Small Annoying Creature

Creatures like this are guaranteed to get on your nerves.

Navi: "Hey! Listen! Get up! Get up! Get up getupgetupgetupgetup--"
Link: "Dude! Seriously! Shut! Up!"

A staple of 1980s adventure cartoon shows, the Small Annoying Creature is a type of Sidekick. The Small Annoying Creature is there to be cute, provide comic asides and occasionally get into trouble and need rescuing. Often a "merchandising critter" note . Sometimes it's crossed with the Nonhuman Sidekick. It frequently has a Verbal Tic - and truly obnoxious nails-on-blackboard voice talent.

There was a time when even the most straight-faced of animated adventure serials had a Small Annoying Creature to provide a bit of slapstick in the background.

Saw a revival in the mid-2000s when CGI became the norm for children's animation, with many films featuring them prominently in advertising material.

Note that this trope is for characters who are annoying to the other characters, not just to the audience.

See also Weasel Mascot, Talking Animal, Cute but Cacophonic, Exposition Fairy. If the Small Annoying Creature is a dog, it's a Mister Muffykins. Often overlaps with Gratuitous Animal Sidekick, Robot Buddy and Kid-Appeal Character.


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  • Aria Pokoteng, the president cat from ARIA, arguably fits here. Many fans still accept or even enjoy his role in the manga, since he has no speaking role and generally doesn't divert too much attention from the main characters. His loud and obnoxious habit of chewing scenery in the anime puts quite a few viewers off though.
  • 7-Zark-7, introduced to pad out the gaps left by censorship in Battle of the Planets. Then he gets 1-Rover-1, a robot's robotic pet! Who eats nuts and bolts, yet!
  • Most people feel that Puck from the Berserk manga would fit this trope pretty well.
  • Kon from Bleach devolved into this as soon as they put him in a stuffed animal.
    • Strangely, he looses this trait every time he possesses Ichigo's body.
      • Chiefly because the intent is for him to do the fighting on Ichigo's behalf. Kon is some kind of renegade who isn't fully compliant to whatever arrangement souls like him are normally part of, which is why they keep him in a harmless stuffed toy while he's not in use (which is why he turns into this trope; he can't really fight, and thus has no meaningful contribution to anything).
  • Angel-Gozen from Busou Renkin.
  • Sumomo from Chobits is a Small Annoying Robot Girl. She talks in an unbelievably grating high-pitched voice, and her Catch Phrase is "WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!"
  • Giru from Dragonball GT.
  • From Inuyasha, there's Shippou. He's small and he's annoying. However, he seems to be the Only Sane Man sometimes.
  • Guvava, Mylene Jenius's pet in Macross 7.
  • Parodied in Magical Project S. Magical Project S and the Pretty Sammy OVAs are the only installments of the franchise where Ryo-Okhi talks. After a few episodes, one quickly realizes why she doesn't talk in the other series. As Magical Project S and all of the Pretty Sammy series are a direct parody of Sailor Moon, Ryo-Okhi is supposed to be annoying.
  • In the TV adaptation of Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Maruru the "fairy advisor" plays this trope very, very straight. She/he/it has a grating voice and comes with a Verbal Tic: appending "maru" to the ends of sentences.
  • Meowth in the Pokémon anime.
  • Happosai from Ranma ˝.
  • Momo, Fuu's small flying squirrel pet from Samurai Champloo.
  • Soul Eater: EXCALIBUUUR! EXCALIBUUURRR! From the United Kingdom...
    • Despite how annoying he is, he still ends up near the top of the popularity polls. FOOL!
  • Emusa in Transformers Zone.
  • Nono, "small robot you know, friend of" Ulysses 31.
  • The Ojama Trio in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX are supposed to irritate the hell out of people - such as Manjoume Chazz, to whom they're attached and who is absolutely horrified about it.
  • The Tyke Bomb flying squirrel in Zettai Karen Children. Fortunately he's not around very much.
  • Murugu from YuYu Hakusho. She's even considered an annoyance In-Universe.

  • Any of the Preservers from ElfQuest, but especially Petalwing.
    • Their annoyingness is intentional, and their preserving cocoons do have a serious purpose.
  • Kitty Pryde's tiny pet dragon Lockheed.
  • Any of the Super Pets, really.

    Films — Animated 
  • Gurgi in Disney's adaptation of The Black Cauldron. Although so we're all clear on this, the character was also in the books, and his portrayal was actually pretty faithful.
  • The sandmurks, in The Flight of Dragons, whose screechy noises will literally drive the listener mad. (Note that in this case, the small creature is meant to be annoying.)
  • Gabby from Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels. No bigger than a pin, has an obnoxiously shrill voice, and a personality as lovable as a mosquito, he has permanently etched the word "THERE'S A GIANT ON THE BEACH!" into the minds of many animation fans forever. Its certainly a surprise that he was popular enough to warrant a Spin-Off series to him, short lived as it was.
  • Dutifully parodied with "Mr. Skipperdoo" in the "Mr. Incredible and Pals" short included with The Incredibles DVD — ostensibly an unaired cartoon pilot within the characters' universe.
    • Even more hilarious than the cartoon is the commentary with Frozone and Mr. Incredible, who both hate the rabbit.
      Frozone: And that rabbit is getting on my LAST nerve!
  • Bladebeak in Quest for Camelot.
    • Lampshaded in Shrek 2.
    Donkey: "I'm sorry, the position of Annoying Talking Animal has already been taken!"
  • In Bartok the Magnificent, there's Bartok himself. And also, there's that strange-looking pink snake-like creature with jingling bells, Piloff.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The small alien creature in the film Lost in Space that Penny finds. Its whole role in the film was to be cute and provide some slapstick.
  • Frank the Pug from the first and second Men In Black films.
  • The Star Wars movies have 2 characters who fit into this profile, despite being man-sized:
    • Jar Jar Binks fits this trope in Episode I. His antics get him into trouble, after which someone smarter needs to save him.
    • C-3PO also fits this trope in that he is annoys the other good guys with his constant complaining. Especially during tense situations. Chewbacca even turned him off once, to the delight of Leia.
    • Salacious Crumb (that horrible little cackling thing that hangs out with Jabba the Hutt) is another deliberately annoying character from Return of the Jedi who mocks the heroes when they get their death sentence and later pokes out C-3PO's eye. Thankfully, he's not in the film for long, and he gets blown to smithereens when Luke blows up Jabba's barge.

    Live-Action TV 

  • The Jade Regent Campaign from RPGMP3 features a character called Spivey, a Lyrakien Cleric of Desna. Spivey used to live in a cemetery, until the PCs came by. She then joined their caravan and followed them on their quest, quickly earning the nickname "Death Pixie", since most of her skills were focused on graveyard maintenance, at that point. She's always flitting around, dispensing invaluable moral advice and trying to get the PCs to be nicer to each other.

Spivey: There'sacoupletravellersahead! Weshouldfeedthem.
Harold: Ah, Spivey! How do you fly with that heart of gold?
Spivey: Oh, well... Desna gives me wings!
Misty: Her heart is made out of gold?! How do you know? [Visibly starts to ponder whether she should reach in, pull it out and check]
Harold: Y'know, with the Good Outsiders, I wouldn't be surprised.
Misty: [Grabs Spivey and shakes her] She's not heavy enough to have a heart made of gold?
Koya: Misty, that's not how we usually hug!
Jade Regent, episode 13

    Video Games 
  • Poshul from Chrono Cross, a hideous pink dog that acts like an autistic Scooby-Doo mixed with a racist 1940s Japanese stereotype.
    Actual Poshul quote: Me will use my Pwetty-Miwacle-Power-X! Me will do it, Sergeipoo!
  • Leonard's pact-partner the malicious fairy in Drakengard.
  • Most Moogles in general from the Final Fantasy games, when they become anything more than fluffy balls of cute:
    • Montblanc from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has bad stats, says "kupo" all the time and looks more cartoonish than his friend Marche.
    • Mog from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is supposed to be carrying the chalice, and yet he complains about being tired only seconds before you get surrounded by some 20-odd monsters.
    • Mog from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobos Dungeon being a fully-voiced Moogle, is notorious.
    • Hurdy from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 averts this by actually being useful as far as Bards go.
    • Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII is not a Moogle, but rides on a stuffed one. He has only two Limit Breaks, neither of which are very useful, and sticks out like a sore thumb in what is one of the darkest games in the series.
  • Daxter fits much of this in the Jak and Daxter series. He spends the majority of the franchise complaining, insulting, getting abused, and uselessly resting on his partner's shoulder. He's obviously the comic relief, though as the franchise progresses, he gets more and more chance to actively help out his friends.
  • Bumble from Kinectimals, possibly.
  • Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time has Navi. She starts off being helpful, but she becomes quite a nuisance with her constant buzzing around and yelling, "Hey! Listen!"
  • Teddie from Persona 4, as he is a living Hurricane of Puns.
  • Murfy from Rayman 2/3
  • Mieu from Tales of the Abyss — as lampshaded repeatedly by Luke, who constantly abuses the poor thing by stepping on it, kicking it or using it as an impromptu club, all because it pisses him off. And it's all played for comedy.
    • And referring to him as "Thing", because he can't figure out what sort of animal he is.
    • In the Japanese version, Luke calls him "butasaru," which means "pig monkey."
    • Admittedly, Luke is the only one who does this, and after his Important Haircut wherein he ceases to be Ambassador Asshat, he takes more kindly to Meiu and only goes back to his Jerkass ways when Meiu embarrasses him in front of Tear
  • World of Warcraft has dozens of "non-combat" pets you can buy or find. Most of them are innocuous, but you can shut off the audio for the ones that are annoying. However, when Lil' XT was first introduced it shared a sound file with the full-sized XT-002 Deconstructor from Ulduar; therefore the pet sounds cutoff didn't work. The week after its introduction there were dozens of them running around Dalaran screaming "I guess it doesn't bend that way!" and "I'm ready to play!" and you COULD NOT MAKE IT STOP. It was eventually hotfixed, but the scars remain...
  • Chu Chu from Xenogears, a mostly-serious giant robot RPG that inexplicably had a cute pink animal that enlarged to enormous size.
    • Then there's its Xenoblade counterpart, Rikki the Heropon.
  • In the Super Robot Wars series, Chika is this to Shu Shirakawa. Considering Shu has Nerves of Steel, seeing him getting annoyed by Chika is just hilarious.
  • Cedric The Owl from King's Quest V was infamous for being one of the first annoying videogame sidekicks. The fact he is completely useless except for the very end where he becomes the Chekhov's Gunman, does nothing but overstate the obvious "Look out Graham! that bear look dangerous" "that desert that looks hot" "Watch out Graham a POOIIISONOUS snake" and most locations in the game he is too afraid to follow you, or just doesn't care enough to, and gets kidnapped twice. Not to mention his hooty owl voice is beyond annoying to most fans.
  • The Borderlands series of games describes the entire line of Claptrap robots as this—small, boxy, uni-wheeled robots with obnoxiously loud, grating voices and zero subtlety. The yellow Claptrap who's a recurring character for the series is basically treated as an annoyance by almost everyone. The only person who seems to have a kind word for him is Angel, who merely describes Claptrap as a "funny little robot."


    Western Animation 

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