Awesome: Batman: Arkham Knight

  • In the announcement trailer for the game, Batman jumps out of the Batmobile as it drives through a fiery explosion, beats up an entire squad of goons armed with assault rifles and shotguns, and leaps back inside the driver's seat just a second before the auto-pilot runs him over. Even Two-Face — who was the cause of the fiery explosion to begin with — looks impressed.
    • One for Two-Face already: Even if he did look impressed, he sure as hell wasn't afraid. What did he do as soon as he saw the Batmobile? He didn't run like his mooks; He grabbed his gun, walked right into the Batmobile's course and shot at it. When that didn't work, he swapped to the grenade launcher without even flinching and shot that instead, which sets off the above events.
      • Finally, when Batman's wiped out Two-Face's goons, the latter doesn't quail — he simply yet casually chucks his assault rifle into the passenger seat and hops in his car. He's probably done this before, after all.
  • One for the villains: They've actually put their egos and other problems in check to team up with each other. These are the same people that were ready to go to war against each other only a year ago in-universe, and they've all teamed up.
    • It's also a posthumous moment for Joker: he was the reason the villains were at each others' throats for so long.
    • Might want to give Scarecrow a little credit as well, since he was the one who managed to unite them, presumably using his vast knowledge of psychological manipulation to get them to do what he wants.
  • Harley Quinn is playable. Given the sort of stuff Bruce, Selina, Tim, Dick and Slade get up to in Challenge Mode, it's clear the Chew Toy of the previous games is long gone.
  • The Batmobile Trailer starts of merely technologically marvelous, with depth, draw and loading that is nothing short of seamless. But, if you paid attention to Oracle, the Arkham Knight has tanks. The solution isn't dodging them or subterfuge. No, the Batmobile transforms into a tank, which proceeds to tear through a half-dozen other tanks with a display of More Dakka. It then launches him up into the air to display a Fear Takedown, in which Batman takes out three armed mooks in seconds, then does his signature saunter away to the next plot point.
  • The Red Hood DLC, seeing as Batman fans have wanted Jason Todd in these games for a long time. It also makes the Arkham franchise one of the few pieces of Batman media to feature three Robins.
  • When the bridge to the ACE Chemicals Company is suddenly destroyed by an incoming helicopter, piloted by none other than the Arkham Knight himself, Batman doesn't run away or even take cover like the others - he stares it down as he moves towards it without hesitating.
    • Later, as the Arkham Knight prepares to sic a bunch of goons with weapons trained on Batman, taunting him with boasts like "we know how you think", Batman asks if they know what he's thinking right now. The Arkham Knight assumes it's "who the hell is this guy". Bruce grins and says, "No, I'm just wondering which one of you to take out first". Cue the Batmobile and Bats himself working as Back-to-Back Badasses to clean up the entire group while the Arkham Knight retreats.
  • The exclusive "Nightmare Mission" for the PS4. Not only is the phantasm of the Scarecrow larger than ever, stalking him throughout a twisted, melting urban hellscape, but this time, Batman has enough firepower to directly fight back.
  • The All Who Follow You Trailer, that shot of Batman on the rooftop with Nightwing and Robin is something people were hoping for since AA started.
  • The recasting of Gordon with Jonathan Banks in the role. One of TV's most unshakeable Badass Grandpa characters playing one of comics?

Tie-In Comic

  • Batman takes on Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface in the Simulation Training at the same time.