Nod: While bluffing the leadership, one of the Crichtons notes how Talyn previously destroyed a Shadow Depository.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Tolven going out of his way to harass Chiana.
  • Exact Words: John Crichton did have a secret meeting with Sarova; it just depends on which John Crichton you're talking about.
  • Honor Before Reason:
    • The Crichton in the black shirt is gravely injured in the explosion. The Crichton in the green shirt agrees to give him a transfusion, despite how much easier him dying would make his own life.
    • Tolven would rather lie about being loyal to his father than admit the truth. It gets him killed.
  • Kill and Replace: The mercenary tracker does this to Sarova after the bombing attempt.
  • Kill 'em All: The most prominent guest stars (Tolven, Sarova, and their father) are all dead by the end of the episode.
  • Living Lie Detector: The planet's leadership has an aquatic alien that fulfills this purpose. It's placed on the person's head; it'll remain calm if it hears the truth, but it snarls if it hears a lie and eventually stabs the person in the forehead if the lies persist.
  • Noir Episode: The plot, characters and perpetually rain-lashed city all refer to the genre.
  • Not Me This Time:
    • After the big mess with Tolven in The Teaser, Chiana insists she didn't start it.
    • After waking up on Moya and being questioned, Crais insists that he and Talyn were not the aggressors.
  • Not So Different: The two Crichtons are an obvious case, which annoys both of them constantly.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Tolven is introduced aggressively hitting on Chiana and treating her like a prostitute.
  • The Reveal:
    • The reason Talyn was adrift in the previous episode is revealed to be because of a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad commanded by Aeryn's mother.
    • It wasn't Sarova in the scenes after the bomb went off; it was a mercenary tracker who had taken her form.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The disabled Pralanoth and his manipulative daughter Sarova are Expies of General Sternwood and his daughter Carmen from The Big Sleep.
    • Crichton, while naming various alien villains, namedrops the Skeksis. May not be a surprise, since both Farscape and Dark Crystal are produced by Henson Company. It doubles as a Call-Back to "Out of their Minds," as the Halosians bore a strong resemblance to the Skeksis.
  • The Starscream: Tolven actually isn't loyal to his father, despite claims to the contrary.
  • Twin Switch: The Crichton in the black shirt is saved after the explosion, but he's too weak and injured to continue dealing with the planet's leadership. The Crichton in the green shirt fills in, which helps discredit Tolven's claims as he's not injured and can honestly say he never had a secret meeting with Sarova.
  • Wham Shot: "Sarova" morphing in the mercenary tracker.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Zig-Zagged. The crew suspects Tolven of planting the bomb to try to kill his sister and trying to spoil the deal. He actually has nothing to do with the attack, but he's also not as loyal to the family as he claimed.