Nightmare Fuel: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Scarecrow is back. This Halloween will certainly not be safe for trick-or-treating...
  • At the end of one of the trailers, we have Arkham Knight with Batman on the ground, with a gun to his face, and the screen cuts to black as we hear a gunshot.
  • Imagine being a Gotham cop. No, not in the same vein as Asylum (Where you at least had an island to blockade off) or City (Where you could just monitor the wall) or even Origins (The department is still in control of the greater Gotham area). Now you're isolated, in a city that's overrun with criminals on what's supposed to be a night of the year made of terror, capped with the most frightening super-criminal of all threatening to make your worst fears real.
  • Arkham Knight is this in the most definite manner imaginable. Arkham Knight is supposed to be less known, while on the contrary. ...He knows more about the Batman than anyone else in Batman's rogue gallery. He's versatile, durable, resourceful, cunning and above all extremely dangerous. He may appear to be the secondary antagonist to Scarecrow. But in all favors he must be much more wily than Scarecrow, The Master of Fear himself. And it's implied that he might have followed Batman since his first early beginnings in Arkham Asylum and the horrific full on destruction in Arkham City. It may explain why he downright mocks Batman both in his armor's appearance and for embroidering the Arkham emblem on himself. The helmet and style of armor shows him destroying Batman's heroism in Gotham and the emblem of the Arkham symbol is a reminder of the two worst nights in Batman's entire crime fighting career which are Arkham Asylum and City. Now the question begs for the previous titles... Who and what is he? Where is he? And finally... What became of him? What drove and caused him to have unfiltered, seething, unbridled, aggressive rage against Batman?
  • The fact that, despite the Nightmare Fuel in the previous games, they got a T rating. Knight somehow got an M. All we know is that it has something to do with blood...
  • The "Gotham is Mine" trailer has a fair bit of nightmare fuel, given that it focuses on the villains. Of special note is the Riddler's face. Looks like he's gotten worse since the last game.