Funny / The Late Late Show

James Corden's Run

  • James makes a guest appearance in the touring production of The Phantom of the Opera, believing he's going to play the Phantom himself. Instead, well... Better still: during the curtain calls, besides just taking his bow with the rest of the male company, he then hammily basks in the applause, pushes in front of the Phantom to bow again, and even takes a selfie with the crowd. Christine's stankeye makes it even better.
  • The final show of 2015 features a cold open, where James, dressed as Santa Claus, walks around CBS Television City singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" with lyrics rewritten to reflect the fact that it's the final show of the calendar year. He gives out gifts to people who clearly aren't thrilled about getting them. At one point, Santa!James interrupts the taping of a scene of The Bold and the Beautiful, and while singing, hands each of the two actors (in this case, Scott Clifton, who plays Liam Spencer, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who plays Steffy Forrester) a gift, much to their confusion. He then crashes the set of The Price Is Right, where he kisses host Drew Carey on the cheek before hopping into a golf cart, and driving away. An enamored Drew calls after him, "I love you, Santa!" Santa!James also walks through The Late Late Show control room, where many people are already passed out from so much drinking; even the Steadicam operator passes out.
  • James was hired to be the MC of one of Walmart's shareholder meetings (which are quite an extravagant affair). His hosting devolved into a hilarious roast of Walmart excecutives, making fun of their names, looks and for marrying into the Walton family. He even insulted the audience multiple times. He ended up hugging one of them awkwardly for 3 minutes and smattering him with kissess. The next executive refused to get within 3 feet of him.
  • Two words: Carpool Karaoke. The segment that helped humanize celebrities and made everyone tune in to see who'd jam with James next has no shortage of funny moments:
    • The Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas installment, where Nick and Demi shake off their Disney roots in a much funnier way than their contemporaries.
    Nick: (discussing his brother Joe's song "Cake by the Ocean") It's about sex!
    • The Red Hot Chili Peppers installment, which features Anthony Kiedis wrestling James on some random person's front yard (and Flea can't stop laughing) and, later on, Anthony, James, and Flea go shirtless.
    • Adele rapping Nicki Minaj's verse in "Monster"!
    • Elton John's ride, which involves costumes.
    • James's debating with Stevie Wonder about who's going to drive.
    • The epic Chris Martin installment, which culminates in them singing the "whoa-oa-oa-oa"s from "Viva la Vida" while biking to the Super Bowl.
    • The Broadway edition, with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Audra McDonald, and Jane Krakowski. They all "awww" when "Seasons of Love" comes on, and Ferguson takes Marius's friendzoning of Eponine to another level.
    • Selena Gomez convinces him to take a detour and ride a rollercoaster. Watching James corpse while attempting to sing "Come and Get It" on the coaster is pretty funny (especially since Selena is relatively chill).
    • Lady Gaga's appearance has her take over the car after asserting her confidence in her recently-obtained driver's license (and her demonstration of New York driving signals, only for things to be a little rocky resulting in James demanding control of the car, and James tries on a few of Gaga's looks, such as the Brit Awards wig, the meat outfit, and the caution tape.
    • When James and Justin Bieber (taking his second spin in the car) exit a store after shopping for clothes, they're surrounded by paparazzi and fans. Naturally, having respect for his desire to maintain a level of privacy when surrounded by the press, Justin hides James under his arm as they make their way back to the car.
    Justin (to the paparazzi) He lives his life in a fishbowl, man!
  • The Tonys bit about nominees that starred in Law & Order.
  • "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis. Come her second turn, Kunis is given a choice between eating a cow's tongue or trying to explain the plot of Jupiter Ascending (and, for that matter, why she took the job). She chooses to eat the cow tongue when she finds that even she can't figure it out, to the horror of James and vegetarian Applegate.
    Mila: It has to do with...the human desire for... Aw, fuck it. ::eats the tongue::
    • Adding to the funniness is that Kunis is not all that freaked out by the odd foods (that is, until James eats the calf brains) while Applegate is trying her damnedest not to vomit the whole time.
      • Jimmy Kimmel played the game as well. He asks James if he really was as miserable as he looked during Britney Spears' Carpool Karaoke installment. James insists he had a great time, but Jimmy notices he's sweating profusely.
    Jimmy: Why are you sweating when you say this?...I like to see what a person looks like when they lie, like, right on camera.
    • James is stunned when one of the questions for Khloe Kardashian is whether or not she believes OJ did it. Perhaps to avoid being sued for slander - even though it feels like a clear answer (and that's all we're saying about it) - she eats the frog eyeball.
  • James poses as a choreographer for Dancing with the Stars. If you've seen any of James' other filmed segments, you have a pretty good idea of how this turns out.
  • Basically any installment (or lack thereof) of "Celebrity Noses."
  • "Police Stakeout" with Mel Brooks. It's funny enough as it is (a Your Show of Shows-ish sketch about two cops who are so caught up in their conversation they miss the bank heist going on right behind them), but what makes it funnier is Brooks' constant Breaking the Fourth Wall, from his entrance (popping up from under the car seat to applause, which he breaks character to acknowledge), to a comment after he fakes a light punch on James ("I didn't hit him that hard"), to eventually telling James outright that the sketch makes no sense (to which James responds that he doesn't know what he's talking about).
  • Eddie Redmayne's reaction when James shows a clip of him singing "Memory" from their high school days. His face goes crimson in seconds.