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Funny: Las Vegas
  • Ed trying to chase a bad guy on a mini-motorcycle, before giving up in frustration.
  • The first several episodes had Danny narrating, and in the first episode in particular they are very funny. Take the first episode where Ed Delany storms his hotel room with armed security to find him in bed with his daughter.
    Ed: That Judas!
    Danny: And he's gone straight to the biblical quotes. If he starts Sun Tzu I'm screwed.
    • Ed does, then Delinda says if Ed does anything to Danny she'll kill herself. And that includes firing him.
    Well at least I get to keep my job. Not that I want to now, because Big Ed Delany can do things with a fork that will have you crying for momma.
    • Brick Joke: After catching a poker cheat Ed asks for a fork. And why did he storm Danny's room? Because of a report of a weapon. Which Delinda clarifies.
    He did have a weapon daddy. Just not the kind you were thinking of. (cue Oh, Crap)

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