Ho Yay / Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

  • Kouta & Hideyoshi. Kouta seems more attracted by the idea of cuteness in general rather than the idea of a woman. He's taken an unknown number of photographs of Hideyoshi in drag & brought blood packets for a transfusion durring the swimming suit chapter, after everyone warned him that seeing Hideyoshi would send him over the edge & make him bleed to death. Sure enough, Hideyoshi gets his tanktop nabbed by Akihisa & Kouta starts hemorrhaging. After Hideyoshi complains that he is a boy & should not have to cover his chest, the others insist he must because it's the only way to stop the bleeding.
  • The ending theme. Notice the arms, especially those with Akihisa.
  • In episode 3 Yoshii is running away from a jealous Psycho Lesbian with a plate of crepes. He runs into a Straight Gay character named Kubo, the crepes go on the guy's face, and Yuuji's head goes into his lap. Yoshii, still pursued, runs off, and Kubo says quietly "Yoshii...you've dirtied my face." Then he licks up some of the cream.
    • Earlier in that same episode Yoshii and Kubo had another Crash-Into Hello causing a piece of bread Kubo had in his mouth to fall to the ground. Yoshii asks if he can eat it, saying he doesn't mind if it's been on the ground leading Kubo to blush, breathe heavily and think excitedly that it would be kind of like sharing a kiss with Yoshii.
      • Basically any time Kubo shows up he will exhibit some Ho Yay towards Yoshii.
  • In regards to the Les Yay, Psycho Lesbian Miharu is in love with Minami and her solution with anyone who gets between her and Minami is to ''remove'' the problem.
  • Hideyoshi is so pretty that he is thought of as a girl by all of his classmates. Both Yoshii and Tsuchiya and a decent proportion of the male fans express a lot of Ho Yay towards him, pretending/believing that he's a pretty girl so they can ogle him.
    • Amusingly enough, none of his fanboys seem even the slightest bit interested in his identical sister.
  • In Episode 8 a malfunction of the Being system leads to a quite... interesting scene between Yuuji's and Kouta's summon. It doesn't help that both of them have been turned into Bishōnen.
  • And in Episode 9, we have the Yuuji-Akihisa combo from the first episode... and it's back with twice the implications and triple the dose!
  • There's so much Ho Yay, even Minami and Mizuki pick up on it. When Akihisa brings a bento to school, their first thoughts are as follows:
    Mizuki: This is beautiful... Either Sakamoto or Tsuchiya made it for sure.
    Minami: Fess up.
  • The OVA has Akihisa crossdressing as a maid to get back at two students that were dissing their Maid Cafe. Akihisa acts as the victim to their "sexual harassment" while Yuuji plays hero. After Akihisa put a bra on one of their heads, he hides behind Yuuji.
    • In the same episode before that moment, when these two students were threatening Akihisa with violence, Yuuji comes in between the two guys and protects him by knocking them out.
    • Finally at the end of the episode, Yuuji is the only one that praises Akihisa for attracting many customers when he was in the maid outfit. Akihisa is not impressed.
  • There's a short Christmas Episode in which the various characters explain what Christmas means to them. The girls all talk about wanting to spend time (eat cake, exchange gifts, etc.) with a boy they like, with accompanying visuals of each one meeting and kissing a nondescript male figure in a festively-decorated snow-covered park. Akihisa's bit has him do the same thing, including kissing the same obviously-male figure, with a voiceover talking about how Christmas is an important day for couples. (Possibly making it funnier is that the generic guy, at a distance, resembles the aforementioned Kubo.) Hideyoshi is also shown in the same situation.
  • Just watch the ending themes.
  • Kicked into overdrive by Episode 3 with Akihisa and Toshimitsu. Kouta took a picture associated with the love letter. Episode 5 also has Toshimitsu unable to open Akihisa's locker out of fear someone would think he was putting a love letter in it.
    • The episode where most of the boys crossdress. Toshimitsu's reaction to Akihisa in drag leaves nothing to the imagination. & he knows full well he's a judge in a drag contest.
  • Akihisa and Hideyoshi:
    • In Episode 5, Akihisa called Hideyoshi cute, then invited him to the Kisaragi Theme Park using a couples-only ticket. Akihisa wails when Hideyoshi rejects him, complete with a "crashing waves against the cliffs" scene, but later confesses to him through Insane Troll Logic. It doesn't work. Later on he blushes when Hideyoshi falls victim to Stripperiffic Clothing Damage, complete with Bishie Sparkle.
    • In Episode 6 Akihisa imagined Hideyoshi in a swimsuit, once again surrounded by Bishie Sparkle. Followed by joining Kouta in the Corner of Woe when Hideyoshi decides to wear trunks, only to be subverted when Hideyoshi comes out wearing very girly trunks and a swimsuit. Cue both guys having nosebleeds until they've ran dry. They start nosebleeding again when Akihisa accidentally pulls Hideyoshi's top off.
    • Season 2 Episode 9: Hideyoshi shows Minami how acting's done by way of a very convincing faux-confession.
      • Convincing? Akihisa himself said he didn't want his dream to be over yet.
  • In Episode 8 a malfunction of the Summoning System leads to a quite... interesting scene between Yuuji and Kouta's avatars. It doesn't help that both have been turned into Bishonens.
  • And in Episode 9, we have the Yuuji-Akihisa combo from Episode 1... and it's back with twice the implications and triple the dose!
  • The Christmas Episode DVD extra has the characters being asked by the Narrator what Christmas means to them, before the cult members of class-F interrupt them to correct them. It starts with Himeji, then Minami, then Hideyoshi, then Akihisa/Yuuji/Kouta. All of them are played out in the exact same sequence, ending with a tall male character walking up to them, with the camera panning close to their feet while they lean up to him for a kiss. Yes, even for the guys.
  • The cult members all beg Hideyoshi to go out with them at the end of his segment.
  • In the light novel, Volume 5, Akihisa compares Kouta to a puppy and calls him cute.
    • He calls Kouta cute again in Volume 6.5, when they're at the yukata contest.
  • As Of Volume 10 Akihisa has official kissed another guy on the lips, although to be fair he didn't mean to.