Literature / The Erratical Saga

"I just... have no reason to exist anymore!!!"
B, during the trailer for DRB Season 2

The Erratical Saga is a series of novels or stories written by Abdullah Boftain (Devilraptorb) and Cedric Soumpholphakdy (Kasenfanboy24000)

The stories are heavily based on religious and scientific theories and tries to create mixture between the two. It's currently being written in visual novel form using the Ren'Py engine and a video series of it has been uploaded on TheOfficialFallen channel on Youtube.

The Youtube series is a Crossover between characters from many different video games and TV shows and could become its own dependent franchise in future.

the main chapters written so far are:

DRB (Devil Raptor B): The original Erratical series that started the franchise. Its protagonist is an amnesiac, thus he doesn't know his true name and only goes by "B". As an Erratical, he can transform into a dinosaur-like monster called Devil Raptor B. The novel can be found here [1]

ODC (Obsidian Dog C): A prequel to DRB about a character named C who is a Tritagonist in the DRB series. Like his name suggests, he has a form based on that of a dog.

ADA (Angel Dragon A): Three short stories that revolve around A, B's/Devil Raptor B's Nemesis and Rival. Like the previous series, this one is also a prequel.

ECE (Enigmatic Chupacabra E): A short side story that focuses on new protagonist Eliot (the titular E) and other important Erraticals. The series is also yet another prequel to the DRB, ADA and ODC series.

NNR (Normal Neanderthal R): A sequel to the DRB Series that takes place after the end of DRB. The main protagonist of this series is named Raphael (Or "R") who has many nicknames as well.

PLP (Potent Leviathan P): The sequel to NNR. Panda, Raphael's best friend is the protagonist of this series. His main objective is to save his friend.

ABS (Apocalypse Beast S): A work in progress title. The story supposed to take place 50 years after the DRB series. The story is based on the beast described in the Book of Revelation.

The Erratical Saga provides some examples of: