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Recap: Doctor Who S15 E6 "The Invasion of Time"
"So lemme get this straight, if I help you get rid of the Doctor and his friends and everyone else, then the Sontarans will have their own show?"
Vardan Leader: Congratulations, Doctor. You show great promise in the application of power. You could be a first grade dictator.
The Doctor: Thank you. You're very kind. That's very kind of you.

The Doctor is acting strangely. He runs the TARDIS back to Gallifrey, claims the Presidency, banishes Leela to the wilderness outside the Capitol, and lets the Vardan conquerors (floaty bits of see-through tin foil) in. Why is he Not Himself? Is he truly their servant? Is he looking out for Number One nowadays? What's with his sudden new taste in decor?

Being President gives the Doctor access to the Matrix, which contains all the knowledge of the Time Lords. He balances it on K-9's ears and connects it to his TARDIS.

Leela and a Time Lady roam about in the wilderness outside, where they meet a group of barbarian Gallifreyans (not part of the Time Lord houses) who are really quite bad at being barbarians.

Naturally, there are wheels within wheels, and the Vardan menace is defeated — with two episodes left in the season. Wait... the cheers have stopped. What the... Uh oh, Sontarans! Cue a wild goose chase inside the TARDIS, which gives us quite an extensive view of the interior, its gardens (giant carnivorous plants and everything) as well as its fabled swimming pool.

Leela, meanwhile, feels right at home with the barbarians and assembles them into a Badass Army. As their new Lady of War, she organises a charge of the Citadel and infiltrates the Capitol to help out the Doctor. He uses forbidden technology to destroy the Sontarans, wiping his memory of events — and of the Matrix — in the process. Leela suddenly decides she's fallen in love with Chancellery Guard Andred whom she's just met, and remains on Gallifrey with K-9.

The Doctor bids a sorrowful farewell to Leela and K-9 and returns to the TARDIS. He then pulls out a large box from the storage room marked "K-9 Mk II" and starts to grin at the camera.


  • Batman Grabs a Gun: The normally firearms-averse and technically pacifist Doctor has a forbidden Time Lord weapon constructed for him, and uses it on Stor when he's about to destroy Gallifrey's source of power.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Leela & co.
  • Big Electric Switch: There are several in the Time Lord citadel's security control room (which, despite being technically advanced, is whimsically designed to look old-fashioned nearly to the point of steampunk).
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The Doctor breaks it two times in the story, saying 'Even the sonic screwdriver won't get me out of this one.' in one scene, and then grinning at the camera at the end.
  • Deadly Decadent Court: After the Crystal Spires and Togas of the first stories, and the pompous but weak depiction of "The Deadly Assassin", this story's powerful but deeply corrupt and self-serving portrayal of the Time Lords became the pattern for most later stories featuring them en masse, both in the TV show and other media.
    • Lampshaded by the Doctor:
"I don't know what they teach you at the Academy these days, but if you can't pull off a simple palace revolution, what can you pull off?"

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