Recap: Farscape S 03 E 18 Fractures

Season 3, Episode 18:


In the midst of the usual crisis, Moya and Talyn are reunited and the two crews get a chance to talk about what's happened since their separation. Aeryn in particular is still in the midst of a Heroic BSOD after having lost and grieved over the man she'd fallen in love with, only to be reunited with someone near-identical. Most important of all, Crichton receives a message from his deceased double, who reinforces how dangerous the wormhole knowledge is and charges Crichton with the task of protecting it. Realising what he's got to do, he comes up with a plan and asks the crew for help:

Crichton: So that's what I'm doing. You don't have to come along. You don't have to like it. I just wanted you to know.
Pilot: Moya and I are against this idea in totality. I am sure Captain Crais is aware that Talyn resists also.
Chiana: You don't know how far Scorpius is in his wormhole research. You don't know where he keeps it. You don't know anything. How are you gonna stop him?
Jool: I'll pass if you don't mind.
Crichton: Guys... I don't see another option. Scorpius has the knowledge from my brain and I'm not gonna let him shaft the universe with it.
[A beat. Then Aeryn stands up and joins Crichton. A moment later, Crais does the same.]
Chiana: You're all gonna die.

Tropes appearing in this episode:
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Markir Tal, the Peacekeeper tech is played by Matt Doran, also known as Mouse from the Matrix and the Deathstick dealer from Attack of the Clones.