Recap: Farscape S 01 E 22 Family Ties

Season 1, Episode 22:

Family Ties

Moya and her offspring are still in the same system as the Gammak Base and Crais' Command Carrier, still being pursued by Scorpius who still wants the wormhole knowledge that Crichton possesses. Rygel takes a transport pod and goes to the Command Carrier, trying to cut a deal with Scorpius for his own freedom in exchange for Moya's location. The rest of Moya's crew realise what Rygel is doing and prepare to either flee or fight when the Peacekeepers come. Crais informs Rygel that Scorpius has ordered his execution and the two make a deal: he helps Rygel return to Moya and requests asylum with the crew. At the same time, Crichton comes up with a plan to fill a transport pod with explosives and make a suicide run at the Command Carrier's bridge.

Crais vetoes the plan, claiming that Scorpius will detect the explosives and destroy the pod instantly. They come up with a new plan: Scorpius' Gammak Base is located on a moon with an oil surface, so they will detonate the pod in the moon's atmosphere and literally ignite the entire planet, destroying the base in the process. If Crichton flies the pod and destroys all of Scorpius' wormhole research, it will keep Scorpius sufficiently distracted for Moya and her offspring to escape. D'Argo and Crichton fly the pod towards the moon and bail out at the last minute — Crichton in a spacesuit and D'Argo, being a Luxan, able to survive in vacuum for a quarter hour arn — and they wait for Aeryn to pick them up in her prowler. Scorpius redirects the Command Carrier to try and stop the pod, but they fail and the moon's surface is ignited.

However, while everyone else is distracted, Crais gets aboard Moya's offspring, which Aeryn has named "Talyn". Crais convinces Talyn to leave by flying into the asteroid field. Moya is initially unwilling to leave her offspring, but Crichton convinces her that the only way she can find Talyn is to save herself first. Moya starbursts away. D'Argo loses consciousness, having used up his quarter-arn of air, and Crichton is left to wait for pickup...