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Visual Novel: Elven Relations
Elven Relations is a Fantasy Romance Visual Novel by Alex Churchill (under his pen name ChronoLuminaire), also the author of the NaNoRenO Visual Novel "When I Rule The World."

In Elven Relations, you are Private Takuya, a solder of the Kingdom of Reachfar under the command of the highly experienced veteran, Lieutenant Yurika.

Hundreds of years ago, Reachfar and the nearby Elves suffered through a war: the King sends your squad, consisting of you, Yurika, your childhood friend and accomplished, not to mention hair-trigger, fire mage Tokho, and your girl-obsessed Ranger friend Kei to escort an infuriating (if accomplished) diplomat, Makoto. (Alex transferred the character designs, along with their names, from a story set in Japan. Honest.)

En route, they encounter a cold reception from the elven soldiers, but their Caller is much more cordial: he sends for a noblewoman, the healer Asilana, to show you the wonders of the Elvenglade and of the Elven culture.

After a successful detente, including a party where Asilana demonstrates (and insists that you participate in) Elven dancing, you return home with news of your successful mission, installing Asilana as ambassador.

And then, of course, based on your decisions throughout, you figure out which of the girls your portrayal of Takuya will end up with.

You can get it for free at its webpage or the Lemmasoft Forums. Its sequel, Mermaid Liaisons, was in development for a while but currently appears to be Vapor Ware.

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