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A work may be an adaptation of previous media, but that does not mean it has the same tone or style. It will usually hit the same main plot points, but change dramatically the way the plot is presented, sometimes to the point of changing the genre or changing position on a sliding scale such as the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism. This may be the result of the production team experimenting with a different approach, having one or more people part of it that bring a signature style to the adaptation, or modern issues and values causing a shift.

Super Trope to Darker and Edgier and Lighter and Softer. Sister Trope to Tone Shift.


  • It is well known that Hayao Miyazaki does not do adaptations, he simply uses the source material as a convenient jumping off point to tell his own story.


Fan Fic
  • Cosmic Warriors is based on Sailor Moon, but strips Usagi of her fuku, wands and tiaras, instead giving her a battle suit and a lance to take on her enemies with. The villains have also been changed to create a darker retelling.


  • Most The War of the Worlds adaptations have been updated to a later time period and location than the original. The only thing most have in common are alien invaders with tripods and their defeat by our microorganisms:
    • The original took place in 1900s England at the height of its power.
    • The infamous 1938 radio version is set in what was then The Present Day.
    • The 1950s version focused on scientists in Los Angeles.
    • The 2005 film had an almost war documentary feel to it, focusing on an East Coast family trying to survive.
  • The Lowlands of Scotland Series is based on the biblical story of Jacob, but it is very much a modern novel series, with all the setting details and character development and intricacies of plot that that implies.

Live-Action TV


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